Defense Sec. Austin pens letter to Dunleavy: National Guard members must be vaccinated


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin penned an identical letter to seven governors, including Gov. Mike Dunleavy of Alaska, saying that their states’ Army and Air National Guard members are subject to the Defense Department’s to mandatory Covid-19 vaccine, or they will lose their Guard status.

Austin, ignoring the Dunleavy lawsuit against the Department of Defense and Biden Administration, wrote that the virus “takes our Service members out of the fight, temporarily or permanently, and jeopardizes our ability to meet mission requirements.”

The Associated Press obtained copies of the letters, which have not been publicly released, but were reportedly sent to the governors of Texas, Wyoming, Mississippi, Iowa, Nebraska, Alaska and Idaho.

Dunleavy and Abbott contend the unconstitutional vaccine mandate usurps state sovereignty and illegally undermines their authorities as commanders of state National Guard units.

“Our Alaska National Guard has recently responded to winter storm disasters in Yakutat, the Interior, and the Mat-Su. What happens in the next disaster if Guard members can’t be activated because they chose not to get a federally-mandated COVID vaccine?” said Gov. Dunleavy last week. “Protecting the freedom and liberty of National Guard members has fallen on responsible governors. The federal government has no authority to make health decisions for National Guard members who are at work under state authority. I pledge to protect that medical freedom and to challenge the trampling of our state’s rights under the 10th Amendment.”

The Alaska Constitution states that the governor is the “commander-in-chief” of the armed forces of the State, and it empowers the governor to order Guard members into active State duty.

The Department of Defense demand to members of the Alaska Army National Guard and Alaska Air National Guard is an improper assertion of federal authority, the Dunleavy-Abbott lawsuit maintains. Because the National Guard has not been placed into federal service, authority over the Guard falls to the states’ governors. The Pentagon has no legal authority to dictate actions or discipline against state Guard members, the complaint states.

“This is not a case demanding a position of pro- or anti-vaccine, nor is it a case that challenges any aspect of the federal government’s authority over National Guardsmen once federal authority has been properly established,” the lawsuit states. Rather, the Constitution is clear about the National Guard’s dual role of service to the United States and as a state militia. When not in federal service, authority to command the National Guard rests with state governors.

In August 2021, the Secretary of Defense ordered all military members, including the Guard, to take COVID-19 shots. In November, the Secretary directed the Department of Defense to withhold salaries of unvaccinated, non-federalized, Guard members or deprive them of credit for drills and training.


    • Hard to argue that, since they’re preventing death and serious illness in reality. Which is what vaccines are supposed to do. Where is your research being conducted?

      • Easy to say no John you really need to look at all the information not just CNN. Lots of reasons not to get the shot also. Lots of research showing the bad effects of the jab. Nobody should be forced the put something into their body. If you believe different then I have something you should inject into yourself trust me.

        • What information are you looking at? The kind of false information that shows vaccines are harmful? That;s your problem.

          • John, even your own lame stream media verifies everything you’ve called false information or conspiracy theory, proving time and time again that our “conspiracy theories” are now just spoiler alerts. Ive seen you publicly balk at official CDC data AND your messiah Fuaci. Hard to have any meaningful correspondence with you when you talk in circles, continually go against the science, and invent your own personal reality.
            …”That;s your problem.”

        • Another concern is that foreign powers that be have dibs on the shape the US government takes going forward. Many of the big foreign power blocs find inserting themselves into the now duly constituted unique fifty (50) states to be unwieldy and inefficient in order to artfully control from their castles and strongholds from afar. Have they worked to hoodwink Americans to cave in/collapse the independent states by shipping illnesses to frighten and harm local power structures who may receive of travel perks, pleasant entry of students to foreign institutions friendships. DC agents are scattered now and the cohesive bands in support of foreign rule of Americans are given ample opportunity to decorously support such moves as we may be seeing here.

