‘Day of Reckoning’ as Anchorage shopkeepers, cafes plan to open fully in act of civil disobedience


Shopkeepers, cafes, and other businesses are banding together to open on
Saturday, Dec. 19, in defiance of the Anchorage acting mayor’s lockdown order, EO16, which has kept restaurants closed, and others crippled with 25 percent capacity orders.

The group is calling itself Anchorage Business Coalition and is supporting all businesses. The group is preparing a mass civil disobedience of the shutdown orders that as many as 100 businesses have agreed to join.

The group has been meeting for several weeks to find a way to salvage the Anchorage economy and Christmas in Alaska’s largest city. Many shoppers are either purchasing only online or are traveling to the Mat-Su Valley for their annual gift pursuits, since Anchorage has only allowed the big box stores to remain fully functional.

The small businesses that have decided to fully open on Saturday are not ready to be named because the owners fear being arrested or punished, according to a Must Read Alaska source involved with the effort. But a group organizer says businesses are fully prepared to offer goods, services, just like the big box stores do in Anchorage without harassment from the mayor’s code enforcers.

Numerous stores and restaurants have folded this year after several seesawing shutdowns mandated by the Municipality of Anchorage. Those that remain open are hoping to hang on long enough for the economy to return, which may be several months or years away.

Plans are also under way for Saturday for yet another rolling rally that will be supporting all businesses in Anchorage. Several people from Kenai and the Mat-Su are committed to coming to Anchorage to shop in the stores that day and eat at the restaurants, according to the organizers.


  1. It’s about time Anchorage!!! Peaceful disobedience is what is needed. This cr– has gone on long enough!I’m there to support with money in hand!

    • I 100 percent agree and plan to eat out and support these patriotic businesses! May God Bless every one of you!!!!

    • Sheryl, I have a friend who is working in a rural area in southern California (where I will be taking a job for the winter and spring as well), and he has told me that not only is there mass non-compliance with the facial diaper mandate, but that many businesses, particularly restaurants and bars, are openly defying Governor Nuisance’s onerous and draconian lockdown policies as well. In California! So maybe there is hope that there are enough sane people in this country who will refuse to comply with the nannystate, fearmongering “Great Reset” agenda of George Soros et al that all of these insane, business and life-destroying lockdowns and mandates will be rolled back soon, or will become moot as more and more people defy and ignore them, as they should.

    • I second your motion! About time Anchorage, well done and keep it going. These leftist tactics being used in many States across America must be challenged and put down. Make no mistake this is a planned event meant to hurt the American people economically. Let America live again, let America be great again!

    • Can anyone tell me if there will be any strip clubs participating that will be allowing dancers to give table dances without a mask??

      • What are you so scared of? Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, cancer; which one do you have? Live free dangerously or scared under tyranny.

    • Way to go Anchorage and all the small business owners. Mass disobedience is required against this dictatorship. Why should large stores be allowed to open and be making billions in profits, while the small businesses crash. I am proud of you and will support your businesses. Please do not shop online and support these hard working free people. The wake up is happening. Power to the people and all humanity around the world. This is starting to happen in many countries. The shutdowns should never have happened. The virus got down graded to flu level in March 2020. We should not have closed down the world for this pandemic. The virus has a 99.8 percent recovery rate. We have been lief to on a massive scale. Please do some research. Love and peace to all.

      • This is unacceptable. How can one person go to the gym, then the salon? But another person cannot go out to eat at 25% capacity? So businesses chose to break this law. Look in Eagle River. Closing the restaurants again but keeping box stores salons and gyms open. Wow talk about a hand with 2 faces. Right before Christmas. Shame on you that think you are right. Tell that to the families that can’t even get food stamps because they made too much in November. What about December close out. Nor will there be presents under many trees in the municipality of Anchorage. Please reconsider about a move the the Valley. In this valley its peaceful most of the time. But all the time you have Freedom unless you break the law. Plus you don’t have to pay crazy property taxes. Give the Valley a try. Respect.

        • NO!!!! Do NOT move to the valley. You’ll hate it! The commute is horrible. The people are unfriendly. Just stay in Anchorage!

          What is wrong with you!?? We don’t want Las Anchoragians to come out to the Valley! They’re already poisoning Palmer and we don’t need any more!

        • NO!!!! Do NOT move to the valley. You’ll hate it! The commute is horrible. The people are unfriendly. Just stay in Anchorage!

          What is wrong with you!?? We don’t want Las Anchoragians to come out to the Valley! They’re already poisoning Palmer and we don’t need any more!

    • May God bless your business and every business involved. Thank you from the rest of the country as this needs to happen. They will take more and more if we don’t resist.

  2. The American people are tired of being treated like idiots . The Elitists are free to do anything they want while we the sheeple are put in a corral.

    • About time ! Should have been there to rally round Kriners . We will be eating out on the 19th. You have our full support.

  3. Way past due. The irony that the big box stores have been allowed business as usual has to finally sink in to the small business owners.

  4. Please post the list when viably possible. I intend to spend the whole day supporting as many of these locations as time allows.

  5. A mandate is not a law. It takes time, docmrnration and many other thungs to make a new law.
    Look up mandate in the dictionary. The politicians only have the POWER you give them. They are not our DICTATORS AS YET. Although if some in government and the public would have it so and act as if we have rulers like kings. This whole country became free because of its desire to be free of politicial tyranny. Are we so far removed from our values and freedom we forget. God help us all.

    • You have a good point of view. I think we as a nation take our freedom for granted, pointing fingers and laying blame. And do nothing to come to good resolve. Unity needs to be taught. Unity needs to happen starting now. Thank you Steven Toms.

