Don Young campaign party scheduled


Congressman Don Young will have his annual Taste of Alaska fundraising party on Aug. 4, but at a new venue: The home of Stephen Routh, and with over 100 co-hosts. Notably, Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Sen. Dan Sullivan and Julie Fate Sullivan are the special guests.

Young has been representing Alaska in Congress since 1973 and this spring announced he would run for his 26th term. Rep. John Dingell, Jr., of Michigan, who retired in 2015, holds the record for longest consecutive serving congressman, with 59 years of service.


    • I will never vote for Don Young again. I will also never voter for a Democrat so, I will just skip that part. He only cares for union and not the people of Alaska.
      I asked him about the issued with shipping and he a big supporter of that. That law hurts all Alaskan’s – how: It makes our prices 36% higher.


  1. Don Young, list your accomplishments for Alaskans I could not find them sir. Mr Young did not support president Trump. Mr. Young has become mr. old song and dance to me Alaskans. Citizens, it’s time for change we need young blood republicans. Please, term limits.

  2. I’ll vote for Don, but he’s been a disappoint on some issues.
    He’s been a very good public servant to Alaska.
    However, it’s time for Don to groom a young firecracker to succeed him.
    Thank you Don, but please retire.

  3. Don, can you get us a freeway interchange here in Ketchikan?

    graft grăft►
    n. Deceitful or fraudulent use of one’s position, especially in public office, to obtain personal profits or advantages.
    n. Money or advantage obtained by such means.
    intransitive verb To gain money or advantage through deceit or fraud.

  4. Mr. Young is repeatedly recognized as the most effective congressman in the House. Yes he should have been having someone at his side for the last few years pointedly grooming them for his replacement. But that doesn’t take away from his ability or his accomplishments. Those who disparage him could never hope to be his equal.

    • Don young never saw an earmark for Alaska (or some other states) he didn’t like. How effective is $30 trillion in debt?

  5. I think Mr. Young has been hot and cold, some good, some not so good. Today, however, every time I hear his name, I picture how he slobbered all over Nancski Peloski when she weasled into control. Makes me want to barf. Its time for him to go drink alone at his retirement home.

  6. Is this “article” going to be counted as an in kind campaign contribution? I certainly haven’t seen you publish other candidates fund raisers.

    • BH – You are new here, it appears. Welcome. You’ll see things here you don’t see anywhere else. – sd

  7. The only Don Young party I’m interested in seeing is his retirement party.
    Our congressional delegation appears to believe that their job is to bring as much federal spending as possible to Alaska when, in fact, their job is to watchdog the federal government to ensure that our natural rights are observed while the federal government delivers the limited essential services that the citizens empowered it to provide at reasonable cost.
    All three of them have failed miserably as they fight and squabble to pursue their own partisan agendas and to remain in office by buying the votes of government dependent Alaskans with deficit dollars.
    Not one of them stood up to the illegitimate Biden Administration so all three of them are traitors to the Constitution.
    Don Young is a weak old fool who just wants to stay in office by going along to get along.
    “No Waves” Young…Pelosi’s little pet dog.

  8. A lot of ignorance and some outright falsehoods being spewed here in the comments attacking Don. The “Quiet Man’s” record of being one of the most effective congressmen ever cannot be abrogated by malcontent rants from the politically naive and angry marginalized ideologs. I know with certainty that Don has desired a suitable and qualified successor, but no one has risen to the call. Thanks for your service, Congressman.

    • I just realized that Cathy Giessel, of all people, will be at this fundraiser. Tells you all you need to know!

  9. The Congressman will have five more elections yet to go to get the record away from John Dingle and I think that may be a tough thing for him to pull off at this point in his life, but who knows..??..My wife and i have voted for and supported the Congressman now for all of his 25 terms and will of course do so again for Number 26. We have not always seen eye to eye on the Congressman’s votes or actions but overall knowing him as we do there has been a lot more done right than questionable. Working for Alaska and all its citizens has been what Don was about in Congress. for all but a few years Don has had something only a very few Congressman have had and that was two votes in the U.S. Senate and he has made great use of that advantage and been one of the most effective congressman because of it…..

  10. Wow Charlie Bussell you have drank the kool aid sir. Can you find don’s accomplishments for Alaskans we could not sir?? It’s all about OATH integrity for all oath takers. So help me GOD with your hand on the Bible. Alaskans hire me I will accomplish for our state immediately and I will list my accomplishments for Alaskans.

  11. MV you could just drop by Stephen Routh’s house around 5:30 pm on the 4th of August and maybe learn a lot about what Don has done and is doing right now….and hear it from not only Don but several mayor’s from around the State as well as Senator Sullivan and other civic leaders from across the State….

  12. Don Young sold out Alaskans when he supported the pro act. Also look at all those shady characters showing up to support him: John Binkley (Mr ADN man), Cathy Giessel (Mrs Hates Navy Seals), and Ben Stevens (the Dunleavy Administrations testosterone blocker). Don needs to retire. Sad to say that I have voted for this guy.

  13. All you fierce, proud, independent Alaskans drop by the fundraiser and help perpetuate the House pay to play system and whisper into the “Dean of the House’s” ear what you would like via other people’s money. This slurring pol has helped run up the debt and bring this country to the brink of collapse. I see no leadership except to “bring home the bacon”.

  14. Don is not an old “Fool”, he is in fact quite bright and engaged. I understand how some folks commenting here might disagree with Mr. Young at times but on the whole Don has and will continue to do a good job for Alaska. That said, if you can do a better job or know of someone who can, please have that person toss in their hat for consideration, until then kindly STFU!

  15. There isn’t a better man for Alaska than U.S. Congressman than Don Young today.

    If born and raised Alaskan men (baby boys born in 1970s and 1980s) followed Don Young and Ted Stevens’ examples— Don Young would have had a dozen or so remarkable men who would have beaten him the last 20 years by now. They all fallen short Young’s character.

    His generation’s only mistake was falling short raising more faithful, wiser, and stronger children to succeed them and carry the good work accomplished without dropping the torch settling for their own vain distractions.

    Just look at all the failed marriages and cohabitations as proof of their sons and grandsons generations lacking strength, wisdom, and faithful commitment. Anyone who doesn’t approve of “career politicians” only has their own generation to hold themselves accountable for not raising up the next generation who’d successfully succeed the previous.

  16. How much of the money raised at the event will come from the marijuana industry? Big labor? Just asking.

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