Democrat senator bullies Sullivan to wear his mask when at microphone


The mask-shamers are out in full force in the nation’s capital, now that the Senate is back in session. One of them ran into the buzzsaw that is Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan on Monday.

Sullivan was presiding over the Senate when Sen. Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat, was winding up to disparage a Trump nominee he doesn’t like. But he began his remarks by criticizing the presiding officer’s lack of face attire.

“I start by asking the presiding officer to wear a mask,” Brown said to Sullivan.

“I don’t wear a mask when I’m speaking,” Sullivan interrupted. “And I don’t need your instruction.”

The mask that Sullivan usually wears was in his hand in front of him when Brown asked him to put it on. It was a display of public bullying on Brown’s part, something not usually seen on the Senate floor, where decorum is valued.

In Congress, lawmakers almost always remove their masks when they are at a microphone. But just as many of them don’t handle their masks properly. Brown is an example of poor mask hygiene. While he was pacing and speaking during his several minutes at the microphone, he kept his mask on but repeatedly handled it and put his hand alongside the edge where his breath was ventilating, as he lectured Sen. Sullivan about not having his mask on his face.

The irony is that Sullivan wears a mask in public wherever possible and only removes it for limited periods of time, mainly when at a microphone or when he needs to be heard.

Brown, fiddling with his mask, continued complaining about having to be in Washington, D.C.:

“We have a majority leader who calls us back here to vote on an unqualified nominee and, at the same time, to vote for judge after judge after judge, exposing all the people who can’t say anything … and expose all the staff here. The majority leader just doesn’t seem to care.”

After Brown’s speech, Sullivan took off his mask, adjourned the Senate, and then put his mask back on.


  1. Senator Brown should just resign if the going is to tough for him….he would not be missed and his record of counter=productivity is second to few other democrats in the Senate….

    • That’s ridiculous. The air we all breathe is a shared resource and no one – not even this bozo from Alaska – gets to pollute it.
      Sherrod Brown has accomplished much here in Ohio…. and I say that as a lifelong conservative Republican.

      • Get a life, Haller. Public shaming of a US Senator during a hearing is juvenile and a rookie move. Sullivan should have extended his middle digit to Brown. And I say that as a life-long conservative Republican.

      • Well your senator can go to his room and have a fit. We don’t care about your Ohio bully’s. I will not wear a mask today so I can pollute your air. Do not drive your car or heat your house because you’re polluting my air.

      • Maybe you should…Move to Ohio & Breathe the same air…And see how you like being told what to do….considering you’re a lifelong conservative Republican….I’m sure you’ll appreciate the Ohio weather while you’re at it….

      • Prove to me how not having his mask made the air polluted. Since coronavirus is not prevented from even an n95 mask. That would explain that the air, if to have any virus pollution, would have it regardless. That’s just kind of the facts

      • That’s intellectually incoherent. He was at his seat, at his microphone, six feet from anyone else, and was speaking at the time. There is essentially zero statistical risk to anyone of “pollution” in that circumstance.

        Grow up.

      • Rigid and grossly simplistic democratic talking point, as if If there aren’t numerous inherent international, national, social, and personal behavioral qualifiers and conditions that all but negate that “argument”.

        • As if there aren’t numerous inherent international, national, social, and personal behavioral qualifiers and conditions negatively affecting the lives of millions every year.

      • Math is hard, isn’t it?
        We have known all along that those numbers are bogus, and inflated for political purposes.
        The CDC finally admitted the truth weeks ago…….that only 6% of the fatalities reported as being caused by Covid, were actually from the Covid itself.
        They finally admitted that the other 94% were deaths from other other causes, but that the deceased had a positive test for the Covid, but died from other causes.

      • Over 600,000 DEAD from heart disease, is that not enough for you? Where is the outrage, the bans on everything bad that causes this public health emergency?

      • “In another glaring example of left-wing hypocrisy, Sen. Dianne Feinstein was caught on video Tuesday not wearing a mask or social distancing while speaking to what appeared to be an aide in a Capitol Hill hallway.” And I found this one: “This is not the first time that Feinstein has apparently broken her own rules about masks. In September, the California Democrat was captured on camera walking at Dulles International Airport without a mask.” Just a couple of stories found in news outlets in a few minutes. And don’t forget Nancy at the beauty salon. So I guess 250 k is not enough for them.

