Eagle River to have town hall with Reps. Merrick, McCarty, Sen. Reinbold on Saturday


Eagle River and Chugiak residents can hear from their House representatives and senator at a Saturday town hall meeting.

People can either go in person to the Lion’s Club in Eagle River, Eagle River Rd and E. Eagle River Loop, at 4 pm, or attend virtually on Zoom at this link:


Meeting ID: 886 0006 2001

Passcode: 352417


  1. Bring 5 forms of valid ID to get in. Unlike our election, you MUST have ID to enter. Vote? No problem, meet with your elected rep, 5 forms of ID, email, phone and mailing address to sell to Amazon.

  2. Democrat Boot Licker Merrick will not be in attendance. She announced it already. Come on Man we got this China Flu thing going on.
    Being Censored by District 14 Republicans does not mean you should stop talking to the people face to face who believed in you when you said you were a Republican. But alas now why should anyone believe a lier. She is done in Eagle River and she knows it. No courage to defend her despicable behavior.

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