Cruise ships return to Southeast this week and Juneau protesters are ready for them


On Monday, April 25, the first cruise ships of the season will arrive in Juneau, and they’ll come into a world of rain, fog, and a few protesters.

The Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Bliss arrives Monday at 1:30 pm, departing at 11 pm. On Wednesday, April 27, the Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Jewel arrives at 1 pm, leaving at midnight. On Friday, April 29, the Holland America Zuiderdam arrives at 1 pm, departing at 10 pm.

The entire season’s schedule is at this link provided by Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska.

Protesters plan a cruise ship pollution protest on Monday at the Alaska State Capitol, starting at noon. The protesters want cruise ship cops known as “ocean rangers” back aboard cruise ships. The governor is not planning to reauthorize and fund the program, which was originally put in place in 2006 but ended when cruise ships stopped coming to Alaska in 2020 because of the Covid pandemic.

“Cruise ships are incompatible with Juneau’s climate change goals, pollute our air and waters, overcrowd our communities, and bully local governance,” stated the group led by Karla Hart on its Facebook events page.


  1. Fact: Most small businesses in Juneau are owned by Liberals, creating a sort of conundrum. They want the tourist dollars, and want to dictate in what fashion they receive said dollars.

    The “ocean ranger” program is somewhat of a joke. Impossible for one individual to monitor a ship of 1100ft, with at least a dozen systems onboard that could be classified as “harmful” to our environment.

    Get rid of the cruise ships I say!

    • The Ocean Rangers responsibility is to monitor all of the logs that the cruise ship operator is already required to keep. The program funds are going to an escrow account because by law the cruise ship companies are paying for the program. This program has nothing to do with the liberal Juneau businesses and all to do with the many past cruise ship company violations of pollution laws.

      • It has everything to do with a shakedown by the communists and the marine unions to make phony jobs for their sychophants.

        • Thank you for your spot-on insight on this matter Art. You are correct. I spent two years on the State of Alaska Labor Relations Board. In 2002 I was appointed by Governor Murkowski as a representative of the union side. At that time, I was retired from Local 302 and working as the union steward through local 959. I was constantly ashamed of the stupid whiny union grievances that we had to listen to and rule on. In my two years, the union lost every case. Government unions and unions who work with private enterprise have two completely different trains of thought.

  2. Will Karla Hart and Kim Metcalf both commit to their cause as the protester did recently in Washington DC by setting himself (proper pronoun?) on fire to protect the climate?? Will these 2 people commit to their cause?

    One can only ask!

  3. I say get rid of “political” pollution. These same people want open borders and with that, population increase. What is the great cause of pollution? Population, of course. BWWWWAAAAAA

  4. At least Juneau has shore power now using hydro, ridiculous that the cruise ships can burn heavy sulphur diesel in International Waters. Not sure why the wealthiest people can not spend a little more to help clean up the planet

    • Frankly, Frank…. The vast majority of the pollution is coming from emerging countries (second and third world) So why should the first world pay to clean it up?

    • It never surprises me that leftists are more than willing to spend other people’s money.
      Wherever did you get the wisdom, intelligence, and benevolence to dictate to others how they should use the fruits of their labors?

  5. Juneau Democrats, radical environmentalists, and SE Marxists have been doing this for years. Nothing new. They protested NCL’s first arrival in Juneau 15 years ago. Karla Hart’s first employment as an aide in Juneau was 35 or more years ago. She hasn’t progressed very far, and now she’s an old lady, still protesting because a forward moving society has passed her by.
    Congratulations go out to businessman John Binkley for setting up a beautiful new berthing facility for NCL in Ketchikan. He should come here to Juneau and set one up too. Juneau needs it.

  6. Somebody please explain the job description of an “Ocean Ranger?” Has anyone told the protestors that the criteria for wastewater discharge from a cruise ship is more stringent than wastewater discharge from the city of Juneau? Has anyone told the protestors that the amount of wastewater discharged daily by the city of Juneau is orders of magnitude greater than the daily discharge of all cruise ships in Alaska waters?

