Drama: Assemblyman Dunbar trolls Jamie Allard on TikTok social media app, but then Suzanne LaFrance apologizes for lying


Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, who with Assemblyman Chris Constant are the political force behind a Democrat blog called The Blue Alaskan, posted a video on TikTok of Assemblywoman Jamie Allard confronting Chair Suzanne LaFrance for lying to the public about a mischaracterization of an item on the Tuesday agenda.

While the official Anchorage video feed was cut during the dispute, Dunbar recorded the dispute and put it on TikTok. Allard can be heard saying in no uncertain terms that she will represent her district. Constant can be heard saying that the Assembly needed to remove Allard.

But what Dunbar didn’t show is what happened next: LaFrance, after consulting with her aide, apologized for mischaracterizing the agenda item, and the apology is on the record.

Also in the Dunbar video, it can be seen that Assemblyman Constant is also recording the dispute between Allard and LaFrance during the at-ease.

Allard is the only vocal conservative on the Assembly. Crystal Kennedy, who also represents Eagle River, leans conservative but is usually very measured in her approach, while Allard is more fiery in defending the people of Anchorage.

Dunbar and Constant represent the dominant socialist wing of the Anchorage Assembly.


  1. This is proof that politicians should not be elevated on a pedestal. Humans are perfectly imperfect, but none should be considered “authority”. It is time for this archaic system to collapse. Human should be preparing themselves for personal evolution and eliminate the reliance on a self serving system of population control.
    This is what happens when the populace relinquishes its responsibility unto an elected body with blind trust they they will actually do what they promise. Never trust the promise of politicians, only trust yourself to do what needs to be done to experience this life as it should be.

  2. These looney, left assembled she’s, her’s, he’s, him’s, they and them…whatever they want to be called, clearly aren’t working for their districts. Their actions prove nothing more than they love power! They will stop at nothing to get their way and behave like a bunch of babies. It’s astonishing that people actually voted for them.

  3. Did you hear Chrissy’s muffled comment? “You’re outta’ there.” Between him, Dunbar and Little Felix, it’s been a collection of ignorant, hate-filled hissy fits in opposition to anything remotely sane being offered up for our city. If it weren’t for Jamie Allard none of us who frequent this site would be represented at all. Ms Allard should be applauded.

    • Adults should have the capacity to weigh opinion against facts. This is doubtful but Allard does appear to listen the majority of the time; except when she does not trust or want to believe the facts.

      Exemplifies a liberal Mom? – She prefers to make her base ‘feel better’ without the same regard for community’s health and safety.

  4. Shame on all of you that support these two dirtbags!
    Dunbar and Constant have an agenda that is going to take Anchorage down.
    I remember when people used to not even care about local elections…this is the result.
    I overheard a prominent business owner and an elected official talking about the dividend one time…the elected official referred to Alaskans that expect the PFD as “The Stupids”.
    Pretty sure the agreement was, “Take what we give you and shut up.”

  5. The only breach of decorum are displayed through Members Dunbar and Constant’s privacy invasion of two other members without their consent. This is sort of thing small minded women do. Our men are supposed to act better than us. Hahaha.

  6. This Assembly has lost its minds! These bunch of left leaning (or falling) mental midgets just attempt to keep the government of the city under their thumbs and going broke! Just in the 5 yrs I have been here the drastic downfall of the city as a whole! Businesses closing left and right, gross over spending by the Assembly, gerrymandering of funds around to just achieve their own personal agendas! Monies taken from the police department budget, then replenished with grant funds??? How can any of this be legal or moral?? Constant wants mask mandates for everyone but himself while he parties away without a mask. Just a foul mouthed cry baby! Play stupid games win stupid prizes!!

  7. “socialist wing of the assembly” Now we are getting somewhere! That is exactly what these people are. And when the public gets used to hearing that word they will realize what they are: communists.

  8. Dunbar and Constant are nothing but childish school boys. They have no brain molecules to be a janitor. Alaska National Guard should discharge Dunbar for violating the Oath of Office.

  9. That’s alright. I have it on good authority that Dunbar will not be running for re-election. As a politician that places equity above all else, he will step aside and let a black woman take the seat. Rejecting his white privilege is the only way he can truly demonstrate his commitment to his ideals.
    Just kidding. He is going to use every tool in his arsenal to destroy the reputation of his opponent.

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