Dr. Ben Carson, banned from Anchorage schools by superintendent, now on short list for Vice President


A brilliant brain surgeon. Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Author, inspirational speaker, and a visitor to Alaska who was unceremoniously banned from speaking at an Anchorage public school.

Dr. Ben Carson is now reportedly on the short list for vice presidential nominee, should former President Donald Trump become the Republicans’ nominee, which appears likely.

Carson has a resume that puts him in the top one-tenth of one-percent, in terms of knowledge, skill, talent, and overcoming adversity. His life story started out in a single-parent home, where his mother raised him and helped him make the best of his early challenges.

When Carson was invited to Anchorage last year, Anchorage School Superintendent Dr. Jharett Bryantt canceled a school assembly that had been arranged for him at Mountain View Elementary School, a Title 1 school in Northeast Anchorage, where many children from lower-income families attend and where 91% of the students are minorities.

It was the beginning of the school year, Bryantt said, and Carson would be a distraction. Bryantt didn’t want to disrupt the pace of the first week of school.

Instead, organizers of the Carson visit — the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club — hastily put together a press conference with Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Dr. Carson was able to have an event for students at the local Boys and Girls Club after school.

That was in August. Today, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway said on Fox News that Carson is the Trump insider favorite for vice president right now.

Charlie Kirk, of Turning Point USA, agreed.

“There are many good candidates for VP, but Dr. Ben Carson would be an amazing choice. He’s brilliant, he’s a devoted Christian, and he’s a man of honor and strong conservative principles. Dr. Carson is a great American,” said Kirk, who leads an organization that fosters conservative principles in public high schools and universities.

Carson has authored several books, including “Gifted Hands, The Ben Carson Story,” in which he describes how, as a boy, he did poorly in school and struggled with anger. He authored “You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to T.H.I.N.K. B.I.G.” He recently authored a children’s book, “Why America Matters.”

He credits his mother, who worked three jobs and pushed her sons to do their best, for his successes in life.

In 1987, Carson, by then an established neurosurgeon, led a team of 70-member surgical professionals who separated the brains of conjoined twins Patrick and Benjamin Binder, who were joined at the back of the head. It was the first-ever surgery of its type.

Carson ran for president in 2016 and was the first presidential candidate to qualify for the Alaska Republican Party’s Presidential Preference Poll, a type of caucus-by-ballot that the Alaska GOP pioneered.


  1. No matter how WRONG they are, they do not back down, they double down their evil.
    Jharett Bryantt IS incompetent, at best, and wa so upon his hire, he had no experience AT ALL. He has proven himself inadequate to the job with his total incompetence and inexperience. This barring from our public school, was a definitive example of his incompetence, barring an incredible neorosurgeon that was the first BRAIN surgeon to seperate cojoined twins. The superintendent refused to let him talk to our kids and inspire them all, what kind of child advocate is Jharrett Bryant.
    Parents, you have got to get your kids out of public schools. Pool resources, quit a job, find a retired relative that can assist with some hours of home studies, whatever it takes. Lets save our kids from this mentality, I want my grandkids to THRIVE and become a success in whatever endeavor they choose. I choose to help a few hours a week and it hepls the small group of parents and other grandparents (aunties and uncles always welcome) I am a part of.
    Be heard, be loud, be an advocate for the next generation to have a better education than we all did. Our children all deserve an education, how to think, not public indoctrination.

    • Avenger, Dr. Carson was HUD secretary 2017 – 2021. That’s at least some semblance. Although I personally would prefer someone with NO experience in “governance”.

    • Trump, at the onset, did not have some, nor ANY semblance of governance experience, and look what he accomplished.

      Add the brilliance, life experience, and pragmatic conservatism that Dr. Ben Carson adds unto the mix, and how can such a match be wrong?

      • But Trump had decades of experience running a multinational business.

        And yes, there is every chance things could go badly. Like him or not, Pence understood the system and advised Trump about potential pratfalls he would not have known existed.

      • You make my liberal brain hurt Randy. Trump attacked the constitution,supported the murder of his Vice President, stole classified secret documents and shared them with our enemies, the whole pussy grab boast, tried to extort votes from Georgia, twice impeached, cheated on his financial situation. He is the most unfit candidate ever.

        • You forgot
          -Mean tweets
          – wrestling his secret service to the ground
          – asking Putin to find Hillary 30 thousand plus deleted email
          -asking Ukraine to release just some of the evidence of the corruption of vice president biden

          I’m sure the list is endless to a Karen that is either gullible or just plain ignorant

    • Wilbur Ross, Kudlow and Peter Navarro are all available. ready and willing to jump in and help. have previous experience and we’d be lucky to have them back

    • Masked ,
      Just who do you support?

      That was a major dumb back hand .
      Just a really stupid or biased statement.
      I have to ask how much life experience have you had?

      The article said he led a 75 person surgical team.
      That is successful semblance of governance .
      He didn’t get to be a brain surgeon leader of 75 highly skilled medical professionals by chance.

      Any chance he governed the situation?

      Clearly he has leadership and governance skills.
      As well as research, product development and follow through.

  2. That says a lot about the intelligence of the superintendent or lack thereof. Anchorage, get your kids out if those schools!

  3. On the 1st day of school I noticed Biden and Dr. Jill went to an elementary school. But that’s okay because Biden is a Democrat, so we can trust him with our children.

