Craig Campbell returning to space program, resulting in shuffle in mayor’s office staff


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson today accepted the resignation of Craig Campbell, who is a senior advisor to the mayor after starting with Bronson as chief of staff.

Campbell will be returning to Alaska Aerospace, where he served as the President and CEO from 2012 until 2019, to assist in the transition of senior leadership at the company, with the goal of diversifying Alaska’s economy by increasing aerospace investments and operations in the state.

“Craig Campbell is the definition of what service and commitment to Alaska is,” said Mayor Bronson. “As the former Lt. Governor, Lt. General for the Alaska National Guard, Assembly Member, and a valued member of my team, I appreciate his dedication in working for the Municipality of Anchorage and the State of Alaska to make our state successful.” 

Campbell’s resignation is effective Oct. 24, and he will start at Alaska Aerospace the next day. OMB Director Karl Raskiewicz will be moving into the Mayor’s Office and Marilyn Banzhaf will be the Acting OMB Director.


  1. The State of Alaska is in the missile business, the railroad business, the campground business, the low-income rental housing business, the mortgage finance business, the marine freight and passenger service business, the student loan business, the business finance and factoring business, etc. etc. etc. AND THEY ALL LOSE MONEY. Yet we wonder how we can spend about $18,000 for every man, woman and child on state government, and some communists and fools (not to mention many on the take) say we need an income tax so that working people can take home less money. Government is so large in Alaska that the private sector is confined to scraps.

    • Excellent point, Kubota!
      Alaskans are certainly in love with big government, to my everlasting disgust. Even most of the so-called “conservatives” are pro-big-government.

  2. That was fast. Recognition of an administration doomed to failure by the gestapo tactics of the Assembly?

  3. Wonder if this has to do with the case filed against the city for firing a whistleblower that had whistleblower protections?

  4. Maybe he can find a job with Elon… Except he requires results.. Even if it results in a loud boom and a debris heap

  5. Just to clarify the reason for my leaving, I believe Mayor Bronson is doing exactly what is necessary to return Anchorage to a vibrant economic prosperity, compassionately reducing homelessness in our city, addressing crime and violence, and reducing the size and cost of government. He stands for personal liberties over government tyranny. My return to Alaska Aerospace will be temporary, so watch out, I just might be back with Dave Bronson to continue his fight for We The People.

  6. Very glad to hear that “…you just might be back with Dave Bronson.” You’ve been both a great supporter and a great competitor in my political life. You’ve done so much for Anchorage, always driven by what you believe is best for our city and our citizens.

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