Dunleavy appoints four to Board of Game, Fisheries


Gov. Mike Dunleavy today appointed four Alaskans to fill open seats on the Alaska Board of Game and the Alaska Board of Fisheries. He made one reappointment to the Board of Game.

The three new appointments to the Board of Fisheries:

Floyd Michael Heimbuch is a longtime commercial fisherman and has been active in fishing issues across the state for several decades. He previously served on the State of Alaska Board of Marine Pilots and the Homer City Council. He will join the board April 15, 2022.

David Weitz will take a seat on the Board of Fisheries starting July 1, 2022. He is the current President and CEO of Three Bears Alaska. His prior public service includes the Tok School Board and the Alaska Road Commission.

Thomas Carpenter served in the United States Coast Guard and has been a commercial fisherman and small business owner. He is Chairman of the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation Board. He will also begin serving on the Board of Fisheries July 1, 2022.

The Governor also made a new appointment and a reappointment to the Board of Game:

Beatrice Ruth Cusack is a military veteran, avid hunter and holds assistant hunting guide license in Alaska. She currently serves on the SCI Alaska Board of Directors. Her term on the Board of Game begins July 1, 2022.

Allen Barrette was reappointed to the Board of Game. He is a licensed hunting guide and owns a fur tannery in Fairbanks. His new term begins July 1, 2022.


  1. The BOG does not represent Alaskans very well. All, including Cusack, are trappers, hunters and hunting guides. None shoot with a camera. Trapping restrictions will never occur if the BOG is so lopsided.

    • Quite the contrary. All hunters and guides I know are avid photographers and more importanty, they’re the only Alaskans that are truly dependant on sustainability of healthy wildlife populations.

  2. Carpenter’s appointment will not be acceptable to the Sports fishing and Dip net community. He heads up the PWS Aquaculture Corp Board. That’s the organization that runs the hatcheries in the Sound. There is an enormous controversy about the impacts to wild salmon stocks by releasing hundreds off millions of pinks into the ocean. It surprised me that Dunleavy appointed this person. It is almost like he was sending a message to the BOF to ignore the controversy.
    But it is election time so no surprise that he is trying to please everyone. But I hoped for better!

  3. Tell all nets are out of cook inlet there will be war …… In the public trust over the fish boards past performance for the alaska people. People depend on those stocks not to be sold ……sucked out of our hands.

  4. Who will Ms Cusak be replacing on the Board of Game? And is she related to Dr Cusak or Bob Cusak who runs (ran?) a lodge at one time?

  5. Good to see David Weitz on the board. We need more Alaskans who aren’t tied to commercial fishing and guiding on the board

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