Downing: With Iran and Hamas, Biden’s actions speak louder than words



It’s heartening that President Joe Biden says America stands with Israel, seeing as so many in his party are standing with verified terrorists. 

After going into a brief, unexplained period of hiding last week, Biden made a prepared statement: “Let there be no doubt, the United States has Israel’s back,” he said, acknowledging the historic bond between our nations. 

America was, readers will recall, the first nation to recognize the nation of Israel. Notwithstanding the Palestinian supporters protesting in the streets and on campuses around the nation, our formal support for Israel has been U.S. policy since May 14, 1948, when President Harry S. Truman first proclaimed it so on the same day Israel declared itself a sovereign state.

We have to believe this president is sincere, since anyone standing with Hamas right now would be standing over the bloodied bodies of beheaded babies. Even Biden, with his pro-Palestine supporters badgering him to take up the cause of Hamas, would find that a bridge too far.

But the world is more complicated than just saying “we have your back.” Biden’s policies, since he has taken office, have shown a lack of understanding about the complexity of the world and the need for a strong national security in the United States, and how that adds to global stability. Yes, while he has called conservatives “MAGA” as a pejorative, he has acted to make America weak. 

This weakening of the one country that is supposed to have Israel’s back is not lost on Israel’s enemies, which surround the still-young nation. Biden’s words ring as thin as a carbon-footprint-free, sustainably sourced paper tiger, when compared to his actual actions as the leader of the free world.

Biden and his handlers long ago put most of their eggs in the climate change basket at the expense of every other national concern. We see this from within and other countries recognize misplaced priorities when they see it, too. 

His administration, obsessed with climate to the point of cult-like adherence, has allowed radical environmentalists to rule the roost., a policy that has spilled over into runaway inflation, the weakening of the dollar as the international reserve currency, our newly “woke” military focusing on pronouns instead of preparedness, and even our intelligence capabilities.

Now, with American hostages being held in Gaza, Biden says it’s going to be tough to get them out alive. A year ago, he showed far more concern when American basketball player Brittney Griner was being held in Russia on drug charges. Then, Biden willingly gave up notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout in exchange for the America-hating athlete. Earlier this year, he set the price for American hostages in Iran at $1 billion apiece.

Climate change obsession is also how Biden came to be more aligned with repressive, socialist Venezuela, too. He systematically shut down Alaska’s oil potential, throwing roadblock after regulatory roadblock up to embargo our homegrown energy security. 

His climate obsession is how he came to prop up China’s slave-based economy, by underwriting that country’s production of critical rare earth minerals and production of car components for the Biden electricity obsession. He won’t allow those rare minerals to be extracted here in the USA, where there are strict environmental controls. They are being mined by forced labor in China.

Since Biden took office, nearly 7 million illegal immigrants have been “encountered” at the U.S.-Mexico border, not including the untold millions of “gotaways” who slipped through. Among those who came illegally are hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans.

Last month, the Biden administration announced it is granting temporary protected status to the Venezuelans who slipped through, allowing them to stay. Who are they and are any of them terrorists? 

Even the Department of Homeland Security admitted recently there are grave concerns that the southern border may be exploited by terrorist organizations.

Members of the American Sheriff Alliance have sounded the alarm for immediate action due to heightened terrorist threats they fear exist because of Biden’s border policies, as a record number of known, or suspected terrorists have been apprehended by federal Customs and Border Patrol Agents in fiscal year 2023, more than at any time in U.S. history.

In his fragile state, President Biden continues to make missteps that weaken our national security and embolden hostile governments like Iran’s and terrorist organizations like Hamas. 

While expressing support for Israel is commendable, it’s essential that the president’s actions align with his words, and that America’s national interests are not sacrificed in the pursuit of narrow policy agendas. The world is indeed more complicated than simply saying “we have your back.”

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska.


  1. Pre-election politics. Obama is a Muzlim. Biden a Muzlim sympathizer. They did not stand with the Jewish state. But now that every American knows that Joe Biden is nothing but a demented pervert and POS, Biden has to put on his camos, or Donald J. Trump is going to really kick his ass in battleground states. It’s about that simple.

