Dunleavy returns from trade mission to Japan, touting Alaska stability in an unstable energy world


“Alaska and Japan have a trade partnership going back over fifty years to the first LNG export from Nikiski to Japan,” said Gov. Mike Dunleavy, upon his return from a trade mission to Japan on Friday.

“The natural gas of the Cook Inlet literally turned the lights on in cities across Japan and powered the economic engine that lifted that nation’s postwar society into a critically powerful western ally,” he said. “There appears to be, due to the shift across the world away from older fuel sources, and the simultaneous need for supplies that are not risked due to political instability, a role that Alaska natural gas could play. Alaska can supply Japan with another fifty of natural gas and clean hydrogen for decades to come.”  

Dunleavy returned after meeting with Japanese companies, utilities, and government ministries about procuring Alaska’s natural gas while also assessing the state’s potential to export various new sources of fuel. The Japanese are keen on doing business with stable entities, and with much political instability to the nation’s east, in China, Russia, and Eastern Europe, the nation may be interested in locking down longterm contracts.

The meeting comes at a time that Japan is pivoting towards an energy transition that Alaska can supply in the coming decades, including blue and green hydrogen, at a time of great geopolitical instability around the world.

Dunleavy’s trip followed the first-ever governor’s Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference, which showcased the many ways Alaska can produce various sources of fuel for both the state and the world. The governor, First Lady Rose Dunleavy, and members of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, made the trip, which was Dunleavy’s second trip to Japan.

For four days, Governor Dunleavy and the Alaska delegation held meeting with representatives of the Japan Energy Resource Agency (JERA), the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), along with Tokyo Gas and TOYO Engineering. Meetings were also held with the Mitsubishi Corporation, the Chiyoda Corporation, well as INPEX and O.S.K. Lines.


  1. A win/win situation with a true and proven friend ( Japan ) and neighbor that ALSO happens to be a critical partner in the strategic defense of the northern hemisphere!!

  2. Really? Did he tell the Japanese we’re not allowed to get it out of the ground?

    Unless they plan on invading again and taking it, that was a pointless trip from a pointless governor

    • Might be a blessing if they invaded, just throw them the keys and kick out carpetbaggers. Trade out for a realistic and democratic regime for the corrupt fascist regime in Washington. Our ancestors are originally from the region in any case. Alaska is so corrupt it is unable to profit in the ultimate oil and gas market in recorded history. We don’t have actual Republicans, just a full on socialist woke party or malignantly incompetent party.

  3. I’m all in on sending dunleavy to Japan and walker to China
    Both have been useless to us

    • Rice or noodles? Toyotas or cheap Walmart toys? Democracy or Communism? Actually, I can see Bill Walker eating noodles, wearing a red beret, and playing with an anatomically correct doll. Sort of fits his image now.

  4. So hopefully he will now get to the budget and sign and/or veto? Regardless of our thoughts on the PFD size, we need it now….

    • Last I heard the legislature still hadn’t sent the budget to him. He can’t sign or veto something he hasn’t received.

  5. Amen, DaveMaxwell……..I think you are on to something. Can hardly wait till the natives in the villages along the coast get word of the new nuclear microreactors they will have in their villages.

  6. It is my understanding that the Japanese food in Japan is very good. Although Alaskan natural gas was once exported to Japan, the export of North Slope gas to Asia will never come to pass given the existence of lower-cost alternatives. But I am sure the trips are fun.

    • Walker had a blast in China. He was there the same time that Hunter Biden was there, rolling in the influence cash for daddy big bucks. It all in the lap top from hell.

  7. For years we have been hearing that cook inlet is running out of natural gas for electricity production for Anchorage but we have gas to sell to Japan? The bull—- is getting deep.

  8. If only dunleavy had kept his main 2 promises : one, I will return all monies stolen from Walker admin and two: I will leave you alone…..He almost forced the clot shots on the entire state cooperating with the WHO and the WEF ! If he would fire Zink, I could possibly vote for him again. Ya gotta admire him for touting Alaska’s potential. God bless his health.

    • You fault him for something he can’t do and didn’t promise (he said he would do everything he could in his power) and you fault him for something he he didn’t almost due…he didn’t almost force the clot shot, he was probably the best Governor regarding protecting constitutional rights and keeping government overreach at bay during the pandemic.

      • I disagree. He closed our restaurants, stores and churches for over two months, he kept absurd travel requirements in place for nearly a year, he refused to speak out against mask mandates in Anchorage, Juneau, etc. and he continues to employ that Fauci-surrogate Anne Zink.

        Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem and (to a slightly lesser extent) Greg Abbott did FAR more to protect their citizens’ rights than Dunleavy.

        • Can you share any information that shows Governor Dunleavy did any of the things you claimed he did? He absolutely did not close any restaurants, he absolutely did not close any stores, and he absolutely did not close any churches. What he did is follow the state and US Constitutions.

          DeSantis is a big government believer who thinks government knows better than the people do and he tried to force his views upon others, that’s what authorizations do. Noem did a better job than DeSantis but also came up short compared to Dunleavy, Abbott tried to go the DeSantis route but quickly remembered that actual conservatives do not believe that government knows best and can demand private businesses and people must follow the decrees of the political class.