    • That is all true and would be wonderful….Except neither the cruise lines nor the CBJ stay within the criteria voluntarily.

    • The criteria is greater enticing crusie ship operators to dry lab the logs for compliance and perform illigal discharges. The job criteria for the Ocean Ranger is to ensure operators are in compliance. What data do you have to support your conclusions on cruise ship discharges vs Juneau wastewater discharge, or are you just making stuff up?

      • CBJ has been Fined on multiple occasions because of violations that have repeatedly occurred at the Mendenhall treatment facility and it’s all public record.

  7. Excellent. I note that the protesters were all fully masked up outside. I wonder if it was an individual decision or required by the group.

    When does risk aversion cross over into paranoia? When should mental health professionals intervene? Asking for a friend.

    • As a Juneauite
      Covid paranoia is strong here. They don’t drink the kool aid. They make it.

      • I lived in Juneau on two occasions for a number of years. For those that have not, it should be understood that there are many in Juneau that require and demand the security that comes from knowing the town is basically isolated. These folks could not survive in a dynamic and open community. Further, these folks are repulsed by outsiders that do not support the cocoon and act accordingly. The Mental Health Trust intervention idea has some validity. Paranoia over Covid in Juneau is entirely consistent with the local mindset.

    • JMARK, perhaps Juneau should become a ward to the Mental Health Trust? Is that possible? Surely that would be an intervention worth exploring. I mean if the whole town has crossed over to paranoia wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction?

    • They are likely masked up to prevent others from identifying them, doxxing them, and making them live up to their own standards.

  8. Notice by the photo all protesters are masked-up. They hide their faces because they don’t want people to see that they are big hypocrites. The cruise industry brings them their livelihood in Juneau. But radical Democrats rarely see beyond their brainwashed, small minds.

    • These old protesting skunks have nothing better to do with their lives. Most of them are old, decrepit and bitter. Most of them are just jealous that people are out enjoying themselves on a cruise to Alaska. AND, they are selfish bastards. They don’t want anyone coming into Juneau, unless they spend lots of money and stay briefly.
      Phony Alaskans.

  9. I’ll bet none of these protestors were in Juneau prior to the Cruise ships landing. As a paper boy in the “60s with my Route along South Franklin and Willoughby Ave I can attest that the Cruise Industry has greatly improved that part of town. Formerly it was infested with rats, trash, rotten structures, stinky bars and even an opium den. The latter I remember well since the owner of said opium den refused to pay my subscription fee and clawed at me with his long brown stained fingernails as we tumbled down a flight of stairs.
    It is my belief that the rats along South Franklin have merely relocated up to Chicken Ridge and over to Starr Hill with some Rat colonies thriving out North Douglas Road also. Perhaps Rorie Watt should hire the Pied Piper? Take them out to Lemon Creek Rorie, your dump will sustain them abundantly!

  10. Been a nice few years without them for sure.. lots of people flying into town to open up their seasonal shops. Doesn’t really seem like we need the cruise lines to bad life went on nice and normal during their absence. Only now that the seasonal people are back to turn on their golden faucet does it seem like it’s a issue again.

    • Ask Art Chance how normal life went for him.

      Or the owners of nearly every restaurant in town.

      Or the whale watching boats, glacier gardens, and the helo tours which provide summer jobs to a large amount of our kids.

      Or the large majority of us who were forced to wear face diapers to go into Fred Meyers.

      I can go on and on.

      Not exactly nice, or normal.

      • Every restaurant in town? Or the seasonal restaurants in town? The helicopter companies that show up in may? Then leave in October with the cruise ships? Is this who you speak of? And what do face diapers have to do with this conversation? Whale watching boats??? When was the last time you ran into a whale watching boat captain at Fred Myers in December in Juneau wearing your face diaper you speak so proudly of wearing? You have never… because they aren’t here in December. They are at their homes down south.

        • You’d actually have to know them to recognize them. The last time I bumped into a boat captain off season was… every month from Oct to May.

          It’s a dirty little secret the outrage mob doesn’t get because they don’t mix with serfs like us.