    • He is no Uncle Ben, LRH. He is simply a brilliant, pragmatic conservative individual that happens to be of the black persuasion, of which means nothing unto his thought process.

      Pigment means nothing, and never shall.

      Individualism through pragmaticism and individual freedom means everything regardless of one’s base grouping, be that of race, creed, identity, of which there are many, or gender, of which there are two.

      • You are a real riot, Randy! So Carson is of “black persuasion,” eh? This is election time, and there definitely is “skin” in the game. Where do you think we are–in never-never land?

        The American people don’t want another field-hand running this country! Were Trump to pick Carson as his running mate he would compromise his campaign: Biden’s team can out skin-game the Red skin-gamers. Frankly, whoever wins this election, neither will finish their term in office: thus we’ll have either a President Carson–were he Trump’s running mate–or a President Harris!

        Randy, if you’ve made it more than half way around the block you’d know that the neighborhood has changed since the times of mom and dad. Whatever the outcome of the election, we’re in for heavy turbulence; so pray like hell that all the rivets and bolts can hold this country together. All that nicey-nice stuff you wrote might have earned you a solid C+ in your civics class, but here we are in a tight jam and somebody surely is going to get bruised!

          • Oh, Stevie, oh! Racism permeates this country: it certainly isn’t a political undertow. Why, one would think that you just woke! Race–or as Randy would say, “black persuasion”–is already a factor in this race! But, Stevie, I’ll be gracious and give you the benefit of the doubt: you are just playing dumb as opposed to being plain dumb!

            Trump will win–Biden is old and slow. Lucky us, regardless of what happens, it’s going to be one or the other. Heavy turbulence dead ahead!

  4. The Anchorage Superintendent must be an Affirmative Action player. How does Anchorage end up with these stupid people in charge?

  5. Jharrett Bryantt, with the double t’s is worse than that, Julia.

    ‘He’ is a known failure but yet hired by our School Board majority of lesser than individuals but rather more so of incompetents unto his position within his lack of ability to do anything but fail our children, which is exactly what the School Board majority intended to do.

    Failure unto our children is what the incompetents of the majority of the School Board consider a success, just as the incompetents of the majority of the Assembly consider a success a failure within our city within actively growing our homelessness population.

    Their incompetence, as a goal, is one in the same. Lower down the bar so far so as to make it appear as failing within education, failing within employment, and failing within individual existence is somehow ‘normal’, rather than failing, so that the less than, within any endeavor, appear ‘normal’, rather than less than.

    Think I am wrong? What was the ‘average’ score of an IQ test 30 years ago? What is the ‘average’ score of an IQ test today?

    The greater the reliance upon technology, the less intelligent an individual becomes as the reliance upon answers grows weaker from the individual process and stronger from the technological process.

    A simple proof of process, ESPECIALLY for those 25 years old and under.

    Ask any simple pragmatic question, ask any simple mathematical question, ask any philosophical question, ask any writing question, ask any reading question unto any individual AFTER taking away all and any ‘smart’ devices from them.

    They shall have no clue, the vast majority of them, because without their electronic intelligence within hand, they are, well, morons. Idiots, obtuse individuals that have no idea so how to work out any given problem without the assistance of their ‘smart’ devices.

    And THIS is what the majority of our School Board and Assembly wish to employ upon our community at large.


    Pure and simple.

  6. What a great choice Dr. Carson would be! Simply brilliant, cultured, and well able to administrate while coming up with new solutions!

  7. Ben Carson. One talented man …..who didn’t need Affirmative Action or the left-wing kooks ideas about identity politics to succeed. He did it on merit, hard work, and faith. Dr. Carson, you will make an excellent Vice-President of the United States. Can’t wait to see you on the debate stage against AA Kamala Harris.

  8. Jharett Bryantt is incompetent and as illegitimate in his job as briben is in his.

    I like Carson, but he’s not going to be Trump’s VP.

  9. I think Ben Carson may be a good choice.. he speaks infrequently and wisely.. I’m also thinking of Mike Pompeo and lately, Tucker Carlson.. Thank God I have a few months to decide..

  10. Normally, I do not respond unto those that I care nothing about so as unto their supposed opinion regarding mine own posts, but as you so moronically responded unto another’s post, I shall respond.

    You, madam, and I utilize that misnomer lightly, have shown yourself to be a racist. An obtuse racist to be sure, which does not excuse your base belief system as a racist.

    Did I not mention that you are an ignorant racist? Sorry, that apparent fact should be further expressed as to your own verbiage. You know that word, yes? Verbiage, as within your own words, or statements?

    Within your first paragraph, you confirm your ignorant basis of pigment, versus policy, regardless of whom is spoken of.

    Within your second paragraph, you show your ignorant racism fully, describing any individual of color, no matter how gifted, no matter how qualified, as a ‘field-hand”.

    Within your third, and final paragraph, you attempt to somehow denigrate mine own age or life experience, as well as to mine own education within the opinion that I hold.

    I have made it past the block multiple times, as have my grouping of friends and associates since the 70’s, when we have made it past such moronic racist ideals that you yourself hold within your moronic beliefs.

    It is NOT the pigment of the future POTUS, you racist prick.

    It is the POLICY of the individual, no matter the pigment!


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