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Breaking: Acting Anchorage mayor locks city down again

Anchorage Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson says that all of December will be a hunker-down time for Anchorage. Gatherings are all but prohibited.

The mayor said working with hospitals and doctors, she has decided this is the best way to keep health care workers safe and healthy.

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The order closes restaurants, bars, reduces capacity in gyms and personal care services down to 25 percent and reduces private gatherings to six indoors and 10 outside.

Worship and political expression are somewhat exempted, with a 50 percent capacity limit.

People are ordered to work from home when possible and avoid entering indoor spaces outside their homes.

No indoor sports competition is allowed, although practice with distancing may continue. Theaters and bingo halls are to be shuttered.

Health care workers in many cases are working double shifts, since the pool of qualified nurses is small and there is no way to staff up quickly in Anchorage or Alaska, said representatives from the health care community that were present for the announcement, made via teleconference.

Quinn-Davidson said her job is to protect public health and prevent unnecessary death, and she was not concerned about public opposition.

“Most people understand that the only way to get our economy back on track is to have the pandemic subside,” she said.

“I want to call on people to donate to nonprofits,” she said. For those who do have jobs, “please push your boundaries … Do what you can. This will not last forever. We will get through this and I promise I will do everything in my power to bring us out stronger,” she said.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. why are the people who think the government should have control over women reproductive rights the same people who think the government asking them to wear a mask for their personal health an authoritarian action?

    oh never mind

    look a wolf

    • Why are people who insist on shutting down businesses act smug enough to believe they are virtuous in all actions.
      Oh, look, someone who lives vicariously through the internet.

    • Murdering babies isn’t a reproductive right. Every time I see someone claim murder is a reproduction right I know I’m dealing with a dangerous and depraved individual, who believes humanity, to its very heart of mothers and children, should be destroyed.

    • Jeff:

      Please explain how you think the Government is controlling women’s reproductive rights? Surely, someone as knowledgeable as you are knows that abortion was not illegal prior to the SCOTUS Roe v. Wade decision. And, you know that the case was not really about abortion, right? You do realize that it was the States that either allowed abortion, or they banned it.

      But, you have a witty (in your own mind at least) response, so why let facts get in the way.

      • read what I wrote

        There are many people who think
        mask mandates are an affront to their personal rights, yet support limiting the rights of women to choice.

        My statement is not about settled law, my statement is an observation about an interesting philosophical divide. Murder is murder is it not? Or is it not Murder?

        never mind

        look a wolf

        • It is not a choice. It is murder. But what do you know, since you seem romantically involved with your dog.

          • So normally I expect ad hominem arguments on these comment sections because logical discussions are too much to ask for. And it’s easier to personally attack someone than to acknowledge we all have different and valid view points.

            But even though you’re attacking me, “or a wolf” deserves points. Nice one.

            edit-Sonya Creek has been stalked by wolves, she is not personally a fan of that lineage brethren.

        • You are not worth a polite argument from me. I’ve already stated you are dangerous and deranged. And you have no valid point on this ever because your “point” is completely and utterly morally sickening.

          • Happy Thanksgiving to you also. Read what I wrote. I never stated my own personal stance on any of these issues.

            Many groups that are anti-choice are also anti-birth control-which is an observation.

            Someone seems fascinated by beasteality: another observation-do you know in Alaska it was legal to recent times, cause perhaps our state is morally deranged till about a decade ago. The case was in Sitka if I recall?

            edit-Sonya Creek has been stalked by coyotes also-also not her favorite brethren.

        • You sure know alot about wolves or coyotes (which is it, Jeff? There’s a difference) and all of Alaska’s bestiality laws. Strange you would take the time to find that out. And why are you going on and on about somebody named Sonya. Also no one is talking about birth control. YOU brought up abortion as a reproductive right. Happy Holidays to you and your dog wife!

          • Reading comprehension

            someone brought up birth control

            you brought up beastiality over and over again, not me

            As citizens, it is our duty to be aware of all laws and the need for laws,like outlawing beastiality. And to be aware of Alaska’s moral history.

