Dunleavy endorses Dahlstrom for Congress


Gov. Mike Dunleavy has endorsed Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom for Congress, getting between Republicans and their candidates.

With ranked-choice voting, both Republicans — Dahlstrom and Nick Begich — are likely to be heading for the November ballot, since the top four voter-getters proceed from the primary in August. Polling shows Begich has 28% support and Dahlstrom is polling at 9%, but Dunleavy brings a powerful voice to the decision voters will be making.

“It’s my pleasure to express my support for Nancy in her congressional campaign,” said Dunleavy. “Nancy’s exceptional commitment and conservative values resonate with our state and we’ve achieved much for Alaska together. I’m confident Nancy will stand up against federal overreach in Congress and safeguard Alaskan values. Her candidacy represents my preferred choice to advance our state’s interests.”

Both Dahlstrom and Begich are taking on Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola, who was elected to replace Don Young after he died in 2021.


    • I never thought of Dunleavy as particularly bright. He also represented defunct pebble limited, a foreign company with state attorney’s and state money which pebble limited had already been nailed for securities fraud June of 23. Fortunately US Supreme Court threw Dunleavy’s lawsuit against the EPA out 😉
      NB3 for Congress.

  1. Dunleavy is the biggest do nothing governor the state has had yet. He has achieved zero – nothing. I guess it takes one to know one.

  2. How long could Nancy Dahlstrom serve in Congress? Isn’t she almost 70 years old?

    Maybe Dunleavy just wants her to get out of his office.

  3. Dunleavy has been in Juneau too long. He needs to get his head out of the sand. I don’t know a single person in real life who is excited about Nancy “Do Nothing” Dahlstrom.

  4. Dunleavy is trying to impress TPTB in DC so he can get a job down there. Most people in DC think Dunleavy is a weak governor… and they’re right.

  5. Dunleavy is the “governor” who refused to endorse Tshibaka and ran out of Anchorage to avoid being on stage with Donald Trump. His endorsement confirms everything I assumed about Nancy Dahlstrom.

    • GD, to be fair, I’ve been informed that Dunleavy missed T’s rally in Anchorage because of a death in his wife’s family and the need to attend the funeral.

      Absent that, I wouldn’t have attended T’s rally either, I just couldn’t stand listening to Sarah screech!

    • Yes! The swamp HATES Nick Begich. He speaks the truth. He is for the people and they won’t allow that.

      Nancy is the perfect DC creature. Non-threatening, ignorant, bland like a bowl of oatmeal. She will make the perfect mannequin for the next few years as she gets her “high three” in DC before she takes her state retirement.

  6. Very bad move. This has to be the biggest mistake of the Governor’s career. Stand down Nancy! You’ve had your day in the sun and congress is not your future – whether you are capable or not is not the issue – splitting the vote and splitting the fundraising is, which will result in Peltola’s reelection. Run the election Nancy – do it well, keep it honest. Please both of you Gov & Lt, endorse Nick Begich for US House!

  7. Specifically, why do we need to split ticket, just last time (aka: the Palin debacle)?
    Specifically, can Ann Brown influence either the Guv or Dahlstrom?
    Specifically, what is “The Plan” to ensure we sit a Conservative in Congress?
    Specifically, why can’t the Guv get behind Nick Begich?
    I’m sick of losing due to incompetence!!!
    It’s high time for answers and results!!!

  8. Here we go again. Duh! Why don’t we all get behind one solid republican candidate and get our congressman back? We know why.

  9. After a while you recognize a certain look on a politician that raises a red flag and Nancy has that look. Nancy definitely lacks that fired up conservative out to set things straight look that we need. Dunleavy would probably be doing her a favor if he just put her in charge of a library somewhere or put her on a few pointless but harmless committees. Congress doesn’t need another bland, go along to get along, wouldn’t want to offend, can’t we all just get along grandma.