  6. Please post the list of the participating businesses as soon as safely possible. I intend to spend the entire day stopping in and supporting as many of them as time allows!

      • Maureen, you would do best to wrap yourself in bubblewrap, pull all the blinds and curtains, and safely wait on your sofa for your eventual death while entailing as absolutely few risks as possible. Because, you know, safetyism.

      • Maureen your in over your head as usual go back to your mom as basement. We don’t need or want your support for freedom and common sense as your lacking in those areas.

  7. So all the healthcare workers and vulnerable will have their shots in the next few days. The numbers are clearly in the green and the lock down has not helped the virus. The valley is fully opened and has one fifth of the supposed HIPA controlled fatality listed for this virus. Until they are able to give the demographics of the hospitalized in critical condition for COVID then I think that the numbers are suspect even though the virus is real, it is really about to be on the decline and the curve is really flat in Alaska if Anchorage cannot open fully then I don’t know, who or when it will ever be opened again.

  8. Do we come heavy and unmasked? Because I refuse to wear the psyop mask of the Beast! If Patriots stand outside armed maybe the Gestapo agents will fear harassing the business owners.

    • Glad someone see it! Watch mag on the run he has a YouTube channel and exposes all of these elites plan on doing! I actually am at the airport right now headed to Mexico permanently due to the American people bending over and accepting this vaccine and the dark winter ahead, but this has given me hope and as a longtime Alaskan I might come back. Hold the line and never give in

  9. It’s about time ! I will be spending my money with them .

    If Fred Meyer and the rest of corporate companies can have literally 100’s of people in them all day every day then nobody should close .

  10. We the citizens of Anchorage need to support our friends who own the businesses, by spending the entire day shopping and eating at these stores. Wear your MAGA hats and Trump buttons. Make this protest count!

  11. huh? Small businesses are still open. They are suffering because the republicans in the senate won’t pass another relief bill, and the first one was a corrupt fiasco going to giant corporations, and Trump cronies.

    • The best relief bill is to fully open. Where do you think the money for all these bills is coming from? The Money tree outback the Treasury?

      • Finally, someone who can see the forest from the trees … Now contact our Senators and Representative and tell them enough of their spineless drivel and get something done … It’s all about law-abiding Americans who are trying to survive!

      • Actually it is created out of nothing by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank and then loaned to the US Treasury. Yes, it is a scam.

    • Yeah, like to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s boyfriend who scored half a mil. Pelosi could have had 1.8 trillion but didn’t want to give the President a win and is now negotiating for half that. That is where the blame lies for delays in federal support.

    • Talk to Nancy Pelosi, she and her cronies are the ones holding the relief and American people as hostages, she even admitted to it.

      • We don’t need or want relief, we demand that every business open to full capacity. A republic does not ask of its government it tells the representatives what we will do. If they do not comply we will remove them, by force if necessary. Hence the reason for the the Second Amendment.

    • Actually I’m a small business in Anchorage and got relief. None of this is Trump’s fault. The Democrats tried to throw in a bunch of crap in the second relief bill and Republicans thankfully refused to go along. Trump has wanted a second relief bill.

    • I can trace my family’s lineage to early to mid 1700s Philadelphia. I have to show my disdain and disapproval for civil unrest and civil disobedience. The group of very good men called the sons of liberty, already had the civil unrest and civil disobedience for our freedom. This wonderful gift, was given so we know freedom of oppression and freedom of religious persecution. We as good upstanding citizens will invoke our rights for freedom of assembly first. Make a town hall of your own. The very right that your assembly will be heard by decree of rights of the constitution of the United States not only guarantees your rights, but brings everything to light. You not only use your rights as intended but it gives the constitution teeth. There will be no more Christmas in June or July!!!! May I remind everyone that the celebration of the birth of our savior is celebrated in December.

  12. My family is prepared to “dine in” in Anchorage and fully support local businesses. We need to stand together and support our community. Please keep us posted with what businesses will open on Saturday.

      • Sure Greg. I guess you have full confidence in every one of the staff making your food for takeout, delivery, etc. In your mind it’s okay as long as you don’t go and mingle in the restaurant everything is fine.
        The sky is not falling and you might consider getting your news from Facebook, apple news and the mainstream fake media. Germs and viruses of every kind are around everywhere. Have been before any of us were born. Stop being afraid and your life will be far more enjoyable. Or not.

      • Apparently you are unaware, Greg, that those numbers are not only inflated, but even inflated are not that out of the ordinary for the number who are hospitalized at this time of the year, or at any given time for that matter. Try thinking for yourself, looking into ALL the real numbers and statistics, currently and for a normal winter flu season, and then putting all that information into its proper contex, instead of letting the corporate media ply you with their fear-mongering propaganda and manufactured hysteria.

      • Wrong Greg ….restaurants that had 25-30 employees are down to 5 preparing takeout. My son was getting 40 plus hours a week …..he worked three 5 hour shifts last week. Not to mention bars where everyone is out of work.

      • Source?

        Look. If a disease came round that attacked mainly… people with red hair, let’s say… it would make sense to ask people with red hair take precautions.

        Instead, what the governments have decided to do is punish everyone with illegal mandates in order to, allegedly, protect red haired people.

        Then, if anyone says, ‘Only a small fraction of us have red hair and locking down everyone is wreaking havoc across all of society’… well, then, you accuse such malcontents of wanting red haired people to die.

        Yeah, nah… that’s b.s. or, for the more eloquent readers; disingenuous.

        The lockdown mandate are illegal. They’re also stupid.

      • I am so sorry that you have been deceived by your government. Hopefully someday you can be relieved of your fear and start acting like a patriot instead of a servant.