      • Why is this wrong?
        Dems need rich, American, Hollywood/ Tech/ banking money for campaigns
        Many of those wealthy are Jewish (not many are Muslim)
        He doesn’t want to say the wrong thing to Americans Jews (& Christians who support
        Israel) before an election, so he speaks this way; but acts differently by supporting Iran (the puppet master)
        American liberals know Israel has become more conservative lately
        Obama treated Israel terribly ….. he actively campaigned (in person) for liberals in an Israeli election, but that’s NOT election interference, because liberals are righteous.

  2. This conflict is good for American. Kind of like pearl harbor united us all in a common cause. Most of us, except those pesky radical few want Hamas and others stamped out. This is the match we’ve been waiting for. And they did it to themselves. Israeli sanction on Palestinians was working. They got to a desperate enough mode that they had to do something even though it was wrong. To hack off baby heads was a typical Muslim terrorist move. It was a call to arms for all Muslims to unite. What they didn’t count on was most Muslims having common sense. You don’t pick on someone bigger and stronger than you. Didn’t 9/11 teach them anything? Apparently not. Now, they will go extinct like the dinosaurs. Our fleet is headed over there with shoot to kill orders once Israeli forces move in. The rewards will be reaper on election day. It always is.

    • Greg- the time of Pearl Harbor attack, the country was more unified than it is today. For one more of the country feared and knew something about God. This year is not 1941 or 2001 when most of this country had more commonality to unite when we are attacked. If America was attacked again, there be those on the Left saying well America deserved it.

      • Yes Jen., you are partially correct. But, I believe when push comes to shove, we will act in unity. It just hasn’t gotten that bad yet. It may never. Our arms are mighty.

  3. Great article with numerous statements of facts Suzanne.
    Grandpa Sniffy was overheard muttering a prayer last night…
    Please Lord let there be at least one more war under my watch to help guarantee my grandchildren’s expensive private education. As I promised earlier in my career they will NOT be attending a zoo for their educational needs. Brother Jimmy as well as Hunter and I desperately need the extra cash. Amen.

  4. > bloodied bodies of beheaded babies.

    Proof of that? I haven’t seen any after many have used this line. It sure sounds like the war propaganda from the Gulf War (and many others). Our hearts bleed for the innocents lost. We do not need to make a horrific situation worse by repeating incendiary prop. How many children do you think are dead in Gaza right now? Children that if they survive and grow up will supply the next generation of hate.

    > Israel’s enemies, which surround the still-young nation

    Israel has been a regional hegemon for several decades. They are far superior economically and militarily then all of their neighbors combined (and several wars have proven this). By temperament and theology I am inclined to be on the front foot in supporting Israel. I will not support emotional arguments or the killing of innocents regardless of who the perpetrator is.

    > the Biden administration announced it is granting temporary protected status to the Venezuelans who slipped through, allowing them to stay.

    The Biden administration is deporting some. Can you spot the difference?

    ‘ (Romeike Family Facing Deportation After 15 Years in US)

      • How is not wanting to kill innocents contemptible?

        Maybe I am the one that is glad that you are not near me if your ability to discern and impulse control is so poor.

        • There is nothing “innocent” about Hamas or the people they lead. Gaza needs to receive a few MABs to drive home the point.

      • What is “contemptible” in the above comment, TMA?
        The fact that the poster did not signal automatic obeisance to a foreign nation, i.e. Isreal?

        Please recheck your assumptions.

        • I oppose moral equivalency. I don’t care who does it, or why.

          Micah did it in spades.

          We can disagree on this point, but I stand by the assertion.

          • I did not display any moral equivalency. Murder, rape and kidnapping that Hamas did to innocents is evil. But this attack did not just happen. Gaza is an open air prison. Israel supplies food, water, energy and nothing is produced there. What do you think would grow in that environment?

            I do not know why the Palestinians have chosen the gun instead of non violent mass protest. They have awful leaders from Arafat to the present day. It is telling that they are not welcome in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia to name a few countries because they have destabilized these places in the past. But these kids will grow up (a million under 15 y.o) and unless something changes they will supply the next generation of hate in an endless cycle of violence. Intense urban prolonged combat will not make this any better. Unless you ethnically cleanse it. Is that what you are advocating?

