Dan Fagan hanging up the microphone on the popular Dan Fagan Show


Dan Fagan said it was “liberating” to turn in his 30-day resignation today. After the end of the year, Fagan, who is a household name in Alaska, will call it good on his four-year run hosting the Dan Fagan Show on 650-KENI.

“I know it was the right thing,” Fagan said. For four years he has hosted the popular morning show that features a wide-ranging conversation among Alaskans on the issues of the day, whether it’s the Permanent Fund, elections, or the shortcomings of lawmakers.

Before he launched the show, he had a conservative news site, the Alaska Standard, and he hosted a popular talk show at KFQD for several years. He also was a political reporter for Channel 2, and taught journalism at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Fagan moved to New Orleans a several years ago, which made it easier to host a show that started at 5:30 am Alaska time, five days a week.

There is no word yet of who might replace him in that 3.5-hour slot.

Over the past year, Must Read Alaska‘s Suzanne Downing has been a regular guest on the show typically twice a week, as the two would discuss politics in Alaska and at the national level. Fagan has also written many columns for Must Read Alaska, and may continue to do so on occasion in the future — between golf games.


  1. Wonder why? I didn’t care for him, but I understand his ratings were strong.
    Curious if this had anything to do with his public spat with Palin?

  2. After 15 years of constant character assasination of Sara Palin, he probably considered his work was done. He made a Career of talking negatively, and falsely of her. Never a good thing to say about the former Governor. I quit listening to him when Track Palin joined the Army, and Dan spoke poorly of him for doing so. After this last election I turned on his show just to hear what he had to say. He said it was a great victory for the Union Candidates. Winners like Mar Peltola, Merrick, Giesell, Claymen, Dunbar, Jackson, and many others. And then he said, ” The only person who didn’t support the Union Power Structure was Sara Palin.”

    • Sarge, who is Sara? Sara Lee?

      If you are talking about Sarah Palin, Fagan didn’t get everything right, but he sure had her pegged.

      Sarah has gone South Sarge, she only came back to Alaska to FUBAR things worse than she had previously.

    • He was correct in saying it was a great victory for these candidates. He personally didn’t feel it was a great victory and in fact has been very negative towards every one on that list.

  3. Probably the best debater on radio but in a debate over the pebble prospect I destroyed him because I studied the pebble plan and he didn’t, also I had experience in mining and created the mining documentary ”Paydirt in Platinum Alaska”, he couldn’t hang up on me because the way audio was rigged he couldn’t hang up, Ortega the producer was busy answering phones. Dan never took my calls again.

  4. fagan and especialy porcaro are RINOs who sold out their Listeners. I’m still waiting for porcaro to apoligize to his Listeners and admit Ranked Choice Voting was his fault and donate lisa’s 30 pieces of silver to St. Jude’s Hospital.

  5. Good riddance, maybe we can get an actual conservative (that lives in Alaska) morning radio host who won’t follow the Eastman method of pretending to be conservative while doing the bidding of the left. Between Eastman handing the house to anyone who isn’t a conservative or Republican and Fagan trying his best to convince conservatives and Republicans that there is no one worth voting for…or that there’s no reason to vote, it’s no wonder we have a Democratic/leftist legislature yet again.

    Good job Dan you did your part as assigned by the leftists and now you are leaving, thanks for leaving.

  6. Good riddance!

    If somebody, who wants to put on a quality afternoon radio program, would replace Mike Porcaro and his sidekick then radio programing in Anchorage would improve immeasurably. We do not need to know that Crash spent his PFD on blow. And we don’t need to hear Porcaro read (on the air) published news articles that he did not write or research.

  7. He kept making political predictions which didn’t pan out, and when they didn’t, he’d fall apart. Recently, he became harder to listen to when he seemed to say that he didn’t see any path forward for Alaska politically. Then there was the repetitive (though truthful) statements about Ryan Binkley interlaced frequently throughout each show.
    I’ve been a faithful listener and was surprised to find no more podcasts. In spite of his foibles, he’ll be missed. Way better than Rick Rydell ever was.