    • Because your idiot of a Senator can’t use common sense? I don’t think so… maybe it’s time for him to head back up North until he can behave in public.

      • Catherine, refrain from calling people names, if you can, because you talk to people n that way, and if we talk to you in the manner you do, we will assume you also liked to be called an “idiot,” and a “bozo,” please try to engage in something meaningful instead of poo-writing on everyone’s post. ~Good day to you.

      • Another one lost her mind due to lack of oxygen into her brain! She sounds just like Sherrod Brown! she is gasping for breath, someone save her life and rip her mask from her face before she suffocates!

      • Why don’t you take a seat in the back of the bus and quit the name calling. No wonder Ohio is such a small state. No common sense. I will bet I can find hundreds of people in your little state without masks.

      • “This is idiotic. @SherrodBrown is being a complete ass,” Cruz tweeted. “He wears a mask to speak — when nobody is remotely near him — as an ostentatious sign of fake virtue.”

        “@DanSullivan_AK was over 50 feet away, presiding. Last I checked 50 feet is more than 6 feet,” Cruz added. Additionally, according to The Washington Post, “Sullivan wore his mask while Brown addressed the floor, but took it off again after Brown was done to adjourn the Senate.”

  2. Masking is a crying shame. The masks don’t work against the virus, as anyone who has done the research well knows. Doctors know this. It is like being politically correct. Those in control don’t want the so-called pandemic to end, even though it’s over. With mass testing and contact tracing part of the protocol, they know they can continue this harassment and the lockdowns indefinitely. Too bad he put the damn thing back on!

  3. If Sen. Sherrod Brown doesn’t want to be in DC then he should resign immediately and let someone who wishes to serve the good people of Ohio.

    • Agreed. Regardless of how you feel about mask wearing, this guy decided to throw an immature fit because he was asked to do his job.

  4. Curious how a person allegedly in Ohio manages to find an Alaskan political blog most people here have never heard of. Also curious how same person makes this discovery the same day Sen Sullivan takes Sen Brown to the woodshed for his childish behavior.

  5. It’s like we are in a zombie movie and we have barred ourselves in a mall thinking the zombies will eventually go away. Now it’s been 9 months and literally food supplies are running low and there is this group of power hungry people that say they have a radio and say constantly that help is coming hopefully and we just need to wait and wait and we need to realize this is going to be our new home maybe forever and we should use this opportunity to build the mall the way the radio monitors want it and have always wanted it. This is somehow good news for everyone that agrees. Then there are the ones that have never seen eye to eye with the ego tripping guys who say they have a radio and have had enough. But the rest of the people are so caught up in fear and rationalizing the fear and have invested too much of their integrity on listening to the guys with the radio that they need shame and lynch anyone that wants to finally go out and take on the zombies.

  6. The whole mask thing is completely discounted in a CDC 2015 paper, and I find it humorous that otherwise seemingly rational people believe the mask is a talisman to evade the virus. What a load of crap.

  7. Hilarious… you can’t make this stuff up.
    On November 15, “Senator Reinbold mixes it up with Alaska Airlines over onboard mask policy”.
    The MRAK panel of judges awards Senator Reinbold 0, Alaska Airlines 1.
    On November 16, “Democrat senator bullies Sullivan to wear his mask when at microphone”.
    The MRAK panel of judges awards Democrat senator 0, Senator Sullivan 1.
    Go figure.

