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Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Developing: Nick Begich tells Valley Republicans that ‘if’ he announces, he’ll do it in the Mat-Su Valley

At the Valley Republican Women of Alaska meeting on Thursday, Republican Nick Begich gave a talk ranging on everything from natural resources to ranked-choice voting.

In the question and answer period after his 30-minute talk, someone from the audience asked him if he is planning to announce a run for office, and he said he was not ready to announce anything yet. He was then asked to say that if he announces, he’ll do so in the Mat-Su Valley.

Begich, the grandson of the late Rep. Nick Begich, hesitated, saying that making such a promise is not something to be taken lightly. He finally said that “if” he announces, he’ll honor that request. Begich received a standing ovation at the end of his talk.

Politicos are speculating that Begich will run for Congress in 2022. He is a business investor who was the campaign co-chair for Congressman Don Young in 2020. He’s been talked about widely as Young’s replacement, and he has been seen in communities across the state this year, from Juneau and Haines to Kenai and the Mat-Su. Begich is somewhat of the unicorn in the Begich family of Democrats in that he is a staunch Republican activist who believes in smaller government and a free market.

Young has announced that he will run again in 2022. He has served as Alaska’s congressman since 1973 and is the oldest member of in the House and Senate.

On ranked choice voting, Begich used the analogy of friends trying to decide where to go to dinner. One person says “Simon and Seaforts,” another says “Brewhouse,” and a third says “Evangelo’s.” But all of them choose IHOP as their second choice, and so they end up going to IHOP for dinner.

Alaskans approved Ballot Measure 2, which is ushering in a new method of voting that involves an open primary ballot, and then a final-four ballot in November, where voters rank their choices 1-4.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • He better not be a Rino!! If he is true to being a staunch Republican that I would probably vote for him. Don Young has been good but it is time for him to retire. We do need a new person.

  • If only we could vote for Don and Nick and they could serve together. How great would that be?

  • No more sons of Begiches

  • I’d be the odd one out and go to Taco bell and get a crunchy taco.

    Stupid is as Stupid does @ rank choice voting.

  • False cognate. Everyone knows that IHOP will win in any contest where everyone is asked to rank their favorite restaurant. Trouble is, IHOP is never their first choice. Nor their second, nor their third, and at this point I think you know where I’m going.
    If we want the best government, we need to find the best people. Problem is, how do you define “best?” And if the IHOP analogy is correct, where does that leave us. With the thirteenth best option because everyone has come up with a best that’s fourteenth best in the options list.
    So, now we have the fourteenth best AK government we could have chosen.
    My wits faint.

  • guy could not even name 3 valley restaurants. Gets a standing ovation. Doesn’t take much to impress that crowd.

  • How many of these damned Begiches are there, anyway?

    I frankly don’t care if his politics are above reproach — I simply can’t stand political dynasties, of ANY stripe. Case in point: RINO Lisa Murkowski.

  • I’m concerned, all his family are Democrats so he may be a hidden Democrat just like Merrick

  • This guy has personality plus. If he is sincere and truly conservative (which in all conversations I’ve had with him appeared to be) I would vote for him in a heartbeat. He is a super good man and very careful in his opinions. He thinks before he speaks and does not jump too fast at anything. I’m definitely impressed. He is absolutely nothing like Mark politically and you can tell that immediately.

  • I was there, and I think this article is not correct. He said Evangelos, not Orsos. IHOP and Evangelos are both in the Valley.

  • If he beats Don Young in the primary next year, Nick will have to unload his pockets to Don for insider money. Don won’t leave any names or contact numbers behind without a pay to play fee. Even if Nick is Republican.

  • Not all of the Begich’s them are democrats, Nicholas Begich Sr. is also conservative and is on Alex Jones show a lot.

  • Run, Don needs to with draw from the 2022 election. Alaska needs new clean blood in DC.

  • Both Nick Sr. (Nick II) and Nick III Begich are true conservatives and after talking to them and following their careers some, I consider them both to be amazing productive individuals. Don’t try to conflate them with Mark and Tom, liberal Democrats.

  • Coast-to-Coast AM too.

  • If he is a true America First Republican, he will receive a Trump endorsement. If that happens, I will support him. In my opinion, Don has been drinking the Kool-Aid a bit to long. No one stays in politics that long without rubbing elbows with the wrong crowd. It is hard for me to respect any Republican at this point that doesn’t support term limits and doesn’t have to pay for their own medical insurance on the market like everyone else. Also, they shouldn’t receive 100% pensions like they currently do. They should contribute to a 401K or IRA like everyone else. They live like kings and are increasingly unaccountable to the public. We need representatives of the people that actually care about our future and protect our God given freedoms. Once government is reformed and no longer a gravy train, we may actually have good legislation coming from Washington.

  • Don Young has to go. He didn’t even squirm just a little as the Democrats stole the 2020 election from Trump and, most likely, numerous Republican House and Senate candidates. He’s a traitor. Sullivan and Murkowski too.

  • “Trust me, I’m a staunch Republican. I’m not like Murkowski, Sullivan, Young, Stutes, Merrick, Stedman, Bishop, Rasmussen, etc etc”

  • According to the Supreme Court in California Democratic Party v. Jones, 530 U.S. 567 (2000), Alaska’s prop. #2 violates the US Constitution. Open primaries via ballot proposition is a violation of the First Amendment’s Freedom of Association Clause.

    Also, after being back-stabbed by numerous Democrats pretending to be Republicans, why would anyone vote for yet another self-proclaimed Republican? How many times do Alaskans need to be screwed over before saying “enough?”

    It won’t matter in either case since Alaska does not have “free or fair” elections.

  • If he’s planning on running against D. Young, he’ll no doubt lose anyway.

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