  13. This is good, I’m glad they’re taking a stand. “Support”
    On another note, what’s the cities justification for shutting down the little man, but not shutting down big businesses. Big boxes are immune to so called pandemics? Seems as if they’re purposely trying to kill small business to me.

  14. Obviously we should label this as a peaceful protest in multiple indoor locations. We’ve watched as Democrat governors and mayors did nothing when violent protests occurred with arson, looting and assault. Instead they labeled them “peaceful protests”. So there is precedent for unpunished civil disobedience relative to the Covid plandemic. They can’t arrest all of us!

    • This has nothing to do with democrats or protests or looting elsewhere. Grow up. If you want to support this, do it on its own merits, not because you’re a sheep regurgitating OAN rhetoric.

      • So tell me what exactly did the Democrat governors and mayors DO when the violent protests occurred with arson looting and assault…What I saw was Democrat governors and mayors telling the police to STAND DOWN..for months while people and police officers lost their lives….so please argue this on it’s own “merits” without resorting to name calling as your main ending point! Caterina was only making a point…truly peaceful protest in the form of civil disobedience to tyrannical and unlawful mandates put forth by Governors and mayors are being vilified by the left as truly violent ones by the likes of the leftest “Antifa” fascists have been supported by the same Governors and mayors …

      • Ok-let’s attack a NEWS station instead of scrolling on down. And please-the dems have shown their true colors time after time after time-do as I say not as I do mentality. They allow looting,violent protests-ie riots-and other protests-but then say we can’t have more than 6 people in our homes-we can’t shop anywhere but where THEY say we can shop-the list goes on and on. So -if you want to comment-do it on the merits that gov’t is becoming communists instead of regurgitating CNN rhetoric…

  15. Why is it when you compare the communities which require masks and social distancing with the ones that don’t, the number of cases and deaths are higher in the masked and isolation communities……….Significantly!

    • It’s an interesting fact that I have also been pondering, Bob. I’m so happy that Anchorage businesses are banding together in this manner! I’ve been hoping that small business people would stand united and open, overwhelming “the enemy” by their sheer numbers. Now it’s up to us to show them our support.

  16. If our unelected mayor decides to start having her “enforcement gang” start hassling these businesses, thousands of us in Anchorage should show up at the mayor’s home and let her hear about what we think her next move should be…… get out of Alaska and go back to San Francisco where she belongs! And take Felix Rivera and Berkowitz with her. What a freak show of an assembly.

  17. I’m so glad to read this!

    Restaurants and small business owners of Anchorage, my family has been and will continue to pray for you and your families!!!

  18. Get ready. The COVID infections numbers will increase, more hospital ICU Beds occupied, and more unnecessary deaths will occur…and it will just prolong the economic pain.

    • Compare California (complete lockdown) with Florida (respecting property/human rights) their numbers are pretty much the same

    • Go hide under the bed and let the rest of us live our lives, FREE of government overreach and irrational fear. Too bad logical thought is not practiced more in a free society. There are not only no excess deaths in the US, or Alaska, this year, there are actually 500,000 FEWER deaths referencing 2019. Get a clue.

    • Are You an ID 10 T. Show where these businesses have contributed to the uptick in numbers it’s more like more people are being tested increaees the number. Not a matter of if but when.

    • And, if the shops and restaurants stay shuttered and go bankrupt, guess what will happen anyway?
      Yep, the COVID infection number will increase.
      Plenty of evidence that there is no measurable difference in the infection rates between areas where strict mandates are in place, and those where voluntary measures are taken. In fact, if you could point to a single study, research paper, or any evidence whatsoever that there is, I would very much like to read it.

    • You sir need to.stop listening to our “leaders”, they remind us that this Covid regulations are to “keep us safe”. Nevermind the ramifications of the livelihoods that are destroyed in the process.

    • Herman, my guess is you are a baby boomer. That entire generation and its idiocy is why we are here now. Nuclear bombs? Best get under that desk. Gas shortage.? Better get little cars produced. Hole in the ozone layer? If we just stop using hairspray! Global warming.? Ahhh we all gonna be underwater?! Odd the banks are still doing long term loans in New York and the Obamas bought a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard (it is an island) last year…911?! Totally not an inside job.. We better send our kids to die on foreign soil for 20 years. COVID 19? We better stop everything cause I might die… Fear is the mind killer.

  19. I don’t know what you are talking about re people buying presents in Mat-Su because you can’t buy them in Anchorage. My husband and I have been buying our presents for our family at locally owned retail stores in Anchorage (not box stores, or out-of-state owned stores). You sometimes have to wait in line because there are limits as to how many people can be in the store at one time– but I’m passionate about buying locally, and I have had no problem doing so.

    • Sad. You be willing to continue waiting in a line as U.S.S.R done to its people for necessary goods. People waiting in the lines doesnt help the rest of us not become a communist country. Lines are prevalent inside communist countries. So many Americans are trained like good little communist supporters by being unaware.

  20. What time should we be there? Can you put me in touch with/ a link to more information on the rolling rally. Like what time and where to meet up. Thank you.

  21. There’s more strength in numbers??, is there a link or list of businesses opening for us to go support.

  22. Like what A.O.C has done for GOYA product (being chosen employee of the month)
    Anchorage assembly has done fore Wasilla. Every Friday our wait time to be seated gets a little longer. We drive there every Friday for date night.

  23. I’m sure the hospital staff really appreciate your efforts to increase business at their facilities! Way to go! Please do let us know what businesses are participating in this so I can personally thank each and every owner with a letter promising to NEVER set foot in their store again. While I understand that they are suffering economic losses and trying to survive this, making the problem worse with MORE spread just makes NO sense. Our family is trying to support businesses by ordering take out from family owned restaurants, ordering products from locally owned shops and arranging curbside for everything we can. If we get sick from insisting that we walk into a building to make some ridiculous point, that support will stop altogether! People who don’t understand that concept are just making this thing go on even longer!

