Early and absentee voting totals


About 28,000 early voting and absentee ballots have been cast so far in the Nov. 8 general election, as of Saturday. More detail:

Early voting: 12,668 ballots cast for early voting for the first five days. It’s an average of 2,500 a day.

Comparison to 2018 (skip 2020 due to Covid skewing data):

2018: 13,175 early voted in first five days.
2022: 12,668 early voted in first five days.

After severe suppression of 2020 early vote by Covid restrictions,  the 2022 early vote is only off 3.8% from 2018 normal year performance

Absentee voting: 15,879 absentee ballots returned.

Saturday was a slow day for early and absentee voting, with only 609 new absentees returned, and 1,098 people voting early. 

A sampling of high-voting districts:

  • District 3 North Juneau-Haines-Skagway: 1,290 early and absentee votes in so far.
  • District 4 Downtown Juneau: 1,111 early and absentee ballots in.
  • District 6 Seldovia-Homer-Kasilof: 1,354 early and absentee votes cast.
  • District 9 South Anchorage (old 28): 1,524 ballots received so far. D-9 is typically the highest turnout in the state. While the lines may have changed, the record is intact.

51,876 absentee ballots have been requested, possibly the highest number ever other than 2020 (Covid year, which was an outlier). The deadline for requesting an absentee ballot was Oct. 29.


    • Especially now, since they plaster your address and party affiliation on the front of your ballot. Makes it nice and easy to toss ballots from people not likely to vote correctly.

  1. If Downtown Juneau has totaled 1,111 ballots in the first 5 days, could that mean that the Lefties vote early? If it’s true that Lefties vote early, might we then deduce that the lefty turn out is then about normal or a little below? What concerns me is the higher demand for absentee ballots, could this be an avenue for some nefarious Democrat tricks?

  2. If we vote early (in person), do we still get to vote for our district candidates?

    I’m hesitant to vote early. I’d rather vote on election day.

  3. Most people I have asked are not aware that in- person early voting is open. For Chugiak/Eagle River it’s 8-5 at the Eagle River library. I cast my ballot today and it took less than 5 minutes. Unless you just like lines or cannot spare 5 minutes this is the way to go. Don’t know why people are not aware of this.

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