            The observation remains many people that think it is an affront to their bodily rights to be required to wear a masks think it is fine to pass laws which limit what women can and cannot do with their own bodies.

            I find this an interesting observation.

            edit-wolves and coyotes are very easy to distinguish as well as wolves and sheep.

        • I find it so interesting that anytime you don’t like a discussion on here you block the reply Jeff. Canceling voices like you cancel the unborn. But what it’s really about Jeff is that you aren’t nearly as smart as you think you are and you know it. How sad.

          • ?
            no idea what you are talking
            about-how does one cancel reply?
            where do I state my personal opinion on choice? You are making a lot of assumptions. I am just making an observation about attitudes about masks and reproductive freedom.

            but sure call me names, no one has ever done that before. enjoy your thnxgiving weekend, as will I.

        • Thanks for the reply there Jeff, however, you did not answer any of the questions I asked.

          As to what you think your point is, what you are describing is called being human. I do it, you do it, everyone does it. There are things that cross a line in one situation, and do not in another.

          If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that you are just as guilt of the the philosophical divide you describe.

          “Murder is murder.” Who exactly is murdering anyone here? Please explain that one to me.

        • The same people that…
          1. Support baby killing
          2. Support mask wearing to “save lives”
          3. Refuse to acknowledge the loss of life and damage to lives inflicted by lockdown: suicide, bankruptcy, drugs/alcohol abuse, mental breakdown, divorce, etc., etc., etc.

          Real people see right through you.

    • In what way are people advocating the government have control over women’s “reproductive” rights?

      I’ve never heard of a push for government to prevent women from “making” babies/reproducing.

      • Wow, that’s a stretch.

        No. If I do not wear a mask, I am not committing murder. Know why? Because there is no substantive proof the masks do anything to stop the spread of disease. None. COVID is spreading just as fast in the areas where there are mask mandates as it is in places where masks are voluntary.

        Masks are meaning less. The mask mandates let a bunch of uninformed politicians think they are doing something. And, it provides the clueless public with ammunition to demonstrate their (assumed) superiority.

        Murder implies knowledge and intent. Knowledge that their actions will cause significant bodily harm to others, and intent to cause that harm. An asymptomatic individual who is not wearing a mask has no knowledge that their actions will cause harm to others. (More and more information every day demonstrating the asymptomatic are not spreading the disease. Check it out.) Additionally, for it to be murder, there must be a level of intent.

        Abortion (pulling from some of your other comments) does in fact meet a legal test for murder. The person getting the abortion is fully aware they are stopping a beating human heart, and they are doing so with intent.

        So, to answer your simplistic question. No, no one is committing murder by refusing to wear a mask.

  2. I stopped donating to non profits when they started the Welfare program called
    Since the mayor for some reason is pushing for the expansion of non profits. Non profits definitely will never get one support from me, while they will let their for-profit brothers be forced out of business.

  3. This is just another in a long series of outrageous Left-wing attacks on our religious liberty enshrined in the First Amendment. These Leftists have locked down church services for months, and now they are restricting observation of two of the largest Christian and Jewish holidays. It appears that the acting mayor and their ilk are now working to break us from the American traditions of going to church and of spending time with our friends and families.

    Unconstitutional proclamations from petty-tyrants should not be obeyed.

    • Steve (love the name by the way) I would like to comment on your comment “break us from the American tradition of going to church…” Giving it some thought …do you really think “God” will be upset if you pray and sing outside the church in your car with a lead session by the church priest etc.. up front on a makeshift stage with some warmers on it…” or do you think “God” will be upset if you worship at home with the session on tv.. or even if you pray and read scripture alone.. if just for awhile..? Tradition is being altered now for a year or so… just to make things better so we can partake in tradition.. with all due respect, and I mean it, I really think “God” approves..

      • Certainly we can worship in our own homes, but congregational worship, taking communion, and sharing fellowship with other believers are also important. Still, that is not the point. The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees our rights to freely exercise our religion and to peaceably assemble. No one, not the President, not the Congress, not the Supreme Court, and certainly not some petty “acting mayor” can take those rights away from us. Not for any reason. It does not matter whether it’s for “the common good” or for public health; the governor and the mayor simply don’t have the authority to subvert or overrule our fundamental rights.

