Dan Fagan: The days of standing on the sidelines are over



It’s all happening so fast. Our freedoms are disappearing. We’re engulfed in a whirlwind of unprecedented lies. Good is called evil and evil is called good. 

Too many Americans and Alaskans are unaware we are about to lose everything. 

Who can you trust? Certainly not the media. 

The Democrat Party is now full-on Communist. The party’s tradition of supporting slavery, segregation, the welfare state, abortion, infanticide and chemical castration of gender-confused children is now unabashedly all in on destroying capitalism. 

They want to annihilate free markets and replace them with a top down, government-controlled, micro-managed approach to our economy. 

They assault the job creating private sector in hopes of creating more government dependents. 

The woke crowd is crazy. Certifiably so. They want to create a society where all are equal and there are no haves or have nots. 

Freedom is their enemy. 

They know nothing of history. The deadly ideology they pimp as if they invented it, is responsible for the death of one-hundred-million noncombatant souls in the past century.  

If only that were our nation’s only threat. Swamp-friendly crony capitalist Republicans like Alaska’s congressional delegation made up of Don Young, Dan Sullivan, and Lisa Murkowski also represent a clear and present danger.  

At least the Communists do what they do to make them feel better about themselves. It makes them feel compassionate to redistribute wealth. 

But the RINO crony capitalists go along to get along Republican types are in it for their own political power. They don’t want to lose their coveted front row seat in the inner bowels of the Swamp.  

So, what can we do? How do we fight back? 

Never, ever, under any circumstance vote for a Democrat. That’s the easy part. 

It gets more difficult when attempting to discern the difference between an artificial Republican and a legitimate conservative. Folks like Kelly Merrick, Louise Stutes, and Bill Walker may wear an R in front of their name, but don’t have a conservative bone in their body.  

China Bill Walker has worn the R label for years.

He did more harm to Alaska in four short years than all other governors combined. He almost handed over control of Alaska’s gas to the Communist government of China. We really dodged a bullet with that one. 

Then there are the Republicans who may very well hold freedom loving beliefs but are afraid of their own shadow and reluctant to fight. This is much more difficult to discern. We must learn to see the difference between a feckless and refuses-to-make-waves Mike Dunleavy and a fire-in-his-belly type like Dave Bronson.  

Dunleavy may very well hold conservative beliefs, but if he’s afraid to act on them what good is he? 

Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink’s demonizing of ivermectin and other proven treatments for Covid has led to the unnecessary deaths of too many Alaskans. Dunleavy simply stands by Zink, an Anthony Fauci clone, and says nothing. His refusal to fire her speaks volumes about who and what he fears most.  

Another thing we can do is to cease supporting Leftist media outlets like the Anchorage Daily News. By supporting, I mean giving them your cash. Take that $16 a month you pay the ADN to lie to you and instead give it to Must Read Alaska or the Alaska Watchman. 

If we lose Must Read Alaska or the Watchman, the communists and RINO’s will have close to free reign in the state. 

We must also support freedom loving and courageous politicians. By supporting I mean give them your money, talk them up, and volunteer to help them get re-elected. 

This weekend, Must Read Alaska posted a video of State Sen. Mike Shower of Wasilla speaking at a small gathering. Shower is a true courageous champion of freedom. He, unlike many other elected Republicans, has the bravado to say what he believes regardless of how much it may anger Ryan Binkley and the Marxist minions he has running the Anchorage Daily News. 

“You’ve already lost your power folks. You don’t control your state. Somebody else does,” Shower passionately told the crowd.

“Whether it’s big money, whether it’s big business, whether it’s big unions, whether it’s special interests. They control your government folks. You don’t. You lost it a long time ago. You don’t control your government.” 

Shower’s bluntness was refreshing. The Wasilla Republican argued a constitutional convention could shift the power away from the special interest dominated legislature back to regular Alaskans.  

The days of sitting on the sidelines are over. It’s time to get engaged. If we don’t fight back, and by fight, I’m speaking figuratively, we will lose it all and won’t recognize Alaska and America sooner rather than later.  

Dan Fagan hosts a morning drive show on Newsradio 650 KENI. 56,000 unique users downloaded his podcast last year. It can be heard on 650KENI.com or the IHEART Media App. 


  1. Yet Shower was quick to vote to protect his own wallet (per diem) before even trying to discuss the PFD.

    Accept it. Alaska is a left to hard left state with Socialist leanings.

      • Did he or didn’t he vote to protect the per deim? The 60-0 vote says he did.