            So what is moral equivalent? Or am I trying to take all the factors into account to have a greater understanding of a great tragedy?

    • I’m not surprised that antisemites are now calling for proof of these heinous murders, most antisemites still don’t believe the Holocaust happened. What’s wrong with a person that they would want to see a child’s head cut off or the lifeless corpse of a beheaded child? Seriously what is wrong with you antisemites?

      Jeff the fact that you ask what is contemptible about the above statement speaks volumes about you and your beliefs…volumes.

      People whi side with child murderers, rapists, kidnappers, and terrorists are walking around among us…they are emboldened by these Acts and think it is ok because it is happening to Jews and not them. They side with Muslim terrorists because they have a hatred that overwhelms their every thought.

      Contemptible indeed.

      • Steve, your logic has gone completely off the rails, and I resent the slurs that you are unjustly slinging at me and other posters here. Your diatribes spewing the false dichotomy that one either wholeheartedly endorses the current US policy towards (and funding of) Israel, or else unashamedly sides with terrorists, are both specious and yes, contemptible. You should be ashamed of yourself for engaging in such vile and empty rhetoric. Your stance here is as illogical, and kneejerkedly pro-establishment, as your previous rabid defenses of the official (and discredited) narratives regarding the whole Covidian fiasco and so-called ‘vaccines’.

        Thank you once again for proving yourself to be a bitter, hateful, and irrational perosn.

        • I’ve not said you need to wholeheartedly do any such thing or another. I haven’t said the US should or shouldn’t support anything. I’ve talked to you and others here as human beings who should be capable of seeing the horror that Hamas has unleashed. You’ve thus far refused to do so, many other antisemites have refused to do so as well. That’s the thing about being an antisemite, you refuse to acknowledge Jews as being human.

          It’s notable what you’ve condemned and what you’ve not condemned. You’ve condemned me for supporting innocent women and children who were slaughtered because they are Jewish, but you’ve yet to condemn Hamas and their Palestinian supporters.

          This has absolutely nothing to do with covid, it’s morally reprehensible that you’d even equate the two…sadly it’s not surprising.

          • So let me see: by not automatically and forever bowing low to the government of Israel, or to the destructive US foreign policy of subsidizing and propping-up that parasitical state, we are therefore “antisemitic”. Gotcha.

            Logic is clearly a stranger to you, Steve. Along with honesty and intellectual integrity. But we already knew that when you were consistently the most rabid defender of every discredited official narrative surrounding the Covidian fiasco and the so-called ‘vaccines’ in this forum.

          • Jeff,
            You’re not automatically anything, your words show you for who you are.

            Once again the definition of antisemitism is: hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.

            Your words Jeff, and the words of other antisemites, are what define you as being antisemitic.

          • Dee Cee,

            What Jeff just said here is a prime example of an ad hominem fallacy. He is incapable of supporting his point of view without resorting to personal attacks.

          • Steve, just like a radical leftist, you are projecting your own faults and sins onto others, me included.

            I dare you, DARE YOU, to point out anything that I have stated here that is even implicitly or tangentially “anti-semitic”. Go ahead, you intolerant, hate-filled liar — this should be interesting.

          • I’m not sure interesting is the word I’d use if I were you.

            Jefferson said “I’m tired of Israeli (as well as Ukraine) being implicitly treated and looked upon as the 51st US state.”

            Jefferson said “Well, since they read and write backward, maybe their thinking is backward also.”

            Jefferson said “Correction: nine Israelis who happened to also hold American dual citizenship.”

            Jefferson said “I cannot support this proposal, regardless of what is happening currently in Israel. Why is Israel so deserving of special support — not to mention funding?”

            Jefferson said “Jews are not a “race”. An ethnicity, yes, but not a race.” Maybe you missed my response to this, might be worth your time to review it.

