Downing: America sees what Biden can’t admit — he’s too old for the job



All is not well in the inner world of President Joe Biden. For a full third of July, the president took a break, leisurely spending days puttering at his $2.74 million beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware.

During this period, he didn’t engage in official travel, such as factory inaugurations, fair visits, military inspections, or supply chain briefings. He wasn’t even out in public licking ice cream cones. Instead, he was parked under an umbrella on the beach, his wife by his side to prevent any wandering off or child sniffing. The regime news media pretty much left him alone.

As August arrived, President Biden had already used up 40% of his time in office on vacation, albeit working vacations, with a few phone meetings, according to his official calendar.

Yes, the president has been phoning it in for much of his first term.

Biden has now returned to his presidential duties, but his workdays are brief, and his interactions with the media are short-lived. His time before cameras is kept short.

This week, Biden embarked on a tour of the Southwest, with the first stop in Arizona, a battleground state. There, he used his executive power to designate nearly one million acres as national monument land, saying he was addressing historical injustices towards Native Americans.

This move resulted in the cessation of any new uranium mining in the area, which unfortunately leaves the nation reliant on foreign sources, specifically Russia and satellite countries like Kazakhstan, for a crucial national security mineral.

Biden’s speech in Arizona was brief and predictable, touching on his criticisms of Republicans and their MAGA ways, as well as his consistent harping on climate change. However, even this routine speech had its flaws, as the mention of the Grand Canyon as one of the “Nine Wonders of the World” stirred controversy and led to the need for damage control efforts by his press office.

At his next speech highlighting the successes of Bidenomics in New Mexico, he seemed to suddenly start whispering and babbling incoherently, something that occurs with greater frequency as he tires.

Although carefully scripted, Biden’s Southwest swing could not hide the physical fragility and cognitive decline of the leader of the free world. His shuffling gait and unclear sentences are now widely recognized indications of his deteriorating dementia.

Throughout his tour, there was a noticeable absence of challenging questions from regime-approved reporters. Sensitive topics like a bag of cocaine found in the West Wing, legal issues faced by his son, or allegations of political interference with the Department of Justice’s attacks on his greatest political rival, Donald Trump, remain unaddressed.

This is likely the best condition we can expect to see Biden in, as he approaches his 81st birthday on Nov. 20, a mere 100 days away. It’s unrealistic to anticipate that his coherence will improve over the next four years.

Aging impacts individuals differently, and I don’t mean to imply that elderly individuals cannot think or communicate effectively. However, there are undeniable signs that Biden’s abilities are, in fact, diminishing rapidly.

In response to his deterioration, there appears to be a gradual introduction of the Kamala Harris backup plan. She’s now in the batting cage, as she will need to assume a more prominent role by the midterm elections.

Yet, the Democratic Party recognizes that Harris presents a challenge for American voters. Americans don’t really like the unserious vice president.

Since the onset of Biden’s presidency, efforts have been made to manage the narrative around Harris, downplaying her propensity for gaffes, which are similar to Vice President Dan Quayle’s own verbal goofs during George H.W. Bush’s administration. While Quayle’s gaffes were relatively concise (“Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child,”) at least he kept his sentences short. 

There’s a Quayle-level solecism, and then there’s Vice President Harris describing the very nature of time itself:

“The governor and I, we were all doing a tour of the library here and talking about the significance of the passage of time, right, the significance of the passage of time. So, when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time in terms of what we need to do to lay these wires. What we need to do to create these jobs. And there is such great significance to the passage of time when we think about a day in the life of our children.”

With the mumbler-in-chief and his giggling gaffe-machine at the top of the ticket, the Democratic Party is not presenting the best of what their party could offer America in terms of leadership during the difficult days ahead, and this will impact all their candidates down the ballot.

For Democrats to win in 2024, Vice President Harris is going to have to be much more tightly controlled and President Biden will have to be sent back to the basement, where he spent most of 2020. Even then, this ticket looks less viable with each passing day.

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska.


    • Aged-out mafia boss in the White House, with dementia and also a pervert to the little ones. A very sick president. But good enough for Democrats.

  1. Yes, too infirm, which has nothing to do with chronological age, and too corrupt in the racketeering activities with his brother and son. I believe his wife is heavily involved in the racketeering as well.

  2. MRA is absolutely correct.
    He has also caused millions of illegal aliens to eventually be deported, thinks because he was in politics his whole life that he’s entitled to break the law,” but he’s my son” he says. Weakened the dollar value, caused inflation to runaway so far that people are unable to survive and can’t pay bills.
    Worst president since James Buchanan and Jimmy Carter.
    Harris looks like she just finished smoking pot all the time.

