Black cops matter? Officer indicted for 2019 incident


In September of 2019, Anchorage Officer Cornelius Pettus responded to a call to an Anchorage address to serve a simple citation for bike equipment, and things went downhill from there.

Now, a grand jury has indicted him for beating up the bike owner, and another officer for falsifying a police report.

According to Pettus, the man had approached the officer with his fists balled up and in a fighting stance. That is what the police report shows, but the Grand Jury has said evidence shows otherwise.

Pettus has already pleaded not guilty in an Anchorage courtroom to the fourth-degree assault charge for beating then-49-year-old Samuel Allen.

Allen has a history of strong dislike of police and has made threats against police officers on YouTube. He is known to members of the police force, but it’s unknown if Pettus was familiar with him.

Today the Office of Special Prosecutions indicted Pettus and Officer Doerman Stout on obstruction charges resulting from their actions that day.

Chief Justin Doll sent out press release in which he convicted the two men in advance of their due process court date, saying, “In violating the law, these individuals not only disappointed the employees they work with, they also failed the community they swore to serve.”

In an usual statement for the force’s commanding officer, Doll said the two men had failed the community and disappointed their fellow officers.

There had been no charges against Stout, but the Grand Jury indicted him for his incident report that said the man took a fighting stance, based on evidence they saw, perhaps on the patrol car camera.

At a time when there is a national movement among Democrats and Black Lives Matter supporters to defund the police departments of America, the racial composition of all police-related incidences are of interest to the public. In this case, Officer Pettus is black, Stout is white, and Allen is Alaska Native.

“It is important to remember that neither officer has been found guilty of violating any laws. It is also important to remember that Officer Aaron Pettus and Officer Levi Stout are fathers, sons, friends, and comm?nity?? membe???rs,” said Jeremy Conkling of the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association.

“Unfortunately, it appears these officers have been caught in the crosswinds of an incredibly divided nation and a politicized criminal justice system. When politics are injected into the criminal justice system, justice is lost,” Conkling said.

“The APDEA supports our two officers. Tomorrow Aaron and Levi will stop receiving paychecks from the Municipality of Anchorage and will face a long, difficult road in proving their innocence,” Conkling said. “I ask all of our citizens and members to be patient while this process unfolds. Wait for all the facts before passing judgment on two dedicated public servants. We trust in the criminal justice system, especially when the system fairly and objectively applies the rule of law. Once the full picture is ?rev?ealed? once ?we lea?rn of ?he officers’??? t?rue intentions, I am convinced that justice will prevail, and the officers will be exonerated of all charges.”

Allen had used his cellphone to record his interaction with Pettus earlier that evening when Pettus had stopped him for riding a bike without lights or reflectors. But earlier that day, Allen had also recorded another Anchorage officer dragging a K-9 out of police headquarters by its leash, a piece of video footage that went viral.


  1. I remember Corny. “Get you some” was his mantra as he rubbed a couple knots on the dirtbag. We need more cops like this. Send them to Portland, let him clean the joint up and then bring him back to patrol our newly safe and polite bicycle trails.

    Why is it that those that deal daily with society’s toilet also are expected to act like the church lady? It makes no sense.

  2. Called your rights as a citizen. So, the union guy is saying cops should never be in the “system”, just a free pass.
    IF, they started it, they should be charged, period.
    AND, just like the rest of us, they are innocent until proven guilty.

  3. If there is dash cam footage of the perp not rushing the cops then they have lied on the report and and have conspired to instruct Justice. It doesn’t matter if he’s black white or red if he’s a dirty cop he has to go.

  4. I think police are expected and required to comply with the law and not assault other citizens, same as everyone else.

    • Sure. Antagonize the crap out of a typical citizen while you video them. If you sport a full set you’d wish to be able to respond as did our man, Corny.

  5. A “K9” dog is considered to be an officer, which means another officer abusing him/her is a serious crime! So the guy witnessed and recorded an officer committing a crime and then was attacked by fellow officers in retaliation! Sound familiar to MRAK readers? Hint: the comments section of Art Chance’s “Lessons from Literature”. Then the “law enforcement officers” charge the person they just attacked with a crime! Also familiar. So let’s be clear, law enforcement officers in this State have a code of conduct they follow, and that code doesn’t include YOUR well-being.
    As for the union rep…APD officers, this guy doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Bad cops are bad for your image and that in turn determines how the public reacts to you. If the public thinks you’re all “Trooper Wootons” they may in fact want to kill you! (Over 1,000 death threats towards Troopers) The Troopers had a bad cop they couldn’t get rid of, so they transferred him to the “Rural Unit”. Guess they thought he couldn’t get in trouble there! Wrong! He was so used to being above the rules, including the one that says you don’t rush into a house without securing your flanks and your rear! I knew the guy since he was a kid and his death was no great loss…but he got his partner killed and the partner was NOT a scumbag. This is what bad cops get you…dead. Call your union clown and tell him to cut these guys loose.
    Congrats Chief Doll, you’ve earned my respect and some of that respect will carry over to your Department…if I should ever have to deal with APD under your watch.