      • “…since they’re preventing death and serious illness in reality. …”
        Prove it.
        Seriously. I am not kidding. Prove it.
        The historical data on this virus is clear. Less than 2% of the people who have tested positive have been hospitalized, and a smaller percentage have died. What makes you so sure that the vaccinated people who get COVID were all going to be part of that 2% who would need hospital care? Please show me something, anything that indicates the vaccinated that test positive would have been hospitalized if not for the vaccine.
        Oh… I know… the symptoms are less because of the vaccine. Really? Given that a large percentage of the people who tested positive had little (or no) symptoms, what makes you think the vaccine is responsible now?
        Seriously, you have nothing but blind faith in this vaccine to support your position.

        • Seriously, who supports you so you can troll the internet and remain so misinformed? Someone must dress and feed you. No way you do it on your own.

          • John, I have observed that CBMTTEK is one of the most intelligent, and best informed, posters in this forum. He (or she) routinely brings facts, and logic, and reason, and eloquence into the discussion here. In all those respects he differs radically fromn you.

      • Respectfully Oldman, do you have anything substantive to contribute?
        Otherwise answer me this: Why did the cases of Covid triple AFTER the introduction of the vaccine? Any other real vaccine one expects at least some immunity to ensue and numbers to go down, but alas numbers exploded after we got the jab.

        • Oldwoman:
          Looking at the wrong yardstick there.
          Cases is meaningless. It simply means someone took a test, and the virus was detected.
          Now, do not get me wrong, I think the vaccine is receiving a lot of credit for things it did not do, and frankly, I think it is useless. But… the virus has mutated to the point it is really easy to catch, but symptoms are extremely mild in the overwhelming majority of cases.
          That means more positive test results. (Cases). But, no additional load on the healthcare system. Curiously, that is also how pretty much every pandemic in history has worked.
          A better measure would be hospitalizations. Which have in fact remained relatively steady, despite the vaccine (and the tripling of positive test results). (Just like every other pandemic does.)

          • You are correct that hospitalizations and death rates, would factually make more sense. However honestly since Oldman made such a non-erudite post, the simpler the better and the explosion of cases more clearly demonstrates the farce of the vaccines.

      • Now that’s a real great scientific intelligent response.

        Why not step up to the plate and “Prove It”. Prove the vaccine works, that it keeps you from getting the virus, keeps you from spreading the virus, and isn’t harmful. Prove the lockdowns worked. Prove the masks worked.

        I’ve had covid three times, according to the tests. I tested three times for anti-bodies, yet no anti-bodies. I’ve had Doctors tell me their PCR tests were infallible and the antibodies test was wrong.
        Bovine Excretion.

        • Look up the John’s Hopkins report that just came out on lock-downs, which determined that lock-downs improved mortality rates by .2%! That’s it!
          Their conclusion is that lock-downs should NOT be considered as a part of any pandemic plan. The MSM and ADN have buried that report.

  1. Tyranny is here folks. All of you killer jab takers, mask wearing sheep, including idiot radio host , you people prefer to follow groups, it’s the division of people thru groups that creates division. More taxation, penalties, stupid fees, multiple layers of government to express grievances.

    • I am pleased with Secretary Austin’s directive. As a taxpayer I do not want to support military members that can’t follow orders.

      • How times have conveniently changed, the ’60’s counter couture hypie-crites are now the military industrialist apologists.
        I sincerely hope you sir were not one of those privileged kids spitting on returning Vietnam veterans, those who were merely DRAFTEES following orders of clowns like WWE Champ Austin.

        • Eric, all the 60’s counter culture (marxist) hippies and their present day acolytes are really in an identity crisis. You see back then they were “fighting the man” and that made them noble in their eyes. Yet today they ARE “the man”. Since they now face great resistance to their ideas, as most people understand how destructive they are, they continue to pretend that they are still on the outside fighting. Obama was a great example. He made policies that made life more miserable for many, but when you heard him speak, he sounded like he just got here and was going to stand up and fight (ironically against the very policies he put in place)

      • Ha ha! Deal with that! I personally don’t want my tax money being used for the support of an agenda for our military which is focused on social justice, CRT, diversity and transgenderism. Not happy to be funding abortions for women who use it for birth control. Don’t like the government using tax money for foreign aid to America-hating countries. Not very happy to be funding the feeding and housing of people who flagrantly disrespect our sovereign border.
        As for Constitutional rights; being forced to have an injection of an experimental drug with many know side-effects violates the right of the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Libs USED to be all for personal freedoms; now they hate the concept. “My body, my choice” was their mantra, but not now.
        The only thing that is consistent about liberals is their inconsistency and hypocrisy.

