Dimitri Lanahan, pointed paintball gun at police, was on the lam from halfway house


The 23-year-old man shot dead by Alaska State Troopers on Friday was on the lam from the Cordova Center in Anchorage and a warrant had been issued for his arrest in April. He had a short but troubled life, much of it spent incarcerated.

Troopers saw a silver Jeep weaving recklessly through Gold Rush Estates Trailer Park in Fairbanks at about 2:40 am. The Jeep nearly hit a marked Trooper vehicle, forcing the Trooper to take evasive action. A chase ensued and the Jeep driver led the Trooper to a wooded area between the Fairbanks Airport and the Tanana River flood dike, where Dimitri Lanahan exited the Jeep and pointed what appeared to be an assault rifle at the Trooper.

A Trooper shot Lanahan, who was declared dead at the scene.

The rifle used by Lanahan turned out to be a replica, a paintball gun designed to look like a real rifle. The Jeep and the license plates turned out to have been stolen in Anchorage.

Lanahan is from Kodiak, where he attended junior high school; he spent time as an inmate at the McLaughlin Youth Center in Anchorage. He had most recently been convicted of Assault III, Criminal Mischief, Violating Conditions of Release, and False Information. 

The Alaska Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation into the incident; once complete, their investigation will then be reviewed by the Alaska Office of Special Prosecutions. The name of the trooper who shot Lanahan will be released after 72 hours per department policy.


  1. This should be fairly open shut case. But it’s good to get ahead of the story before we are told it was really all about racism and Trump and…

  2. Looks like he built his own prison around himself. I was once stuck like that but then woke up. Thank you Jesus.

  3. This is just more proof law enforcement is not racially motivated killing a person who aims weapons at an officer.

    The poor guy.
    Now he is in another place praying for all of us still alive that we not to continue living pridefully and rebelliously like he lived.

  4. I recall that Fairbanks teacher who telling her class how to act when a cop pulls you over. Which she got hell for.
    Be respectful to the officers, don’t run, or pull out a gun, real or not, and don’t try to drive away. It just ends bad.
    Yes, Sorry for a life taken.

  5. Sad for both parties. Obviously, the young man put the Trooper in a “suicide by cop” scenario when he pointed the paintball rifle at him.

  6. This kid was probably high on meth, a substance that from my observations turns people into Sociopathic Zombies. You cannot reason with a person on these drugs. Very sad for both the Family of the kid and also the Trooper and his / her family. Our prayers go out for all. This is an event that should cause us to reflect upon the evil substances and messages young people are receiving and also whether the mentally ill are getting good care within our correctional system.
    Most importantly however I appreciate and am very grateful for the good work done by Law Enforcement Officers, especially the Troopers!

  7. Thank you law enforcement for removing dangerous criminals from society one way or another…

  8. 18 entries on Courtview. 15 with monies still owed…………

    in 2019 “Assault 3- Cause Fear Of Injury w/ Weap (Class C Felony)”.

    Troubled young man. RIP

  9. On a positive note, his victims will no longer need to worry about him. In addition, the state will save some money not having to keep him incarcerated.

  10. God bless our law enforcement. If everyone had to sit on a grand jury they would see how tough a job they have.

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