  3. Biden is in a lot of trouble for making phone calls to talk to Hunters foreign cronies. Some say these cronies would then send millions of dollars to dozens of LLCs which later funneled the money back into the Biden families bank accounts. Others have said that all Biden talked about in these phone calls was the weather. That is ridiculous. I believe that Biden was giving these foreign cronies information that they were ALL desperate to hear about. I believe it was the same information that Hillary Clinton tried to keep secret by using BleachBit/acid on emails and with hammers smashing cell phones. What was this information? Hillary already told us. It was information on her daughter’s wedding. Something Joe always liked to talk about. If you don’t believe me, just remember. It was the exact same wedding that Loretta Lynch talked to Bill Clinton about when they had that 10 minute meeting on the plane on the tarmac at the Phoenix Airport. So, stop worrying everyone. It’s just a wedding, not the weather…

  4. Age is not the issue. I know plenty of elderly who are still pretty sharp. The only thing sharp about Biden, is his tongue.

    What is a real issue is not how long Joe has been alive, but how long he has been in American politics sucking off the taxpayer teet.

    There are far more things to report on about Biden that makes this particular article seem more like a puff piece.

  5. Brandon is just an old wore out puppet controlled by big money. The people behind this idiot don’t care because the public still likes the crook and lier. Until people are living in 15 minute city’s and have no money for their ways then they might wake up.

  6. Sadly it doesn’t matter to progressives. No matter what he does, they’ll vote for him. They would vote for Charles Manson if he had a D behind him.

    The agenda is more important than the man. The man is dispensable.
    It speaks volumes about how bad Harris is they haven’t 25th Amendmened him out of the office.

  7. Nice analysis but he has not been running things all along. Might have been a decent leader years ago. Maybe. Too bad his own son can’t cover his trail due to drug addiction. Too bad that so many people hate Trump so much because he has no filters. I hope that someone will come up to the plate that is like Trump, but has filters. But the same values. This is my hope for our country. Regardless, it is only a hope for my children and grandchildren because there is little that can be done to screw me at this point. Thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of people of my decedents going back to the foundation of our great country, it has been great until recent times. The proportions of good vs. evil hasn’t changed except for in the leadership roles of our nation. And it must always start with our local government, which must start with individual involvement. If your involvement stops at reading a blog, then we can expect more of the same. I,too, used to be shy. But we must yell as much as these blue haired transvestualites if we are to have a country for future generations. And quit buying Chinese goods and buy only American made products even if they cost more because of the unions that have never offered resistance when an American company chose to make their product overseas. Everything is jacked up now by the whims of a very few of the corporations that have control over all of our everyday necessities. Free enterprise is no longer available thanks to politics. Small business was a threat to the market share of major corporations, but is being squashed at a rapid rate. A corporate run business will open up next to you and sell at a loss until you fold, then jack their prices. And they will contribute highly to the candidates who represent you to insure their success. No, this is not the America that our ancestors gave their blood for. America has always been great, even before the European people “found” it. Let’s not forget why we broke away from that treachery. And remember that we all have a voice that should be heard at least as loud as the treacherous minority that guides our country. Raise your voice or be forever dammed. Or cower in your homes while they set fire to your foundation. Your choice.

  8. Keep in mind that Donald John Trump is seventy-seven, overweight and aging at the same rate as Joe Biden. And no one can say the Mr. Trump is becoming more rational.

    What a mess.

    • Eventually humanity will realize that the only ones who can lead and represent us, are ourselves.

      Until then, we suffer from geopolitics. Enjoy what has been cultivated or go crazy trying to “fix” it all.

    • Curious that the only person disagreeing with the column is launching an attack against President Trump, not supporting the current President in any way.
      JMARK: Please share with all of us any reason why we should support Biden? Anything at all?
      Because frankly, “I know he is, but so is your candidate” is a meaningless, childlike response.

    • The flaw in your premise is they are not aging at the same rate. People do not age at the same rate.

      Ben Franklin was older and fatter than both of them. He also smarter than both of them, their kids, and grandkids.

      Fixation on age alone is myopic.

    • My thoughts exactly. Both men need to give it a rest. Each has the inability to be quiet when extremely necessary. One rambles, the other repeats.

  9. He is too old, and Trump is too old as well. Pelosi, McConnell, Feinstein, Schumer, Grasserly, Bernie Sanders, and many more are too old.

    When will we get candidates that are not in their golden years?

    The average age of the Senate is 64. There are over 30 Senators over 70 and only 10 younger than 50.

    These Boomers need to step aside and allow some younger blood into the mix

    If those two are the presidential candidates for 2024, it will be like a South Park cartoon episode. We will have to choose between a turd sandwich and a giant douche. No one wins with either choice

    I’ll let you all decide which one is which.

    • “These Boomers need to step aside and allow some younger blood into the mix”
      Not a good reason to vote for someone. Perhaps you think AOC is a good politician? That she adequately represents the will of her constituents? Or maybe we should look younger, Greta Thornberg seems like a likable young woman with a purpose?
      Seriously, too many people said exactly the same thing in 2008, and we elected Obama to the Presidency. And, the nation suffered for it.
      Age is not the root cause of the problem. Lots of “on the top of the game” older folks out there. Ability is.

      • Where did I say AOC was good? She is just as much of a loud mouth as MTG and Boebert. None of them do any good for their constituents

        Some of these politicians have been in some sort of political office for close to 50 years. They have not improved anything for the common person in this country and only enrich themselves.

        And Greta Thornberg is just another loud mouth.