            Jefferson said “the destructive US foreign policy of subsidizing and propping-up that parasitical state”

            Jefferson said ““Genocide”: a word so easy to sling around, a radical leftist caveman can do it!” Making light of genocide on an article about the slaughter of innocent women and children who happen to be Jewish…yep that’s something a radical leftist caveman like yourself does.

            Jefferson said “Another disgusting action by Dunleavy.” for showing support of Israel.

            Jefferson said “No support for Israel.” for Governor Dunleavy showing support of Israel. Also, seems like you’ve admitted to being an antisemite, no?

            Jefferson said “No support for the Palestinians.” Jefferson also said “The Arabs are semites too, you know.” Seems like you’ve admitted to being an antisemite, no?

            Jefferson said “It’s their problem, not ours.”

            Now for some things that Jefferson hasn’t said…Jefferson hasn’t said a single word about denouncing the terrorism, violence, or brutality unleashed upon innocent unarmed women and childern, the elderly, concert goers. Not a single word. Even Biden did that, AOC, Talib, and the squad made a run at it even if their antisemitism showed through the whole of their comment. Not Jeff, he hasn’t said anything about how grotesque the slaughter of innocent women and children, of unarmed Jews, the rape and murder, burning of bodies, taking of hostages…not one word. Nope, he’s made light of it at times and denounced Israel and the victims of terrorism at every turn as if they deserved it.

            Once again the definition of antisemitism is: hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.

            Jeff, I understand why you are ashamed of the words you’ve written here, I just don’t get why you are trying to keep up the pretenses for something that is so plainly obvious.

          • Jeff,

            Since you aren’t big on defining words, I just wanted to make sure that you know what the meaning of the words implicitly and tangentially are.

            Implicitly is defined as: in a way that is suggested but not communicated directly.
            Tangentially is defined as: in a way that is different from or not directly connected with something that you were talking about or doing before.

            I’d say some of those quotes you provided do more than implicitly or tangentially show what you asked for, they align with the definition of the word antisemitic.

          • One of the motives for a terrorist is to achieve the action in the reaction of the opposition. The terrorist is meant to provoke- to make one enraged, to make one hate, to cause an overreaction that will ensure new recruits to their cause and to prolong the cycle of violence.

            Feel angry. Feel for justice and vengeance against the perpetrators. But look beyond your emotion to how the game is being played- and then don’t be played. As you currently are. You are lashing out like an over emotional woman and acting just as intended by Hamas.

          • Thank you, Steve, for further digging deep the hole of your own discredit.

            So let’s make this clear: according to Steve-O, I am an anti-semite not for anything that I have said, but for something that I did NOT say. Wow! Welcome to The Bizarro World of Steve-O.

            And by the way, Steve, you failed utterly, once again, to show where anything that I wrote was supposedly “anti-semitic”. In NONE of those comments did I write anything attacking Jews as an ethnicity or as a group. To fail to express support for the government of Israel is not in any logical sense to attack or to condemn the PEOPLE of Israel, you know. But evidently your crippled sense of logic does not allow you to know that.

            You buffoonery here is off the charts, Steve. Please stop embarrassing yourself already.

          • Hahaha, once again Jeff you prove that words to you have no meaning. You asked that I “point out anything that I have stated here that is even implicitly or tangentially “anti-semitic”.” Once again your words “implicitly or tangentially” I’ve followed your instructions using your chosen words, yet you deny, deny, deny what you’ve written. I must hurt to have the mirror held up to your face and for you to see yourself as you’ve chosen to present on this site.

            Implicitly is defined as: in a way that is suggested but not communicated directly.

            Tangentially is defined as: in a way that is different from or not directly connected with something that you were talking about or doing before.

            Your words Jeff, deny them all you want you wrote them and they are there for all to see.

          • Steve, it is sad to see you display here the same dishonesty and disingenuousness that you repeatedly demonstrated in all the threads in this forum touching on the Covid fiasco and the so-called “vaccines” for it, as you stood up for the establishment narrative, and the establishment lies, in every particular. I only wish you could realize what a fool you are making of yourself.

            Now, go get another booster.

