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Monday, September 20, 2021
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Democrats define their top target for 2020 election

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The Alaska Center for the Environment, a group of Democrats who work to upend Republican lawmakers, has defined its main target for the 2020 campaign cycle: Republican Rep. Sara Rasmussen, House District 22, South Anchorage.

Rasmussen in 2018 took out no-party incumbent Jason Grenn in a district that Grenn won by posing as a conservative, when he ran against former Rep. Liz Vasquez.

After being elected, Grenn organized with the Democrats.

By 2018, Grenn was done. He only received 41 percent of the vote in his district, which is conservative. He has returned to the nonprofit sector and is now trying to do away with the Alaska Republican Party via ballot initiative (Alaskans for Better Elections), to dismantle the primary ballot in Alaska.

In an “independent expenditure” filing with the Alaska Public Offices Commission this week, Rep. Rasmussen was shown to be the Alaska Center’s prime target, but the group has named three others it wants to take out as well: Reps. Mel Gillis of House District 25, Lance Pruitt of House District 27, and Sarah Vance of House District 31.

Some of the usual suspects show up on the list of deputy treasurers for the campaign against these four Republicans, and the AFL-CIO shows prominently with labor leaders Vince Beltrami, Joey Merrick, Jake Metcalfe, and a man who has called for violence against Republicans, Brandon Fifer.

[Read: Who is Devilsmile and why does he promote violence?]

The kind of tactics that Fifer promotes are a step beyond what the Left took last year, when they published the private home phone number of Rasmussen and sent protesters to her door during evening hours when she was tucking her children into bed, all because of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s budget.

Now that she’s entering her first re-election cycle, it appears the union bosses are going after her. Why? Rasmussen is young, smart, informed, good-hearted, and hardworking — just the kind of Republican that Democrats want to remove now, rather than wait for her to become all those things, plus experienced.

It’s clear that a Republican like Rasmussen represents a threat to the Democrats, and they’re willing to spend money this cycle to stop her.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • To me, the saddest thing about Democrats is their lack of belief in themselves and their message. Instead of working to win the hearts and minds of the voters, they work to eliminate the opposing viewpoint. Even they don’t have confidence in their ideas, but they want power so badly that getting rid of competition is their only mode of operation. Sad.

    • That’s because they don’t have a message or a platform to stand on unless you call chaos, mudslinging and downright character assassination there everyday genre of politics. How can you run on let’s spend like there’s no tomorrow, let’s kill all the babies that we want to to keep the PFD high, and also let’s invite all the drug dealers and rapists to town to properly greet our tourist. What they should say is along with your trip to Anchorage enjoy free ride to the midtown Walmart parking lot for your viewing pleasure welcome to Alaska.

  • Perhaps I shouldn’t be giving them ideas, but I’m surprised no one has attacked her because her grandfather is Don Smith, considering how the left reviled him for the better part of three or four decades.

  • One of our strongest TEAM players! I stand alongside Sara for her integrity and honor. She speaks on behalf of her neighborhood and stands strong on conservative values. Sara is a winner in so many ways and I am honored to call her my friend and loyal colleague. Representative Rasmussen is a fighter and I stand with her to fight the good fight….so I say bring it on 🙂

    • Laddie,
      Why must all of politics be a “fight”?
      Is there No leadership left in America that knows how to work together and bring people together with Unity?
      Are there No issues left that reach across party lines?
      I for One can think of many issues which affect us all regardless of which side of the aisle you wind up at the end of the day…
      Sadly, all I see is partisan bickering with nothing getting accomplished for the people of this great state.
      I guess when U live in a country that is in constant foreign wars, then conflict is always at home as well?

      • Here we go again a snowflake picking on Shaw. Well he’s in a fight because the left have no gamesmanship all they know is how to pick a fight and we know how to finish them.

      • We’re in the midst of what is by all definitions a revolution. In my 75 years I’ve never seen the country so divided. Trump is hated by the left because of his conservative ideals and they will stop at nothing to get rid of him. Our previously trusted areas of government like the FBI cannot be trusted anymore it seems. Trump is a great threat to the left, who morn Clintons loss to Trump. We dodged a bullet. The Clintons are among the most devious, corrupt and evil people in our recent history, yet there are those who lament and can’t get past her loss to Trump. When the Clintons left the whitehouse they took with them historic treasures that belonged to us, and had to be confronted to return them. That’s the kind of people they are. Our current Governor is another threat to the liberals who never saw a tax they didn’t like and somehow defend our out of control state spending. They love big liberal government. So like with Trump, their tactic is to attempt to impeach. Its a waste of time and resources and disrupts good government. Liberal democrats are a threat to good government.

        • Trump is not hated for his conservative ideas but because he is almost inhuman. Surely some consider him evil but none of that is why he is being impeached, of course. High crimes and misdemeanors.
          Just my opinion.

          • No crimes, Carp, no misdemeanors…just TDS. Quit living off Dem talking points.

          • An inhumanely great president! MAGA!

          • Boy, talk about drivel Kerry!

      • That has been thrown out the window by the Left. Fight Fire with Fire. I stand behind Laddie Shaw in his analogy of fighting the leftist cultist in this State and Nation.