  4. Personal Care Services are thoe provided by PCAs, tending to our most vulnerable: Seniors, invalids, folks with chronic conditions. So, instead of supporting these people, the Mayor decides to reduce their available help to a measely 25%? Under what authority can she do this with the various state and federal programs that fund these services?

  5. So much for small business in Anchorage. And civil rights for that matter.

    I can’t help but wonder what the hell is wrong with the conservative citizens and business owners in Anchorage. You don’t sue, you don’t resist, and you abandon the few who do.

  6. She is acting just like a communist party member, give the public a promise for a brighter future “please push your boundaries … Do what you can. This will not last forever. We will get through this and I promise I will do everything in my power to bring us out stronger, she said.” She has such a gullible crowd, they can’t even see this one is an empty unfilled promise.

  7. This covid-19 has many fronts. Take the man who has 3 children who has had 4 tests,,, 1 positive, 1 negative, 1 positive, and last one negative. Two months later with unpaid bills he’s told by the HR dept. that he is a liability and cannot work because of the 2 positive tests. They are disregarding the negative tests. The other day, Alaska had 1 death, a 69 year old convict at Goose Creek who had underlying medical conditions. I’m struggling with my 4 grandchildren and the 3-10 min Zoom classes. Their parents must work, bills keep coming. I don’t have the answers, but it seems that masks and mandates are hurting more than helping. The school-age kids will be a lost generation sorry to say.

  8. The shutdowns Are Unconstitutional and must be disobeyed AND battled in State Court, or the Constitution is endangered.

    Our Constitution guarantees us certain rights that may not be abridged. The many government shutdown orders violate these rights. For this reason alone, the shutdown orders should be rescinded immediately. Furthermore, federal prosecutors should indict state governors for abuse of power for, in effect, creating a police state within their boundaries.

    The first amendment to the Constitution prohibits government from abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble. Therefore, all actions to limit people from gathering together in whatever number and wherever they may choose are specifically prohibited by the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

    The fifth amendment prohibits government from depriving a person of his property without due process of law. All pronouncements by state governors or local leaders forcing certain types of businesses to close were not conducted in anything resembling due process; therefore, these actions are specifically prohibited by the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

    The fourteenth amendment assures citizens that the protections of the Constitution, including amendments, are applicable to state and municipal governments. therefore, state governors, city mayors, etc., may not claim that the above two amendments prohibiting them from abridging their citizens right to peaceable assembly and depriving them of life, liberty, or property without due process of law apply only to the federal government and not apply to them. Yet today state governors and city leaders are violating both the first and fifth amendments. This is at odds with the US Constitution and, if unchallenged, would mean the end of that founding document as the Supreme Law of the Land.

    As of our primary foundational document The US Constitution and our individual God-given, inalienable rights, which it acknowledges, do not change or become null and void due to a virus that is less lethal than cigarette smoking.

    The shut downs are more deadly to young people than than the Covid-19 virus itself.

    When will we have ‘flattened the curve’?
    They are killing our youth.
    They are destroying our businesses.
    They are stealing our homes and life savings, by keeping us from our incomes/jobs.
    They are acting in clear and direct violation of our rights.
    When will it be enough?

    It’s time to wake up and wise up.
    Do not be a sheep.
    Do not surrender to progressive national socialist authoritarian rule.

    • So, do you believe the military draft imposed until the 1970’s was an unconstitutional infringement of individual rights? What about the rationing of products during WWII? Do individuals have unlimited rights when they conflict with other indivuals’ rights to life?

  9. This is getting too far out of hand.

    Mayor Berkowitz initially stated that wearing masks for 30-days would allow Anchorage to “flatten” the curve, and here we are, months later, still in masks with only elevated case numbers.

    Obviously, Austin Quinn-Davidson is following in the same footsteps.

    Get rid of this radical assembly and let people live their damn lives.

