Don Young names Rhonda Boyles, Nicholas Begich III to co-chair 2020 campaign


Alaskans for Don Young today announced the co-chairs of his re-election campaign for 2020: Fairbanks borough former Mayor Rhonda Boyles, and the grandson of the late Alaska Congressman Nick Begich — Nicholas Begich III.

“I’m extremely pleased that Nick and Rhonda have agreed to co-chair my campaign,” Congressman Young said. “These two individuals are hardworking, they both embrace the Alaskan spirit and care about our state’s future.”

Boyles, is a longtime Alaskan and past mayor of the Fairbanks North Star Borough. She is a retired business owner who is heavily involved in the community and women’s organizations.

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“I am 100% committed to Don Young’s re-election. His effectiveness is unparalleled. He delivers for Alaska and has earned my support. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be involved in his campaign,” Boyles said.

Begich III is an entrepreneur and early-stage investor, having formed a number of businesses including ventures in mining, rural grocery, and technology. A resident of Chugiak, Begich is a conservative thought leader with a focus on public policy, resources, and fiscal stability.

The Begich-Young connection goes back two generations. Nicholas Begich’s grandfather ran for Congress in 1970 and beat Frank Murkowski. In 1972, Don Young ran against Begich, who had been recently presumed dead after his plane disappeared in Alaska. Although Begich won, he was soon officially declared deceased and a special election was held in 1973. Young won the seat and has held it ever since.

Nicholas Begich is also related to former Sen. Mark Begich and State Sen. Tom Begich, who are his Democrat uncles, while he is a conservative Republican.

“Don Young has been a tenacious defender for Alaskans. Now more than ever, we need his experience as we fight to preserve and expand access to our resources. As a longtime friend and supporter of Congressman Young, I look forward to seeing him return to Washington to represent us,” Nicholas Begich said.

Earlier this year, Truman Reed was named Young’s campaign manager. A life-long Alaskan and a graduate of Providence College, he has most recently served as an aide to Congressman Young in his D.C. office.


  1. Loving it! Young Begich is his own man. After Young gets elected, Begich & Boyles (sounds like a law firm) can reunite once again and help take out Frank Murkowski’s dumb daughter, Lisa. Grampa Begich did it in 1970. Wendy’s burgers for all.

    • Not likely; Boyles did all she could to destroy the only man to ever come close to beating Murk, Joe Miller. I doubt she would do anything to aid any real conservatives, ever.

      • Good point, Lawrence. Maybe Boyles needs a job with Young. Times are tough. Wendys is hiding the meat…….again. (Boyles owned two franchises in FBX). Where’s Joe Miller when you REALLY need him?

  2. Actually, the Begich-Young connection goes back a little further than that. The court case Begich v. Jefferson, decided by the Alaska Supreme Court in 1968 (see, was initiated over whether Begich, Young and George Hohman could work as schoolteachers and serve in the legislature without violating the constitutional prohibition against dual office holding. Curiously enough, one member of the legislature in 1968, Frank See, was also mayor of Hoonah at the time. In other words, the practice of being a schoolteacher and a legislator simultaneously was scrutinized by the courts years before the practice of being a municipal office holder and a legislator simultaneously.

    • Arliss can still work the phones at the campaign office. “Hello, Yawn Dung headquarters. Starless Urgilewski speaking.”

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