Diversity-equity-focused Alaska Democrats finalize their delegate selection plan for Chicago, 2024


Q. What’s more Democrat than downtown Chicago in August?

A. A presidential convention year, especially when there’s a controversial war going on, (like the 1968 Democratic Convention in downtown Chicago, which devolved into massive protests over the American involvement in the Vietnam War.)

The Alaska Democratic Party will be sending 20 Alaska delegates and two alternates to the 2024 Democratic presidential nominating convention in Chicago, Aug 19-22, 2024. This represents one more delegate than the Alaska Democrats had during the 2020 convention, owing to the fact that Rep. Mary Peltola is a Democrat, which gave Alaska an additional party delegate for the national convention, according to the party’s formula.

The plan for how those Alaska delegates get chosen and how they may be allocated to candidates was just approved by the Democratic National Committee.

The Alaska Democratic Party plan places an emphasis on “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” also known as DEI, which takes the focus off of merit and ability and puts it into a Karl Marx socialist model of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Every Alaskan registered as a Democrat is eligible to be a national convention delegate and may participate in the delegate selection process. But the secret sauce is “identity.” There will be delegates that are from every race and sexual gender pronoun.

But first, led by ADP vice chair and 2022 Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Jessica Cook, national pledged delegates will be selected from among state delegates at the Alaska Democratic Party State Convention in Juneau on May 18, 2024. Those ADP State Convention delegates come into play after being chosen at State House district organizational meetings on April 13.

The DEI plan ensures the party will have quotas for every possible “identity.”

If more than one presidential candidate meets the Alaska Democratic Party’s ballot access requirements, 17 of the 20 pledged delegates and alternates will be allocated to the presidential candidate(s) based on the results of  the party-run presidential preference primary held on April 6. Currently, the party is backing Joe Biden for president and Mary Peltola for Congress. But others are running, such as Marianne Williamson and Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips. California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris are waiting in the wings in case Biden takes a turn that prevents him from continuing. Biden will be 82 next November and the actuarial tables are not in his favor.

For many years, Alaska Republicans have held private party-run preference polls during presidential election years, which allows more people to participate than gymnasium-style caucuses.

The Alaska Democrats decided the Republicans had a good plan, and ditched the gymnasium route, starting their own version of private primaries in 2020. The presidential election is not subject to Ballot Measure 2’s open primary and ranked-choice general, but is done through the parties themselves.

Democrats in Alaska interested in being an ADP national delegate, convention page, or standing convention committee member should review the plan and reach out to [email protected]. The plan is available for review at akdems.org

On Thursday, Democrats will have their annual holiday auction in Anchorage.

Flying in from Juneau to be the guest speaker is Juneau House Rep. Sara Hannan, and the evening will be emceed by Anchorage House Rep. Genevieve Mina. Among the many live auction items are plenty of trips, including trips to Hawaii, Homer, and elsewhere.

Those trips may burn up the fossil fuel, but party is going full-tilt anti-oil behind the scenes with proposed edits to its party platform, which will be voted on at the annual convention.

The party’s Climate Caucus is recommending that the Democrats remove all perceived support for oil and gas development in Alaska and remove support for fossil fuel as part of the energy mix, as first reported by Must Read Alaska:


  1. Chicago is also the home for Pacific Garden Mission where Chicago Christian missionaries bring the gospel of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness and redeeming love of the Father to all those who are a homeless, addict, perpetrator, abused, criminal to the doors of Pacific Garden Mission started
    Out of “The Mission began in 1877 when Colonel George and Sarah Dunn Clarke opened a ministry in a tiny storefront at 386 South Clark Street. A potbellied stove kept out the Chicago chill, and kerosene lamps supplied flickering light. Heartwarming Bible verses graced the walls, speaking eloquently of God’s love.” I think there is the only bright spot of Chicago. Who cares about anything else about Chicago.

  2. You have got to be kidding me!
    The end of oil and gas is the end of Alaska.
    Democrats hate America and hate Alaska, here is the proof.
    What will it take for VOTING CITIZENS to STOP voting democrat and RINO.
    Want a better government? A better life? A future?

    • ABSOLUTELY!! If you choose not to vote don’t cry when you don’t get a better Borough, School Board, City, State, Country!

  3. So Sara, dump all fossil fuels, is flying to Chicago to meet with a group of similar like minds. Who likely mostly flew there or drove.

    The one thing one can count on with the left is bald faced hypocrisy.

  4. “Diversity”, as the radical leftists interpret the word, is not “our strength”, it is our death.

    Or maybe they are just using a different, and much narrower, interpretation of the word “our” than most people would assume?

  5. The Democrats consider themselves the elite and above everyone else. They are royalty and can live as they please. The petty serfs are the ones who have to live by the rules and suffer.

  6. Democrats are warring tribes convened in anticipation of common plunder. They know how to work together for that, which is why RCV works in their favor.

  7. I’m still waiting for Sara to resign her position and request a gay, handicapped, Tlingit cross dresser take her place.

    Jesus will return long before white liberal progressive women give up power to the people they allegedly champion.

  8. Eff Chicago and every other democrat/liberal city including Anchorage… we should get all these ppl rope necklaces for Christmas… the assembly would look great in them

  9. Perfect. Let’s send them some tranny, aboriginees who are physically disabled, and have learning disabilities coupled with severe anxiety from involvement with climate action groups. That should cover most categories.

  10. This question has yet to be sufficiently answered with clarity …

    “What is the intrinsic benefit and value of this initiative?”

  11. Diversity is what brought Hahvahd to write this about its lead DEI hire…”So many people have suffered tremendous damage and pain because of Hamas’s brutal terrorist attack, and the University’s initial statement should have been an immediate, direct, and unequivocal condemnation.”

    And yet they didn’t. A DEI hire is a terrible thing to waste, right?

  12. Hmm, will AKDNC supply bullet proof vests and armed security for their delegates? Have heard many groups in Chicago promising to riot. This will make the 68 riot look small in comparison!
    Wonder if CNN will say it is a peaceful demonstrations with building burning in the background? Hmm, any bets CNN, MSDNC, etc. will blame MAGA?

  13. I think Chicago is a swell place for them to go. They should experience firsthand the Utopia they seek. Even the pizza is not really good anymore. Only the minorities can qualify for the subsidies required to run a small business at a “profit “. A new model for Anchorage, already in the works at the assembly. Tax and harass the others.

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