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Monday, April 19, 2021
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Dan Fagan: Sen. Sullivan clueless to conservatives’ loathing of Murkowski



Republican U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan took to his Facebook fan page to do some bragging on Monday. 

“Congressman Young, Sen. Murkowski and I were just recently rated as being among the top 10 most effective lawmakers in the last Congress,” posted Sullivan. 

The swamp group, the Center for Effective Lawmaking, rated Alaska’s delegation in the top 10 percent of all delegations for effectiveness during the 116th Congress, which ended in January.

If Sullivan thought his Facebook fans would be impressed, they were anything but. The reaction was scathing. 

“Sullivan is getting sucked into the swamp. Misplaced loyalty to Lisa Murkowski,” wrote Ryan.  

“DC must be pleased but your constituents have much angst with you,” posted Ruth.  

“You’re speaking with a forked tongue. You cannot support what is healthy and financially sound and at the same time promote Murkowski,” added Nancy.  

“We didn’t send you there to win beauty pageants or to get along with others. We sent you there to represent our interests,” wrote Dennis.

“How the hell do you include Murkowski in the same sentence,” posted Tim. 

Only a tiny fraction responded positively to Sullivan’s post. Keep in mind, these are Sullivan fans on his fan Facebook page. 

Sullivan and his team clearly miscalculated the reaction he would receive from bragging about getting recognized by a swamp group praising he and Murkowski for being swampy. 

Sullivan’s post and the reaction to it illustrates perfectly the divide within the Republican Party between the swamp and liberty-loving conservatives. 

Anchorage Mayoral candidate Bill Evans is another example of someone who enjoys support from Republican establishment types, but not from conservatives. 

Evans’ supporter Rebecca Logan was one of a very few reacting positively to Sullivan’s post. 

“Thank you for all that both of you do for Alaska!!!” wrote Logan. 

Sullivan has taken a considerable public relations hit recently among conservatives after saying he would support Murkowski if she ran again. 

Murkowski is not popular with most Alaska Republicans and is practically loathed among conservatives. 

A poll released this week from the highly regarded national polling company, Cygnal, found an astonishing 87% of Alaska Republicans view Murkowski unfavorably. 

The poll also shows conservative challenger and Republican Kelly Tshibaka with a double-digit lead over Murkowski despite having very little in name recognition. The sentiment among Republicans seems to be anyone but Lisa. 

Now you know why, with the help of Lower 48 Leftist billionaires, Murkowski gave us rank choice voting and did away with Alaska primaries. 

It’s tough to win your party’s nomination when 87% of its voters don’t like you. 

But Murkowski is also not liked among other Alaskans. 63% view Murkowski unfavorably.

Sullivan displayed real tone-deafness when he recently pledged his support for Murkowski if she runs again. He even described he and Murkowski as a good team.   

Sullivan may assume voters will forget his allegiance with the highly unpopular Murkowski more than five years from now when he’s up for reelection. 

Chances are Murkowski, with her dismal approval ratings, will be a long forgotten political figure when Sullivan faces reelection. 

But voters should remember Sullivan stood with and supported Murkowski despite her being chief antagonist and agitator to President Donald Trump.  

Her unflinching, consistent, and passionate support of Planned Parenthood and abortion should disqualify her for support from any pro-life conservative. Never mind the fact she singlehandedly saved Obamacare giving the need for more abortion funding as a reason. 

If Sullivan has a conservative opponent five years from now, you can bet they will remind us all of his betrayal of the conservative movement by supporting the embodiment of a swamp creature, Lisa Murkowski.  

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive talk radio show on Newsradio 650 KENI.

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Latest comments

  • Lisa is a swamp creature

  • Sullivan knowingly voted to confirm a known stolen election and install a Communist Chinese Puppet into the Oval Office. This is treason! Sullivan is a traitor.

  • This move by Dan may be His downfall also!

    I try to remind His office to tell him to run from Swamp rat Murkowski, and that Kelly Tshibaka is coming to DC. He, too, will be replaced if he sticks with the swampers, because Americans have had enough.

