Dunleavy snow machine trip cancelled; Noorvik swearing in still on


The schedule for Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy’s swearing-in ceremony has been amended.

Previously, he was planning to arrive in Noorvik via snow machine from Kotzebue to Noorvik. The distance is about 42 miles, and he is an experienced Arctic snow machine operator. But there is a winter storm warning for the area that is in effect.

Now, he will arrive on a nonstop flight from Anchorage on Monday, and will be sworn in in the Aqqaluk High School and Noorvik Elementary School starting at 11:55 am. Public seating begins at 9:50 am.

The ceremony will end by 12:30 pm and then a community celebration will continue until 3 pm, when Dunleavy and his family will depart and head back to Anchorage.

On Friday, Dunleavy spent some of his day observing operations at  State’s Emergency Operations Center on JBER, sitting in on briefings about the massive earthquake that struck Southcentral Alaska on Friday morning. A state disaster has been declared by Gov. Bill Walker after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake damaged roads, bridges, and other infrastructure across the most populated area of the state.

Children in Noorvik have been busy for the past two weeks making decorations and preparing their school to host the swearing-in ceremony, the first ever held above the Arctic Circle since Statehood.

Lt. Gov.-elect Kevin Meyer and his family will travel by separate plane to Noorvik, via Kotzebue.


  1. Wonder if Byron Mallott is invited? If so, please keep him far away from 6th -12th grade girls. Or, just have him watch on closed- circuit TV in Principal’s Office.

  2. Baptism by fire for Gov. elect Dunleavy. Let’s toss in an earthquake and get this party started! Spending some quality time in the SEOC right out of the chute too. Express primer! The new DOT Commish will have his hands full as well. I smell a lot of jobs coming down the pike. I know, … rough way to get them. Here comes day one of the Dunleavy administration!

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