Dr. Quinn-Davidson will bully you now



Anchorage Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson advised the public on April 12 that it’s time to have “hard conversations” with your friends and neighbors to push them to get a Covid-19 vaccine. Any one of the vaccines.

She said the vaccine is safe and the best vaccine is the “one that is available to you.”

If you are among the “vaccine hesitant,” you might want to avoid your neighbor until this panic fever dies down. Hard conversations could be behind the next knock on your door.

Less than 24 hours after the Anchorage mayor made her pronouncement, the CDC and FDA told health officials across the country to hit the pause button on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, because issues have arisen with some people developing blood clots several days after receiving that vaccine.

The six who got the blood clots were women between the ages of 18-48 who had had the shot a few days prior. One woman died and a second was hospitalized in critical condition. With nearly seven million having taken the Johnson & Johnson single-dose Covid-19 vaccine, that’s a small number, to be sure, but we also don’t know if there are undiagnosed blood clots that resolved themselves without medical care. There is a lot we still don’t know about the new vaccines we’re accepting.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is also now linked to a rare, but sometimes fatal blood-clotting reaction. Many countries in Europe have pulled that vaccine back from distribution, to be used only for older adults. Some countries are not using it at all after younger people developed headaches, swelling, and stomach pain.

All medications have some element of risk associated with them; even a regular dose of aspirin, that ubiquitous fever-reducing miracle drug, has been linked to Reyes Syndrome in children and teens.

Quinn-Davidson, who is not a medical professional and not even an elected mayor, is now dispensing unproven medical advice about the efficacy and safety of all Covid-19 vaccines. She is not following the science.

File Quinn-Davidson’s admonition that the new vaccines are safe under the category of “claims, without evidence.” That’s the media standard set by The Washington Post and New York Times these days.

Quinn-Davidson has set a goal of having 70 percent of Anchorage residents vaccinated before her emergency orders in Anchorage, which have kept the city’s economy in a tailspin, will be lifted.

The community is halfway there, with about 35 percent of adults now vaccinated. Getting to 70 percent is evidently going to take some coercion.

In her rush to get everyone vaccinated, she is engaging in public policy malpractice in ignoring the fact that the vaccines are experimental, approved for emergency use only. We who have accepted the “jab” are part of a grand experiment (this writer included.)

Importantly, it’s the dangerous governmental policy to have an unelected mayor encourage her constituents to bully their friends and neighbors with “hard conversations” into getting a vaccine that some have qualms about. To proceed to tell Alaskans that they must take the vaccine for the sake of the economy is practicing public policy without a constitutional foundation.


  1. Bully Bully Bully …. that is our Assembly (governing body ) MO!! Should we think anything different . Time for a BIG change

  2. The main stream media has been pushing the “get kids as young as 12 vaccinated “ narrative too.
    Experiments on human populations were banned after WW2. But here we are.
    We deserve what we permit.

  3. 70%. But how many have already had COVID? In one camp where 100% testing was done, 10 people of 100 popped positive, with only one showing mild symptoms. So how many in the community now show antibodies? Does she (or ‘Dr.’ Fauci) care? What is so critical about pushing this experimental, marginally proven vaccine on the public for a disease with 99.7% recovery in people TESTING positive (and who knows how many untested cases are never reported, so statistics really mean nothing). And the latest ‘miracle’ drug for COVID, as reported in the Jerusalem Post today, is kefir (and yogurt)! Why does my impression that something far more nefarious is afoot than just destroying the economy for the virus.

  4. Add in those who have already been exposed to the virus and developed natural immunity and the number is much larger and we have likely achieved herd immunity. The bottom line, stay home if you don’t feel well, seek treatment if you display Covid symptoms, protect the elderly and the infirm, wash your hands, and do your best to become a healthier person. None of that involves the government.

  5. The pretend mayor, using pretend science, to be a pretend facist, to extort compliance.
    Very pretentious.

  6. Everyone else can do what they want, I am not getting any vaccine. My immune system has been doing its job properly for 64 years, I will go with that success rate. Thanks anyway.

