Dunleavy gives first endorsement to Endle

Brian Endle and Gov. Michael Dunleavy

Brian Endle, running for Mat-Su Borough Assembly in the Nov. 5 election, has just landed a huge endorsement — Gov. Michael Dunleavy.

Endle is running for Assembly District 1 in a crowded field that includes:

  • BUSH, J. Bruce – Republican, who previously served District 1 on Assembly. 
  • ENDLE, Brian – Republican, Region 2 Alaska Republicans and Alaska Republican Assembly have endorsed Endle. 
  • HALE, Tim – Undeclared affiliation, but endorsed by the Democratic Party, and three union PACS, with $500-$1,000 each. Hale has raised $22,000 to Brian Endle’s $10,000. (APOC report linked here). Hale’s donors include Casey Steinau, chairwoman of the Alaska Democratic Party, and Al Gross, the Democratic Party’s choice for U.S. Senate. This indicates the Democrats are serious about taking this seat.
  • MILLER, Ryan – Republican.

Dunleavy said in his endorsement:  “Unlike some candidates who disguise themselves as ‘conservative’ only to change stripes once in office, I know Brian Endle to be a solid conservative who has the courage of his convictions and can be counted on under pressure.” 

Endle ran for the seat in 2016, but Jim Sykes, one of the founders of the Green Party in Alaska, won as the incumbent. He’s term-limited now.

This marks the first time Dunleavy has endorsed a local candidate since he won as governor last November.

Endle’s other endorsements include:

  • George Rauscher Sutton
  • Mike Shower – Wasilla
  • Mayor Larry DeVilbiss – Lazy Mountain
  • Carol Carman – Fishhook
  • Steve and Debra Renner – Soapstone
  • John Pinnix – Buffalo Mine
  • Dave and Noel Maxwell – Farm Loop
  • Finn Rye – Lazy Mountain
  • Pio Cottini – Farm Loop
  • Dan Sentz – Wasilla
  • Jill Alford – Pinnacle Lodge
  • Jim Tebow – Glacierview
  • Dean and Petesy Lust – Chickaloon
  • Janet McCullough – Buffalo Mine
  • Mike Coons – Lazy Mountain


  1. Now might be a good time for the other Republican candidates to very vocally bow out and consolidate support.

  2. Ms. Downing, could you please cite your source for this article? When I asked Carol why Endle did not mention this “huge endorsement” at Saturdays forum, I was told that it was not an actual endorsement. They specifically stated they did not use the word endorsement, instead using the word “support”. I am awaiting clarification from the Govorners office.


    SGT Ryan Miller (Ret)

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