    • Michelle, my rights (and our rights) do not end where your irrational fear and hysteria begin.
      Please go wrap yourself in bubblewrap and go sit on your sofa, waiting to die, and let the rational among us live our lives as we see fit, NOT as you coporate-media-fearmongering victims demand that we do.
      PS: In like spirit to your COVID-paranoia, stay off the road whenever I decide to drive anywhere, as your presence on the road endangers me.

    • Just a little bit of time/research, away from MSM, will grant you freedom from fear and agenda-driven information. Be your own person and live an American free life.

    • So, no Walmart, no Costco, no Carrs, Lowes? Or are therse box stores exempt. These companies have some magical powers that defend against the virus when you walk inside?
      They drain the profit from the community and take it to their origin state. We need to shop small local. Your next door neighbor, your friends rely on those businesses.

      Wake up and smell the coffee sweetheart, you can’t hide from a virus. We have been dealing with them since we came out of the swamp or the 6th day take your pick .Your concept is the one that is wrong!!

    • Okay so you stay home and order out and shop curbside, so you and yours don’t have to interact with the “infectious unwashed”. Yet you expect that people walk into those businesses to shop for you, cook for you and then deliver to you……
      Good news, nothing should change, since just a few more of the “infectious unwashed” will be in the store. You know people who just like you, do what works for them. In fact they are building a group of immune citizens, which will slow this thing much faster than any shut-down ever will. I think the Valley figured that out a while back.

    • It is not the shop owners that are really suffering.

      It is the staff. Yes… you can order take out from your favorite restaurant. That does NOTHING to help out the waitstaff that have lost their source of income. Same with the staff at the shops.

    • Restaurants have laid most people off…..a staff of 25 is down to 3-4 people filling takeout orders.
      Small business also way down ….the gov has everyone afraid to go out.

      In my house (I am a Sr Citizen) we all had COVID the last 2 weeks ….we were all sick & under the weather, but no one needed medical care.

  24. I’ve been watching the numbers, and it’s mostly older, or those with chronic health problems that have the most deaths. Young to middle-aged not so very much.
    I suspect that this “rebellion” will cause a spike, but the risks are between terrible that many small businesses are failing, and terrible that some greater number could die from Covid.
    Of course there’s the possibility that in the long run, the only ones dying would have caught it and died just a little later anyway.
    I know of several who are hunkered down in their remote cabins. That seems to be a workable tactic … don’t come out until you hear the fat lady sing.

  25. It be interesting see if customers will go out and shop their businesses or if they will continue shopping inside the mega businesses like fast food drive thru’s and grocer/department stores. The State was very successful marketing fear over people and majority people bought the fear. As well they are out of their routine socializing with one another.

    A business list would definitely help knowing which one is part of the push back movement, so people can plan ahead of time, including which businesses are relaxed about the mask since majority people whether or not they wear a mask know the mask is dumb.

  26. Right on. I wish a few more would grow some chutzpah and join the protest. Unfortunately, I’m in the Bush and won’t get there before New Year’s – but my heart and prayers are with you.

  27. They should have all stayed open back in March and they could have avoided all this idiocy. There is no legal way for the government to shut down your legally operating business without compensating you.

  28. This scam is historic criminal. Arbitrating who makes a business killing and who dies off, in the name of totally fluid ethereal parameters of ‘safety’. There’s no such thing as safety. The only thing ‘justifying’ these criminal hacks, who are doubling down on their perverse crisis mongering because of the epic liability they face and credibility they lose, is them saying ‘It’s for safety’, then point to an unelected scientist and defer their oath and your freedoms to that reasoning. They are not raping the public because of a threat. A threat would be an infected person. Even a legitimate suspicion of infection can be an acceptable cause for an extreme reaction. We are all being defined as a threat, therefore justifying in these grade school minded fools, because they don’t know if you are or not infected. It is 100% based on not knowing something about you. Can you envision any other aspects of public awareness that can be used to implement Soviet/Nazi edicts in the name of safety on the basis of ‘not knowing’ if you are a threat or not? It never even occurred to these little despots that imposing nothing is the right thing to do.

    Apart from active, verifiable threats, anything else is exactly the same measure that can be taken for absolutely a threat they want to decree for the day – in the name of ‘whatever safety means today’. And make no mistake, that person standing next to you, or living next door, is also just as willing to burn down your freedoms because they’ve chosen to surrender theirs – in the name of their own propaganda induced fears.

    And then there are those who feign fear, like a child, who knows that it can gain political ground. Read the Declaration of Independence. A legal document. King George III is back on the throne. There’s a justifiable time and variable forms of insurrection. I applaud these businesses. The Anchorage Assembly is the most incompetent the city has ever seen. Their group-hugging plastic bag ban should have been warning enough.

  29. The Anchorage Administration and Assembly are guilty of misappropriation of funds. These criminals are using funds dedicated to Parks and Rec for kids hockey rinks to support the idiotic narrative they are promoting about the virus. All they are doing is requiring families to drive their kids to the valley in order to play hockey. They aren’t “saving” anyone or “slowing the spread”.

  30. How disgraceful and disrespectful! I’ve been supporting anchorage small business since the pandemic began. But if this is how they are gonna act, guess I’ll go to a big box store that has social distancing and mandatory masks in place. Also the author of this article MUST publish a list with all participants in it so I and all my family/friends know who to boycott for life. If small businesses are not gonna care about our community, then why care about them? (This is not about politics. This is about a global pandemic. Stay home and stop the spread.) #saferinside

    • Are You an ID 10 T. Show where these businesses have contributed to the uptick in numbers it’s more like more people are being tested increaees the number. Not a matter of if but when. Big Box stores have no more Social Distancing than do small family business. Big Bix stores are funneling people through 1 door how is that Social Distancing. Afraid? Stay home.