  • I campaigned for him, but it didn’t take long for him to ignore the wishes of the people. I believe he has joined the DC club and his priorities have changed and not for the better of Alaska and the republic.

  • Sullivan is clueless as to our loathing of him also.

  • Dan, you hit the nail on the head. I sent letters to all of our representatives including Dan Sullivan asking them to stand up for Trump during the fraudulent vote counting for the Presidential election. None of our three, not even Don Young, would stand up for the illegitimate votes counted in the 6 swing states.

    They all three need to go. I swore to actively oppose them as should every free Alaskan. Thanks for the article.

  • WOW!! Dan,smokin hot!! By any chance did citizens for prosperity use any of that outta state money to help bring us ranked choice voting?

  • Dan is tone deaf, comfortable in the knowledge his seat is secure. He’s positioning himself to take over for Princess Lisa

  • Agreed Dan, great article.

    With luck, we send Lisa packing in its next election. Sullivan could be a team player and exit as well!
    I hope we are able to vet a suitable replacement. If that’s Kelly, I’ll be on board. We need a solid individual. Obviously it’s difficult not joining the other creatures lurking in the DC swamp. Might be the pasta!

  • Yes, Dan, you’re next to be voted out.

  • I think that in connection with the assumed perfidy of Sen. Sullivan, I recently mentioned the Iron Law of Oligarchy. But maybe you, Mr. Fagan or Ms. Downing, don’t think that U.S. Senators are oligarchs.

    Sullivan is on the Armed Services; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Environment and Public Works; and Veterans Affairs committees. Meanwhile Lisa is on the Appropriations; Indian Affairs; Energy and Natural Resources; and Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committees.

    Which committee has the most to do with our one trick economy? Who is on that committee? Lisa! Of course Sullivan has to pay lip service to Lisa. But then again, per govtrack.us, Sullivan is a liberal with, at best, a moderate following.

    For the moment, Sullivan has to work with Murkowski as she occupies more important positions. It may feel good to tell Sullivan the error of is ways, but politics is the art of the possible and it appears that he’s doing what’s possible.

    I, too, would hope that Sullivan changes his tune but one look at how liberal he is provides little hope that his tune will change. And, as it’s portrayed in the chart, Sullivan is in a position to follow, not lead.

  • Dan has been a big disappointment from the get-go.
    He just wants to fit in with the D.C. swamp and not make any waves or stand up to the swamp.
    He is spineless.
    He even refused to speak up on Ted Cruz’ behalf in 2016 after Ted had traveled 3,000 miles and spent 4 entire days traveling around our state campaigning for Dan.
    I questioned Dan to his face, asking him why he wasn’t speaking up and endorsing Cruz when he was in the presidential race in 2016, and all Dan could say was that others (Jeb!, Rubio, and a couple others) had helped him in his campaign for the Senate, so he could not single out Cruz over the others and speak up for him.
    I knew at that moment (this was 4+ years ago) that Dan intended to just be a spineless swamp creature, and enjoy the perks of being in D.C. without making waves, or ever standing up for the U.S. Constitution…….and that is indeed all he has done.
    Screw you Dan for refusing to help sort out the stolen election in 2020, and for instead voting to install senile old Joe into the Oval Office, in what was so very obviously a stolen election.

  • Wrote Dan a good legal letter regarding the unlawful unconstitutional election that took place in November, he actually gave me a long reply but apparently clueless as to what occurred and how it went down or was covering for the swamp. Time will tell but not likely to support again.

  • 6 years gives the Churches, God willing they still have their doors open, it gives plenty of time discipling Alaskans choose life matters over the death we been brought up to passively and ignorantly accept. What’s more important, time is slipping away, narrowing the time to open people’s eyes before their hearts are cemented shut.

  • OMG!!!! Dan is a fool. Lisa Murkowski is anembarassment. The resistance she put up against Donald Trump was all I needed. And her abortion stance? Kavanaugh? Impeachment??? Lisa is an absolute disgrace. Wake up, Dan, or you’ll be next. Swamp creatures. All of them, R and D’s.