    • You are dead on. Including radio the radio host. Everybody but one I now who got sick got the shots.
      Just my observation.

    • You realize the vaccines save lives, right? It’s hard to argue tyranny here, when your position is to let people die so you can comfortably live in a fantasy world.

          • You mean the rates that ignore pretty much every other factor that contributes to mortality? Those rates?
            Try looking at the whole story before you make comments sir.

      • John, you realize that the so-called “vaccines” (sic) are killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives, while permanently damaging the immune systems of EVERY sheep who has taken them, right?

        • Hundreds of thousands?
          Amazing the things people chose to believe without a shred of evidence.

          • What is your phd in there John?
            Sorry, but that logical fallacy will not fly here. It is nothing more than an attempt to “close the argument”. Jeff does not have a phd in a medical field, therefore everything he says is to be ignored.
            You post comments on a lot of articles here John. Do you have a phd in political science, medical science, climatology, law, etc…? No….
            Then be careful what you demand from others.

      • Tell that to those kids being sent on the DOD’s latest folly against Russia. What a STUPID comment to say to ANY military member who could be looking up at a hardened Russian soldiers bayonet PDQ.
        The stupidity of the do-gooder left is legion, do you even remember Iraq & Afghanistan. Here you are, bitching about bad squaddies refusing the joke-poke, but willing to follow Brandon to another HELL, and send them into Ukraine for NOTHING. #idiotsoneandall

          • Apart from National Guard members under orders of respective governors. Just announced by Austin himself.

      • John Seymour – Are you dense? Even the CDC has stated many times now that Covid vaccinated individuals can still contract & spread Covid 19 and yes, even be hospitalized if they have comorbidities or are overweight. To mandate vaccines at this stage of the game is insanity, but right now it is all that Beijing Biden has in his toolbox.

  2. That picture again, so cruel. ?
    Begs the question, Is that one of the late André Leon Talley outfits, from his “I look like a proper tool” summer 2020 collection?

  3. This federal overreach has got to be stopped. I pray that all the evil plans to destroy our freedom will be exposed for all the world to see!

  4. The federal government wants to impose sanctions on our national guard personnel who choose not to vaccinate. Just like imposing sanctions on Russia or China. Also, with the threat to remove the guard’s status if we don’t comply, that’s a sanction against the people of Alaska and our governor. And all that with litigation pending. In other words the Feds could care less what Alaskans might think of this or if it’s even really within the law. Do it anyway.

  5. Austin looks like Darth Vader in a suit.
    Or, is it Idi Amin reincarnate. Even the Marines are confused.

  6. No–what jeopardizes military readiness is not being able to run, ruck or respond due to chest pain… The military needs to be fully investigated for allegations of altering vaccine injury statistics. Go to Rumble (NOT youtube) and watch some of the testimony of the panel Rep Jim Jordan chaired.

  7. Perhaps Austin should stick to fondling his book about “White Rage”, and leave Alaskans alone to take care of Alaskans…..

  8. Austin’s sole qualification for the job is completely and entirely evident whether or not he speaks. When he does speak he makes it clear he is not really qualified, no matter what he says. Like Colin Powell, Austin was invented by Tom Clancy and James Earl Jones. Hollywood decided we needed these characters, and weak politicians, Republicans almost as often as Democrats, were happy to go along.

  9. If Dunleavy had a spine or the courage of his convictions (which we all now know he does not), he would tell Fat Vader to go pound sand up an appropriate orifice.