  8. Leftist RINOs are:
    1 Stev-o
    2 Jim Wilke
    3. Marlin Salvage
    4 The Masked Avenger
    5 “SARGE RUDD” – especially is a Marxist Communist, that never listened to the show (as explained per his comment above) as Dan Fagan blasted Dunbar, Constant, Geissel, Merrick, etc and the like.

    Thanks Dan for exposing the takeover of our next generation through the hearts and minds of our kids with CRT, and Kindergarden drag queen story hour. I served in both OEF and OIF in the Middle East and am still active. “You need to go pound sand Sarge.”

    And thank you, Dan Fagan, for your committed service of exposing the truth and keeping us informed from the anti-America semantics ever so around us! It is with great honor, to thank you Dan, you will be forever, and greatly missed!

    • I’ll give Dan BIG kudos on his resistance to all Fauci’s covid crap that turned out to be just that, so well done Dan. As to your list, number one was the biggest spewer of Fauci/CDC misinformation and was proven totally wrong.

    • Please tell the people on the left I’m a RINO. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the laugh.

      I’m honest and cynical. I call the faults as I see them on both sides. I own no part or no one allegiance or explanation except God and my family.

      One thing I don’t go is use alleged “veteran” status to in any way imply my status or comments carry extra importance. But you do you.

      Most vets I know, and I know quite a few from Vietnam to Iraq, don’t try to leverage their vet status in public. They feel it demeans the service of others to do so.

      But you do you, “veteran”.

      • Masked. True. Most vets are the quiet ones. It is hard. to describe our experiences and have them understood, so it’s just easier to keep it inside. Unfortunately this can lead to substance abuse and suicide for some. It is important for vets having a hard time get in touch with Active duty, or V.A. counciling. They have come a long way in helping over the years. Unfortunately when we speak out, we sometimes get shot down., because we see things differently than most—even amongst ourselves—exampled above. Our only common denominator is we Served, everything else is personal point of view. Which we fought for. Carry On.

        • I have the utmost respect for 97% of those who served. There is always the John Kerry contingent who are beneath contempt.

          I’m right there with you regarding the abysmal treatment our vets receive from the government who asked them and their families to risk everything.

          Everyone who speaks gets shot down eventually. That’s life. Military and otherwise.

          My opinion is harsh, but it is formed in large part by my associations with people who have served. My military connections range from people currently in the Pentagon to people who served on the ground in Iraq. As a military man you should be able to appreciate I’m not at liberty to name names out of respect for their circumstances. You can accept this or not as you wish.

          Nearly uniformly they all have strident issues with people who make public fare out of their service. They feel it demeans the dignity of all those who served. They didn’t serve to be a hobby horse for others to ride. Especially my Iraq war friends who left people behind.

          You may accept this, or not, as you wish.

      • Howdy Masked. Like Mike Shower, David Eastman, Roger Holland, Josh Revak, Shaw, and Sharon Jackson. All Outspoken VETERANS.

    • “Veteran”,

      I’m not sure why you put veteran in quotes, but to each their own. What is it exactly that makes me a Leftist RINO?

      Is it that I believe in our Constitution? Is it that I believe in fiscal responsibility? Is it that I believe in rugged individualism? Is it that I believe in freedom? Is it that I believe in a small limited government? Is it that I believe in the rule of law? Is it that I believe in the rights of the individual? Is it that I work to elect people who believe in these ideals? Is it that I believe in personal responsibility? Or is it that you have no idea what you are talking about and your feelings got hurt and striking out at others is the only way you know how to handle your hurt feelings? My money is on that last one.

  9. I appreciate Dan Fagan and Suzanne Downing. Created an avenue for folks to air their views and concerns. Good luck Dan on your future ventures.

  10. I miss radio back when it was Fun…LOVED Dick Lobdell, Herb Shaindlin, Marcus, (Rick Rydell was ok, too). Don’t think we’ll get those days back.

  11. Always enjoyed listening even if I didn’t agree with Dan. Wish him success in his future plans.

    Now let’s have a vote on who should replace him:
    Bernadette Wilson
    Mayor Sullivan
    Eddie Burke
    Suzanne Downing

  12. We will definitely miss you Dan, for all the great information you shared with all Alaskans. It was great to be kept informed regardless of the Anchorage Assembliy’s sputting lies. Just remember you can’t win “them all”, but keep true to your beliefs. Don’t know who’s replacing you but hope he is a local conservative Alaskan..

