Dunleavy, Edgmon take their debate to Twitter

Photo of Governor Michael Dunleavy


Gov. Michael Dunleavy has taken a new tone on Twitter, an indication he’s taken over the messaging platform from his more circumspect communication team and is now sending out the messages himself, sometimes with capital letters, and now with the hashtag #DoYourResearch to what is known to be the true liberal hangout of social media platforms. Who knew Dunleavy could tweet like a Trump?

The discussion took off from there…



Not to be outdone, House Speaker Bryce Edgmon sent his pointed message directly to the governor on Twitter today:

And finally, the House Republican Minority managed to get a word in edgewise this afternoon, telling everyone they look forward to working with the House Democrats as soon as they finish playing with last year’s budget.



  1. Governor Dunleavy will be praised for what he is doing for Alaskan Citizens. Hey Edgemon, are you still calling our State a Sanctuary State like Angela Hull and your secretary said you claimed we are? I was shocked that he was shocked that I was not aware of it being officially deemed a Sanctuary State. What is your answer this year sir?

  2. Well, I must admit that for the last couple of months I have been thinking that Governor Dunleavy is Alaska’s Trump. President Trump has done great things for American Citizens, not that the MSM will ever give him credit for anything positive. I believe that Governor Dunleavy can do the same for Alaska. We must give him a chance as what has been done in the past simply hasn’t worked.

    • I hope this simple realization will hit the general public soon. Alaska’s swamp must be drained as surely as that in DC. Dunleavy, like Trump, is the last best opportunity. Anyone against him is part of the problem.

    • Governor Dunleavy is very similar to President Trump in that he is not part of the political establishment aka the Deep State. We have an entrenched Deep State in AK–special constituencies who still have the feed bag of State grants on. The AK MSM will be much harder on Dunleavy and the attacks will continue. Thank God for folks like Suzanne Downing for posting the facts. We all need to support her efforts by clicking on the Donate button.

  3. Bryce is an embarrassment. Recall him. Shame on him for trying to steal any of our permanent fund.

  4. Make the tweets larger by typing under them what they say. I can’t read on an expensive phone screen. Zoom not allowed on this page. Great articles about Alaska! Go AK’s Trump! Cut the size and waste of State and National governments! Vs waste, spend money on road safety, like guard rails along dangerous areas.

  5. Edgmon is a total stooge of the Left. Can’t we ever get smart people to be in charge? Edgmon’s speakership is a JOKE and everybody knows it. Knopp created the mess. So know members of the legislature have to waste their time by running around the state creating an illusion that Alaskans are divided equally about the budget. Total fabrication advanced by the desperate Lefty media. More waste of state money and time. CUT THE STATE OPERATING BUDGET….BY 40%.

    • I think we can start with 60% and negotiate down to 40% Dealing with idiot Dumbocrats is like purchasing a used Suburu or Volvo from them. They never changed the oil on their own. They use 85 grade gas unless their neighbor is buying for them, then they use 93. They dont carry jumper cables in the trunk b/c they prefer to be in distress. The seats are littered with dog hair. The roof is scratched from improperly loading their kayaks. And there are too many political stickers located at the rear. They want a high trade-in, top dollar resale. DONT BUY FROM DEMOCRATS.
      Their cars are worn out, unsafe, and badly in need of repair.

  6. In my household if the $ is not there we dont spend. The State of Alaska (politicians) have been spending $ we dont have for years. Gov Dunleavy has made some hard choices. I have kids in school, I have crime in my neighborhood. When the $ is not there we have to STOP spending. Teachers deal with it. Troopers deal with it. Our legislators and especially Edgman need some lessons in life. It is simple, balance the budget and make the cuts however painful. Pay for the sons of our fathers ie Murkowski- Knowles- and the biggest Begich

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