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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Eastman supporters go after Jesse Sumner in recall effort

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Jesse Sumner, a candidate for House District 10-Mat-Su, is getting a taste of dirty politics. The supporters of Rep. David Eastman started a campaign to recall him from the Mat-Su Borough Assembly. Sumner is arguably the most conservative member of the Assembly.

Filed today with the Borough Clerk, the application for a recall petition was sponsored by John Nelson, who is running for Congress against Congressman Don Young. Justin Giles is also a sponsor.

Eastman is mentioned in the recall application. The claim is that Sumner has said Eastman took the most per-diem of any House member during the Special Session in Wasilla in 2019. The group says Eastman took no per diem during that special session.

“Knowingly publishing false information designed to damage a candidate’s reputation for honesty or integrity constitutes campaign misconduct, a class B misdemeanor…”

The claims also say that Sumner has a criminal record relating to events on a Halloween night in California in 2004. Sumer was 19 at the time. He was in college and didn’t have his California drivers license, because he wanted to keep his Alaska driver’s license. Other than that, Sumner has speeding tickets and a DUI, both of which he has disclosed.

Sumner was last elected to the Assembly in 2018 for a three-year term. Formerly, he worked on the campaign of David Eastman. He was endorsed by Region 2 Council of the Alaska Republican Party, District 7-12, in 2018 for Assembly.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Curious… it seems you have comments from Sumner supporters for your article…

    Have you contacted the people who filed the recall campaign?

    • Where do you see comments from supporters in her story?

  • I support David Eastman ? percent he has my vote again for being the only legislature rep to stand up to the rhino’s and democrats

    • Don’t be silly. Knopp is the first reason we didn’t get a Republican Caucus, then we have all the Rinos to blame. Don’t try blame-shifting to the most conservative Rep we have.

    • keep drinking the koolaid,or better yet, go actually get FACTS!!!

    • We’ll you obviously dont know Mr Eastman very well. I have known him for years and had his knives in my back and he is not who you think he is.

    • Wrong David.
      It was not. Mr Eastman caused mayhem!

  • Sumner is the RINO Party’s choice to replace a true Conservative.

    • True statement!

    • you are 100% correct!!

  • This is the problem. Can Eastman become a team player or can Sumner be independent?

    • When the team lists heavily to the port and bows to the whims of the Left there is no team. Eastman stands his ground and does not bow to the liberal agenda. Period

      • you nailed it!!

    • I believe everyone will be a team player once Mr Eastman is gone!

      • Everyone. But which team-
        The Rhinos?

  • What? No article “Sumner supporters go after Eastman signs” when his signs were mowed down a few days ago? Must Read Alaska usually publishes such great articles but you seem to have a bee in your bonnet regarding Rep. Eastman. I’m starting to wonder if these opposition articles should be counted as support for Eastman’s opponent in APOC filings.

    • Jan
      You do not know the truth. The mud slinging was started and slung by Eastman. This is his history

  • Whether he stands.up to RINOs and Dems is beside the point. He engaged in dirty politics here. An error of judgement at best, at worst, it reveals a character issue.

    • “He” didn’t do anything, some of his supporters did.

      • Eastman’s tacit support is presumed by his silence on the issue, still a bad look for him. His supporters did him no favour here. Recalling a candidate, overturning an expression of the electorate, should only be done in cases of fraud or criminal conspiracy (see Muldoon). If Pullman lies, which is often the norm in our media and political arena, there are means of exposing these lies which don’t disrespect and abuse the political process.

      • Lol are you serious?

  • No need to ask Eastman acolytes for comment. They all sound the same, whether in person trying to disrupt a district meeting or in a newspaper interview.

    • “No need to ask Eastman acolytes for comment. ”

      Correct! They’re astute enough to know integrity and sense of honor when they see it, unlike the majority who readily espouse the “duck and dodge” philosophy of politics.

      • He sure has you all fooled!

  • Sumner has never worked on my campaign. This could have easily been verified if you had taken the time to contact anyone working on my campaign. He attended a single event where he volunteered to stuff envelopes two years ago, in the general.

    • Mr. Eastman, do you support the recall?

    • Mr. Eastman
      Should I share the emails I received from Ted Cruz and Donald Trump campaigns when you tried to undermine me As co-chair of the Ted CruZ AK campaign in 2016? Then on top of that you sending emails to Trump campaign to help them. Very interesting when I received phone calls from both campaigns asking who you were.
      Some of us have known you a little longer Than some of your more recent
      I left out our Ron Paul days! So be careful of what you and your supporters accuse others of doing!

      • Lot of sour grapes, now I understand where your venom comes from and can fully disregard your comments.

      • He sent “emails to Trump campaign to help them”? Awesome!

  • Is MRAK endorsing Sumner over Eastman?

    • she has become a LEFTIST mouthpiece.
      she defends RINO behavior.

      • I am beginning to think the same thing. So sad.

  • Eastman is the best Democrat the Valley will ever produce, and we are thankful that he is there. Looking forward to seeing his smiling face in Juneau again!

    • You in production for a third Troll’s movie yet? Try and work a bid hard on the next. Even my 5 year old thought Troll’s World Tour was terrible.

  • Is it envy or just distrust that these two can’t agree on … maybe neither but it looks that way! I like the both of them, it’s like Kelly & Ron on the Peninsula. Good Men loyal to Family , God & Country!!!!!

    • Does Kelly actually have a campaign ? Or is he just on the ballot to siphon off some votes to help Knopp ? Numerous folks asked him to drop out before the deadline last month but he refused. But I see no campaign.

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