  13. He was deeply upset and emotional when voters turned Alaska from purple to blue in November. The elections of Murkowski, Peltola, and Giessel were the last straw. (Even his afternoon radio counterpart pitched in by promoting the deception that ranked choice voting would help eliminate dark money – all it did was elect democrats). I think Dan’s exhausted and is done with Alaska.
    I Don’t blame him. We were once a red state populated by raucous oilfield workers, shifty ne’er-do-wells, and risk taking entrepreneurs. In those days, 85% of our state revenue came from the oil business. Now only 15-20% does. Today, 80% comes from government: 45% from the federal government and
    35% from state Permanent Fund investments.
    Alaskans may once have been strong individualists. No more. We’ve become increasingly dependent on government handouts – permanent fund dividend included – are always begging for more, and voting for people who promise to give us more stuff – democrats mostly.
    The DC establishment treats us like a colony or a territory because we’ve regressed to pre-statehood status. We are little more than a big park to them.
    Sorry to see you give up on us Dan, but I get it. Thanks for your efforts and your voice.

    • Bingo. Spot on. It’s darkly amusing to compare the pre-Statehood angst about being a colony of Seattle to the (except for MRAK) entirely absent complaints about being a colony of D.C. Giving due weight to RCV, nevertheless, when Alaska elects it’s sole representative because she’s nice, or when Alaska elects a Senator because of the money she’s pulling from Washington (at huge cost to taxpayers), it’s a sad commentary on the dependency of the electorate.

  14. Dan, you will be sorely missed. You are an excellent journalist who held politicians’ feet to the fire. If I ever get to “Fat City” maybe we can get together to visit the House of The Rising Sun!! God bless and I know that you will come back somewhere to speak up for those who don’t have much of a voice.

  15. The best comment ever from Dan on his old KFQD show was when he said “I literally fell off my chair, and I don’t even own a chair.” Cannot recall why he made the comment at the time, but I heard it as it was spoken live. KFQD used that recorded comment in many advertisements for his show for a long time. Priceless.

  16. It would be nice to have a new voice talking about the weather, local events, where to go get the lowest gas, alternative routes to take to avoid traffic, concerts and weekend events to go to. Hot fishing spots, potholes to watch out for and have the city fix. Just a more local report on what is happening here. Oh and conservative politics. Not just politics.

    Maybe we could get liberals to listen if there were local topics, then teach them conservative policies while they listen.

  17. As Herb left Kfqd, Dan is also leaving behind a legacy career in talk show history. I have respect for the man, but mostly dislike his hard hitting on people whom disagreed with him. Just means he was very good at his job (lol). He got me thinking. All good; retire and learn how to really play golf Dan!!

  18. Howdy Paul. I’d add Rick Rydell, to that. I would also add the election 2016 to that. They where against Joe Miller, pro Dan Sullivan, when Dan quit the Race, Lisa had a no contest win for the Primary, and General. When you have Randy Redrick running the Republican Party, and radio guys on Keni radio backing his moves, I get the vision of Thelma and Louise driving off into the Grand Canyon. Our Red State, is now Blue.

      • Dan backed the play Against Joe Miller, so did Rick Rydell and other KENI radio people in 2016. If they didn’t outright endorse Lisa, they had nothing bad to say about, but to them, Joe Miller was poison. Which left Lisa as the only choice. Randy Redrick nodded and gave his blessing. That’s why they call it Strange Bedfellows.

  19. Sarah deserved to be criticized… don’t blame Dan…. She messed up a critical election.
    Goes back to high school…. Her “ nickname
    was Sarah-Cuda”.
    Never been a team player … enjoyed
    “ self serving better “.

  20. She needs to stay away after Aces.,Anyone that really cares about our state would not have run the oil companies out of the state. Parnell knew she was wrong and thank you to him for getting rid of aces. go sell our pictures and autographs in AZ or DC. Or maybe to theCanadians that don’t pay attention to what she has done.

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