    • Katie:
      Feel free to stay home yourself. I on the other hand am smart enough to question what the “experts” say. And, guess what?
      The experts have nothing except “magical thinking” backing up their claims about how well masks and social distancing work. There is no demonstrable proof that any of the restrictions imposed make any measurable difference whatsoever.
      Yet, here you are, telling everyone that you are going to punish anyone who goes against the narrative. Your words are not those of an adult, they are those of a child, trying to punish everyone who does not do what they want them to do.
      Please frequent only the big box stores. That is probably who you shop at 99% of the time anyway. In fact, the less Karens that show up in the shops I like the better.

    • Some of those businesses are democrat owned and K Street Convenience is closed, another democrat business gone because of the city’s fearful response. Democrat or not, his little business was a great cute little grocer for downtown traffic.

    • Amber… Chill. Hide in your house if you want to. Believe in the falsely so-called virus Corona pandemic. Wallow in it and drink at the trough of those who control you. We wish you well but leave the rest of us alone. We will leave you alone to do what you want. Whatever that is.

    • Baloney. But it’s good you have a cause to embrace. Keeps one busy hiding indoors perhaps. Suggest you stop getting your news from Facebook apple and the TV set.

    • Katie …although everyone is masked (a lot not masked correctly though) the box stores are crowded and not counting how many people are coming in.

      This is not a matter of big stores Good; small businesses bad …the box stores are raking it in as usual.

  31. Only allowed big-box stores to remain functional? That’s false and you know it. All stores are operating at 25% capacity. Saw myself where Costco and Target had lines due to crowd limits. Get outta here with your fake news reporting

    • Was in Costco and Freddy’s last week. No way was there only 25% occupancy in both stores. Plus almost no social distancing in Costco this time and not much better in Freddy’s. If we are getting it from stores, we’d all be sick!

      • As a big-box employee, yes they are. Read the signs in front of Freddie’s if you don’t believe it. I know many employees of Costco. They’re definitely capping. You guys don’t know how crowded those places can actually get. So I understand if it doesn’t seem like they’re capping. But that doesn’t make you right.

  32. Every single one of these businesses that decides to follow thru on this disregard for public should lose their business license. Especially the restaurants. If they’re not going to follow these rules, what other “suggestions” are they ignoring?

    • Thus spake one of those likely hungering for a position as an enforcer when Xiden’s nationwide cower-in-place diktat is handed down next month. Hey, the position comes with free stuff like jackboots and truncheons.

    • Thank you. Also the assembly does need to fight for some economic relief. And people who want to help should help businesses with free or low cost web services. And they are open, they just need to promote their safety and sell gift cards to make up for capacity. that they have adapted. 4 BEDS IN THE STATE, ALL IN ANCHORAGE. Each person in a remote area has to consume PPE and endanger the lives of flight nurses and emts. More funding for small business. Also, really people if Christmas is a little different and you gather in your tiny bubble won’t it be safer if you weren’t out shopping the 12 days prior? Have a gift card delivered to your car. Do we want the saddest Christmas ever? Is it OK for us to lose 25 grandparents a day during Christmas? Can’t you find a way? Has anyone heard of Cash, checks and gift cards in a red envelopes? What about school, is anyone interested in Ever getting kids back? Ever? Do you relish the thought of summer school for years? What values do you want to teach? That we were selfish rebels because we couldn’t get creative? Call your parents and grandparents and ask how traditions changed when times were tough. They hold the wisdom. Ask them Today. Show some honor. CALL A VETERAN ask if this is what they fought for or whether sometimes duty matters. Support small business but find a safe way!!!! They are still open. If you have leave take a day when it’s easier to meet limits. Are you listening to yourself, mass rush on a weekend for non essential items? You can carry the spirit of St. Nicholas, be creative. So many small businesses are. They love the safety of their employees and their community. Gift cards people. Or ask your family and venmo the funds.

    • Do you have the same opinion regarding the Assembly who are openly violating the laws of Anchorage and Alaska?

    • Have you missed a meeting, Amber?

      The vast majority of Anchorage’s restaurants won’t need a business license if the hyphen and the rest of the poofter mafia (constant-dunbar-felix-hyphen) keep standing on their necks.

      I get it. There are yet some morbidly obese chain smokers among us whose lifestyle choices put them in a different category. Those people need not attend any act of civil disobedience. Let them hang out at home with their masks on. The rest of us that haven’t made similarly poor choices don’t need to take the Assembly’s left leaning and hysteria based prescription.

    • Amber, contrary to your apparent belief, this is NOT all about YOU. What it is about is freedom from the heavy and deadening hand of government (which is fundamentally nothing more than institutionalized coercion), and freedom from overreaching, capricious suffocating and destructive governmental mandates. It is, in short, a well-justified reaction to tyranny. And that is exactly what your precious, privileged, heartless, arrogant and out-of-touch municipal ass-embly represents: tyranny.

    • Unlike the “old world” where the general thought was that people could do those things that the sovereign permitted, in the USA the general notion has been that people can do what they want unless there is a major prohibition against an activity. Some people call this latter concept “freedom” or “liberty”. In extraordinary times, like now, there can be a lot of conflict between those two ideas. Maybe, as you suggest, the big brother government can prevail in killing businesses and terminating people’s livelihoods but I propose a different question: Will it be worth it? Has government chosen the best way to solve the problem? Are you that certain? Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”. I will go with Franklin. You can go with whomever you want.

