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Deputy Defense Sec. Hicks in Alaska to talk about climate change

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen H. Hicks is in Alaska this weekend to engage in discussions with service members and experts regarding quality of life concerns and the Defense Department’s response to climate change’s potential impact on national security in the region.

During her visit, Hicks plans to travel to multiple locations in Alaska, including Eielson Air Force Base, Fort Wainwright, and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

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At each installation, Hicks will conduct roundtable discussions with service members, focusing on topics such as access to mental health care, and efforts to prevent suicide.

Her itinerary includes tours of housing facilities, barracks, childcare centers, commissaries, healthcare facilities, and recreational venues to see observe firsthand the improvements implemented by the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force.

Hicks will speak with experts studying the potential effects of climate change on the Defense Department’s ability to safeguard America’s interests. According to the Department of Defense, Alaska is particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change.

Her visit coincides with the planned stopover of Air Force One on Sunday, as President Joe Biden makes his way back from Japan, landing at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson for fueling. A Temporary Flight Restriction has been posted for air space around Anchorage starting at 10:30 am on Sunday and residents can expect to see military jets in the area.

Last month, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan grilled Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro over the prioritization of climate change over military readiness.

The senator was asking why the Navy is not focusing on its shipbuilding plan — which is required by statute — but instead released its climate action plan.

“The Chinese military is not worried about climate change. It is worried about shipbuilding, hypersonics, and conducting a successful military invasion of Taiwan. Russia is not worried about climate change, it is worried about pushing its aggression deeper into Ukraine. And yet we have a secretary who’s releasing his climate action plan before it does anything on shipping. It’s remarkable. It’s outrageous. The only ones who are excited about it are Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin,” Sen Sullivan said.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. She has the Biden climate change brain virus. Climategate in 2009 showed that global warming was a money grabbing scam. A hoax. Out of embarrassment the Al Gore cult members then changed the name of their cult to ‘climate change’. Different names, same lies.

    • Oh my how bitter and hateful most of the decenter’s are on this story. It’s because they have lost.
      In the meantime the majority of God’s people are taking care of God’s green earth, so stay out of the way 😉

  2. These climate clown hucksters are obsessed by this hoax…..and possessed by it. The Biden Administration is going to push it down the throats of everyone they can, including our military, which used to be comprised of some of the most rational people in America. Not anymore.

    • That’s interesting you think that global warming is a hoax. Have you ever read the news? Watched the news? Read any reports on climate change? Silly me thought the planet was getting warmer and all I did was look at a thermometer. I bet that thermometer is in in the hoax!

      • Well you should be a weatherman. The climate changes every minute of every day and nobody has been able to predict, correctly what the weathers going to be. They are wrong most of the time. If you are afraid of the changing climate then move to another planet.

      • News FLASH!
        The news is often wrong. The “experts” are just as likely to be wrong.
        And, when the people who disagree with the narrative are censored, odds are, the narrative is wrong.
        And the climate changing is not the hoax. Using it to consolidate power to an elite few is.

      • Yep, seen the news and read the reports. Even traveled much of the world seeing for myself. And you know what the climate scientists have reported (the real ones not the ones that make a living in front of TV cameras)? Weather changes. That’s right! Weather changes. Sometimes it’s hotter than last year, sometimes colder. Some years it rains more, some years less. When I was a kid, I realized that the local high and low temp records were always around twenty years apart. When I dug into this, I found out that weather patterns run in a series of cycles. One prominent one is a 300 year cycle. Climate scientists credit this cycle with the Irish potato famine and the lack of farmed crops all over Europe around this same time. Roughly 300 years before that occurred, the Vikings were grazing sheep and cattle in what they named ‘Greenland’. A few years after that the weather became cold enough that those settlements were abandoned.

        Don’t be fooled by the present day climate change ‘enthusiasts’. According to them all change in ‘normal’ climactic conditions simply MUST be from human factors. You’ll never hear them mention that weather patterns are never static and vary from year to year, decade to decade, and even more.

      • Actually the thermometer is in on the hoax as weather stations can be added in warmer areas to affect the ‘average’. But still, the trillions won’t make a difference other that taking money out of your pocket and putting it into the hand of an elitist. Remember, money flows from the weak hand to the strong hand

      • All part of the great brainwashing hoax, Loren. Perpetrated against us by Democrats, Lefties, science fabricators and the media. You bought the lie, hook line and sinker. Proud?

      • For the last six years I also read and listened to the news reports about Russian Collusion, Putin interfering in US elections. What does anything our 4th estate, the Press, says have to do with reality? There used to be a couple of thousand of feet of in downtown Anchorage. Nothing we, man, has done made it go away.

      • Climate variability has been a natural phenomenon for eons. Insisting that the climate is never supposed to change is mental illness.

    • Temperatures rise and fall. Weather changes constantly, all over the globe and every day of every season. This is not climate change… idiots. it’s the dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere and radiation of warmth of our sun.
      Been going on for 4.1 billion years, and now some fanatical and lunatic partisan globalists want to force feed us a LIE about science. NOT happening!

  3. All the climate hype and nobody will address what’s going on with HAARP!
    I know, nothing you conspiracy theorist.

  4. Stay in your lane, lady. Your job is to make the military efficient at killing people and breaking things. Leave the global warming scamming to the liberal politicians.

    • Exactly! Military officials need to keep the military the strongest and best in the world at doing it’s job.