  10. Sorry to see what has happened to our Governor. He seemed tough then he fired everyone strong and became like everyone else, hadn’t been the same sense.

  11. Dahlstrom, to my knowledge, has not one credit to her name of doing anything to administratively strengthen our election process as the overseer of Division of Elections. We still have ERIC which should have been jettisoned years ago. Our election integrity ranks amongst the worst. And after a short 2 years of doing nothing, she now wants to run for Congress? Hell No.

    My vote has been and will be given to Nick. He is honest and trustworthy.

    Dunleavy, if you want to do something of note, tell the Biden administration that you will not allow use of state resources in the illegal prosecution of conservatives such as J6 attendees.

  12. Nancy can currently draw social security and is trying to convince Alaskans that she should be a freshman member of Congress at 70 years old. Mary Peltola’s team is going to have a field day with this.

    Can someone get the governor a calculator!?!

  13. Dahlstrom has every right to run for Congress. Just because the idiot voters in this state bought the RCV/Dark Money BS in 2020, doesn’t mean we have to give up our right to choose which candidates run for office from now on. We’ve hopefully come a long way from letting a bunch of shadowy party elders meet in some smoky backroom and choose the party’s candidates.

    It’s better to aim your vitriol at the voters who stayed home in 2020 and let a minority decide how we will run our elections. Since we currently can’t have primaries (where are you this, Alaska Legislature?), we should focus on persuading the conservative voters to not only get off their butts and vote, but also to RANK THE RED.

    And let’s all hope Sarah Palin just stays away this time.

    • Her current job duties seem to be in conflict with her political run for a congressional seat. Once again, we have someone who is supposed over elections that is running for an office. Will she be saying that her election was fair and honest? Lol

  14. The mentality mostly expressed here is defeatism! If conservatives would wise up the RCV would turn this around for our benefit. RCV has had a negative effect to begin with but long term it would be beneficial toward conservative causes. Many conservatives will show up to vote because we are electing a president this year; unfortunately, they will have no clue what RCV is and not rank the conservatives resulting in more conservative minded people voting but potentially electing, again, a left leaning candidate.

  15. No to Dahlstrom. She sucked in Corrections. She’s done nothing as Lt. Now, she wants us to re-elect Peltola. Dahlstrom is a big spoiler. And loser.
    Nick Begich is our guy.

  16. I will campaign hard against the idiot Nancy Dahlstrom. I would actually vote for Peltola as my second choice, after NB3. At least we know who the real enemy is with Peltola. With Dahlstrom, we can’t trust someone under our own banner. Go away, Nancy. We will sink you.

  17. lots of common sense feedback about the GOP governor. seems consensus is that nothing has been done. well that shocks me given the strength of the matsu legislative crowd. seems the undeclared block will vote in a candidate.

    maybe a lack of policy and economic accomplishments will turn out a strong voter turn out. that solves most problems, large voter turnout drives candidates towards the middle, consensus, balance and compromise are the result. let’s hope

  18. What? Is Dunleavy losing his mind? Dahlstrom has hardly spent a year as the Lt. Governor and now she wants to spoil Begich’s chance to get our state back on track. The only name recognition she will earn is:
    total idiot.

  19. What if she has a jailer’s mentality? How exactly will she be inclined to implement vigorously your rights and defending them when her only waking thoughts are exacting various retributions within contexts of jailed and prisoner populations of Alaska exempt from any US Constitutional rights? these populations are moved around against their will. if jailing others is your vice and secret avocation the odds are you will be exactly underperforming in securing and defending the copious God-given rights and liberties guaranteed all America’s within the still standing republic, written in plain English of our founding documents. Rights never die. Some of our cherished rights are old Roman rights. Italian rights. Right here in Alaska. Not many Italians or Sicilians tolerated though in Alaska. Too much expressed emotions. Nordic tribes would prescribe mental exams for those of Italian emotional wiring. Somewhat interesting.


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