  8. A bit off topic but still related…If as many have died of covid-flu as is being demanded about of our time and attention to, why in everyone’s obituary section of their local newspapers only appear your average death numbers one sees in their communities and yet not anywhere near a devastating increase that would be required to make it ABUNDANTLY clear that we have a problem on the level that is being insisted upon by those mimicking what’s been said. It has also been abundantly noted by most that at this point the “professionals” are lacking in their communication with the general public about the virus itself and instead of empowering the people with knowledge, they scare them into submission with a “shot” to cure all that ails (yet still tells you after the shot you will need a mask). Nobody I have physically talked to is interested in masking the problem…we want to know just as loudly in public WHAT have they discovered. What other genetic signatures does it have that connects it with other flu viruses. What have they discovered about incubation period. Who was the first person to “discover” it? Does it effect men differently than woman? What were the reasons for having such experimentation of the virus to begin with…let alone not calculate its devastation if it “got out.”
    These are the questions well informed people need answers to so that one may make an informed decision for their own personal life and being demanded by strangers to “Mask UP!” Isn’t an actual solution, its only an obvious band-aid stretched across the faces of those who still have no honest answers.

  9. I see Dementia Joe speaking without a mask all the time. Of course it doesn’t make him anymore coherent! Just sayin.

  10. The effects wearing a mask is finally being revealed how wearing it has deprived oxygen from wearers brain cells. They lost their minds! Take off the mask to restore oxygen to your carbon dioxide filled brain!
    Listen carefully as Sherrod Brown is gasping for breath. Listen carefully to anyone these days as they are gasping for breath during talking.

    • Interesting, doctors can wear a mask virtually all day and still seem to have more brain cells than most. Interesting many others who need to are wearing a mask all day and seem just fine. Perhaps if your health is so bad that wearing a mask is unbearable you should exercise a bit more.

  11. And the American people didnt vote for “Biden Stability,” whatever that word means to a democrat. American people voted to put America First in the world. The majority came out and voted for Trump!

  12. According to the CDC in 2020 1.8 MILLION American Citizens will diagnosed with some form of cancer over 600,000 will not survive. Do the math people we are being played. The virus has has a vaccine on the way. Cancer does not have a vaccine but we have spent billions trying to find a cure. Big Parma and so called scientists have not been able to figure how to prevent cancer. The one thing they did figure out is How to put a warning label on everything saying this could be cancer causing. More people will be affected by someone dying from cancer than someone dying from the virus. We followed the rules and wore our masks lowered the curve and continue to do so and all of a sudden during cold and flu season we jump from single Positive tests to triple digit positive tests. Does not make sense. Open your eyes we are being played.

  13. Sherrod Brown & other Ohioans of this ilk caused me to leave Ohio over 1/2 century ago.

    Sen. Dan Sullivan gave the puke what he deserved.

    At times I am embarrassed to admit I was born in Ohio & my kin were the first settlers of the Firelands.

  14. Wear a mask, it’s as simple as that. Stop with the bullying terms, it’s getting old. It’s flagrant disrespect. People and hospitals are overwhelmed.

    • You left out quit getting close to people and stay away from crowds and don’t going anywhere you really don’t need to go stay home. Wash your hands have everything delivered to you do without. People are not going to comply and that’s the problem. If Alaska shut down for 2 weeks and we found and quarantined all the infected people and anybody coming into the state had a mandatory quarantine period we could get back to so normalcy.

    • Right. The hospitals are overwhelmed because senators take off their mask when speaking. I heard there is a senator responsible for 45% of the people in the icu nationwide because he took a drink of coffee and then proceeded to talk for a few seconds before putting back on his mask. This caused all of his voters to think that is ok to never wear a mask!

      This grand standing would pair well with a cheap imitation cheese. The term “mask-shamers” is a very valid term. Or do you think there’s no limit to how much shame should be dished our for the most trivial thing? I noticed Brown was wearing double masks. Once we get every single person to militantly wear masks, is that next? “He’s not wearing double masks like me! He doesn’t care about the lives of anyone in this room! Just put on another mask. How hard is it!”

    • Wear a mask –if you wish– …even simpler.
      Might be helpful to remember respect is earned, not given.
      Tough concept… not everyone can grasp bullying is Antifa and Black Lives Matter criminals assaulting Trump supporters, burning cities, and killing policemen… but one learns or one is simply left behind, ignored, and you deserve better, yes?
      We’ve no idea what overwhelms Americans, because it’s not happened yet.
      We’ve no idea what overwhelms American hospitals because it’s not happened yet. .
      We know America has its share of social masochists desperate for fake news media and unelected bureaucrats to control their lives after their parents got too old to do care for their every need.
      Optional… good. Required… bad.
      Simple… yes?