    You can’t eat in a restaurant because you’re afraid of contracting a disease that will give you minor (and I realize everyone responds differently), but minor discomfort and has a recovery rate of 99.6%.

    Come on people, this should enrage you. Government is supposed to be used as a guidance for law – they’re not there to to dictate what you can and cannot do with regards to civil liberties.

  10. It’s too late for a shut down. Too many people already have it. But that’s actually a good thing, because in two weeks those people will be recovered and that includes the healthcare workers! Every new case is a very likely recovery in 2 weeks, and we are that much closer to herd immunity. I have already had COVID and am over it. I’m a nurse. I’m also in the “at risk” population. But it’s in the past now. Let’s get on with living guys. How long would the 1918 pandemic have lasted under these circumstances? 4-5 years? Are we really ready for global economic failure because of this virus? Pandora’s box is open. All the shutdowns will never contain this thing. They are not saving lives, at best, they are postponing deaths. I’m sad for those who have died, those who will die, and their loved ones, but it’s too late to stop it. Don’t ruin our economy in the process!

  11. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
    Just like socialism, whatever the flavo[u]r.

  12. If the first lockdown worked, why the need for another?
    If the first lockdown didn’t work, what makes them think the second one will?
    I mean, masks have been in place since July, right?
    All I see is the killing off of small local businesses……and with the cares act $$ going to the homeless & vagrants, & not the businesses & people truly affected, & what it was meant for, the damage only worsens……Oh, wait….those people WILL get those funds, as they will now become homeless vagrants themselves……

  13. Speaking of health-care workers. Why is the COVID-19 vaccine a voluntary option for them when it arrives in 5 weeks, yet the annual Flu shot is mandatory?

  14. Donate to non profits with what? Austin Queen-Davidson’s paycheck???!?!?! Who else is gonna get one in December? Civil disobedience. The time has come.

  15. After Monday Nov 30, the mayor does not possess the power to issue emergency orders. The Anchorage City Charter 10.3 is quite unambiguous about that. It states “An emergency ordinance is adopted upon the affirmative vote of all members present, or of three-fourths of the total membership, whichever is less.“. Since only seven of the 10 Assembly members voted for the extension of the emergency ordinance past Nov 30, it was not successfully adopted.

  16. The democrat socialists and their ‘msm’ cheerleaders are starting to see their scheme unravel. The answer to them is ‘lockdowns, mandates, decrees and ordnances’ that will keep the citizens cowed, ‘locked down’ in their homes and afraid to have any semblance of a normal life. It is not “Power to the People”. It’s Power ‘over’ the People. Do not expect any relenting of ‘orders’ and ‘mandates’ from these in power. Power is the drug that drives them. Power over the People. Without that they are nothing but a bad case of indigestion. I am afraid that it will only get worse as they feel their grip loosening. Hang in there Alaskans. No way can they last forever.

  17. To Anchorage’s Hyphenated-Mayor, may we offer a hearty Season’s Go To Hell.
    Productive Anchorage residents will celebrate politically and religiously as planned, even more than planned just to show you who’s boss.
    You, Madam Hyphenated-Mayor, may “hunker down” all you wish, but you don’t have enough Peoples Code Enforcement Operatives to force your dribbling idiocy on people who seem increasingly disposed to escorting (gently of course) your Winkies off their property.
    Good news is you can stamp your fat foot down and call in platoons of men with guns and possibly helicopters plus dogs to discipline an increasingly restive populace most of whom don’t seem to hold you in the proper reverence befitting Anchorage’s First Hyphenated-Mayor.
    Yeah, do that, guarantee yourself a place in history as Anchorage’s First Bit… (whoops, can’t say that!) Grinch Who Tried To Steal Christmas. Maybe they’ll stick some dim bulbs in the festival of lights in honor of Anchorage’s First Hyphenated-Mayor Who Got Laughed Out Of Town.
    Sure and we’ll even give you keys to the city… some other city, far, far, away!