    • Ok Karen, what do you suggest? Tell me what have the lockdowns accomplished;; only facts? What is the science that determined restaurants and small businesses are the vectors for the Wuhan? What is the death rate for people who dine out? What is the death rate for people who frequent small businesses? Who is profiting from the “hunker down”; Walmart or local entrepreneurs? Who provides more jobs to the local community Mc Donalds or local restaurants?

      Why are you allowing the government to dictate where you shop and eat? Exactly what are you so scared of? Get out of your basement and start frequenting small business and tell the fake mayor to get bent.

  33. Amber you need to move out of state. This has to do with government overreach. Why do most business get to stay open? COVID is in the workplace and closing a select few is unfair. I hope you lose your job because of your thoughtless comment.

    • Wow….This is why I left Anchorage and down to the Tongass. I knew the Lockdowns would only get worse. This is a Global Initiative….Dont worry, It will only get worse the more you resist. ?? She lasted 245 years……CU when its over

  34. The government draws its authority from the will of the people. If the will of the people is to return to normal business, then the government must allow it.
    End of story.

  35. I don’t eat out anymore and won’t until I get the shot. I do support these businesses and order to be delivered or I will pick it up at the curb. You don’t have to go inside and establishment and expose yourself to unnecessary risks in order to support a business.

    • We have been following and reading many of your very esoteric and hubris laden comments for sometime. Thank you for your contribution. Seems you believe that everything will be fine once you get the injection. Good luck with that.

    • Everyone who is afraid of the virus should take the jab. Then you’ll be safe and can leave the rest of us alone, right?

    • Greg, what you conveniently and/or ignorantly overlook is that most restaurants (and all bars) can NOT sustain themselves solely on carry-out orders. That is why they are restaurants in the first place and not drive-throughs.
      Obviously, you have never owned nor run any sort of business. I do (or maybe now had), and the costs, regulatory burdens and sheer workload are not only NOT apparent to those who have never owned or run a business, the average person would sink under the load — and that is in NORMAL times, at the best of times. You can only pile so many straws on the back of small businesses, and right now we are well past that point for most of them.

      • So true. It’s not easy to run a small business, let alone a restaurant. It’s so exhausting hearing others opinions of what should be done who have never been in your footsteps.

  36. It’s not civil disobedience when lockdowns are unlawful. They also called black people having rights as a civil disobedience, unlawful, unjust. Just because the government is telling you to do it, doesn’t make it right. Freedom is not free.

  37. I learning and guessing this uncertainty and strong reaction from toward business owners opening to disagreers about the move is what happens when Americas, except a few, and all Alaska’s churches, mosque, jewish temple stood down when they were called to stand up. Now, No one knows what to do except live as everyman for themselves: Sheep without a shepard. Repentance under hunility is never too late until the ever closer rapture occurs. Even repenting doesnt stop the end of our world. Its time those who call themselves christian but are really just luke warm get into the bible read the Books not pick and choose your feel good favorite scriptures that only build young little kingdom and not the kingdom of God.
    At least the businesses are trying to act Boldly unlike the jews, christians, and muslims standing up and acting for God.
    Yeah that’s right The muslims of Anchorage acted just as a kitten when God wanted the church stand up and boldly roar as a lion, and like the jews and Christians, Muslims sat down in march. The muslims, Buddhists, taoists, are just as luke warm as the Christians. But, the Church of Christ should had known better if they knew the heart of God and saw the spirit of God. The businesses shouldnt be the ones initiating this bold action across the north america.

  38. This is starting to look a whole lot like a bunch of people trolling the streets of Anchorage looking for a Darwin Award, with some of them coming to Anchorage because they can’t find one at home.

    • Or maybe people who want to support the folks that the City has tried to destroy? Maybe these people love thy neighbor?

    • Written like the typically out-of-touch, clueless, arrogant leftist elitist, who likes to bleat about “tolerance”, “diversity” and “compassion”, yet who cannot seem to muster up any of those qualities personally.

    • You are the perfect example of what this government is attempting; scared and shi((ing your pants. Keep wearing your face diaper until the end of time otherwise you might catch a virus.

  39. I have yet seen any true scientific data come forth from the “fake wanna-be-mayor and her dumber-than-rocks assembly posse (except of Allard someone else’s name I can’t remember, sorry 🙁 …)

    Where is the true accounting of this plandemic’s destruction and mayhem? Until the numbers come forth, as math is universe, it has no agenda and does not seek to deceive, there should be NO lock-downs of any sort! I’m sure the “wanna be mayor” would love to see the numbers as she sits at home, wondering how she got this disease in the first place. After all, she professed to have worn a mask this whole time … What a farce!

  40. I have my checkbook ready! Follow the same rules the big box guys do and you’re above reproach and should be open!

  41. Haha I’m still wondering why America needed to have China to do this? More than likely most of us will never know if you guys ever got sick or are sick because people are even unwilling to do the tracking. It’s no different without the COvid, you will risk your life and that of others for a dollar bill. Who will run your businesses when you die or end up a long hauler too weak to do anything to make money? Good luck with those fines.

  42. Today on a Make It Monday session/zoom meeting hosted by the Anchorage Chamber, keynote State of the City Address with Austin Quinn-Davison, she said that she didn’t know how she caught COVID because she didn’t have any in-person interaction with her colleagues or people outside her bubble, but probably caught it at the…..get this… AT THE GROCERY STORE.

    • It’s time to close Carrs, Costco, Walmart and Fred Meyer. Comrade Hyphen got the Wuhan and one of those places and they need to be shut down.