      • I’d take Kemp and DeSantis over Dunleavy protecting people rights in a walk. He didn’t even try to help Anchorage.

        But not trying is the story of his pathetic term as faux governor.

        Georgia reopened in a month, and Florida leads the nation in economic growth. Alaska?

        As for “he never promised”, that’s a bit of revisionist history after he fell on his face in Wasilla.

        • DeSantis overstepped his constitutional authority and showed he believes that government is the solution to problems, simply put he is cut from the same cloth as any big government minded authoritarian who believes government knows best and should impose their will upon the people. I don’t know about Kemp.

          If you would have had Dunleavy overstep the constitutional limitations placed upon his office to help the people of Los Anchorage (who can’t be bothered to help themselves) then you too are a believer in authoritarian government overreach.

          Speaking of revisionist history…Alaska never closed, Los Anchorage might have, but Alaska never did.

          • I’ll be your huckleberry.

            1-Since you know the Florida constitution so we’ll, show specifics how DeSantis overstepped his authority.

            2- If he did, why wasn’t he stopped in the courts?

            3-Please show specifics how the Cowardly Lion attempted to reign in the Anchorage politburo. It’s inconceivable the most powerful executive in the US had no strings to pull. Did he even make a forceful speech about Berky overstepping his authority?

            4-Nor sure where you were during Covid, but I was all over the state after the initial panic was over. We damn sure were locked down.
            Anchorage may be home rule. The rest of us aren’t, at least to that degree.

            5-funny how you go directly at impugning me personally for pointing out the governor is a political eunuch with no political skills. How very Constant of you.

          • 1. When he issued executive orders that overstepped local authority, while it could be a state constitutional authority issue it is also certainly a federal constitutional authority issue that has been the law of the land for centuries.
            2. They did.
            3. You should review the authority that the Governor of Alaska has, it isn’t carte blanche. A review of the make up and authority of cities and municipalities would also serve you well. Dunleavy clearly holds the conservative belief that local government serves the people better than centrally located authoritarian government.
            4. Local government has the constitutional authority to enact certain health related lockdowns, this has been ruled repeatedly to be the case all the way to SCOTUS.
            5. I’m not sure where you think I directly impugned you personally. If it’s where I said that you’re a believer in authoritarian government rulers, it’s because you’ve espoused the belief in authorization government rulers with your words. If your words offend you, you should stop using them.

  9. ADN was reporting a shortfall in Cook Inlet gas in a few years a few days ago and now Dunleavy wants to send the gas to Japan?

  10. Well Governor, now that you have had your fill of Saki, can you please do something about the mail-in voting, Dominion Machines, the unclean voter rolls in your State? Is Alaska doomed to election fraud like Arizona? At least Arizona appears to be doing something about it unlike your administration. Chris Kurka for Governor!

  11. Governor Dunleavy made a necessary marketing trip to our closest neighbor that purchased Alaskan Gas for decades. Maintaining a positive economic relationship with Japan may develop useful future business.
    The Governor is not marketing Cook Inlet Gas. if Biden damages the world economy enough, North Slope Gas may become a viable option for the Japanese market.

  12. Shouldn’t any gas we can get our hands on right now go to the slope villages and bush communities to help bring their insane costs down.

    Winter isn’t over for them.

  13. Let’s see, Walker selling our gas to China was bad, Dunleavy selling our gas to Japan is good? Meanwhile, most of Alaska has been waiting for decades for gas, and the distribution system installed in Fairbanks has rusted away. Meanwhile, keep reelecting crooked politicians who give away our resources for a small fraction of what we would receive anywhere else in the world, then steal the scraps available for the PFD, and give them to their political donors. After that, they hire a PR firm to make up catchy slogans to convince Alaskans to vote against their own best interests. My very first degree was a BS in Biology, but they never taught us how stupid people can be. I should sue for a tuition refund!

    • I’m no fan of Dunleavy, but the difference might be (will never know since nothing will come of the Japan trip):

      Japan would have been a client. China was offered a sweetheart deal that would have given them too much control over the gas industry. The Chinese belt/road initiative used I other places is predatory.

      No way to know since neither happened.

      I agree IF we develop a gas pipeline the first goal must be to help our people in the interior and bush.

  14. @naturalAlaskan
    If you don’t understand the difference between China and Japan there’s no helping you.

  15. Alaska needs customers for its resources. It also needs to refresh relationships with present customers from time to time. First thing you learn in Business Admin is to never take your customers for granted. Part of the problem for Alaska, as most Alaskans know, is the environmentalists, who would prefer people do without food, jobs, and the like so they can have a picture-perfect state. What we actually need is a balance between the two so people can live and prosper and we can still enjoy those magnificent vistas and great animals resident in the Great Land.

  16. Not everyone is governed by the US Constitution though the republic form of government is guaranteed to all of us in the United States.

  17. Our form of government is limited as expressed in the US Constitution. If your authority is not expressed (in plain English language you ain’t got that authority) regardless of your sincere baby sitting inclinations. Judiciary can’t make law or rules of procedure. They may recognize it. The people have the right to be secure. We have room to be free in America. WE do not have to submit to the City of London CDC or the Who etc. The ? Declaration of Independence cleared that up for us.

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