        Did this occur before one peep had been made about the PFD or cutting state spending? The calendar says no.

        If he takes a pay cut to do the job, he should either live with it or chose to get out of state government. Alaska survived just fine before Shower. We’ll survive without him.

        Ignorant? Look in the mirror. Facts, pesky things that they are, say otherwise.

        This attitude is why Alaska can’t have nice things. Too many people who think they are much more clever than they actually are cheerlead the letter behind the candidate instead of evaluating the person’s actions

        • If we move the legislature to a more sensible central location the need for per diem would be less. Have you ever tried to rent anything in Juneau? Have you grocery shopped there, ate at a restaurant? Try it and you may realize how much our legislators have to spend while down there and still maintaining a home elsewhere.

    • Dan forgot when we all got Miccichi’d on our dividend.
      Dan also forgot the vast number of repubs who voted in favor of the not so patriotic Patriot Act.
      He also forgot to let us know Trump re-signed the patriot act.
      That 30t of debt wasn’t from one party Dan. It’s time Alaska.

  2. So nuanced, Dan…

    Sounds like the rant of someone who is slowly losing influence, but remains desperate to retain it.

    Exactly what freedom and liberties have you lost, Sir? That’s right…exactly none. You have more of both than almost anyone on this planet, especially as a White male. Of course, you really don’t believe most of what you preach; you’re motivated primarily by clicks, money, and notoriety. So, you fit right in with the other intellectuals here on MRAK.

    • What’s the matter Nom can’t handle the job of life? We have lost freedom at every turn but I guess you have all your free stuff. All the laws have chipped away at freedom.

      • So, Mark, please illuminate us as to at what turns we have lost freedom. Can’t drive at whatever speed you want on the Glenn? Can’t toke as much booze as you want and then drive? Can’t walk out of Walmart with whatever you want without paying? Can’t beat your spouse?
        All laws limit freedom. Pretty much all of them, except for the ones that favor certain special interests, are passed as the result of bad behavior on the part of someone or something. Your argument is a paper tiger. Without laws, and their infringement on what you call “freedom,” we would live in anarchy.

    • NomDeMerde, if you wish to engage in the divorced-from-reality fantasy that we have not lost VAST amounts of freedom, not just in the past two years but over the past decades and century, then by all means indulge in your fantasy world, but do not attempt to try to convince us that the sad and dark authoritarian reality that we see all around us today does not in fact exist.
      To see a perfectly representative example of the loss of freedom, just look at that is happening in Canada today, particularly in regards to the utterly totalitarian criminalization of dissent.

        • I live in North America, in a state that borders Canada, and that is reason enough to take interest, and concern, with what is happening there.
          But I suppose for those narrow-minded, blinkered, terminally self-absorbed and fatally short-term ‘thinkers’, what happens outside of their immediate neighborhood and their immediate day-to-day lives is of utterly no concern.

      • Seems to me more like an attempt to control an undisciplined rabble attempting to persuade themselves that they have anything relevant to say or do. They can’t even agree upon what it is they are demonstrating against, just as Jeff can’t come up with anything other than vague accusations of authoritarianism to support his methane bloated rants.
        But time will out. The Jeffs and Fagans of the world will eventually run out of the flatulent gasses required to fuel their rants. At least, we’d better hope so, or else we will all go up in an overheated ball of flame.

  3. Thank you, Dan, and thank you Suzanne.
    I have talked up MRA to many people, and urged them to read Suzanne’s site, many many times.
    I have told people of her tireless work and fantastic journalism, and told them that if they do not read this site,
    then they really do not have a clue about what is REALLY going on in our beloved state of Alaska.

    I also send her a little money when I can, and have every intention of sending her more, and more frequently, beginning this summer when personal finances improve.

    Keep up your fantastic work, Suzanne, and rest assured that it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated….

  4. While I may be sympathetic to many of Fagan’s political leanings, it would be a catastrophic mistake to cut out everyone who does not lean as far right as he does. Calling Dan Sullivan a RINO and Dunleavy feckless demonstrates that his tent is a very small one indeed. People who “fight” usually lose because they alienate people who might be sympathetic. It’s those who can work the system to get things done that are worth their weight, not the ones banging their fists on the table.

    • Dunleavy is feckless and Dan is a RINO. For all their “playing well with others” what, specifically, has Alaska gotten from it.

      Do we have a full PFD?
      Do we still have drilling rights in ANWR?
      Are there any substantive cuts in state or federal budget.