  15. I watched the video and thought, man this is a preview of 2021.
    I fully support Dan Sullivan and feel the democrats have gone way too far in limiting our personal freedom.
    Justin Trudeau is already speaking that “COVID will usher in the great re-set” in Canada.
    Americans should not give up one inch of their Liberty that our forefathers and grandfathers fought for in war after war.
    My grandfather who fought in WW2 against Nazi Germany always told me “Do not give up any of your rights, because once they are gone…they will never return.”

    • Yes comrade, but they broke the mold on lots of those baby boomers back then, if liberals and snowflakes and progressives were running the show we’d all be speaking Japanese or German. Younglings nowadays have had it too easy, never had to truly work for anything or be fearful of anything. Living in Mom and Dad’s basement until they’re 35. Actually they don’t have a clue on what built this country and what defended this country from evil.

    • So true. This is very obvious to many and then there are the rest that think somehow humans have evolved to never do anything bad like the past, as long as they take part in the great divine orthodoxy that is in Hollywood, morning talk shows, and Washington DC, the holiest of places full of integrity and wisdom.

  16. 6 months ago my doctor daughter told me two things were going to happen with the China Flu.
    1.In the fall and early winter there will be an increase in China Flu cases. The traditional period of the year for the Cold and Flu season.
    2. China flu will end with a Vaccine.
    Both appear to be playing out.
    Not sure if lambasting someone for choosing not to speak with a mask helps the already tense atmosphere.
    There are to many examples of Dems and Rebs speaking with out a mask in the Senate, watching it on TV as I am writing.
    Wantabe Alaskan, fake Ohio “Holler” you betcha what ever you say. Go climb back under you rock and stay out of Alaska politics.

  17. Did anyone notice that Sen. Sherrod Brown from Ohio apparently was actually wearing two masks? No wonder!! The lack of oxygen would make anyone cranky. What a strange little man…….

    Lately I only see little bullies hiding behind their masks, sanctimoniously admonishing those of us with a free thought. Three cheers for Senator Sullivan.

    We have had hunker-downs, lock-downs, business closures and mask mandates and have not really made a dent into this virus. We however discovered that most people are asymptomatic or only have a mild disease process. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  18. Lets see…….. first its the mask, then the President, the majority leader, nominating judges, exposure and on and on.

    Hey Catherine, your liberal senator isn’t just upset about masks. It’s everything until all of us Republicans are gone! But you won’t have to worry about it! Anger is the evidence of being a liberal.

  19. The mask is the Burka for non Muslims. Must be worn by men and women alike anytime you venture outside your home. Soon an escort will be needed and you will probably need some type of tattoo or mark to show you have taken the vaccine. It’s coming, guarantee it!

  20. Quite frankly, there is little evidence that masks help much in keeping the virus at check. Maybe a little bit, but probably not enough to be a deal maker. Also, there is little evidence, basically none, that all this decontaminizing and hand washing is helping with the coronavirus. Other stuff, fecal/oral transmission, yes, but don’t think about that too much or you’ll never go out.
    We do know that three things help reduce transmission; distancing distancing, and distancing. We also know what to avoid when going out, anywhere. They are crowds, closed spaces, and close contact. It’s simple, practice the three Ds and avoid the three Cs.
    I may be simple, but it isn’t easy. If you are looking for easy in a mask or in hand washing or wiping down your mail, you’re probably going to be disappointed. If you deny the virus exists or is a problem, you are almost certainly going to disappointed, unless you are lucky enough to practice the three Cs and Ds inadvertently in your daily life.

  21. Congratulations Suzanne you have reached all the way to Ohio.

    Catherine Heller the “longtime conservative Republican” is defending a life long angry liberal Senator.

    Too Much

  22. Prove to me how not having his mask made the air polluted. Since coronavirus is not prevented from even an n95 mask. That would explain that the air, if to have any virus pollution, would have it regardless. That’s just kind of the facts

  23. It’s staggering to think how much we really have two realities we live in now.

    Even more staggering to think, there is a reality people live in where this Sherrod guy, isn’t an obnoxious virtue signaling ass!

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