Biden digs deep: Grand Canyon is ‘ninth wonder of the world’


Most Americans with a basic fifth-grade education know about the Seven Wonders of the World, and may even be able to name a couple of them — the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon being among the most memorable of the original ancient list, of which only the Great Pyramid of Giza remains. The Seven Wonders of the World were always manmade creations. Until now.

President Joe Biden, speaking in Arizona today, got it all mixed up in his head. Now there are nine wonders, and they are now not manmade at all.

“And folks, it’s not hyber- — hyperbole to suggest that there is no national treasure — none that is grander than the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon, one of the Earth’s nine wonders — wonders of the world, literally. Think of that. You know, it’s amazing. An enduring symbol of America to the entire world,” Biden said.

Later, he corrected himself and said the 6,000 gorge cut by the Colorado River is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Like President Jimmy Carter did before him in 1978, Biden used his authority today under the Antiquities Act to set aside almost 1 million acres of public land around Grand Canyon National Park as a new national monument “to help right the wrongs of the past and conserve this land of ancestral footprints for all future generations.”

If one were to measure the natural wonder status of the Grand Canyon by depth, then Hell’s Canyon on the Idaho-Oregon border wins hands down. The Snake River cuts a line that is 7,993 feet beneath the canyon rim, some 2,000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Biden then said that heat is the number one weather-related killer, a demonstrably false statement, but in line with his climate change agenda. In actuality, more people die of cold weather than heat, even though more people live in hot climates than cold.

“Preserving these lands is good, not only for Arizona but for the planet,” Biden said. “It’s good for the economy. It’s good for the soul of the nation.”

Using his platform as president, Biden then mixed in some campaigning in his speech, attacking Donald Trump and his supporters, and singling out the “Make America Great Again” movement for special scorn.

Speaking before regalia-clad and headdress-topped Native Americans in Red Butte, Biden said the new designation would help the federal government live up to its treaty obligations. Some tribal members were forced out of their homes, he said, when the Grand Canyon was made into a national park.

“At a time when some seek to ban books and bury history, we’re making it clear that we can’t just choose to learn what we want to learn,” Biden said, talking about the cultural war that he and Democrats have waged on American families.

Miners, national security analysts, and others have argued that Biden just locked up the richest deposits of uranium in the country. It’s mineral essential to national security, and not having access to it will make America more dependent on Russia.

Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-Arkansas and chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, and Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, sent a letter to Biden on Tuesday pointing out that the new monument designation would “permanently withdraw the richest and highest-grade uranium deposits in the United States from mining—deposits that are far outside the Grand Canyon National Park.”

Fox News’ Jesse Watters commented, “Joe Biden blocked uranium mining today on a million acres bordering the Grand Canyon. Why would Biden block mining for an element used for nuclear power plants, electricity, radiation treatments? We already import 95% of our uranium from countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Africa. And now, Joe is single-handedly losing Africa to Russia, who already controls our Uranium supply chain through its satellites. America already sends a billion dollars to Putin’s crown jewel uranium base, Rosatom. The same Rosatom that took over Uranium One, the company that donated millions to the Clinton Foundation, when Hillary was Obama’s Secretary of State. So why is Joe Biden funding Russia’s dangerous uranium monopoly?”

Biden will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Wednesday, where he talk more about his initiative to change the climate, and then it’s on to Salt Lake City.  


  1. One of the “Wonders of the World” is that this lying, cheating, criminal scumbag of a president made it into the White House. Of course, he had a little help from his fellow lying, cheating, criminal scumbags………the Democrat Party.

  2. “We’re making it clear that we can’t just choose to learn what we want to learn,” Biden said. Liar. Isn’t rewriting history and declaring stupid to be smart exactly what he’s doing?
    WARNING: this chicom-owned traitor is coming to Alaska to lock up all federal land and as much State land as he can the same way – how is this Constitutionally part of his power? Examine the USBLM’s “Middle Yukon Resource Management Plan” and see if I’m correct – it includes recommendations that Congress set aside as Wilderness Areas Native Land, State land, Private land, and most if not all federally-controlled land north of Fairbanks from the Canadian border most of the way to the west coast. This includes all the oil and the world’s largest deposit of rare earth minerals. It’s coming… brandon will give Alaska to China.

  3. Excellent article! I also liked the inclusion of comments from Jesse Waters. I always enjoyed his funny “This is my world” interviews with the public, but just recently started watching his hour long shows and was surprised at how good he is at both covering and more importantly correctly analyzing the important breaking stories. Like Must Read Alaska, his show has become a go to for me.

  4. Sigh.

    On a good day, Biden was an insecure liar with a tenuous grasp of reality.

    Most days, he’s a mentally challenged old man with a mean streak.

  5. I seem to remember learning about the seven natural wonders of the world as well.
    World Atlas dot com has a list, and curiously (not surprisingly) the Grand Canyon is on it. Along with the Great Barrier Reef, Mt. Everest, Victoria Falls, etc…
    What I want to know is why did Biden add two more Natural Wonders?