  18. Elected officials, such as the mayor, should donate salaries to charities during the lock down. Or better yet, just have payroll take after tax compensation and send it to the food bank. This way they can feel the pain of no income during the holidays like so many in the population.

  19. I wonder about the dire warnings. The press would have you believe there are no beds in the hospitals anywhere. Look up the unified command web site on the State web site. They have daily numbers on beds. Of course they don’t break out Wuhan virus vs other instances. But it does show we’ve got more ventilators than we can use.

  20. Another damaging blow to small business from another leftist blundering around in the dark with a blindfold on. ALL of the evidence, 87% of poll respondents wearing masking masks yet the count increases, lockdowns and partial lockdowns producing hmm. no discernible result, other than the count going up, points to NOT REPEATING THE SAME MISTAKES.

    Read the order “avoid” “when possible” Well, sorry it’s. not possible for me to avoid “whatever”. And the day I let some useless bureaucrat tell me how many people I can have in my house will indeed be a cold day in hell.

    “(s)He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.” TELL ME THIS DOESN”T APPLY TODAY AS IT DID 244 YEARS AGO

  21. If it worked the first time, why would we need to do it again?

    If it didn’t work the first time, why would we want to do it again?

    Several think the masks are a joke and the only way to effectively rise above the latest lockdown nonsense would be to expose yourself. Have a party with at least one sicko to act as your petri dish and there you go. Once that’s done get a note from your doc saying you’ve had it and no longer need to comply w/ mask mandates.

    Further, if we all did it within the six month window we’d establish the so called herd immunity threshold and in that manner Alaskans could stop being mistreated and only those that need to self isolate, could… instead of the entire state.

  22. These people had millions upon millions of dollars they took that money and made real estate deals with it instead of hiring temp nurses. These scum dont have the competence to watch paint dry.

  23. By most of your comments it seems like you want the Mayor to do nothing at all. Should we have no steps at all to keep the hospitals from getting past their ability to treat people because they are beyond capacity? Should we just let as many people die as possible because these steps are too hard on us? What is a life worth to you? Where does all this socialist, authoritarian, communist, or whatever outlandish little understood word you want to insert rhetoric ever end. This is not a power grab, it is to SAVE PEOPLES LIVES!!! During WWII the country came together in sacrifice for the good of us all. Why is it so hard to fathom doing that now. I know this is hard on many people in very real ways, mine included, but what is a life worth to you?

    • “… but what is a life worth to you?” Life is pretty much worthless without liberty. Stalin and Lenin called themselves democratic socialists. Every ruthless despot in history used the terms socialism and communism interchangeably. Socialism always fails, even so-called democratic socialism. Little tyrants always want complete control over every aspect of the lives of the populace. If a nation is willing to bow down to the dictates of socialism, it will never experience freedom again without a bloody revolution.

    • OK doctor, stop with the Chicken Little rhetoric. It only takes a rudimentary internet search to find out that masks DO NOT work. The world’s deadliest virus (covid-19) is about one tenth of a micron in size. That stupid cloth mask you wear has about a 40 micron gap between fibers.

    • What’s a 80 year old life with multiple health problems worth? Not much to Mother Nature. A lot more to human society. Even so, it’s not of limitless value. We set limits on it all the time when the voters refuse to pay for gold-plated hospitals having the latest, most expensive equipment for the rare few who require its use. Ford Motor Company set a limit in the 60’s of about $200,000 each when weighing a human life against the cost of making the Pinto gas tank nonflammable during a collision.
      What about the quality of life of the nation’s young being destroyed from school closures, and the livelihood of millions of small business owners from business shutdowns. What effect will that have on reducing their life span and quality of life, which will have tremendous future costs to the nation, money that could have gone to health care?
      And then we get into the Constitutional argument, about bedrock values – sometimes personally distasteful – proven necessary to maintain a proper society. But you don’t want to hear about that.