      Compromise is great if it gets you something. Swampy and the Cowardly Lion have little to show for their terms in office

    • True that Kelly just like Murkowski when she was the deciding vote for the new Interior Sec. helped us out in Alaska sooo much. Yeah I’m a sarcastic sob.

  5. I would participate in the discussion but Dan asked me to refrain from calling the show and ordered me to stop listening about a year ago. Yes, censorship at its best but i respect his wishes and no longer call or listen.

  6. I agree with all you have said Mr Fagan. If anyone doubts we are in a battle for our freedoms, look no further than Canada right now. It can and will happen here if we do not, as Dan has stated, get off the sidelines and become engaged.

    • Red pill or blue pill JC, so many take the blue and don’t even realize they took it I’m afraid. Mid-term elections can’t get here fast enough for me.

  7. Dan, I clearly remember You using Your bully pulpit AGAINST Joe Miller. Now You SAY You are unhappy with Your CHOICE who was not only appointed by daddy, but was a well-known entity when You were FOR her…

    • Voted for her, not happy now, will vote for someone else. Just saying changing your mind about someone is okay, would think it is okay Danny Boy changed his mind as well.

  8. Canada is now a lost cause. Rank Choice voting, the dominion computer software is still in place. Redistricting voting boundaries. Voting is only their to make you think you have choices. Many people would never give a career over a silly mask or a jab. Not sure how long it will take for Alaskan’s to realize America is over.

    • The original idea of America isn’t over yet, but oh yes we are closing the distance to being over. And the pace at which we are closing the distance has accelerated at a rapid pace lately.

  9. The trolls will be out after this article Dan. We need to educate people because they have been brainwashed by our schools and news media. They reeeeally don’t like you writing this type of article even with all the power they have already attained but you, I and everybody like you say, needs to keep on fighting the good fight. It is so interesting how they call us Nazi’s when they are the ones who are limiting free speech and instituting draconian measures. They are divided into two groups, the first who are the ring leaders, the power and money behind it and then the second group who are the useful idiots, who they manipulate to get to where they are going. The second group are made up of true believers and the low information people who are easily led by the emotional state of the left.
    “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.”
    Abraham Lincoln

  10. I believe Dan means well. He is still frequently caught up in the cult of personality in this state. We quit listening to him for several months when he kept having idiot friends of his like CM on there, embarrassing herself and stinking up the show with horrific hunting stories. Dan put the cherry on top when he said that he took the virus injection to please his mother. Case closed. There’s always hope and maybe he will actually wake up someday. I’m waiting too, for him to stop saying “Mark Begich is my friend” and until he does, that radio show is little more than a glorified male soap opera, with far too many ads.

  11. You know, conservatives today wouldn’t know what a real conservatism is if it was a grizzly with its fangs buried in their stupid faces. They complain about all the sexual perversion and even the mutilation of little children but, just like liberals, they can’t remember things for more than 15 minutes as it was THEY who supported laws giving special rights to homosexuals. Just like liberals, they’re too stupid to even see the connection. Just like liberals, they blame things like inflation on whoever they don’t like (Biden) but if you bad mouth one of their heroes like Trump and point out that it was under him that 12 trillion of new money was created then their true liberalism spews its ugly hatred all over their posts. It should be obvious to a 4 year old that when a society accepts the murder of little babies as “normal,” then they’ll accept ANYTHING and believe that up is down, down is sideways and that men can be women. But these conservatives, just like liberals, can’t add 2 + 2 and see that when people come to believe such sick, murderous things as “normal” they will have zero problem taxing you at 90%, allowing their fellow perverts to rob and even kill you for whatever reason they feel and even go so low as to vote for people like Murkowski (which, BTW, I tried to tell people she was a 100% pro-abortion liberal back in 2004 and just like liberals and just like I’m 100% I’ll get from “conservatives” here, I was told to basically to shut the H*** up. The truth is that these conservatives, just like liberals, couldn’t care less—until she cost them MONEY!!!). 

    In 2009, I was part of a petition drive to outlaw abortion in Colorado. A group of us called hundreds of “Churches” asking if we could just simply stand in their parking lot to ask their members to sign our petition. I’m still just sick to death about the fact that we found about only one in 50 “churches” would allow us to do so. 98% of these “pastors” and ALL of their members are even more sick and evil than liberals and ALL they give one crap about is MONEY! That is why these “pastors” do NOTHING but give occasional lip service to pro-life causes. It’s so beyond PATHETIC that 98% are too cowardly to even speak to their pastors about that or other things like promoting homeschool alternatives. Instead they send THEIR OWN CHILDREN to be taught sexual perversion, Marxism and hatred for everything that make America great and all the other sickness in government schools.  All the failures Dan mentions—ALL of them—are 100% the “churches” fault and nothing will change until Christians start acting like Jesus commands us to. 