  6. You’ve been told a million times not to exaggerate, Antonio. There are a number of differences between a K9 LEO and a real human LEO. A real LEO for example would be disciplined for peeing outside while in uniform.

    I saw the video and it wasn’t an issue in the slightest. The dog didn’t want to obey so it laid there while the officer towed it across a slick floor. As you might imagine, an animal that has no issue chasing down and mauling the worst of bad guys is not unfamiliar with a spark collar turned up strikingly high. Being towed across a slick floor is its version of play.

    The Cretin that likes to antagonize cops and video the process got what he was looking for and unfortunately a lot of our neutered populace thinks a cop should have a more neutral demeanor than a typical soccer mom. Shame really. There is merit to the old adage that if you mess with the bull you get the horn and all of you that think a cop should be gentle, meek and mild are more likely to find yourself in the Cretin’s shoes than in the cop’s. That’s ok as long as you don’t mind the occasional tap from Politeness Man’s steel hankie.

    The thing you’re most afraid of though is that a cop might somehow turn on you and that wouldn’t be an issue if you opt not to follow them around attempting to piss them off for fun. Ask yourself, what exactly should the comeuppance be for such an avocation?

    You can’t preach to a cop about being soft and mild mannered unless you provide him working conditions under which he can stay mild and soft mannered. Anything else is misguided fantasy.

    • Being a child at heart I enjoy your humor! 🙂 I also like your suggestion that we use a “spark collar” on officers! You know the goose/gander principle. Would we use it to train all officers? Or would we just use it to correct bad behavior?

      In seriousness…”the dog didn’t want to obey”…do you hear yourself TB? “An animal that has no issue chasing down and mauling the worst of bad guys”…AND IT WOULDN’T OBEY?! What if it mistakes your ‘trouser bark’ as an assault? (I know I would!) The next thing you know it’s ripping your throat out and the last thing you hear is the K9 officer yelling “stop, Funky Poodle, stop”. (It’s a Cleveland joke) . Point is, do YOU want this incompetent K9 Unit, man/dog, loose on the streets? So now Mr. Allen has an actual legitimate reason for the original video. And having done that, he would NOT be paranoid to think the cops would retaliate, as indeed they did. Whether you wish to acknowledge it or not, Allen was doing US a public service.

      Your comments regarding cops having to do tough jobs and yet be mild and soft mannered…are valid points. The same could be said of military personnel and yet the country expects them to come home and not harm civilians. So, it’s not fantasy. I think we need to pay them a LOT more with the understanding that they’re getting the money to calmly deal with the dregs and given the support they need to deal with the rich or influential who can also be a problem. Of course accepting bribes or otherwise betraying the public trust, like these two seem to have, would carry really serious penalties.

  7. Chief Doll needs to be replaced as he is not performing his duties as the Chief of Police of Anchorage, he’s more like a puppet that’s having his strings manipulated by the local liberal politicians. He works for the people for Anchorage and he needs to be reminded of that fact. Those 2 officers are innocent until proven guilty and yet he has already condemned them as guilty.

  8. We need to replace the police with conscripted citizens that would be able to tolerate dealing with miscreants that choose to injure, spit upon, vomit on, pee on, maim, shoot, curse, disrespect and otherwise break society’s rules while interacting with peace officers.

    The conscripts would be instrumental is healing abused children and bloodied adults that have been caused harm by misunderstood “fellow citizens” that make “poor choices”. Volunteers can use a firm voice and gentle hand to strongly suggest that burglary, home invasions, robbery, shoplifting, lewdness and public intoxication are not nice traits.

    Of course, the new citizen patrol will have to be mentally strong to retain a sweet and loving posture day after day, week after week and year after year. After all, these are your neighbors.

    • Another option would be to recruit only female cops. Short, wispy, and with itchy trigger fingers.

      Anchorage under Berky’s watch has fallen into disrepair and is now a dystopian sh8hole. If any more of these weak sucks get their way the next few years will usher in a predictable decomposition:

      1) Significant talent exodus

      2) Death of the PFD

      3) The layer of societal detritus will naturally become a greater percentage of our population and if left to a future spineless Berkowitz this place will be overrun with native drunkards flying to Anchorage for extended recreational benders, societal trash that relies on handouts, and a declining resource pool from which to fund the ever increasing needs of such a population.

      The opportunity to get rid ourselves of such trash bears is upon us and coddling them is a very short sighted strategy.

      It’s time for a firm hand.

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