        • She beat the liberal union thugs and their liberal tool liar-puppet trying to raise taxes and catch-and-release criminals and let the homeless get drunk and drugged all over town.

      • Drivel!

  • Well these 4 will need your support it’s Christmas …shower them with green.. Cash, do this by Dec, and again in January.

    Contact these 4send them a thank you with a Christmas card and a check!
    The unions have the the money to take each of these people out. These four have had your back while under attack show the that they have not wasted their time and talents!

  • Maybe it’s time conservatives started to think the ends justifies the means. Fight fire with fire. Get down in the sewer with them. Take the low road. Bird dog and harass em at home and at work. Become hypocrites. Do the same thing they are doing but play the victim. Not really but sometimes I wonder whey they can’t see their own house is on fire when they are throwing matches at our house.

    • Jack, you mean to say that conservatives have been taking the high road this whole time? Like Republicans have never targeted Democrats? I mean, since Republicans have largely maintained full control of the Alaska government, it hasn’t been as much of an issue taking back seats they already have. But to say they have taken the high road thus far is hilarious. Love the jokes. Keep em coming.

  • Joni, well said and near exactly what I have pondered for years. One further consideration: it is likely there are Democrats who lament the takeover of their party by the militants. So, no, Jack, let’s not descend into the low road, but instead do the hard work of supporting (cash, time, shoe-leather) rational candidates of both stripes while continuing to call out the Alinsky-ites of both parties (and any independents) that are willing to “just this once for a good cause” pour acid on the fabric of civil society.

  • Sarah Vance needs our support. The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District has already thrown their support behind Paul Seaton by presenting him with a Golden Apple award at the September school board meeting. (An award for WHAT you might ask??! For money, of course, and for wanting to force everyone to ingest vitamin D through their municipal drinking water.) Disgusting.

    Read it for yourself.

    Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
    The Honorable Paul Seaton, Alaska House of Representatives
    Golden Apple Award | September 9, 2019

    Golden Apple nominator Sean Dusek said, “It is with great pleasure that I nominate Paul Seaton for a Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Golden Apple Award for his tireless support of public education in Alaska.” The Honorable Paul Seaton, Alaska House of Representatives, is a long-time Kenai Peninsula Borough resident, a successful businessperson, and public servant. He served as a leader in the Homer community before serving as a State Representative from 2003-2018. His time in the State House of Representatives culminated as the House Finance Co-Chair where he led Alaska in its strong support of public education during a critical time in the history of this state.

    Representative Seaton took great risk to do what was right and serve all Alaskans, especially those who could not necessarily speak for themselves—our children. Former Superintendent of Schools Dusek said, “He protected public education throughout his legislative career and consistently expected better results, innovative practices, and a high return on investment. By championing adequate funding with high expectations, our district worked hard to deliver, and I believe he is quite proud of our results, current students, and graduates. With his leadership, personal technology has engaged students from Chapman to Nanwalek. Data shows this engagement led to higher student achievement as well as increased attendance.”

    Representative Seaton made a tremendous difference in the lives of the students in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. He championed a healthy life style—especially with Vitamin D, a safe and supportive school environment, an engaging and innovative instructional environment, and a fully funded public school system. This has made the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District one of the best districts in Alaska and we thank him for all he has done and hope he continues to be actively engaged with our schools.

    The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education is proud to recognize the Honorable Paul Seaton, Alaska House of Representatives, for his dedication to the students of the school district, past, present, and future.


    • Seaton’s most prolific skill is spending other peoples’ money on less than necessary items. Doing such a great job with the Kenai borough schools is not all that apparent. Kenai borough school students score abysmally low in proficiency tests. The teachers complain about “not enough other peoples’ money”, even though they are the culprits dumbing down our kids. The kids are plenty smart enough. The teaching is lacking. The leftist dogma/agenda is in full swing in the Kenai borough schools. Remember, just a few months ago, the Kenai borough teachers were going to strike until they blackmailed their way to more over payment. They included using the kids as political pawns to prop up their demands for more of other peoples’ money for themselves. They could care less about how their actions would affect students as long as they got what they demanded. How about the “teacher” in Homer sending her class out for leftist activities instead of teaching them, according to her “job” requirements? I know, personally, of one class where a student scored 100% on a test. On the test grade, the child received a ‘C’. When asked why, the “teacher” told the student that the test scores had been “averaged”, so none of the students felt bad. Maybe the “teachers” pay should be averaged to the median income of Alaskans.
      Sarah Vance is outstanding. If we had more representation like hers, maybe the situation could be turned around on the leftists.
      Here it comes again. Conservatives all need to vote. That’s how we fix it.

  • brandon fifer is promoting violence ?
    to secure his political ideology ?
    yo brandon place a black scarf around your face so we dont know who you are.

  • We should all be supporting her campaign.

  • Speaking of deseaton Seaton, his old campaign website for reelection had his “4 Pillars” of his tax plan for the state budget. Not sure how many voters looked at it, but it was 6 pillars short of the 10 planks communist manifesto. They sure underestimated Rep Sarah Vance, the home schooler. She smoked Dear Paul at the polls, and I think they are still crying. Think ill send Rep Vance some more money.

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