  10. It’s utterly ridiculous there’s still a vax push when the huge spike in deaths correlate to the rise in covid injections, isn’t it? Hasn’t anyone noticed the huge spike in deaths? How can anyone ignore the data, pro vax or not? It’s as if Baghdad Bob is running the show.

  11. One assumes Secretary Austin’s decision has nothing to do with his position on the Tenet Healthcare’s board of directors which, since 2014, has included Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Pfizer’s Chief Medical Officer.

  12. Title 32 does not fall under the purview of the Sec Def. Dunleavy needs to tell him thanks for your advice but I will defer to my Order Vaccination not required. Combat Veteran

  13. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. What a buffoon!
    Sounds to me that depriving select guard members of pay or not acknowledging their service time, is tantamount to discrimination and a violation of their medical privacy and labor laws, as they are not federalized at that time.

  14. It’s pretty clear the state owns the AKANG and AKARNG. This is law. The Secretary of Defense can withhold money from NGB who can then withhold it from the state, but if he had the authority to do what he’s trying to it would have been done by now. This is a continuation of the war that has been going on even before the ink was dry on the constitution. Is America a collection of individual states, or are we all municipalities of Washington?
    This is the reason for the bill of rights,

  15. COVID remains the gift that keeps on giving for petty tyrants and tin pot dictators everywhere.
    And, what is more ridiculous than seeing an otherwise healthy person wearing multiple masks and a face shield? Seriously, does this idiot think someone is going to spit in his eye? Is this what we have running the military?

  16. It’s pretty clear the state owns the AKANG and AKARNG. This is law. The Secretary of Defense can withhold money from NGB who can then withhold it from the state, but if he had the authority to do what he’s trying to it would have been done by now. This is a continuation of the war that has been going on even before the ink was dry on the constitution. Is America a collection of individual states, or are we all municipalities of Washington?
    This is the reason for the bill of rights,
    Electoral college, and a whole host of other things. Funny a government that says the solution to Covid has to come from the states is trying to force this. The state has authority I guess as long as they do what they say? I would expect this reaction from a wanna be Idi Amin. These people live in an alternate reality. They need to wake up and realize if you poke the bear hard enough you’re gonna get bit.

  17. Do you think Austin is that position because of his qualifications ?
    A lean mean fighting machine….
    Not so much.

    Governor! Fire Zink.
    And Anchorage… “let’s go Dunbar “

  18. A picture is worth a thousand words! Frightening how inept this guy and his boss are. I shudder to think of what our military has become in a years time. I have doubts about defense capability, let alone offense.
    DOD report on the health of our young healthy armed forces is devastating, after the covid shot. Can be seen during a senate hearing with Senator Ron Johnson, that happened last week. To continue to push the covid shot is unconscionable.

  19. I hope they all walk away from their posts. No one, NO ONE has the right to force an untested jab (its NOT A VACCINE). This shows how deep the worm hole goes… Its time to stand up for ourselves and say enough!

  20. I don’t think Secretary Austin is “ignoring the Dunleavy lawsuit against the Department of Defense and Biden Administration.” His letter to Texas Gov. Abbott, and presumably his letter to Gov. Dunleavy, does refer to that lawsuit. Secretary Austin just doesn’t agree with Gov. Abbott and Gov. Dunleavy, and, to some extent, resolving disputes like this are what the courts are for.

    • Good observation. It’s more like a turf war. Most all of those end up in the courts. Actually, most everything nowadays ends up in the courts.

  21. Talk about sheeple. If you have to be told what to think and how to live, you deserve the sheering of those that control your life and will be nothing more then the control you are under. You will not stop me from being free and steer me to your BS of controlling me.

  22. And what happens if they get Covid after they are vaccinated? It is the same protocol and many vaccinated, randomly, are getting extremely sick also. It makes no sense. Add also, there are other viruses that can put one out for a week or two. Just so nonsensical.

  23. I am hearing a lot these days of family and friends making prayer requests of persons they know of struggling with weird and sudden health issues that oddily sound its immune system problems or reaction and quite possible covid shot issues. I pray the churches leaders are ready for a revival if more new people come to the doors seeking how to know the lord. .

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