    • The people you are describing are not “conservatives.” Being Republican does not necessarily make you a conservative.

      • That’s exactly the point(s) I’m trying to make in my post Dan.
        One thing I’ve often heard pointed out is that John Kennedy would be considered a far right-wing nut today and how with those that consider themselves conservative are to the left of Kennedy on most issues.

    • Seek his kingdom first and all things will be added to you. Whatever the outcome of our work his church can and know peace, joy, patience, compassion, kindness, and humility and love while all others facing the same crisis are overwhelmed and fearful. Have joy! This world has to get worse before it gets better. Revelations tells us how the end of the world will be. Let the Lord reign in you while you are at work, family, or civic service. I learned something from a Chinese pastor’s response when he was asked about the government taking down the cross. We are the ones meant to carry and display the cross and we are the church, not a building.
      The building nor one person as a pastor was intended to carry the sole responsibility. Could it be God blesses China and raised China up for the sake of his church which is the world’s fastest growing christian church and has been out performing all nations, including America, sending out Christian missionaries.

        • Jen,
          I have a few friends who do missions in China and I very much like your story from that Pastor. My friends guestimate there’s at least 100 million born again Christians there now.

          I’ve subscribed to Voice of the Martyrs for maybe 10 years or so—though I sold my place and am in a time of transition right now so I haven’t been keeping up at all.

    • You’re kind of conflating a few things here. Trump isn’t a traditional conservative; he’s more of a populist, who happens to hold some positions that are conservative (i.e. opposition to abortion and deregulation of commerce and industry), and some that are traditionally more liberal (i.e. opposition to entitlement reform and less emphasis on foreign affairs). It’s a platform that many conservatives have shifted to. Is it the right choice? I’d leave such judgments to you.

      And I’ve never heard anyone describe Murkowski as a conservative (aside from her liberal critics). She is a moderate, or RINO if you will. She’s been reelected largely on the backs of people who are less politically active (on both sides of the political spectrum).

      • Show me where I said that Trump is a conservative or where I even so much as indicated anything but the exact opposite. It’s also just pathetic that anybody on the planet thinks he’s pro-life as he’s 1. given $1.5 billion to Planned Murderhood, 2. praised them for the “good work” they do, 3. said on many occasion that baby murder laws should “stay as they are,” 4. appointed SCOTUS Judges that all said the same (in legalese), 5. didn’t even mention baby murder in his first State of the Union lies and it wasn’t until 6, the Maoist left came out and actually proposed laws allowing for murdering babies AFTER they are born that Trump realized he could use it as a weapon against them and finally spoke up strongly about it, pretending he’s so, so pro-life and raising a lot of money from gullible “Christians.”

        I also argued with people at the Anchorage National Right to Life people and others back in 2004 till I was blue in the face telling them Murkowski is a pro-abort. The truth is, just as with Trump and all so-called pro-life groups (except American Right to Life) as well as with pro-baby-murder groups, it’s all about money. Both sides lie through their teeth saying either that Trump and his SCOTUS nominations will “end all abortion” so send us money or that Trump will “crush women’s rights” so send us money. It just blows my mind that people buy it EVERY TIME!!! And I’ve been told by many, of which I’m sure think they’re conservatives, that Lisa Mercowpie was not just conservative but “far-right.” I probably hit up the Republican booth at the Fair 15 times since she was elected in ’04 and speaking of “buying it” I just have no words…. I wasn’t just told about how awesome Murcowpie was but these people practically wet themselves over her (exactly like liberals did with Obama). AND it all just magically changed in 2018 after (guess)…after she cost these “conservatives” MONEY (after she voted with the liberals on Obama Care and other things). AND what is the sickest, most pathetic thing of all—why I just barf in these “conservatives” faces—-is that in 2014 Murcowpie was the ONLY RINO to join ALL the Dems to vote in favor of the most radical pro-murder Bill to ever see the light of day. So from 2014 to 2018 these (fill in the blank) people were STILL telling me she’s so, so conservative and even so, so pro-life but then after she cost them money and went against Trump then FINALLY you didn’t see her being promoted at the RINO booths and other such functions.

  12. Take that $16 a month you pay the ADN to lie to you and instead give it to Must Read Alaska or the Alaska Watchman.

    Follow your own advice, Dan. You continue to subscribe to ADN while telling others not to. You don’t need to subscribe to ADN to do show prep’. There are other sources you can use to find out what is going on in Alaska.

