Demboski vs the Anchorage Press – who’s right?



A recent front page of the Anchorage Press had a prominent illustration of sexual bondage, and talk show host Amy Demboski asked her friends on Facebook if putting that cover at eye level for children in the entry of Three Bear Market in Birchwood (and presumably elsewhere in the Valley) was really a good idea.

Three Bear management removed the offensive papers as soon as it was alerted to the problem (they follow social media), and Demboski took the post down from her Facebook feed and let readers know that the store was very responsive to the matter. She was gracious.

But then the Anchorage Press escalated the matter.

Frontiersman and Anchorage Press Publisher Dennis Anderson posted a long complaining editorial in the Anchorage Press  about Demboski, saying she could have just talked to management of the store, rather than taking her complaints public. After all, that’s the way to handle complaints, he said, seemingly unaware that he was doing exactly what he accused her of doing — taking his complaint into the public arena.

Anderson evidently missed the point that Demboski was trying to make, and he was awkwardly defending the coarsening of culture and the effect it has on all of our children.

He didn’t stop there. Anderson went after Facebook commenters, too:

“One commenter on Demboski’s Facebook page in reference to the risqué photo stated that parents shouldn’t have to explain that photo to their children. For starters, I doubt that a child heading into a store would have anything else on their minds except, “I wonder what mommy is going to buy me?” I doubt they would want an explanation about a photo on a newspaper or a poster with a photo of an assault rifle. But using children to make your point is always a shrewd tactic.”

And then he quoted the Bible.

In this era of epidemic sexual assault against women, we ask readers:

Who’s right? In this skirmish between Amy Demboski and the Anchorage Press publisher, do you have an opinion? Comment below or send your thoughts to [email protected]


  1. “Who’s right?”

    Demboski is, an so are you, Suzanne, with this line… “coarsening of culture and the effect it has on all of our children.”

    There was no excuse for putting that bondage pic at eye level for children, at the entrance to a grocery store.
    Good on 3-Bears for a quick response.

    And Anderson’s response to Demboski’s Facebook post was beyond pathetic. Children are very observant, and quick to question their parents about things they see. Saying that kids wouldn’t even notice that pic as they walk past it, was a stupid response from Anderson.

  2. If we are to survive as a nation we need to have a foundational standard of culture and morals, otherwise we are done. We are at the point where we are separate factions of people fighting over the scraps of a morally and financially bankrupt nation.

  3. I believe in free speech 100%, but that doesn’t mean we have to agree with the content.
    Amy is correct, it should not be displayed where people (including myself) are forced to see it.

    WTG Three Bears!

  4. My kids are very observant, they’d see it and prob. ask what it is. Ridiculous to put that out where children pass by. Perverts.

  5. Thank you 3 Bears for removing it. I suggest this type of media isn’t good for anyone, regardless of age. With all the competing options out there for my shopping dollars, I definitely prefer the stores demonstrating by their actions and not just their rhetoric that they take this seriously.

  6. Amy Demboski is right. She called out publicly those who publicly put kids at risk – and it is risk to subject kids to deviant behavior. The Anchorage Press is employing their old selfish nature to put themselves at the forefront when they should have shut up. They did exactly what their slimy nature tempted them to do; they did what they said Demboski should not have done, public comment. In a backwards way, they’re defending wrong when they should be condemning it and condemning right when they should be defending it. Yes; thank you Three Bears for removing it.

  7. Sorry, Dennis, your lack of morals does not need to be imposed on innocent children and naive young people. Thanks Amy

  8. Thank you Amy…amd Thank you 3 Bears…kids would see that in a heartbeat….morals are hard to keep in this world even if you are taught at a young age…that garbage is everywhere…an the press doesn’t help by putting it right out front !!!

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