  43. Resist this unelected lib, want-to-be queen! I have money and I’m ready to support all my local businesses… Especially during Christmas time.
    God Bless Trump. He is not going to allow this blatant criminality to compromise our election process and destroy our country. Plan on our sitting President to remain right where hes at and for him to take out the trash once and for all. That will include these local tyrants.

    I served my country in the US Air Force. Brothers in arms, let us stand firm against this coup attempt and absolute tyranny. You cannot reason with socialist, communist thugs. We tried that peacefully and it failed miserably.

  44. Why has the Muni not dipped into savings to provide stimulus when the feds haven’t in order to help everyone rather than creating situations like this? Alaska’s numbers have been rising and people should stay home as much as they can, but businesses should not have to shut down over this either.

    • All the big box stores, corporate grocery stores, etc. have a bevy of attorneys and plenty of money to push back against the city. The little guy/mom and pop does not. Woke tyrants running Anchorage love to lord over those with no power to resist. Typical bullies. Just take a look at Walmart or any of the others who need not be named… they may have a goofball employee sitting there with a by the door “keeping track of” people coming and going… The stores are as packed as ever. No one is following the so-called muni edicts inside the big stores. Seems the city not dare send code enforcement inspectors into those paying massive property taxes. Wouldn’t want to have the pathetic Muni Law Department have to answer to those big box attorneys. I have personal knowledge of the muni Law Department… so-called from back in the day when there were honorable people in charge of it. Those days are over. Mostly now just whores to the current political power structure in this town. Any oath they took is meaningless to them.

  45. National level leadership has neglected its responsibility for public health and left it up to the States. Difficult decisions needed to be made and many governors ( like Dunleavy) neglected the responsibility they inherited to protect their image and passed the buck to city governments who, in the case of Anchorage, unfairly had to deal with an issue most effectively addressed nationally. With hospital beds full, refrigerated trucks called in to be used as makeshift morgues, docs and nurses screaming for help, epidemiologists and virologists saying we needed to take action to get this under control the Municipality of Anchorage made the very difficult decision to spare our healthcare system and save lives and instead put businesses at risk. It’s a rough call but ultimately death is permanent, dying alone sucks, and as much as it sucks to lose your source of income, people can adapt and be assisted in recreating wealth. Hard decisions here and the Municipality was the only gov entity that had the guts to take action. Well done, Anchorage.

    • Another clueless, ignorant and arrogant elitist, who cannot see that ‘saving lives’ means nothing, NOTHING outside of the entire context of costs, consequences and secondary effects of those actions and mandates that are (putatively) designed to save those lives in the most narrow of senses.
      I am sick to death of the tyranny of “safetyism”, the woefully mistaken, ignorant and wrongheaded notion that saving lives, even one life, is ALL that matters to society, all other ramifications, costs and effects of those measures never being taken into account or consideration.

  46. How do we know where? I live in Alaska, not Anchorage, but I will be in town on that day. I want to support these businesses!

  47. You got a lotta leftist hate going on there buddy. And the sad part is it doesn’t matter what they do, you’ll still be eaten up with hate. I pity you.

  48. I can only agree with the nation that there is a great injustice. But it is not what every citizen thinks it to be. The great injustice is the responsibility that freedom is only for us to be caretakers of. Not to do as we see fit or do as we will. I will invoke my right as a United states citizen, that it guarantees the many of my tree that comes after me. I will be ready to convey this to the courts of the people by the people and for the people. To those whom think that they are oppressed. I assure you you know nothing thereof. To those of you that think the are under religious persecution. I can assure you, that you know nothing thereof. Everybody needs to read Thomas Payne. The crisis from 1776 to 1778. Patrick Henry speech at the Virginia state assembly at St. John church in Richmond Virginia 1776. Remember the first of the sons of liberty whom also was America’s first martyr of the American revolution, John Warren. How about we look for real injustice. And let no lobbyists within a hundred miles of the national capital. Don’t you citizens have better use of your freedom than to slowly pick it apart?

  49. Are you for real BW. Seriously?? That would have to be the dumbest logic about the property owners ever, I mean ever!!

  50. Not just about time. People have been praying (no lip service) and planning. Article says they’ve been meeting for several weeks. There has been a movement throughout the country. The majority of the people don’t see it because they just watch the establishment fake stream media. God bless the United States of America.

  51. They should have held it on a Sunday…. So all the people who believe in and obey God’s 10 Commandments could come. The 10 Commandments are God’s will for all of mankind forever. This act of buying and selling on Sabbath to help Anchorage is breaking the 4th Commandment of God and I cannot go against Him to help you all, for conscious sake. I really want to help though, I recommend you stay home as well and obey The Creator and not follow upset business people to break civil laws. God will provide for you and your family, if you call Him your God and obey Him. Simple as that. Best wishes for you Anchorage! I love you, but not as much as I love God! You could do more for good for Anchorage business’ by starting a prayer circle, that is a circle of friends that all pray everyday at the same time for the same thing. Use Facebook to get it going!! I guarantee it will work.

    • “starting a prayer circle … Use Facebook”. Use Facebook? Have you no idea what you have suggested?
      “… This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD …” Zech 4:6
      “GOD” is a title, not His name, which is Yahweh. There are the Father, Yah Yahweh, and the Son, Yashuah Yahweh. They collectively may be referred to in the singular.
      Facebook is of this world. It has not been ordained by Yahweh to assist in His work. It may be used for His work, but not in the manner you suggest.
      It is the Spirit of Yahweh which moves upon His people to pray, or to any other action. It is His Spirit, His self-sustaining life which we call His Spirit, who calls His people together to any “teamwork” task.
      By your words, it appears that you believe that the greater number of believers praying about anything, will make the prayers “stronger”? That the more of you there are united in prayer, the more likely Yahweh will grant your request?
      It is written that the prayers of a righteous person avails much. That one person, by themselves, can petition Yahweh to some particular action.
      Are you a “righteous” person? If so, there’s no need for you to call out the “troops”. It’s not in numbers, but in quality of persons. It’s not in how “good” you are, but in how deeply your confidence is in His goodwill towards you.
      The milk of the Word is in the becoming acquainted with Yahweh. The meat of the Word is in the doing, the walking with Him.
      You can’t walk with Him if you’re believing lies about Him. What the “Church” say’s about Him vs. what He say’s about Himself in His Word. Have you made a point of learning the difference? Apparently not yet.

