A ‘deeply frustrated’ publisher looking for a printer



In November, 2016, Alaskans were invited by Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott to contribute a brief essay to “150 Reasons We Love Alaska,” a publication to be distributed in early 2017 during Alaska’s sesquicentennial year.

The project was part of the Alaska Historical Society. Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott chairs the Alaska Historical Commission. Peter Metcalfe, a media expert in Juneau, was overseeing publication of the book.

According to the Historical Society, Alaskans’ “thoughts about Alaska music, art, books, science, food, relationships, adventures are welcomed; whatever describes who we are as Alaskans and what we want to be.”

The book was to modeled on the cover story of Time Magazine from 2016 — “240 Reasons to Celebrate America.” 

Coordinated by Mallott, the Alaska Dispatch News in Anchorage would publish and distribute the book that would include all the contributions.

But now, the bottom has fallen out of the project: Contributors recently learned that the Dispatch had withdrawn. The note to writers follows:

From: “Peter Metcalfe” 

To: “Peter Metcalfe”

Subject: 150 Reasons We Love Alaska


This email  blast is to everyone who contributed to this publication. 

The attached is the publication as it was close to completed three weeks ago when we received word from Alaska Dispatch News that for reasons due to printing plant issues the company is unable to contribute the printing as previously offered. 

[You will note the unfinished numbering — once that is in place we’ll have precisely 150 reasons.]

I had hoped that by now we would have found  a simple resolution, but that is not the case. 

I am now approaching other publishers to accept the project. The fall-back position is to get a distribution offer and then raise the funds to self-publish. We have potential contributors that make self-publishing a viable option.

This is deeply frustrating… every one of you took the time to make your creative contributions, and I’ve put in uncounted hours in hopes of providing a collective expression of our love of Alaska.

Please stand by. I am determined to see this project through to printing and distribution in advance of Alaska Day, October 18.

Any ideas you have, feel free to share.


Peter Metcalfe

Metcalfe Communications Inc.

(Anyone with ideas for publishing the book should contact the Lt. Governor’s Office or Peter Metcalfe, or leave a comment below.)


  1. Alice, Alice, Alice. Burning your bridges before you’ve even bugged out of here. Bad form, Alice.

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