    • The eighth is Dianne Feinstein still permitted to be a voting member of the Senate, an actuality that diminishes the legitimacy and authority of ALL of the other U.S. Senators.

  6. “At a time when some seek to ban books and bury history, we’re making it clear that we can’t just choose to learn what we want to learn,” Biden said, talking about the cultural war that he and Democrats have waged on American families.

    A more un-American, hostile to Liberty, expression from an apparent POTUS, would be difficult to conjure.

  7. ONLY(!!!) and, only when we discover the money trail, will we discover the “WHY” in this puzzling circumstance of ‘willful’ treason and fraud. But, as the facts become disclosed, there will be teams of lobbyists, fixers, subject matter experts, lawyers and media pundits to dodge and deflect on behalf of the accused, successfully – eventually sweeping the issue under the rug. And, those with cardinal knowledge of the treason – fraud will most likely succumb to an untimely death of unexplained circumstances or, leverage their ‘chip’ to advance their own treason – fraud.
    As for us folks paying attention and watching this play out from the bleacher seats, it will be a stark reminder of how the game of power politics is played … completely devoid of Honesty, Loyalty, Duty, Integrity.

  8. Any news on that vote in Ohio Tuesday? I can’t find it on foxnews website either. It’s almost like they keep their viewers in the dark and run nonsensical stories 24/7. Nothing on OAN either. Where’s a person to find fair and balanced news?

    • I’m curious: why should this blog cater to your interests?

      You do understand an Alaskan blog is not necessarily designed to focus on local news outside Alaska unless it happens to interest the author?

      If you wish a blog to cater to your interests, start one. There you’d not be a third rate troll but a prophet.

      If you wish news coverage which comports to your agenda, the airwaves are full of them. Internet, too.

      • Maybe Sébastien had a valid question or needed some information and thought to himself, maybe someone on Must Read has the answer???? He was right. Suzanne answerd his question. There is no problem. Don’t be so rude. Aren’t you supposed to be a super hero?

      • I guess it’s because you run into so many Alaskans who are incredulous when you talk about current events. They miss so many important stories because they are shielded from them. I imagine the theory is keep them enraged. So if you mention it’s good that the United States has the lowest inflation rates of the G7 they can’t accept it. They hear nonstop of Bidenflation, laptops, bleaching, etc. I guess you can’t expect the sensibility of someone like PoliticsGirl or Charlie Sykes to be discussed as much as the Ben Shapiro wannabe’s on Truth Social. So get ready for those Joe “I did that” stickers at our local stations.

        • Seabastian, I agree that one commonly runs into incredulous leftist Bolscheviks who haven’t the curiosity or the intelligence to recognize that their party leaders are openly corrupt.

  9. This is great news – more like fake news.
    It also reminds of when Trump couldn’t figure out how to pronounce Yosemite.

      • It doesn’t matter. It’s all political grandstanding. He mis-spoke and it had no consequences. He’s been doing that for 30 years. So has every other politician. Especially Trump.

        same with Hunter. Do we really want to open the book on what Trumps business dealings were with his son’s in the Oval Office?

        • Brian, Bring it on, fully focus on Trump’s finances and those of his kids, it’s not like that hasn’t been a thing for the last 7 years.

          Biden is corrupt as hell and is dumb enough to boast about it. That is an important issue because it is an indication of how compromised he is.

          I suggest you try to be more objective in your analysis, failure to do so makes it look like you are not firing on all mental cylinders.
          BTW, I’m not a Trumper, neither am I a Moron Biden Apologist.

  10. Simply Googling ‘world’s top uranium producers’ brings up several sources with the same set of five to include: Uzbekistan, Namibia, Canada, Kazakhstan, and Australia.

    As a kid, and with my own children I’ve visited the Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, the Badlands, and the Big Rock Candy Mountains in New Mexico (we were following a bright canary yellow convertible VW bug through the hills — don’t see much of that on the road through Eagle River Valley.) Those summer trips were every bit as memorably beautiful as could be.

    At Eagle River Elementary School my father played one of our home LP records he was going to use for his fourth graders, when I was there cleaning the chalkboards waiting for a ride home after school. So, I was introduced to Mr Grofe’s composition, The Grand Canyon Suites, as a beautiful and evocative piece of music. It’s still as wonderful every time I hear it.

    I recall one summer family trip to Arizona where our VW bus, of course purchased without a/c, and Mom was supplying Pa who was driving, constantly with wet towels for his head as it was 113 on a bank clock as driving through Phoenix at night on the way to Tucson. We also visited Big Nickel an enormous open pit mine that’s probably been reclaimed and restored to its pristine natural state by now, and we visited the old Black Lake farmland with its poisoned lake sold to Thetford asbestos mining company decades before. The Hoover Dam was quite impressive. I recall all us kids singing about Glen Campbell’s Galveston driving through a rainstorm with our newly acquired Texan drawls as we passed through a rainstorm in Witchita Falls where my Grandfather stationed in the Navy during WW2 and when stopped by the side of the road to grab snacks in the trunk the gully was full of croaking mating frogs. Not that it had subsequently been an unusual experience one morning as I was walking along the bike trail around Goose Lake to UAA in mid-April when the ice was starting to melt.