  13. “Who can you trust? Certainly not the media.” says Dan Fagan, a part of the media, via the MRAK media.

    Well you’re sure right about that one.

    • Dan is, of course, referring to the entirely corrupt, self-serving and propagandistic CORPORATE media, Nom, not independent sources such as MRAK (and many others).
      It is interesting, though, to see all you so-called ‘lefists’ (who are now outright fascists) standing up for and supporting corporate censorship, and the power of unlimited and predatory corporations in general.

  14. Thank you Dan! EVERYTHING you said was spot on. We ALL need to stand up and fight!! Not physically fight, but verbally and with our minds and hearts!

  15. Gosh, I don’t even remember when the ADN was only $16 a month. Recently, it’s been $35 and scheduled to go up. You are really behind on that one, Mr. Fagan.

  16. While there are some truths to what Dan Fagan opines in this article, I have some problems with the hypocrisy he presents.

    The last I knew, Dan Fagan left Alaska some years ago for New Orleans, Louisiana. Unless Dan Fagan has moved back to Alaska, resumed his residency here, and registered to vote again as an Alaskan, he is NOT an Alaskan resident. As such, I would prefer that he butt the hell out our (Alaskans) politics! I (like others) don’t give a damn if he is a conservative; it is insulting, disingenuous, and deceitful to use the term ”we” as he has in this article, as though he were still an Alaskan resident. If I’m wrong about Dan’s current Alaskan residency, then I will apologize. But until otherwise proven differently, Dan need stop identifying himself as an Alaskan (either directly or inferring so); it is dishonest. While I used to listen to him and agree with him some while he lived/worked in Anchorage years ago, now, I frankly would like him to mind his business (state politics) and keep his opinions about what Alaskans should and shouldn’t do to himself.

    I support Alaskan conservative news, including MRAK, but ask that MRAK drop publishing the political opinion pieces authored by Dan Fagan (resident of Louisiana) and others that are not currently Alaskan residents. At the least, such op-Ed’s need be clearly labeled as being authored by nonresidents of Alaska (regardless of whether they lived here as residents in the past). If they were so damn interested in the future of Alaska, they should have stayed here in hard times, as well as good, and contributed/voted to advance their causes here, instead of retreating to other states or countries, and carrying their proxy agendas from afar.

  17. Interesting opinion piece, there’s lots of rah-rah’ing but little of substance. Ultimately we are left with disclaimer that when Dan talks about fighting he means a figurative fight…not an actual fight. That’s sounds about right for those who have been broken by covid. It’s just the same delusional nonsense over and over again. Just saying the words freedom and liberty doesn’t mean anything when you don’t know what those words mean and they really don’t mean anything when you can’t even say which freedoms and liberties you claim you’ve lost. It really is a sad spectacle, what some claiming to be conservative present. You don’t have a right to a job, you don’t have a right to cross borders at will, we are a nation of laws. The impact of covid will be felt for generations, beyond the trail of deaths, the seriously damaged brain functions of those impacted by this virus will have a long term detrimental effect that will leave us all worse off.

    • And so speaks the hysterical and paranoid Covidian death-cultist. As well as the rank apologist for statism and authoritarianism, with his egregious lies, disparagements and gaslighting regarding mere “claims” of lost freedom and liberties. Wow!
      Your little confession here speaks volumes about you, Steve. And none of it is good.

      • Yet another post dripping with unintended irony from Jeff. You’re really lighting up my day with all the funny stuff you’re saying today. All your ranting and raving is showing you for who you really are. Keep it coming man, this is great!

          • That’s all you have to say for yourself Jeff? “Whatever”, that’s it?
            You repeatedly rant and rave about “hysterical and paranoid Covidian death-cultist” in the most hysterical, fanatical, and delusional ways…thinking that the bogeyman is out there trying to get you.
            You accuse anyone that you disagree with of being establishment shills, liars, leftists, and more.
            When asked to back up your big talk you shy away, unable to support your views and childish trash talk. I’ve asked you numerous times that if you are going to call me a liar then prove where I’ve lied, you won’t because you can’t. You are all show and no substance Jeff. You talk big but say little.
            And all you have to say for yourself is “whatever”, whatever indeed Jeff.

          • No worries Jeff anyone who’s ever read what you’ve written knows that you quickly grow tired facts and truth, that you are incapable of supporting the beliefs that you parrot with a well reasoned discussion, it’s just is not in your wheelhouse.

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