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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Dunleavy baits AOC into Twitter scrap over fossil fuel

Gov. Michael Dunleavy, who has made a splash on the national stage with his staunchly pro-Alaskan, pro-business, pro-small-government stances, exchanged pleasantries on Twitter today with the angel of the apocalypse, none other than Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known as AOC.

Dunleavy, who the Anchorage Daily News describes as never traveling or talking to the media, waded into the Twitter sewer and called out AOC on her Green New Deal by saying it would impact civilization as we know it.

Oil would disappear . Gas would disappear. Coal would disappear. Alaska’s population would plummet, Dunleavy said.

“Yeah, that’s kind of the point,” AOC responded on Twitter.

Dunleavy wrote: “Your Green New Deal would destroy Alaska’s economy. I invite you to visit Alaska, and I can personally show you how we responsibly develop America’s natural resources better than anyone. You’re welcome anytime.” 

The exchange prompted the usual snark-filled exchanges between lefties and righties on Twitter, a place that has not always been welcoming to conservatives.

Dunleavy has been a rising star on the national conservative scene and was spotted in Washington, D.C. this week, where he appeared on Bloomberg TV News, describing the Permanent Fund dividend, the state budget, and his views on the attempt to recall him:

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • That’s Alaska’s Governor Mike
    Dunleavy. . “WAY TO GO GOV. DUNLEAVY. . . AOC DID YOU GET IT?”

  • AOC isn’t an expert in anything. Comes from a little hole in the wall constituency. That’s the only way these radical types get in.

    • That’s true. Anyone with a heartbeat, sounds intelligent, who spues rhetoric aimed at the underprivileged, disenchanted, and disadvantaged can get elected to the obsolete House of Imbiciles.

  • All she cares about is the position of power she expects to be in if the New World Order ever happens. It’s never been about the ecology. It’s always been in their variation of a revolution … one which puts them in power. The green movement is just one of many tools they’re using to gain the upper hand. They’re the “Brown Shirts” of this generation.

  • The Governor has a lot on his plate but he is a great ambassador for the State and will only get better at it the more he is exposed as more in America get to better know him. The Governors policies are right for the time and right for both Alaska and indeed America as a whole as well…

  • The Governor is a great advocate and steady hand of guidance for Alaska’s bright future! Our Governor is blazing the necessary trails ensuring that the final road map guides our great state Alaska into prosperity for decades to come!!

    • I’m finding the similarity between some of the responses intriguing. Have you attended activist training workshops?

  • Uh, yeah. And AOC won.
    Seriously, there are few things sadder than watching working Alaskans work against themselves. AK has more to loose from climate change than any other state and working Alaskans have more to gain from a new deal than any group in the U.S.
    The oil will run out. Those people will need jobs. Construction jobs updating insulation, building hydro power, installing cold weather power generation solutions . . .
    Or we can imagine the oil will last forever and pretend there’s nothing strange about the summer fires.

    • no she did not.

      • Greg,
        I know that you care about the fate of the people Native villages. I’m guessing we are alarmed to see coastal villages being abandoned. Perhaps you are also worried that some of the subsistence hunters haven’t seen a whale this year.
        What should we do about that? Just say it’s a natural cycle and hang our heads? Or make an effort to change things and do so in way that helps working people?

        • You’re spot on, Adam!

          Surely preservation of the imperiled Native villages must be our top priority and no expense can be spared to keep the villagers where they are.

          Just out of curiosity though, how much money are you thinking should be thrown at them and how much liberty are you proposing everyone else give up in order to ensure that they stay put?

          And if they actually had to abandon the utter purity of their present lifestyles and start embracing technology and civilization, how much would you say they’d be owed, assuming such a debt could even be quantified?

          You’re a true angel, Adam, and your altruism is like a breath of fresh air!

        • AOC, who thinks she knows best, but really don’t know anything at all!!! She is 100% fake.

        • Adam,

          You are aware that these coastal villages have only been around for a short period of time, no more than 100-150 years. Before we made the Alaskan Natives settle down into these coastal villages, in lands prone to errosion, they were a nomadic people who moved to follow the resources. If you are alarmed to see coastal villages being abandoned, then you should do some research on the history and location of these villages, as there is no need for alarm.

      • ^These are your allies, Greg Forkner. People who say things like ” . . the utter purity of their present lifestyles and start embracing technology and civilization”. People who don’t believe the villages are civilized.
        Something to think about.

        • OMG, Adam, I wouldn’t know Mr. Forkner from you if we were to bump into one another at the bingo hall!

          It almost kinda looks like you’re trying to play alarmist, identity politics when it suits your purposes at the same time you’re pretending that Mr. Forkner along with I and others are ganging up on you and Alaska’s most Special Peoples, but you wouldn’t really do that, would you sonny?

          Are you actually feeling like some kind of victim or is this simply online misbehavior that you’ve learned at these “activist training workshops” you’d referred to?

          Please pull yourself together, young man. I have some cookies to bake and I don’t want to have to scold you again.


    • Interesting thing about oil. People have been claiming it is going to run out ever since it was discovered. After a century that point is farther in the future than it has ever been.

      AK has a bunch of natural gas. It has the largest coal deposits in the nation. Combine those with the Fischer – Tropsch process and we can batch ship GTLs and CTLs down TAPS for centuries (think synthetic diesel, very clean). No reason for the oil industry to go away, though the product mix will change a bit over time.

      Remember that the greens bitterly fought Watana and nuclear energy in the state. They would rather freeze in the dark than bring robust energy generation on line. You needn’t look any farther than Cali, who (unlike Alaska) are now burning in the dark for a hint about the future they have for us here in AK. Cheers –

    • You poor dear, Adam! You must be terrified and I’m a little misty-eyed just like you in reading of your plight.

      So do you have your affairs in order for the dark day when the oil runs out and can you expand a little on the details of this “new deal” you refer to?

      Thanks, hon!

  • Great Governor, He is making Alaska great again!

  • AOC’s “exactly the point” response to big Mike’s statement is chilling. Alaska’s loss of population resulting from AOC’ s green agenda would not just be from people migrating south but rather from untold thousands assuming room temperature. Don’t believe me? One merely has to look back upon the last century to find the evidence of totalitarian “new deals” and their grim reaper results. She and her elitists backers dont mind cracking a few hundred million eggs to make their utopian omelete. Horrible things happen when silly ideas like her’s are put in motion.

  • Flopping around like a well-hooked red. Fish on! Cheers –

  • AOC is dumber than a door knob, nothing to look at there. Governor Dunleavy has bigger fish to fry than get into any kind of rational conservation with an imbecile. AOC and her dimwitted squad are the poster children for rabid attention mongers and imbecilic baffoons.

  • How will the New Green Deal stop 6 rivers in Asia and 2 in Africa from putting almost all of the plastic that is choking and killing the oceans? The USA is not the one killing the planet. How will she get the rest of the world to stop the pollution? How will the liberals disarm the rest of the world? Look around, the USA is not the problem and I guess not the solution.

    • She has blinders on … seeing only what promotes her agenda.

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