Economic stabilization team announced by Dunleavy



Gov. Mike Dunleavy today announced the creation of the Alaska Economic Stabilization Team.

The bipartisan group of leaders will work with the Dunleavy administration on a plan to protect the state’s economy from the impact of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Alaska.

The group will be led by former Gov. Sean Parnell and former US Sen. Mark Begich. The remaining seats will be filled by a cross section of Alaska’s economic leaders and former elected officials.

“The Coronavirus Disease is exacerbating Alaska’s existing economic challenges and is unfortunately creating new ones,” Dunleavy said. “The Alaska Economic Stabilization Team brings together some of our state’s most experienced leaders in economics, business, and public policy to assess the challenges and recommend decisive policies to protect jobs, hardworking families, and the overall economy.”

“In times like these, Alaskans come together to fight for our state and our future,” said Parnell. “Former U.S. Senator Begich and I are “all in” for Alaska and I pledge to work together with him and others to bring more stability and certainty for Alaskans in the days and months ahead.”

“As political rivals who have publicly disagreed on issues, the easy answer when Governor Dunleavy asked for my participation would have been no, but we are facing a global crisis and I believe we all must do our part to protect Alaska’s families, communities, and economy,” former Sen. Begich said. “There is already so much uncertainty and strain placed on our businesses – both big and small – we can’t afford for partisanship to prevent us from finding a path forward. Those who have worked with me know that I am not afraid of tough conversations so Alaska businesses can feel confident that I will work to make their needs and voices heard.”

AEST will proactively work with the Office of the Governor and the State of Alaska Unified Command Structure to streamline and expedite a comprehensive response to this unprecedented pandemic.

This team will also provide regular updates to legislative leaders to ensure there is no delay in implementing actions that minimize the adverse economic impacts of COVID-19.

The team will also engage with Alaska’s federal delegation, state and local governments, and businesses covering the entire spectrum of industries engaged in Alaska.


  1. Great to hear the collaborative of Alaskan minds to solve Alaska issues. I am working with the local businesses and residence in Eagle River to help the economy. Hired some part-time, temp help, and informing all that they can order out from the local restaurants. Enjoy the snow and tailgate Corn Beef and Cabbage near your favorite restaurant.

  2. Now is the time to work together and try and get tourism, hotels, visitor attractions, restaurants, etc..back on track for the summer. Anyone who is still working on the Dunleavy recall is an idiot in the first degree.

    • Why would you think the Dunleavy recall is not as important today as it was 2 months ago? Is this a testament to your multi tasking abilities?

  3. The three Stooges…Dunleavy, Parnell and Begich..lucky Alaskans aren’t we! Going to make things better! What next?

  4. The last person we need to advise the state on financial actions it should take is the Former Senator
    Mark Begich. This guy is a financial disaster; remember Anchorage and the way he became a senator.

  5. Announcing the Great Alaska Homeless Show this weekend at the Sullivan and Ben Bokey arena.
    Free to watch and participation is encouraged.

  6. Now is the time to restore the PF Dividends that were taken from the citizens. With local businesses already being shutdown, tourism this year basically already being shutdown, the commercial fishing industry will not be able to process their catch, oil taking a bath with the double hit of corvid and the Russia-Saudi oil War, and all of the private sector employers caught in the middle we are going to be in for some big hurt this summer.
    Private individuals can spend our own money better than government period, full stop, end of story. Release the funds that should rightfully be in the hands of the people and let us take care of our fellow Alaskans. Keeping our dividends locked in the earnings reserve serves no purpose at this point in time.
    Government should help me help my neighbor not keep me from helping.

  7. If we simply assemble the “usual suspects” representing the existing array of special interests, we will probably get the same tired, essentially worthless ideas that we have heard in the past. The Governor could come up with some new folks and some new ideas. The choice is his. Do not look for anything unique or interesting from this group absent some fresh membership.

  8. Anytime you have former elected officials and economic stabilization in the same sentence, you’re plan is doomed to failure.

  9. If we don’t pull out all the stops on creating a broadband testing regime that can quickly test thousands of Alaskans a day and process those results in a day or less, we won’t know who to quarantine, we won’t know where the spread is most extreme.

    We need much more to prioritize and mobilize an intensive health care response, people need to remain healthy and alive before we worry about getting our hands on a PFD or bailing out corporations who should have been banking their revenue instead of buying back their own stock and paying their CEO’s hundreds of millions of dollars.

    The airlines have been singled out for a ‘bailout’. The president has said giving the airlines 50 billion taxpayer dollars was one of his priorities.

    The 5 largest US airlines have revenue in excess of 151 billion dollars.

    Airlines are begging for a bailout, but they’ve used 96% of their cash on buybacks over the past 10 years.

    American Airlines alone spent 12 billion dollars lately on buying back their own stock.

    50 billion dollars of taxpayer money would go a long way to improving US citizens lives. Instead, it’s likely to go to corporations who will continue to buyback their own stock and pad their CEO’s golden parachutes by the billions.

    Economic ‘recovery’ is upside down. If the corporations are offering a reasonable product, the market will reward them if the man on the street got the bailout dollars.

    I thought we were all for free markets and welfare is bad.

    I guess free markets are just something we pay lip service to and welfare isn’t bad if it’s for corporations.

    Maybe this crisis will drive some change.

    • Nayem,

      You keep telling us we need more testing and the numbers are wrong, then you tell us to believe your numbers. The cdc says we have 7,038 cases and 97 deaths as of yesterday, that’s a 1.4% mortality rate, the day before it was 1.7% a couple days before that it was 3-3.5% more testing will show that more people have or already have had this disease which will lower the mortality rate further. Some sources are saying upwards of 1,000,000 people in the US already have covid, that would put the mortality rate at 0.0097%.
      You are trying your hardest to drive a panic and you are doing it for political reasons, all of your posts reek of political partisanship and misinformation.

      • Your preening hasn’t negated the information I offered.

        The panic you speak of is going to arise from all the people who have been and still are being misinformed by the executive branch and their ditto heads.

        By the way,

        How’s that largest point gain ever going for you?

        Was it that largest drop in all known history that made you blink?

    • Begich is back in the game.
      On the next episode of Charlie Brown, Lucy will let Linus kick the football.

  10. Finally some reassuring news.
    Governor Parnell is and always will be outstanding among Alaskans. It is so silly to suppose as some do here that people can’t work across the aisle (in real life politics, not the junk you see in partisan news sources, that is what actually happens on a daily basis, because that is what our laws require), or that just because we’ve had someone work for us before, we can’t expect “new” or useful solutions. If Alaskan constituents had paid better attention and thought more critically when Parnell was in office, they would realize he has a lot of experience and a broad understanding of the international geopolitical situation and resulting economic implications. He has always been concerned about and warning Alaskans to prepare for the potential for disasters like this. He’s the right man for the job. Good choice, Governor Dunleavy.

    • Sean Parnell is the reason the state is bankrupt and can’t afford to pay Alaskans their dividends. Parnell is only slightly less despised than Sarah Palin.

  11. If we want economic stability, start focusing on the high-risk group, isolate them, serve them, but get back to business. Anchorage is a ghost town and people are already leaving because they have no ability to earn money to even survive.
    The PFD theft is of course a major issue, all pundits are saying that cash stimulus is necessary, we’ve already seen the downturn effect from the legislature taking half the PFD. Restore it to its full statutory amount.
    A pyrrhic victory is really no victory at all.

  12. Is Dunleavy trying to surround himself with failed Alaska politicians to make himself look like less of a failure? Where is Sarah Palin? She could make Dunleavy look slightly less unfit.

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