  5. How obvious does the bureaucratic boondoggle of climate change have have to be, if even Dan Sullivan gets it?

  6. The smart people realize the science and act. Ohio Dan is worried about Icees at 7-11 ( they’ve doubled in price since 2009. Why?)

    • Ahhh, Lucinda. I have so missed our little discussions.
      At one point, I thought you claimed you were a scientist. If that was actually the case, you would not have said “smart people realize the science…” Because science is questioning. Science questions everything, questions every conclusion, and anyone who has actually studied any science (and understood what was taught) knows that science does not tell you anything. It provides, at best, a model that accurately reflects the observed facts.
      But, for some reason, the climate cult has decided the science is settled. You among them. HINT for the scientists that got their degrees from the University of Google, the science is NEVER settled. And, you should know that, because you are a scientist. (Or so you claim.)

  7. Remember, while you are talking about climate change, training for diversity and inclusion, someone else is training for war. When you meet they will win!

  8. Haaland:
    CO2 good for tree and plant.
    Make plant and tree grow.
    Tree and plant make O2.
    Good for me and you.
    Follow science.

    • If Haaland, who has more Native American blood than Pochantas, can’t understand plain English, she should go back to the reservation and take high school biology again……maybe several times. Good post, Kemo.

      • Elizabeth Warren is another fraud. Harvard Law School president, Senator, candidate for president as a Democrat. The Democrat Party is full of phonies and demons. Pocohantas needs a lot of psychiatric care, as do most Democrats.

  9. Worried about climate change and Quality of Life issues? If it was a little warmer it would be better to live and defend up here.

  10. Probably best to come in the middle of winter and visit . Fbks @ -40F to talk about climate change . Give me a break , laughable ! Anchorage had miserable winter , one of the tougher ones in 50 years . Then it it’ll be climate crisis ! How about that miserable screeching teenager , who wouldn’t know the difference between climate or her pants on fire

  11. I hope she’s telling them to be brave and not collapse into a sobbing heap when the Chinese deliberately misgender them.

    We are ruled by non serious people.

  12. Deputy Secretary Hicks, can you explain why parents are not privy to their children’s health records once the kids reach the age of 12? Why do several medical personnel have access to these children’s records and parents do not? Please explain the rationale.

  13. Yet no mention of the metastasizing cancer that is DEI, wokeness, ideological purge ongoing in the military. Worse than climate? Depends on your POV. OTOH, combined with climate, absolutely devastating. With this leadership and the officers and NCOs they’ve elevated and separated over the last 3 years, there’s gonna be a lot of dead Americans at the beginning of the next war. Such a waste. Cheers –

  14. If only the Biden administration were half as concerned about readiness and recruitment as they are about promoting the Climate Change agenda, we might have a chance of salvaging our military.

  15. If the Defense Secretary is busy talking climate change, what is the Director of the EPA and the Secretary of the Interior doing? Talking military readiness and logistics?

  16. More indoctrination for a mandatory CAPTIVE military audience. Secretary Hicks “improving” the military by pushing mandatory programs of climate change, perverted grooming drag shows for military children, open showers and restrooms for demented military cross dressers. And sir/ma’am “Lucinda The Troll” try sticking to the subject being debated. No question there is climate change. It’s called the four seasons. Ice ages and droughts have been happening for millennia. Also known as weather.
    As always your trolling quips show you are incapable of critical thought processes. We are not embarrassed for you for you choose to be who and what you are.

  17. The only impact “climate change” has had on me is the fact that energy sources, while being plentiful, are now artificially much higher in costs, causing me to spend more on it when I could be either purchasing other goods or saving more for retirement.

    But hey, it’s pushed by those who claim to be in office fighting for the “little guy”.

  18. Is she bringing her drag queen freak show with her to enlighten the enlisted families with their sick perverted s**tshows they are using to warp childrens minds. The only real change in the climate is in the pentagon where the perversion of military leaders has been forced down from the mentally challenged Biden crew. How does anyone produce a human as worthless as Hunter without having a mental deficiency. Hunter is the only one I know of that can take a crap on a pizza box smear it around and then sell it for a half a million.

  19. The very small increase of CO2 in the last hundred years, especially the last 40 years, has greened our planet. 15 percent of the sandy sahara is gone! It is greening! We are growing MORE food than EVERY in history. CO2 has never been more beneficial. What a paradigm shift, huh? We have had eras on earth where CO2 was DOUBLE. Thank God for that. Because we have oil that way. We also had green plants in the Antarctic. Is this really bad? .
    Yet, decreasing our “carbon footprint” and “reducing CO2 levels” have become common in our vernacular. Never was until the last eight years or so. It’s a great way to redistribute wealth and impoverish people and make things less efficient and live harder. But we won’t see it until we have neither extra money nor time to fight back against the idiotic committees and mantras foisted upon us. And we’ll scratch our heads remembering that the entire time the leaders of the charge to save us never had the rules applied to them as they flew around telling us to stop flying, ate beef while we ate bugs, or breathed clean air while we sucked more CO2 through our masks.

  20. Why does the military require Hicks lathering about climate change when China emitts thirty percent of the world’s CO2? Address China building more coal power plants. Doesn’t the app Zoom accomplish the same end or is Bethel on the itinerary, again?

  21. I wonder what wonder woman Hicks was doing before Joey installed her? We all now know what Joey was doing before he got installed.

  22. Carbon Dioxide is .004 parts per million now, at .002 ppm plants would no longer grow. Climate Change is a scam. It’s about controlling the money flow and people.


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