  7. Dr. Quinn, medicine woman, is not dispensing medical advice. She is recommending that as many people as possible, up to 70%, get vaccinated so the restless masses of Anchorage and Alaska can get to herd immunity, or “normal,” as soon as possible. This follows CDC recommendations.
    The risk of a serious blood clot from the J&J vaccine is about 1.1 / 1 million persons vaccinated. The odds of dying in a car crash are about 12/100 thousand. Given my ‘druthers, I’ll take my chances with the vaccine, but that won’t get me to the grocery store, so I choose to risk my life more seriously when I hop in the SUV and wander onto KGB road. Starvation is not an option.
    The upshot is that the risk of some dire consequence from any of the vaccines is extremely remote compared to everyday life. The upside to achieving herd immunity is that we will all be able to get back to what will pass for normal life as soon as possible.
    Dr. Quinn has no power to force you to get vaccinated. It is a personal decision, like whether or not you will wear a seat belt. You won’t even get fined if you are stopped and are found not to be vaccinated. But the best way to delay the return to normal is for people to resist getting vaccinated when the risk is so low and the upside so high.

  8. If something has to be pushed using coercion, its never been good. Any friend, who forced you to do something was never a friend to you from the first meeting.

  9. Nothing like being gas lit, and virtue signaled in the same breath.

    She’s incompetent! No other way the day it!

    Good luck with that 70%!

  10. Suzanne Downing your written words are more sensible than AQD’s Covid-19 vaccine buddy strategies.

  11. Well written Suzanne and history tells us once government starts mandating medical procedures for the population then our freedom in a democracy has ended.
    This JNJ episode is just the tip of the iceberg as long term side effects will not be known for years (which is why the coronavirus vaccine trials do not officially end until 2023).
    Politicians need to step back from the mic and work on getting the private sector back in gear.
    Governor Dunleavy needs to take a stand against vaccine passports before the technocrats have a digital empire created where they can cast a social score against anyone who goes against their tide.

  12. Anti Vaxxers are selfish and cowards, scared to take a vaccine. we need herd immunity before we can get back to some what of a normal life. You anti vaxxers are in the way.

    Suck it up for a change wimps.

  13. She’s had covid and the vaccine. It’s like telling me that me not wearing a seat belt is going cause her to be nervous when driving, not because she fears for my life, but because she thinks my lack of a seat belt is going to cause her seat belt to not work as well. That is baffling and she’s just regurgitating what so many are believing.

  14. Harborguy, who is the coward hiding behind a fake name, huh? Most of us have no problem with taking fully vetted vaccines. These vaccines are still experimental. YOU are the coward and have no right to call others coward. I invite you to meet me face-to-face and call me a coward.

  15. Quinn-Davidson needs to go back home with her BS. It does no good calling these political types out on their lies, hypocrisies and authoritarian behavior. They and their loyal brainwashed following don’t care what you I or anyone else thinks or does and they will settle for nothing other than your 100% submission to their way of thinking, or your death.

  16. Harbor Guy, the shot isn’t a vax. It is an experimental therapy. I respect your right to choose any medical treatment you deem important for your health, why cannot you respect thr rights of others? Allowing them the freedom to make their own choices?

  17. HARBORGUY, my body my choice, or does that not count any more? There are too many people so why don’t we mandate 90% of baby boys be made into eunuchs at birth? Don’t be a coward.
    George Bernard Shaw, a self described socialist, said: ‘ it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly appointed board just as he might come before the income tax commissioner and say every 5 years or every 7 years… Just put them there and say: ‘Sir,’ –or ‘madam,’– ‘will you be kind enough to justify your existence? If you’re not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little bit more then clearly we cannot use the big organisation of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive. Because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of very much use to yourself.’
    He advocated for a merciful, painless means of disposing of the non-compliant, perhaps a gas. Adolph Hitler was an admirer of Shaw.
    In America we have rights ‘Endowed by our Creator.’ One of those rights is to refuse an experimental, untested injection which modifies our bodies to an as yet unknown end (Thalidomide anyone?). Sorry for standing firm blocking your ever compliant utopia.

  18. Harborguy
    Yes I’m Not getting the shot. Your the Wimp your the Scared person.
    I’ve been living a normal life this whole time
    Its you Afraid people like Yourself, you need to stay home in your cry room bunker.
    Them yes we’re back to normal, Stop your Stupid scare tactics. We can make are own life choices.
    Not this fake mayor, you or the government.

  19. So what’s next, if you don’t get your flu shot every year no soup for you.
    Get a life people

  20. Right, we’re going to take an untested and unapproved vaccine because you demand it, that and $5 bill might get you a cup of coffee.

  21. I believe after one has been tested for carona virus at some point you will test positive as a result. Also carona virus is in everyone. It is naturally occurring. After an emergency authorized vaccination one will always test positive for carona virus for the rest of your natural life. I also believe this will contribute to herd hysteria and voiding of preexisting life insurance policies thus impoverishing the American herd further. I also believe intelligent, trained agents of WHO and CDC salted into all the states were on board with this agenda from inception. I do not consent.