    ‘A person doesn’t miss what they never had to begin with’ is a Tamil proverb in Malaysia.

  11. The real wonder is why our president is locking up all access to valuable resources throughout our country that could make us less dependent on other countries. Certainly enough was already set aside earlier in our history to preserve the most scenic areas. The days of discovery are well over in our country.

  12. Well, like Jimmuh before him, he has now ‘iced’ his claim to worst POTUS ever, for Alaska and the rest of the country alike. ‘Brandon’ doesn’t cover what a ‘Dick’ he is.

    • MA, as much as I admire Raquel for her acting performance in “One Million Years B.C.” where she played the role of Loana, I hasten to point out that you must be an inexperienced first year apprentice Whipper Snapper not to notice that Raquel sported a bOOb job. Sadly for Raquel plastic surgery precludes her from consideration in the Natural Wonder Woman Pantheon. (despite her immense talent).
      Feel free to contact me for advice on Women, Politics or how the Cosmos really operates old buddy, any time prior to incessant pedantic pontification!

  13. “At a time when some seek to ban books and bury history, we’re making it clear that we can’t just choose to learn what we want to learn,”

    You mean like the outright censorship of voices on social media and in the lame stream? Stopping doctors from sharing their expertise? Shouting down the entire right wing? Hmmmm, seems like the lib-goons are the ones seeking to “bury history”. The only person more stupid than Joe Biden is a Biden supporter. Good job 81 million.

  14. Biden is a cognitive mess, as we see when he goes off script. However, he isn’t pulling the strings here. We’re being run by committee and that committee hates us, and they profit from their hate and destruction.

  15. If not interested in what is going on in Ohio, or attempts to protect American wonders, let’s hear about Kinross, Canada’s Northern Dynasty in Bristol Bay, carbon dioxide levels in permafrost coring at Fairbanks, and Doyon Associates violation of Clean Air Act, roads heaving over permafrost, bird counts of red-neck grebes at Potters Marsh, Mr Yundt over in Wasilla dumping stuff in Cottonwood a d Wasilla Lake, the usual forest fires on Kenai Peninsula, photographs of chocolate chip peak iceberg at Portage. No news is good news, I’ve heard some folks say.

      • I’d take that as a compliment, Jefferson except Mrs. N has a greater wealth of experiences from which to write and she is much more facile as a communicator. But thanks. :*)

    • Mrs. N just proven she is another Alaskan moderate under this article. She and her husband probably voted for Biden too. The two are examples why unless a conservative gubernatorial nominee has a very good manager pin pointing and handling the campaign activities up right up to the counting of ballots. Republican conservatives are stuck with moderates as their best choice to woo voters as Mrs. N. Unless Alaska in four years get a massive immigration of strong red conservatives moving to Alaska from other states like Washington or Oregon because of its political shortcomings, lack of law enforcement, or it closed its fishing industries.

  16. Is Arizona leaders going to stand for this. Probably. It’s not as Red unless one heads into its more rural smaller towns as Snowflake, AZ. Too many California complaining democrats fleed first into Arizona escaping California after their own deception voted in the bad leaders who pushed them out and across state lines. Arizona is turning into Alaska- a federal dependent. Being a federal dependent you lose your abilities to know how to push back and fight when someone holds something over your head threatening to take away what is sustenance for your survival. So you just limp along passively accepting. Like Alaska leadership passively accepting the federal locking us up, you can challenge as the state does but that’s all Alaska leadership (state and community local leaders ) do.

  17. Try this on a Red state as Florida, the people and its leadership won’t stomach such woke or environmental ideologies and watch Disney and MLB kicks themselves out of Florida with Florida leadership and residents waving farewell saying bye don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Even while Florida faced its hurricane disaster and Biden ignored them withholding disaster federal relief funds from them, they were hurt but they still had that resilient spirit they make do without federal money if they had to.

  18. send the Bundy family down for some “free grazing” leading to a lawsuit. surely there must be some fantastic George Soros conspiracy to explain it. Deficient thinking, faulty arguments but legal lawsuits going against you, more corruption by government

    Vote folks!! in large numbers in fair elections free of partisan gerrymandering. Society gets the best outcome, maybe not party approved policy, but fair and legal outcomes. large voter turnout works best vs splinter issue voting by ultra partisan rhetoric

    see recent Ohio vote as example. do the math, easy equation of what I said above. practice usa democracy and skip the politburo phase, we’ll all be further ahead. elect legislators not politicians

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