Defense picks 2,000 troops to prepare for deployment to support Israel


U.S. defense officials reportedly selected roughly 2,000 troops to prepare for potential deployment to support Israel in the war against Hamas terrorists, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Defense Department did not say exactly where the troops would be deployed from, but some are already in the Middle East, while others are in Europe. The newspaper reports officials saying that they are not planning to have these troops serve in combat or as ground troops. They are tasked with being advisers, planners, and to provide medical support to Israel.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Friday from Israel that the U.S. would continue to coordinate with Israel as it works to secure the release of hostages taken by Hamas amid the attacks, but made no mention of assigning specific troops. 

Aircraft have been heading to U.S. military bases around the Middle East and special operations forces are now assisting Israel’s military .

For example, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group moved to the Eastern Mediterranean.

“As part of our effort to deter hostile actions against Israel or any efforts toward widening this war following Hamas’s attack on Israel, the Strike Group includes the guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG 58), guided-missile destroyers USS Gravely (DDG 107) and USS Mason (DDG 87), and Carrier Air Wing 3, with nine aircraft squadrons, and embarked headquarters staffs,” Austin said.

The Eisenhower CSG will join the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group, which arrived earlier last week. The Ford CSG includes the USS Normandy, USS Thomas Hudner, USS Ramage, USS Carney, and USS Roosevelt.  Earlier in the week, the U.S. Air Force announced deployment to the region of squadrons of F-15, F-16 and A-10 fighter aircraft.

The first shipment of additional munitions has also already arrived.


  1. 40 coalition nations sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of USA operations.

    Israel did not send a single soldier, even though we give their millitary billions.

    • Think this through. If Israel sent troops into Iraq or Afghanistan it would have throw gas onto a raging fire.

      You’re also assuming there was no behind the scenes assistance.

    • How can you say Israel didn’t send a single soldier. Israel was called up the minute after the first invasion of slaughtering and the decapitating the heads of children. What piece of garbage are you reading..(ADN?) Since all Israelis must serve in their military, they were called up and many were killed.

  2. No. This is not our war.

    It is of note that many who were onto the empire’s need for perpetual war have swallowed hook , line and sinker- not a week after the fire diminished for Ukraine in Congress- the strong possibility for yet another foreign adventure.

    Who benefits from perpetual war?

    • Good comments and question, Micah.

      Of course, it will get you (and now me) labeled as “anti-semites” by the kneejerk neocons who appear to be more loyal towards, and more sympathetic with, a particular Middle Eastern foreign nation than they are with the USA.

      • Don’t pay any mind to name calling from those who do not know you and / or low quality people. They are worth nothing from you. Don’t let them live rent free. Instead love those around you even more.

        “God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.”
        Matthew 5:9

    • I don’t know why you are blaming Biden. Someone from Alaska started it all. Then fled to New York.
      Talk about coming home to roost. Yikes. Literally.

      • brandon gave the green light and funded the attack with $6B through Iran – the timing is obvious. Who are you talking about – “someone from Alaska… then fled to New York”?

  3. Iran has already stated they will not stand for outside forces aiding the attack in Palestine territory.
    How soon before China decides the time is ripe for invading Taiwan.
    Russia will never back down from their goal in Ukraine and Zelinsky will continue panhandling even after every last ukrainian soldier is dead.
    Does anyone else think WW3 is looming in the fog when the entire world is split between siding with Israel and the rest supporting Palestine?
    I am in disbelief we are at this stage less than 3 years into “Grandpa Bloodstains”(borrowed label) term

    • Three years of Grandpa Bloodstains and we’re on the brink of a major war we can’t win.

      This is insane.

    • Let’s do what Iran wants & honor their wishes.
      China will go for Taiwan sooner then later, despite action in Israel
      Did Russia back down from their goal of keeping the USSR intact? I think they did.