  22. Greg R. As you stated dying in a vehicle is very common, in fact…. more likely by many many many times than corona…..

  23. The sheep that got the vaccine are upset that everyone is not like them, following their leader and if you don’t follow you are not a sheep so get out of the flock. Common sense is all you need to see that this is not going to go good for those sheep.

  24. CC, about 40,000 people die a year in traffic accidents. In about the same time period, we have lost about 500,000 to Covid. You’re OK with that?

  25. The pseudo-Mayor-hyphen looks so sweet and reasonable. Don’t be fooled. We have a inexperienced thug punishing people that disagree with her choices. And to make matters worse, her choices are bad ones and not supported by much evidence. Based on the likely unobtainable 70 percent vaccination goal, this will continue unless and until the voters decide on a change of direction.

  26. I think our city has gone too far left. With the people that voted for Dunbar and his BS. Were in trouble

  27. Well folks, those of us with our vaccines and our vaccine passports will be happily vacationing on the beach in Hawaii soon. And we won’t need to worry about getting sick.

    For those of you who chose not to, well, I hope that you all enjoy next winter in Alaska, and the next, and the next, and the next…

    Darwin’s Theory at work.

  28. Dear Editor, you criticize the Mayor for advocating for vaccination and “dispensing unproven medical advice, while not being a medical professional”.

    Do you not see the irony in the fact that you, in this story, are advocating against vaccination, or at least casting heavy shade upon it, without being a medical professional yourself, either? Even more, the media penetration of your opinions, being promulgated via MRAK, may in fact be broader than those of the Mayor’s.

    The reporting in MRAK is often good and factual, but in this case it is anything but fair and balanced. This story is mainly intended to do damage to a Mayor whom you do not particularly like for a wide range of reasons. Is this website about journalism, or personal vengeance and vendettas?

    • I have made it clear, Whidbey, that I have had the vaccine and am not opposed to it. I tell people I have no fear of it. This is really about civil liberties, personal choice. Thank you. Great discussion. – sd

  29. Where does government get any authority?

    According to the founders any authority proceeds from the informed consent of the sovereign people. Remember consenting to this authoritarian’s “selection”? We didn’t.

  30. @Whidbey. >750 people developed COVID-19, with 78 deaths, of people fully vaccinated just last week. #followthescience

  31. Well Mr. Orwell, no vaccine protects perfectly, and with millions and millions vaccinated, this is to be expected. The “science” would predict exactly what is being observed. Without the vaccines, these numbers would be at least 100 times higher.

    Your argument is barely worthy of comment because you already understand this, but somehow think you will convince people just by quoting statistics. Your attempt is right up there with Trump insisting that he won the election because he had 72 million votes, while other guy had about 10 million more. I can’t believe that I even need to respond to your illogic, but with nothing better to do on a Saturday night, I guess I will.

  32. @Whidbey, YOU wrote:
    “Well folks, those of us with our vaccines and our vaccine passports will be happily vacationing on the beach in Hawaii soon. And we won’t need to worry about getting sick.”
    So what you wrote is simply rubbish then isn’t it, and by your own admission.

  33. Drop the mask mandate in Anchorage, NOW! I’m tired of giving cover and false security to anyone who doesn’t want to get a vaccination. Either get your immunity the old fashion way by catching the virus or get vaccinated. Once you achieve immunity, by either method, your safe to come out of isolation. Freedom!

  34. RG GEIGER, just FYI, a study published by Stanford found that masks are ‘dirty, dehumanizing and ineffective.’ Don’t try to find it in the mainstream media, but it is published at scribd.com, document 503573509. Here is the conclusion:
    ‘The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such as SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks. Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects. These include hypoxia, hyper-capnia, shortness of breath, increased acidity and toxicity, activation of fear and stress response, rise in stress hormones, immunosuppression, fatigue, headaches, decline in cognitive performance, predisposition for viral and infectious illnesses, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Long-term consequences of wearing facemask can cause health deterioration, developing and progression of chronic diseases and premature death.’

  35. If commentators and readers might attend an SOA DHSS ECHO session, I’m certain that questions about vaccines and herd immunity can be satisfactorily answered by trained, authoritative health professionals.

  36. Very illuminating. I suppose I should opt to wait for a safer vaccine. I can’t get one yet anyway because I’m only 15.

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