      • Wow. Okay so grandma doesn’t matter—“to nature”—got it. What about a 45 year old who has cancer and is not only basically 100% isolated from everyone she knows and loves but is also having trouble getting the healthcare she needs? Often after chemo this person is forced to go to the ER due to persistent vomiting. But right now, nobody can figure out what to do with her. She has been admitted twice when typically she gets rehydrated, a shot, and sent home. She is taking up bed space and resources but it’s more dangerous for her to be treated in the ER. So she’s a tax-payer, contributes to society, has family and friends, but is draining valuable resources and, if left to “nature” would likely be dead (like a lot of us who have been treated in a hospital). What is she worth? On the off-chance you might be helping another person, a person like her, why wouldn’t you? Asking for a friend who is sick, exhausted, and just wants to be around her family again.

    • This is a make believe problem for greater than 99% if the population; WWII was not.

      Let’s use another analogy. You pick.

  24. All the people whining that this is to “save lives” should be begging the Anchorage politburo to outlaw cars.

    More people will die in auto accidents this year than from COVID.

    Or, if saving lives is really the goal, bán the lefts holy grail of abortion. 99% of Alaskans who get COVID will recover – even the 60+ range. Near 100% of the babies getting aborted will die. Horribly.

    This isn’t to rant about abortion but to point out the hypocrisy of the “save lives at all costs” left

  25. The real question is what is the life of an 80 year old with multiple serious health issues worth to society when paying the cost destroys the potential of numerous six year olds.

  26. The staffing shortages are a direct result of the last hunker down BS in March. Health care facilities are BUSINESSES and these businesses are FOR PROFIT businesses. When a business has it’s ability to turn a profit impeded, it cuts costs or increases profits. These dopes running our city government have zero idea of how that works because none of them know how to run a business. And only a true horse’s ass would claim that crushing small businesses will, in any way, stop a virus from spreading in a community that goes to stores all over town.

  27. Cloth homemade masks look like a jockstrap made for your face. Don’t believe me? Go online look for what a sport jockstrap looks like and then look at faces around town.

  28. There’s so many veritable in any major decision making process. Unfortunately reasonable discernment based on information from citizens of credible backgrounds held in high esteem by colleagues that are willing to step out of their comfort zones to make sure society is getting the best information possible doesn’t currently seem to be a priority. These individual are in the medical, sciences, mathematical, Data processing etc.. fields that have knowledge based on decades of experience. Yet in our day and age it hard for people to comprehend that the reason we (United States) are in this current state of duress goes back well into history. As they say history does and or can repeat itself.

    1) Rothchilds- Agenda 21/30- (Klaus Schwab Covid 19- The great Reset<–Book) =Depopulation
    2)Rockefeller Foundation- Lock-step Program= Depopulation- holistic medical suppression
    3) Georgia guide stones -Ted Turned =Depopulation
    4) Watch George Soros Puppet Master 2012 by Glenn Beck- 501 (c)(3) non profit =money front Companies, subversive activities, Antifa, BLM , (McCain-Feingold Act: helped this get through in Congress)
    5) Watch Glenn Beck Presents: Democracy Does Die In Darkness – Biden and Ukraine
    6) Check out Banned.Video -Go to most banned video's section on left -Videos of numerous Doctors with real information for Covid
    7) Check out The highwire w/ Del Bigtree – He has been taking on the Pharma co.'s for years
    8) Newsmax, The Gateway Pundit, X22 great info and narration, The Epoch Times, One America News Network, Censored.News just to name a few
    9) I Attended the Original S.A.V.E. High school on A st. – Gerry Strauss (God rest his soul) my Principle, I drop out, I Had to work to pay for living, Years later earned GED(good enough degree) , A few years later went on to have near a 35 year career.
    10) In my years I have treated every day as a real life classroom and wouldn't you know it by the time my intellectual capabilities got to a formidable level, someone decided that it was time for America to start dummying down. That can dishearten a person if you let it.
    11) What ever happen to the phrase "If I can do it, you can do it" -societal support
    12) It's easy, it's called research and discernment . Though it take time I must admit
    13) People having civil conversation and in doing so present one's know facts- NOT EMOTIONAL SPEWING
    14) This current climate has charged me enough to air out just a small fraction of what's on my mind. It feels good to get out of one's comfort zone a little.
    15) Anyone can criticize but it take real leaders to step forward and stand up for their beliefs.
    We all have this potential just not the desire it seems.

