Dramatic photo shows Lowell Point landslide


An aerial photo by Chip Arnold of Alaska SeaLife Center shows the major landslide across Lowell Point Road, south of Seward, which brought down soil, boulders, rocks, and trees on Saturday evening. The Kenai Peninsula Borough has confirmed that no one was injured as a result of the landslide, which is estimated to be 200 feet high and 300 feet wide, covering the road that is on the western side of Resurrection Bay, which ends at a hamlet neighborhood.

The community of Lowell Point is assisting displaced visitors with temporary sheltering needs. Debris removal will begin once the area is stable for crews to safely respond. The Borough Office of Emergency Management is in contact with the community, the city of Seward and the State of Alaska Division of Homeland Security to provide needed resources. The City of Seward has declared it an emergency and said it’s still unclear if the slope is stable enough to begin work.

It appears it will be several days before the road is reopened, and meanwhile residents of Lowell Point are using water taxi services. About 80 people live at Lowell Point, which is also home to the Lowell Point State Recreation Area and a couple of bed-and-breakfast establishments.


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  2. Seward loves helping each other. Thank goodness. The slope still looks unstable and if no other infrastructure or private property involved it might be good to bring more of it down safely before opening?

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  4. This is very common, I grew up along the Alaskan coast and in my 70 years and seen this many times.

  5. I hope there no missing person reports in the near future…… well ever really. Be awful to have had a car or pedestrian in the path.

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