  4. Good ……. pound them.
    “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is a call for another Holocaust.

    They will tear this place up w/ their hatred.
    There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world & 48 Muslim majority countries.
    Let them take the refugees. (& Omar & Talibe)

  5. Ukraine doesn’t even make the news anymore. Hmmmm

    Iran will screw something up as usual and in the end they will get crushed too. Neanderthal governments. I will be stunned if all hell doesn’t break loose globally.

  6. The carrier superstructure that sits over the water away from the keel is as large as a football field. And those Carriers with Ticonderoga Class cruisers and destroyers as well as Arleigh Burke Class battle ships as escort is a deadly threat that would make middle eastern terrorists cower and run.
    We can thank Alaska’s Senators for their unwavering support for financing worlds most powerful armed forces.

    • You failed to mention Murkowski’s endless support of Grandpa bloodstains support of Iran through his trading off dangerous criminals and releasing funds that inevitably support hezbollah and hamas.

      Dont forget to “Thank” Murkowski and Grampys big financial support by Sammy”Bankman” Freid with stolen funds which she continues to hide from investigators who are working to recover the loot and return it to their rightful owners. Her support of Biden only enables him in his ongoing and past corruption scam since He was a “freshman” a hundred years ago(if his memory serves him correctly)

  7. One way or another, Biden and the neo-cons will get the US into a shooting war somewhere. The objectives and benefits are vague; the costs – endless.

    • JMARK, I agree about the “endless” costs. Expeditions into S- Hole places like Afghanistan and the Ukraine deplete our munitions, readiness and moral. But the real cost is to the Federal Budget, from all of those Veterans who will be paid disability for the remainder of their lives..
      That is the unaccounted cost.

      As a Nation we should be careful where we deploy our Marine, Soldiers and Sailors. They are a finite resource and should never be wasted on profit motivated conflicts or covering your behind at home in an election year.

  8. Let’s get a Go Me Fund going. Then let’s hire BDO – Forensic Accountants – global services. They can track financial transactions that occurred BEFORE and AFTER these ‘wars’ that seem to pop up…
    I think you will find out that the biggest terrorists, thugs, and thieves are the ‘wonderful’ politicians!
    We can hire a media outlet to put the evidences they find on full blast. Let’s see how that works for them…

  9. It’s amazing as we hear nothing of Hunter Biden scandal. While our govt and administration are playing a high stakes poker game and using subterfuge to distract while creating all these blunders and missteps! Things are so bad now and it’s going to get much worse to distract us from the 2024 election !

  10. I don’t recall the US starting either of the two world wars, but we ended them. I don’t recall Israel starting this mess either, but somebody better end it. Terrorism is evil, and Hamas is evil. Beheading babies and raping women is not war, it is terror, and criminal, the terrorists and criminals need to be dealt with so that innocent people can be safe. If we need to end it, so be it.

  11. This is All because of Biden and his establishment Democrats and Republicans. If America doesn’t get involved today, well! between Hamas, Iran, and Russia they will see to Americans get involved later by force because we personally are attacked. An attack on Isreal is as much as an attack on America.

  12. For reference, as of 2022, there are somewhere around 170,000 US troops stationed in nearly 150 countries.

    54,000 in Japan
    36,000 in Germany
    25,000 in South Korea
    12,000 in Italy
    10,000 in the UK
    7,000 in Guam
    3,700 in Bahrain
    3,000 in Spain
    1,700 in Turkey
    1,600 in Australia
    1,100 in Belgium

    Some people only care about US troop deployment now that they are being sent to the only Jewish majority country in the world.

  13. All this stress is bound to take its toll on old Joe.
    Maybe its time for Kamala to step up the the plate.
    My guess is she would invite All of the world leaders to the white house draped in gay rainbow flags for a drag queen performance that will make them all want to hug and kiss each other and let bygones be bygones.
    80+ million voted for her so she must be capable of settling a little neighborhood skirmish.

  14. Whew! Good thing we didn’t have a similar strategy in Vietnam. Meanwhile, would someone please stop the multitude of fighting-aged terrorists from entering the US across our open border? Thanks.

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