  29. Anchorage and Alaskans you are never going to win blogging and ranting in social media against these tyrants you have to take Dunleavy to the Alaska Supreme court in violations against your civil liberties and Bill of Rights, case law and case presidence has already been established. Until you do this they will continue to rule over you!

    • The assembly didn’t have enough votes to shut down the city in the first place they needed eight votes they only had seven acting mayor is illegal because there should have been a vote for the mayor Within 90 days

  30. Anchorage is the most pathetic city in the state. I can’t believe the residents haven’t done anything to take a stand against these communists hell bent on destroying the economy. You all do realize this marxist carpetmuncher is going to continue to keep everything locked down for the remainder of her term right? This has nothing to do with the virus anymore.

    Berkowitz and his people are going to buy this city for pennies on the dollar.

    • When I drove up to Anchorage this Thanksgiving I was struck by what a shadow of itself it now is. Liberalism has devastated that once proud, industrious city. Now it is full of vagrants, shut down businesses, and vacant looking masked subjects. I too can’t believe that the citizens have allowed, and are allowing, this to take place. I guess it is because of all the imports from Kalifornia and other liberal enclaves who have brought their self-destructive policies with them. Imagine, a person who isn’t even legally mayor dictating the city into more destructive policy… and the sheep just go baaaahhhh. Run that sham out of office.

  31. It looks like my last comment has been removed. I don’t know why since section 230 hasn’t been repealed yet and this website isn’t liable for what users write on it. Tell me, why does a neoliberal pretend to be conservative? Is the money from ads and donations that good? Are you and dermot cole laughing on zoom in between your kombucha shots?

  32. Austin Quinn-Davidson is lying. As she knows, but is not mentioning, JBER has an emergency plan which would put 150 beds in the Alaska Airlines Center within 48 hours. Just as FEMA put thousands of beds in places like NY and CA (which as it turns out were never needed) all it would take is a call to the White House for deployment of beds and personnel to take place.

    But just as irresponsibly as Cuomo the rest of the left who have been nursing the “emergency” in order to consolidate their power, Austin is choosing to inflict more damage on the private sector economy rather than taking measures to protect the at risk population while minimizing the economic damage to the fabric of our community. Anchorage, like Seattle and Portland, is dying.

    Run by bureaucrats who have yet to miss a paychecks we are a case study in what Maggie Thatcher called the problem with Socialism: Eventually you run out of other people’s money! If there is karma coming to these hypocrites it is that with a shrinking tax base they too will eventually run out of money.

  33. Ironically, 9 months into the Covid “pandemic” the CDC is not recommending any palliative care or protocols for early stage patients other than staying home. It is known however that a high percentage of the permanent damage to lungs is a result of cytokine storms, i.e., overreaction on the part of our own immune systems which can permanently damage the lungs an/or kill the patient. Research indicates that another “old” drug, fluoxetine can prevent these storms from occurring…. why isn’t this part of the protocol for any “at risk” patient? by the way, fluoxetine is otherwise known as Prozac. Maybe Austin should get a prescription. It would protect her from potential cytokine storms and hysterical and destructive overreaction to COVID.

  34. I spoke to a person in Cordova this weekend.
    He ranted about the irresponsible people in Anchorage who are ‘screwing up’ the whole state when they don’t comply with COVID ‘rules’. “All Anchorage people want to do is party and drink!!” He told me. “They’re ruining it for everyone!”
    He went on to say, “people around the state need to come into Anchorage for medical and not to mention the Christmas shopping season.”
    Everything Anchorage does affects the state as a whole.
    What say you?
    PS if we’re the hub, shouldn’t we have the state legislature here instead of Juneau?
    Just asking

  35. Everyone is wearing a mask, I dont think 99.99999% of people really care about wearing it. What does this have to do with abortion? Anyways, I think the point is, why can you pack into a Walmart or Costco and not go into a restaurant? I personally don’t care, I don’t drink or really go out to eat.

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