  • Respectfully disagree, Dan…
    You go to war with the army you have.
    You don’t annoy Native Corporations who make up, and finance, a big part of your constituency by disrespecting their property, especially their elected property.
    Until you’re back in power with a veto-proof, reasonably conservative majority, you damned sure don’t annoy the “woke”, tantrum-throwing moronic minority who seem to have replaced elected officials in shaping public policy.
    So… Dan you might cut the guy some slack. He seems to be doing the best he can in a very bad situation.
    Not sure what you or we could do differently… or better.

  • Im offended that McConnell is backing Queen of the Fence, Lisa, and that does put some heat on Senator Sullivan. I think he tries to be cautious before he puts out statements, and he’s been good on communicating about his committee work. Politics are tricky as Donald Braun says, but Dan better not become a tightrope walker on that fence. He might slip into permanent swampville.

  • Jen,
    Read and reread your comment. Still have no idea what you’re trying to say.

  • Effective for who, Mr. Sullivan? Certainly not the conservatives that voted for you. It didn’t take long for you to succumb to the murky waters of the D.C. swamp. Don’t get too comfortable in your plush senatorial seat, sir. I can’t wait to vote you out. Joe Miller, where are you?

  • I thought DS was going to be a creature unto himself, but I was wrong. He’s turned into one of the DC swamp creatures with all of the accoutrements towards reelection. Don’t make waves, say what’s best for the press, look good on camera, etc., etc., blah, blah, … yuk!
    Even if he were to come out and say something negative about LM, he’d backtrack somehow and try to save face. Let’s start looking for someone to replace him!

  • Anybody remember the 2012 state convention where a bunch of people (the libertarian wing of the party) stood up in the middle of Murkowski’s address and turned their back on her as a way of giving her the finger?
    The institutionalists were all aghast at the disrespect, but here we are almost ten years later, the state party has censured her, her unpopularity is bleeding over to Dan S., and now she’s going to game a ballot, probably lose and take down any Republican alternative with her.
    For the love of God, whoever runs against her needs to consolidate support and let’s not have five starry-eyed republicans all trying to all grab the brass ring and splitting the vote. Also, let’s not wheel out a crazy this time.

  • Facebook? That’s a great place for Sullivan to post such truck. The wise will never see it there, because they aren’t stupid enough to give that gang of fascists the personal information they want to be a member of their silly club.

  • Look … this is really simple. Dan is not an Alaskan. He’s a carpetbagger who has had everything in life handed to him. Wealth at birth. Best military prep school. Best undergrad school. Best law school. Meets and marries an Alaska Native gal while at college. Follows her back to Alaska. Her father, who is White and politically connected gets Dan top state government jobs. He clerks for a 9th Circuit Court judge in Fairbanks. Becomes Commissioner of Natural Resources. Attorney General. Now, a two-term US Senator from Alaska. A reserve Marine Colonel who never saw any combat. Dan Sullivan had it ALL. However, he does like being a big shot in DC, and playing in the pen with powerful people. He does not want to buck the system. He’ll roll with Lisa Murkowski on order to keep playing.
    So you ask:. Why did we just elect him again?.
    Answer: because the alternative was Al Gross…….the opiod pushing, bag of wind, bear killing, wacko, hard-left, lying Democrat.
    And that’s the ONLY reason we have Dan Sullivan.

  • I voted for Sullivan this last time around only because the alternative was despicable and unacceptable.

  • Alaskan conservatives are quite dull-minded. Murkowski has been a leftist in the senate for 20-yrs. The Democrat party describes her as a loyal vote they have grown to depend upon during her tenure. Finally, after all those years of betrayal, Alaskan conservatives are finally seeing her for the traitor she is. They have a slow learning curve.