          Sucks to be so badly wrong so much, but it’s your right as an American. Helpful hint: don’t overuse it.

  11. As a Juneauite:

    Everything in Juneau is owned by liberals. Including state government.
    Ours is a community built on the concept of economic self destruction and drag shows.

    Every year we deal with some sort of protests regarding tourism. Most all of them are Karens and state employees, secure in the mistaken belief their lives are insulated from tourism.

    Since Covid hysteria hit town several businesses ended up going under. Oddly enough, many of them owned by liberals in good standing. Many more people lost jobs or had to endure long term layoffs. Covid hysteria hit this community brutally hard.

    But these people don’t care. The loss of local businesses and jobs didn’t effect them until their favorite restaurant was either out of business or couldn’t allow them in. Or the local tradesman they used had left town for greener pastures. But they convince themselves it’s coincidental. Just like the downturn in business at the Rookery after the owner went full BLM with his F the police ice cream. Pure coincidence.

    This contingent is determined to turn Juneau into Wrangell or Petersburg. Devoid of an economy or a future. Just ask them- they’ll be happy to tell you.

    As for all the lives damaged? Gotta break eggs to make omelets.

    • Juneau and all of Alaska is built on handouts from the federal government. Period. You can talk a talk Alaska but your always the first in line to beg for money. Never have I seen such a bunch of lazy alcoholic group of people with every excuse to not work but blame the government for not kicking down money fast enough in their time of need. Walking around dressed as a worker with your boots and carhearts and big truck doesn’t make you a hard worker. At the end of the day we are the laughing stock of the country for the welfare we pull in to support our native population, our fishermen, our wanna be loggers, and our state and city employees.

  12. If I were running a cruise company I would just stop sailing to Juneau and see how they like it without all of the tourist dollars. There are plenty of other great places to stop in Southeast.

    • Ak Pilot- because of many reasons Juneau is an important destination. Drive up Glacier, great Whale watching, best water supply, MAPOL approved garbage disposal and great Ice Cap tours and a tram up mount Robert’s.
      Tour Companies need Juneau and Juneau needs tours.

  13. “The governor is not planning to reauthorize and fund the program, which was originally put in place in 2006 but ended when cruise ships stopped coming to Alaska in 2020 because of the Covid pandemic.” This statement from the article does not read accurately Dunleavy vetoed funding for the Ocean Ranger Program in August of 2019 and thereafter Covid wiped out Alaska’s cruise ship season in 2020 and most of 2021. Covid did not end the Ocean Rangers…Dunleavy did. The program was entirely funded by a $4 surcharge , known as head tax, which was added to each cabin sold. The rest of the the $20 (from the $24 per ticket head tax) went elsewhere. The Ocean Ranger Program did not cost the people of Alaska a dime nor did it effect the state budget so how it could be eliminated by a veto is something I’ve often wondered.

  14. So many Alaskan problems would be solved were Juneau given to Canada where it is so much more of a geographical and political fit.

    Initiative anyone?

    • OGLila, using your logic there is a much longer border between Alaska and Canada just north of Yakutat. Why not just cede the rest of the State to Canada?
      I mean Anchorage is an unproductive Socialist enclave run by Marxists, right up Justin Trudeau’s alley?

      • Anchorage is not! right up Trudeau’s alley! He hates Americans and their filthy lucre. What do you know about it anyway, hot shot?

        • G. Galeutian, I think the author of the book titled” the Prince” was pointing out that Anchorage was much more politically aligned with Justin and his Commie Cubano Father then was say, Wrangell or Ketchikan are. I mean when it comes to authoritarian rule, who can top the Anchorage 9?

        • G. Galeutian,
          Ha! That’s a laugh. Nine (10 was a gutless weasel) of the 11 seats on the Anchorage Assembly are held by social Marxists who are so far left they would be considered “leftists” in Portland, Minneapolis, or Ottawa. One of the more leftist of the Assembly idiots, Forrest Dungbar, received just over 49% of the “votes” in the recent mayoral election. If one believes the vote count, that indicates roughly half the city’s population supports that turd and his policies. Add in the stupid “emergency mask ordinance” passed by the Assembly, BLM rallies, drag queen story hour for children, CRT in the Anchorage School District … etc., I’d say ol’ Justine Turdhole would feel right at home there.