  52. As long as all of you driving in from elsewhere stay in your own community’s hospital when you get sick, or just stay home and see if you survive, then you’re right – you can have all the freedom you want. Including the one to die or give it to a relative who might survive or might not. Of course those of you who don’t believe it’s a real thing, I wonder if you believe in heart attacks or car accidents. Just how big of a rebel are you? Eat a high cholesterol diet every day? Ignore your doctor’s advise? Don’t wear seat belts? Ignorance is bliss. Ask Don Tice. Oh wait, you can’t ask him anymore because he’s dead. He didn’t believe in COVID either and protested safety measures just like all of you. And had no co-morbidities so he thought he was safe. And now he won’t see the end of the year. But go ahead. Roll the dice. Play your little game of Russian roulette. Maybe they can put that on your epitaph- he didn’t live in fear, but he died in ignorance. And yet New Zealanders move on, shaking their collective heads and rolling their eyes at the selfish idiots who continue to die in protest for their god given right to shop and not cook for themselves.

    • Char, in your blinkered ignorance you not only ignore all the seen and unseen costs and consequences of these ill-conceived lockdowns and mandates surrounding a very, very mild pandemic, but you fail to realize that EVERY day of life is a “game of Russian roulette”. You probably have a much greater chance of dying while driving to and from the grocery store than you do of dying from the Wuhan Flu.

    • I’m curious: do you expect to actually persuade anyone by flinging insults?

      Or are you looking for some validation for your own decisions?

      • MA, didn’t you know that arrogant, elitist, virtue-signaling leftists have to expel a certain (large) quantity of venom per day, or else their venom & hate glands will explode from all the built-up pressure?

    • This Char person is a bag of joy. My family and I are driving all the way from Fairbanks to shop and visit our fellow Alaskans. Can’t wait.

    • Drop the Marlboro Reds and get a rein on that BMI then come join us, Char! We’ll save a place in line for you.

  53. Did I overlook the list of places opening. This isn’t like a Easter egg hunt is it. I looked up Anchorage Business Coalition and couldn’t find anything. But keep in mind retardation can come in many forms. A little help from a citizen for a list please.

    • They’re not publishing a list because they don’t want to give the Anchorage Goon Squad a heads up…

    • The article says they don’t want a list just yet. I am guessing it will be released either the night before or morming of. Maybe start the 21st off with breakfast at Kriner’s Diner and ask if they have a list?

  54. Well, shoot! We were down from Fairbanks last Saturday and would have waited a week had we known.
    I don’t get how the big stores are able to be packed with shoppers but the small restaurants closed and hanging by a thread to survive. Fairbanks restaurants have never shut down and everyone is firmly supporting them!

  55. I 100% support the businesses. My family will be coming in from the valley to show our support with our money and joyful spirits!

  56. Cannot wait to eat at one of the open establishments. At least all can see that closing the restaurants since December 1st has had no effect on the continued number of Covid-19 (Wuhan) virus cases in Anchorage. Let’s Eat!!

  57. Funny that yesterday the news outlets were celebrating less than 300 cases of Covid reported, and no deaths. They stated it was exactly 2 weeks after the enhanced lockdown, or whatever you want to call it. They were ecstatic! Whoo hoo!
    Then today it is back to over 600 with more deaths.
    Guess the extra lockdown measures were not so magical, were they?

    • Probably another lab that forgot to report their results in a timely manner, so the ADN gets their headline and the lab stays in business….

  58. IMPORTANT: Be ready with your phone cameras! Just like the gym owners in NY, film the buggers when they come in and try to shut things down. Fight them with their own tools, and go to war with the propaganda machine, it’s the only way to shut this tyranny down. It’s a battle for minds!!!

  59. I was gonna take the sxs out to Jim creek but now it looks like I’m hitting the bank to make it rain on every business that acts like an American and runs their life and business as they see fit. God bless the world!

  60. I am supporting our local businesses 100%. America was built on grit and facing challenges and dangers. The science is right in front of us but the leftist dems who claim to “follow the science “ simply ignores it and lies to the people to instill fear. Read your history and you will find that is exactly how every socialist or communist power came to power. I fought in the USAF to preserve our freedom against such tyranny and will continue to fight for what is right. I encourage every American and especially Alaskan to continue to stand strong and fight this lunacy. Support our local business owners tomorrow and every day!

  61. Collectively, small business is the driving force behind big business. It’s also the life-blood of big business. Mom & Pop restaurants may not seem to be vital to anything, but they are a big part of the heartbeat of every community, every nation.
    “Essentials of Supply Chain Management” third edition, by Michael H. Hugos, is but one in the 16 or so “Essentials Series”. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. around 2010/2011. Still relevant.
    If you play any mmorpg game, like EVE for instance, you can’t miss how the whole game is dependent upon the industries, transportation, wholesalers, and retailers doing their part. While they’re merely games, they’re modeled after the real-world.
    Not my call how anyone should deal with Covid-19, but if we let too many small businesses founder under the load, we will very quickly destroy our entire economy. There is a tipping point from which there will be no recovery.

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