Democrats exodus the House



Being in the majority is not all it’s cracked up to be. We’ve been counting. More than one third of the House Democrats will turn over this year:

Sam Kito, Dean Westlake, Zach Fansler, Les Gara, Dave Guttenberg, Justin Parish are all being replaced, (Westlake, Fansler, and Parish all got sideways with women and were forced out)

We’re still waiting to see if Chris Tuck and Harriet Drummond join the exodus, which would bring it to just one shy of half of the Democrats heading to greener pastures.

BREAKING: John Lincoln has told some people he’s not going to run for the District 40 seat that he was appointed to after the disastrous one year of butt-grabbing Rep. Dean Westlake.

Lincoln has, however, filed for that seat.

Will the Republicans be able to field sterling candidate Tiffany Scott (Sheldon)of Kotzebue? She was just appointed by the governor to the Board of Education and was a delegate to the Alaska Republican State Convention. Hmmm … Inquiring minds want to know.



MORE BREAKING: With Les Gara dropping out of the Alaska House, and Elias Rojas already filed to run, another Democrat has joined the fray.

Zach Fields announced he is running for the District 20 seat. He has lined up the big name support of Mark Begich, Vic Fischer, Les Gara, Vince Beltrami, Leslie Ridle, Heidi Drygas, Joelle Hall, Joey Merrick, and Laborers Local 341. Also, he claims Jane Anvik, Kay Brown, Bill Wielechowski, Hollis French and Kevin McGee in his camp.

Fields works for Laborers Local 341; previously he worked for the Department of Labor and was the communications director for the Alaska Democratic Party. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in economics. He is a take-no-prisoners partisan, and has been the Democrats’ reliable attack dog for several cycles. Many had speculated he would be leaving to work on a Mark Begich campaign, but it appears it’s his own.

Rojas checks the diversity box, but evidently that’s not going to be enough for the party faithful. They’ve lined up for the East Coast white guy.


  1. Wait a minute! I thought Parish is leaving because he had been on a two year quest to find a better man (than he is), and finally found him. What’s this about sex being involved? One wouldn’t expect it would take two years to find a better man than Parish, even in Juneau, but he confined the search to the Triangle Club and the Viking Lounge.

  2. Lined up behind “the east coast white guy” ?? What an unnecessary, snarky, racist slam. There are plenty of originally east coasters in the AK legislature on both sides of the aisle. Your comment typifies and perpetuates the nasty divisiveness in these days of Trump and his enabling GOP.

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