  15. $500,000 for construction of the Teal Street Center. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Nov. 2.
    $150,000 to The Glory Hall emergency shelter and soup kitchen for operations.
    $60,000 to the Tlingit & Haida Regional Housing Authority for repairs to the youth shelter Shéiyi X̱aat Hít, or Spruce Root House.
    $60,000 to AWARE for building new apartments.
    $50,000 to St. Vincent de Paul to repair its housing.
    $45,000 to JAMHI Health & Wellness for workforce development and retention.
    $30,000 to Capital City Fire & Rescue’s community health program for a vehicle.
    $25,000 to Bartlett Regional Hospital’s Community Navigator program for a vehicle.
    $25,000 to the Southeast Alaska Food Bank for food.
    $12,000 to Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation for program kits that help school-aged children learn to be safe while home alone or to babysit younger children.
    $10,000 to the Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska for its reentry program.
    $10,000 to Juneau Carbon Offset program for home heating improvements.
    $10,000 to SAIL for its home improvement program.
    $8,000 to Juneau Housing First for maintenance and repairs.
    Finally, the foundation is keeping $5,000 for administrative overhead.

  16. City officials and the cruise industry have drafted an agreement that would allow up to $10 million in cruise ship passenger taxes to help pay for what’s being called the Capital Civic Center. The Juneau Assembly approved the resolution authorizing the arrangement at its regular meeting Monday night.

  17. It’s funny how cruise line employees don’t pay any attention to these dissenters. The employees are internationals, and they got bigger problems than to argue with a group whose only struggle is wondering how to make the world more green. A cruise liner skipping over a town, well it’s not good business sense and all customers want to stop in a state’s capital.

    • Regardless without a pollutant officer, they should still do their best maintaining a clean work envionment, do it for the children of the internationals for their opportunity to work as their retired cruiseliner parents done 30 years earlier.most likely they’d still be
      living in their birth nation.

  18. Its been two solid years since Juneau has had an outbreak of Noro Virus….Here is the recent data

    Cruise Line Cruise Ship Sailing Dates Causative Agent
    Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Joy 11/8 – 24 Unknown
    Aida Cruises AIDAdiva 10/3 – 13 Norovirus
    Aida Cruises AIDAluna 9/28 – 10/12 Norovirus
    Aida Cruises AIDAdiva 9/5 – 23 Norovirus
    Carnival Cruise Line Conquest 9/7 – 14 Norovirus
    Oceania Cruises Oceania Marina 3/18 – 4/5 Unknown
    Princess Cruises Island Princess 2/8 – 18 Norovirus
    Viking Ocean Cruises Viking Star 2/7 – 14 Norovirus
    Viking Ocean Cruises Viking Sea 1/18 – 28 Norovirus
    Royal Caribbean International Oasis of the Seas 1/6 – 13 Norovirus

  19. Typical leftists.
    Running on the belief that they can arbitrarily change a part of the system, and no other parts of the system will be affected. Restrictions on tourism? Why not. Standards of living would not change at all, I am sure… Just take away a massive chunk of income for lots of people. What could go wrong?
    It is like opening a clock, and removing a gear. Then getting angry when the clock stops keeping accurate time.

  20. These protestors would do much better to worry less about pollution from cruise ships, and focus instead on the far more dangerous pollution of the mind that is radical leftist extremism, and Covidian hysteria and authoritarianism.

  21. “(Being the Capitol of Alaska is) incompatible with Juneau’s climate change goals, pollute our air and waters, overcrowd our communities, and bully local governance,” stated the group led by Karla Hart on its Facebook events page.

  22. Juneau always makes these events out to be a big deal when they aren’t. If you notice, pictures of protesters are always zoomed in and typically have about 10-15 people involved. These are far left liberals, still wearing masks, and doing what their masters tell them to do. Mindless idiots.

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