        So tell me CBMTTek, what is your solution? Say Biden and Feinstein are too old and dementia ridden but conveniently forget that McConnell falls often enough to go to the hospital nearly monthly? or that he has moments during a press conferences where he just goes blank?

        We need better candidates than two octogenarians running for president

    • I’ll not indulge your childish name calling contest. But I’m curious about something.

      These people, old as they are, are elected and re-elected by the voters. They have done the work, built the coalitions, won the voters.

      Do you wish to disregard the will of the voters because you object to their choices?

      • They all won their elections by getting the most votes. No argument from me there.

        I am advocating for better candidates that better reflect their constituents concerns. We, yes we, keep electing the same people who have done nothing to help us, the regular folks, while they enrich themselves. And that complaint is not limited to democrats or republicans, most of these career politicians somehow become multimillionaires on $100,000 per year salaries.

        I am not saying that we need to throw them out of office by any means other than not reelecting them.

  10. Anyone over 75 should not be permitted to run for office of any kind. We have minimums in the constitution. We need maximums as well.

  11. ‘For Democrats to win in 2024, Vice President Harris is going to have to be much more tightly controlled and President Biden will have to be sent back to the basement, where he spent most of 2020. Even then, this ticket looks less viable with each passing day.’

    OR, they shall just have to engage within not VOTER FRAUD, but ELECTION FRAUD once again….

    Just sayin’…..

  12. I agree with Jefferson. Granted, the elderly have a higher probability of experiencing cognitive decline but they don’t have a franchise on it. There are millions of mentally dysfunctional young or middle-aged. A high percentage of people in their 80’s are just fine; I personally know dozens of them. Warren Buffett is 93 yet sharp as a tack. Joe Biden’s disability may be related to his age but being old does not make one incompetent for the office. As awkward as it sounds, being incompetent is what makes one incompetent for the office.

    • You’re really grasping at contrarian straws lately. Suppose it comes of having no real point to make.

      Let us know the next time Trump has to be helped off the stage or “you know, the thing!”.

    • And, another Biden supporter who cannot defend Biden, but instead launches an attack against Trump and/or Suzanne.
      Please dog… share with us all the reasons why you think this column is wrong about Biden without any comparison to other politician. If you cannot defend Biden without saying “but so-and-so is just as bad” you cannot defend Biden.

  13. “There are telltale symptoms by which history gives warning to a threatened or perishing society. Such are, for instance, a decline of the arts or a lack of great statesmen. Indeed, sometimes the warnings are quite explicit and concrete.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 1978, speaking at Harvard University

    This column presents a much-too-abbreviated account of the president’s extensive defects of mind, body, and character. How could we, the people, have ‘elected’ this explicit-and-concrete hot mess as our president, and send so many other fools to Congress, except that we, the people, have wandered far off course. “Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.” God is merciful, true, but our nation is still obliged not to take the broad course to its own destruction.

    • In other words, “The problem is not that Biden is the Prince of Fools. The problem are the fools who elected Biden their Prince.”

  14. Biden is too sick for the job. But Suzanne and us can’t very well prove it since the Biden is guarded and his outings carefully planned to use that as the title instead of too old. No pun intended for elders who are as sharp as they’re 40 age 40 years ago. While Harris is not right for her current definitely not ready to assume president of still the most powerful nation.

  15. I’m not in favor of putting an age cap on any candidate. Many people in their 80s are remarkably sharp.

    People age differently. I’d argue Grandpa wasn’t all that sharp when he was in his 20s.

    A mental cognitive test for those over 75, say, should be required.

  16. Biden is too compromised. He and his family are extremely corrupt and have sold out to the likes of Burisma and the Chinese Communist Government. (Can you say traitor?) Biden is nothing more than a puppet that when they need him to say something, they pump him full of drugs, send him out to burp up something, hoping that it won’t be too much of a train wreck that the media can’t cover up. It’s obvious he isn’t in charge of anything. He couldn’t lead a group in silent prayer. So that leaves us asking, who is really calling the shots? Nope, it isn’t Karmela, as she’s nearly as incoherent as Biden.

  17. Diane Feinstein, John Fetterman, Bernie Sanders, Mitch McConnell………I have more brain power than the collective smarts of these idiots. And you can throw in Elizabeth Warren too.
    I’m gearing up to run again. And Nancy approves.

  18. Biden is a puppet, so we’re being run by committee. Who is on this committee we don’t really know. This is by design and Rush Limbaugh called this out years before his passing.

    • Jim is spot on. The only thing Biden is capable of is bribery and racketeering and that is over for him as what they were selling was blue sky at the time but has turned into a rained on dog turd on the white house lawn.
      Nobody will touch it.
      The million dollar question is: Will he walk away from prosecution?
      My guess is they will say He is just too old to pay and let him stumble off to the beach for good.
      I am willing to put down a fair bet that Gavin Newsome will be our next new headache in the white house.
      That young corrupt money leaching drain on society from CALI is just what the Dems need to defeat DJT.
      He is the only Dem with the charismatic arrogant socialist character that dems will jump in and support.

  19. Age has nothing to do with it. Beijing Biden is a thoroughly evil & corrupt politician and has been his entire life. He has no moral compass.

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