          • Still no comment on the murders, rapes, torture, kidnapping, burning, or beheading by the terrorists huh Jeff? Care to talk about current events instead of something that happened years ago, maybe something like what the article is about? How’s that mirror looking there Jeff, still can’t stomach to look in it huh?

            Covid? Covid? This guy is talking about covid because he can’t defend his own words. It’s clear to anyone who can read who it is that has the issues with dishonesty and disingenuousness…this guy can’t handle seeing his own words in writing even after asking for them! Covid, sheesh…time to move on Jeff, time to move on.

      • > calling for proof of these heinous murders

        Because this very line has been used multiple times to gin up war fever and use it to perpetuate conflict. Is it not more then enough that so many were murdered, raped and kidnapped by Hamas? Things we actually know that happened.

        > most antisemites

        I would resent this if you knew me, but you don’t. It is more reveling of you and your emotional reaction as you lash out in name calling. It is what the left does frequently to those that ask questions and do not immediately go along wholeheartedly.

        > People whi side with child murderers….

        I side with Jesus. Who do you side with?

  5. My opinion? Any illegal that came into this country with money or Bidens help is a TERRORIST. PERIOD!
    Flush them out!!

      • You again make assumptions not in evidence.
        The Border Patrol reports apprehending 151 individuals at the southern border this year, who are on the terror watch list. While this may not seem like a lot, there are an unknowable number of those, they did not catch and who are now in the country. These people generally do not have the warm and fuzzy for us Americans and will NOT differentiate between you (who implies that all this illegal border crossing is perfectly fine) and those, who have warned against it. Terrorists by their very definition terrorize ALL with the most impact.
        Remember the IRA’s claim “We only have to be lucky once. You have to be lucky every time”

  6. I listened to him speak. I got the impression he was genuinely shocked at the barbarity.
    Barbarity he worked very hard to set in motion.

    Since Grandpa Bloodstains lies about everything, it’s not out of possibility he didn’t take genocidal animals seriously. What’s the long term grift is genocide?

    Regardless, we are where he set us up to be. In truth, this destination was probably unavoidable considering he reckless policies. Over 1000 Jews and 20 Americans died to force his moments of clarity. And now we faces the consequences of Grandpa Bloodstains unique combination of greed, stupidity, arrogance, ignorance, and flat out incompetence. More blood is coming. Probably here. Unprecedented levels of illegal immigration had to include more than a few terrorist fanatics. We can’t undo what he’s done. We can only hope to mitigate it.

    But can we? For those actually willing to see it, much of the Democrats/leftists have made their positions crystal clear. But most on the left will deny it, and most on the right will hide from it. At least 1/3 of this nation wants it destroyed, and doesn’t care how.

    We’ve been in a culture war for with these animals since Carter. It’s time we take it seriously. But my guess is we won’t until something worse than 9-11 happens. If then.

    All the trust funds, hedge funds, alphabet gang affiliations, and give peace a chance songs won’t stop this.
    Useful idiots get slaughtered just as responsible people do. Many of the dead Jews (let’s be brutally honest about this) were at a peace rave. Didn’t help them. Israel is a left of center society. Fat good it did. All the feminism in the world didn’t nothing to prevent rape and murder.

    It’s time to grow up America.

    • Good analysis.
      1 of the dead is an American grandma from Minn who spent decades fighting for Palistinian rights.
      Didn’t even thank her before they murdered her.
      You can’t fight radical Muslims w/ dancing hippies

      • George- that’s sad about someone’s American grandma. If she considered herself Christian. Even more sadder her church and pastor are teaching bad theology to not know discernment between an enemy and a brother. Since among the American churches there are too many leftist and woke pastors and teachers leading congregations to adopt the same thinking and education of their churches leaders
        Grandma’s death by a people she defended is a lesson for her family to figure out which side is really more peaceful which side really believes in justice, Isreal or Palestine? Cause on the Isreal side All can live, work, and play peacefully.

  7. How nice of you Suzanne to completely leave out Trumps despicable criticism of Netanyahu and his praise of how “smart” Hamas is/was. If Biden had made the same remarks you would be gnashing your teeth and rendering you garment. What a joke, but I guess coverage of Trumps idiocy isn’t “on your beat.”

