Document dump: The joint development agreement between Alaska and China


The joint development agreement signed by Gov. Bill Walker and Alaska Gasline Development Corporation President Keith Meyer with various Chinese entities to develop Alaska’s natural gas was released last week. Without the cover page and the Chinese translation, it’s about four pages long and is nearly identical to the one the Walker Administration signed with KOGAS (Korea) earlier this year.

The “agreement” is essentially an agreement to continue discussions. It contains no binding commitments nor pledges of financing.

Here it is in its entirety:


  1. As a member of the Community Advisor Council (CAC) to ADGC I have listened to numerous presentations to the Board of ADGC. I attend most Board meetings as I am the Anchorage representative from the Council. I have also had the opportunity to have discussions with board members and senior staff of AGDC.

    I am clearly no expert on the subject matter, but I do have some experience with regard to Alaska natural gas resources. I was the chair of Mayor Sullivan’s committee that addressed the 2008-09 pending shortage crisis that was resolved when the Legislature approved credits for drilling for gas in Cook Inlet. Within two years, the crisis was resolved as an abundance of natural gas was discovered in Cook Inlet. South centrals energy crisis was avoided.

    I also served on the Board of Enstar Natural Gas for several years. During my service, Enstar began planning a gasline project which has come to be known as the ASAP.

    So….I have a layman’s understanding of most of the issues related to the current efforts to build a gas pipeline.

    Will the current pipeline project result in the building of a gas pipeline and the sale of Alaska’s natural gas? I don’t know. Neither does anyone else, expert or not. Am I cautiously optimistic. You bet! The emphasis should on “cautiously”!

    I am disappointed in those in positions of authority (legislators) who have no special expertise, but who are vocal in their criticism of the project. These critics may very well know even less than I do about this project and, from my perspective, are all to ready to criticize.

    Getting this project to become reality is a lengthy and difficult process. Can we fail at this endeavor? Of course. A whole variety of difficult issues must be addressed and resolved.

    Can we succeed at this endeavor? Most certainly.

    What can stop us? The failure of those in positions of authority to keep an open mind and a closed mouth.

    Give the Board of AGDC and the staff of AGDC a chance to succeed. The overwhelming reason to allow the opportunity for success is that an export based gas pipeline will insure both gas for Alaskans and the future economic underpinning of our resource based economic.

    Can we please keep an open mind about this mega project? I certainly hope so.

    Dan K. Coffey

    • Mr. Coffey,

      With all due respect, telling critics of any public process to essentially shut their mouths only makes people all the more distrustful of what is going on. Spending millions of dollars of public money a month on a project, that simple math shows will not work, for the foreseeable future should be talked about openly and loudly. When the guy in charge is asking to put his hand into every working Alaskans pocket so his buddies can travel the world to wine and dine, it should be talked about openly and loudly.

      AGDC doesn’t have any gas to give away to the communist Chinese. AGDC doesn’t have a route to build a pipeline, they don’t even own the land to put a pipeline on.

      Frankly I think those who are in support of this current project need to open their minds about this project and how it isn’t going to work for myriad reasons. No pun intended, but if involving the communist Chinese isn’t waving a huge red flag then what is?

    • Mr. Coffey, Many of the critics with “no special expertise” form their opinions by talking to people with “special expertise”. BP, Conoco and Exxon have such expertise. They know what it takes to produce gas, to make gas processing plants, to make gas pipelines and to sell natural gas. And these entities with their abundance of expertise, which is much much more expertise than the AGDC has, say this project does not make economic sense. And it won’t make economic sense for the foreseeable future. Walker and AGDC had their chance to have an “open mind and closed mouth” a long time ago. But they chose not to listen to experts in touch with the economic realities of selling Alaska gas. I’m guessing you too did not bother listening to the experts either. Well, I guess can’t blame any of you. Burning through millions of public money each month to play the “build the fantasy gasoline to nowhere” game is probably a lot of fun. Even though it is wasteful, deceitful and corrupt scam that should have Walker spending time behind bars.

  2. Is there ANYONE with two brain cells that trusts the head bumpkin of this state, to actually work for the people of this state rather than for his ego and pocket book?

  3. This document is almost meaningless! But should the huge gas resources in Alaska be developed, it appears that Under the terms of this document 75% of the gas would be sold to China at a “cost based” price. That seems to say that what ever the world wide price might be China will pay only what it costs to get it to their country. How would that benefit Alaska? The document also indicates quite clearly that “parties” other than the State of Alaska would have the tight to determine engineering and construction of the infrastructure. Theoretically, since China gets 75% of the resource they would want the same percentage of workers and designers to come from their country. How does that benefit Alaska. And should there be any disputes they are to be resolved through “negotiation”. Now that is a real joke! In the meantime this document states quite clearly that everything shall be kept secret. So with this so called agreement of understanding, Alaska gives up 75% of its gas at cost, allows 75% of the construction, design, and operation to go to and benefit a communist nation, and prevents the citizens of Alaska and our nation from ever becoming privy of the nature of any agreements beyond this meaningless document.
    In reality this is two things: first a reflection of Walker’s pipe line to nowhere dream, and second: an election year scam. He will do and say”anything” to get votes. Fortunately Alaskans are not stupid as he believes they are. They see through this charade.
    I am very surprised that Coffey would be a Walker supporter. And even more so that he sees any chance for a China / Alaska pipeline giving China 75% of Alaska gas. Alaskans and Americans ,in general, would never allow that to happen. Thankfully Walker will be handed his hat soon, and we will be spared this insanity.

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