Alaska GOP chairman moving to Virginia


Alaska Republican Party Chairman Glenn Clary and his wife Debbie will be moving to Lynchburg, Virginia, he announced today in an email.

Clary has accepted a position with Liberty University, which is led by former Anchorage Baptist Temple Pastor Jerry Prevo. Clary is a pastor at Anchorage Baptist Temple, but has announced his retirement to take up leadership of Liberty University’s “Standing for Freedom Center” as vice president of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances.

“Debbie and I would appreciate your prayers as we transition into this new assignment God has directed us to accept. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ and the New Life Community Class. I will miss this chapter of our life,” he wrote in an email.

Clary took over as chairman of the Alaska Republican Party at the end of 2018. The party’s vice chair, Ann Brown, will take over and the vice chair will be vacant. Debbie Clary, the party secretary, will also be vacating her position.

Clary has not announced his resignation from the party itself, but that is an action that can be anticipated. The next State Central Committee meeting is when the new vice chair and new secretary will be elected. That meeting is in June.


  1. Best of luck Glen & Debbie. You’ll be dearly missed but, you’ll also do meaningful and great things! Changing the moral compass will be challenging but, you’re destined for greatness. Prevo acquired a “good-one.”

  2. Good to hear. Hope Ann is far more aggressive in leading the Alaskan Republican party. Its all hands on deck, our Republic is hangingin the balance! We stand now and firm, or the Marxists will trample us under. We are under attack from ALL sides simultaneously.

  3. Everyone is leaving. Everyone is moving around these days. Whatever happen to the old alaskan pioneers married, raised children while building their home even involved building the political community, and retiring in the same old house they built 67 year earlier.
    The baby boomers constant relocations and divorces set a bad example for the young families about being settled and continue building the community their grandparents left.
    I wonder where half todays state government will retire when the bloom on their careers is gone.
    The reason running away past immigrants fought hard for America was they knew there wasnt any other place for them. They left Europe. Africa. Middle East. Asia. South America. Central America. America was the world’s last great hope to live as Freedmen, so like Alaska’s 1890-1960s pioneers they stayed on and built the community that became their retirement facing the blessings and consequences of their generation’s own leadership.

  4. I heard him defend Murkowski. A Christian conservative should not defend a major abortion proponent (amongst other leftist stances) as an acceptable senator just because she has an “R” by her name. We need a Republican leader who stands for conservative ideology, not just party.

  5. Single handedly destroyed the Alaska Republican Party, then leaves the state. Good bye and good riddance.

  6. Now that 3/4 of the Republican party voted to censure Lisa Murkowski, and President Trump said he’ll campaign against her, it makes sense that Chairman Glenn Clary might want to move on. Lisa had donated large sums to the Republican party but I hadn’t put that together with Glenn having been the Treasurer of the Republican party since 2000 according to his submission to the nominations committee at the 2018 Republican convention. So when Glenn moved to vice chair & chair his wife became Treasurer?! How did I miss that? Glenn was on Dan Fagan’s radio program Jan. 26th, 2021, saying “Lisa, I think, has done an okay job so far”, when nothing could be further from the truth. In e-mails and in papers placed on every table at the 2018 convention, among many other things, he claimed that he was a “Founding Board Member of Alaska Right to Life”. As a long time board member and Past President of Alaska Right to Life who has a list of founding board members, I told him on the 2nd day of the convention of the incorrect entry. He said that he helped start something and he remembered being at a meeting. I said that I saw him at an informational meeting for pastors at ACC and he exclaimed, “That was it!” I reminded him that after the presentation he asked why we care so much about abortion (killing little humans) when “they just go to heaven anyway”. He deflected and I told him that would be like saying “why not sh**t all the pastors when they just go to heaven anyway?”. He thanked me for telling him and said he’d take off the incorrect information. The 3rd day the exact same list was on all the tables so I thought he’d make the correction in his campaign speech but did not. He thanked me afterwards for telling him only and not “gossiping” about him. Murkowski has to go so this is a positive development for Alaska.

  7. These snipers don’t know this man. He sincerely wanted to grow the Party to assure a strong majority in both houses of the State congress. He told me himself that if anyone wanted him to resign he would do so immediately – no one in the SCC said anything like that. Glenn has his strengths – he will be missed, but we will soldier on. Ann Brown is very capable of carrying the burden of leadership at this critical time.

  8. There is all ready a swamp in Lynchburg, I was on the campus of Liberty University last summer.

    Falwell junior is up to his neck in corruption and the political wing of the school is under fire for being involved in January 6th. Many of the Liberty U alumni are protesting the too close of connection between the Republican party and the school. The alumni know that the school is going to suffer long term damage under Falwell and Prevo leadership.

    Why anyone would sent their kid to that school is beyond me, if you want your kid to not relate to most of the rest of society send them there. It is certainly a school run by old white Republicans of the do as I say not as I do generation.

  9. Jen, Your post is so naive is laughable. What you are talking about with folks that stay on in Alaska forever? That is not anywhere near correct.

    Do not blame on the new generation as you have done people move around for a lot of different reason and it is certainly nothing new. The folks that built Alaska knew that at some point they would need to turn over the building of Alaska to the next generation and get out of the way. You get out of the way to allow the younger folks to have a job also.

    I was born in Alaska over 65 years ago and it was common for older folks to retire to some place a little bit easier to live.

    The numbers decreased slightly when Alaska started handing out money to everyone and money from the oil made everyday life a bit easier in a harsh climate.

    There was a old joke in my time, you put a snow shovel in the back of your pickup and drive south until someone asked you what the shovel was for.

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