    • Israel did not start this but for sure will finish it. If you have not been in any of the Arab Countries and witness firsthand the disdain for the Western World, then you have no room to talk.

    • And people who back ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, the PLO, Bin Laden, the Ayatollah & all the “Princes” that demean women & kill gay people are pure Leftists who have had their brains dirtied (not washed)
      Israel is the Democracy w/ gay people (many who are Arab) liberals and secular citizens (44%)
      The above mentioned Muslim people/organizations are the intolerant religious fanatics you support

        • Greg …. if Israel is active in Palestinian genocide, why are there more & more Palestinians all the time? Don’t they have bullets & bombs in Israel for their “genocide”?
          There are 14 Million Palestinians in the world & they are growing rapidly.
          7 Million live around the world (we see them rallying in cities everywhere)
          7 Million live in West Bank/Gaza & other Middle East locations.
          Over 2 Million are in Gaza & their population there has exploded.
          How is this a “genocide”?
          Anyone should know (even folks in FL) that if Israel was active in genocide, there would be LESS Palestinians, not more (& more & more & more)

    • Says much about your inability to express yourself without profanity and your cowardice to try to sneak it in with abbreviations and capitals.

      Progressives are never as smart as they think they are.

  8. cman, I see that like most Trump haters and the leftist media idiots, you cherry pick only parts of the entire conversations.
    Thank you Suzanne for always being truthful.

  9. The visual of beheaded babies, unfortunately is not verifiable, so just put out this out of your mind, before responding emotionally to the inhumanity of war and war-time conditions.

    • Mrs. N just because reporters had the decency not to air ghoulish pictures does not mean it did not happen. According to early reports last weekend, there were several reporters on the scene in Kfar Aza kibbutz, one of them a CNN reporter Nic Robertson, I24 News reporter Zedek and a French reporter. All reported heinous, indiscriminate butchery of the residents of this small farming community. It is imperative that we keep this image in our mind to remind us of the evil perpetrated and the need to stop those who commit it. Revulsion is an emotional response and entirely appropriate. Demanding that none respond to such horror with emotions makes you seem cold, calculating and uncaring.

      • No we don’t know.
        Why has the Palestinian population in Gaza exploded?
        What kind of genocide is that?
        Were there more & more Jews in Europe as the Nazi’s rounded them up for extermination?
        THAT was a genocide my friend and it is not happening in Gaza or the West Bank.

  10. I doubt President Biden will put any action behind his support for Isreal. I think they will be warring and being funded by USofA until after next years election and if America elects a new president whom will fully back Isreal and set things right by action.

    Pray for Isreal that God gives her endurance and strength and intelligence greater than what God has already given to His people. Pray for the Saudi’s, Jordan, and Egypt that they will continue in peace with Isreal.

  11. And the world and Isreal can Not return to a two-state country. Thats history. Of all the concessions Isreal gave into Palestine, it got them no where. The world has turned a corner like Covid was turning a corner. There is no going back.

  12. And the world and Isreal can Not return to a two-state country. Thats history. Of all the concessions Isreal gave into Palestine, it got them no where. The world has turned a corner like Covid was turning a corner. There is no going back to the way things used to be

  13. FJB is just spewing what he is told and then will stumble down the stairs to the ice cream shop. He is a puppet and the world is now messing with the new world order. If this is what it takes to stop these actions of war then let’s get it settled. Gaza citizens voted for this and now the Palestinians are not happy well they got what they wanted.

  14. Do not be fooled for a second by any words falling out of that puppet’s mouth.
    This is the most anti-Sematic administration I have ever seen. If Briben says America has Israel’s back, you can be sure he means “we have their back squarely in our sights, and we are ready to plunge our knives into it.”
    When the rubber hits the road here, President Biden and the rest of his anti-American cabal will support the terrorists.

      • Good one, and undeniably correct.
        Still, Briben’s personal beliefs on Judaism are not the point. The administration as a whole is the most anti-Sematic I have ever seen. Just because he is the prince of fools, does not mean the fools cannot exceed in his ideology.

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