Did your ballot arrive at the Election Office? Ask MRAK’s Ballot Integrity Desk


Once again, Must Read Alaska is providing a service to Anchorage voters who want to know if their ballot was received by the Anchorage Municipality’s Division of Elections.

With mail-in and drop-box elections, many voters lack confidence that their ballot was actually received. If you’d like us to check for you, email us at [email protected] with your name and street name.

Must Read Alaska will check the “ballots received” list from the Elections Division at the Muni, which we receive daily, and get back to you in a timely way.

MRAK has provided this service to Anchorage voters since 2019.


  1. I was hoping for someway to see my ballot doesnt get Vaporized while inside the drop box, i was thought about I’d give it to Member Jaime Allard, she can hold on to it make sure it doesnt dissolve under the political heat. According to Democrats I am a low educated voter, and they will not like my ballot when their ballot recievers receive it. Hahaha

  2. Please do not compare Alaska politics to the same mess that is going on in the rest of the country. Every day I remind myself how lucky I am to live in Alaska!!

  3. By the way, the city clerks office is overseeing our election. Not Meyer. I managed to talk to a real person at the election office and asked how many ballots had actually been printed. She put me on hold then came back with the channel 2 reply, that 220000 had been sent out. She could not tell me how many had been printed, but informed me that they were printed in Seattle. Upon quizzing her further, she said that the same company was responsible for mailing them out. Go to the website for further information. I would love to see the work order for this. Public information? Good luck. Just like I assumed, our local election has been compromised, the fox watching the chicken coop. I wonder who will win. This is yet another disgrace. I do not make habit of speaking out and am stupid on political matters for the most part, but gosh darn it, can this be more obvious? I am now afraid to use my real name to even state my opinion. America. God Bless.

  4. What ballot? My husband and I still Haven’t received our ballots. We are super voters and lived at the same address 41 years!

  5. I called the Muni election office and was told that I can vote in person at one of the three Anchorage Vote centers (Loussac Library, City Hall and the Eagle River Town center) when they open next week. We will see how that goes…..

  6. How do I find out if the Muni received my ballot? I have tried calling their number and can’t reach a live body nor am I allowed to leave a message. What I do get, regardless of the department I select, is “Your call is 1. Your wait time is 1 minute”. That lasted for 15 minutes when the line went dead. I’ve tried multiple times today and get the same thing.

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