  • Wayne Coogan, I disagree with your portrayal of Alaska Conservatives, I believe that the
    “conservatives” have long been on to Lisa, recall Joe Miller in 2010. The problem is that conservatives represent a minority in both the Alaska Republican Party and in the general electorate. You have missed the mark, again, not unlike some of your venison shots over the years. What is slow to learn is the majority of the Alaska G.O.P. leadership. Lisa, Alaska’s G.O.P. Ronald MacDonald mascot has gone over to Burger King. This move by party officials is merely about branding and protecting the corporate name. Republicans are socialist lite , Mr. Coogan. Merely better disciplined totalitarians. I am surprised that after 4 decades of my instruction you have not grasped that concept yet? Sigh… I remain your humble tutor in all things political and venison.

  • Wow, Robert A Schenker, you got me. I foolishly used the term “conservative” rather than “Republican”…. as if the terms were synonymous. An obvious lapse of reason on my part. Your missive was much easier to accept since it contained far less of the usual hysteria and twisted logic of your commentary.
    As to comparing Republicans and Democrats, Dems are actually more fundamentally honorable. They are openly Marxist and unabashed baby-killers to boot; but what you see is what you get. On the other hand, Republicans are more chameleon-like; they utter conservative sales pitches and then deliver the same product as Dems. Which is more trustworthy?

  • Sullivan has NO CLUE his head is on the block next if he doesn’t start acting like a Republican Conservative and voting what his constituents want and NOT necessarily what he wants. Acting “Republicanny” is what he has been hired to do and he CAN be fired. So it is time for Alaskans to really start watching him and looking for a Real Conservative Replacement. His probable vote for HR5 to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is an example of said distain for his constituents. The act will open women’s bathrooms to men and male to female sports. It is a horrendous bill and he definitely should not be voting for it, however, according to a response I received from him, “This protection originates from the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution and is codified by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The principle this decision focused on is one I have long agreed with — that Americans shouldn’t be able to be fired from a job simply because of their religion, race, or sexual orientation. I am committed to the principle of non-discrimination and enforcement of laws providing equality for all Americans.” This confluence of labels is so like a politician that it makes me want to throw up. To mix religion, race and sex with sexual orientation and gender identity is a slap in the face to all of us Constitutional loving Americans!

  • Whoa, what a bowl full of oatmeal we have here!
    ” Republicans are socialist lite…”
    ” I foolishly used the term “conservative” rather than “Republicans”…. as if the term were synonymous.”
    ” Dems are actually more fundamentally honorable.”
    ” Republicans are more chameleon-like; they utter conservative sales pitches and then deliver the same product as Dems.”
    OK, everyone take a deep breath and settle down.
    Republicans are not truly conservative. They’re the party of borrow and spend (although, it looks like the Dems are moving in that direction, ’cause they can’t get a tax hike past the Repubs). The Dems are trying to do the right thing but can’t get past the Socialist moniker, like it’s a bad thing. And pretty much everyone is now a chameleon because that’s what’s required to get elected.
    When you mix all this together and bake it up, you get Dan Sullivan pie. And who’s to blame for this bland, tasteless excuse for a pie? Look in the mirror.
    At least Lisa has a spine. Maybe that explains the indigestion.

  • Suzanne, I see my reply to Robert Schenker was not posted. Did the truth about Dems being baby killers go too far?

  • Wayne Coogan, every Republican , including “Daddies Princess” talk the “Conservative” talk at election time. You have within the GOP a minority of conservatives and libertarian voters. The bulk of the leadership is more concerned with Corporate Welfare Programs which in their speak equals JOBS.
    In the end both parties rely upon big government spending programs.

    I hope this clears things up for you.

  • The correct thing to do would be to pray that Yahweh would give Murkowski and Sullivan wisdom to do their jobs right.

    The problem with doing the correct thing is that it can often be so unbearably frustrating.

    Enduring the frustrations patiently is one of the marks of true believers.

  • JosephDJ, let’s also be thankful that the founding fathers of this republic did far more than just pray….. thereby enshrining our YHWH-given rights into our constitution…. including our right to speak freely on this discussion board.

  • Dan, a little advice. If you got included in the same group as daddy princess, Keep your mouth shut don’t brag about it.

    Your thin ice just got thinner. I supported you and voted for you, that won’t happen again unless you grow a pair.

    Get out of the swamp, Alaskans don’t appreciate it as much as you appear to.

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