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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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COVID Update: 11 new cases

Eleven new cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in the past 24 hours in Alaska, with no new deaths reported and one additional hospitalization noted.

The current statewide infection count is 246 cases, including the seven deaths already reported and the 55 who have now been declared recovered.

The new cases were diagnosed in Anchorage (3), Fairbanks (4), Kenai Peninsula (1), Juneau (1), and Mat-Su (2).

A little more than one percent of Alaskans have been tested for the Wuhan coronavirus, with 7,432 swab tests administered since the first Alaska case was diagnosed in early March.

Nationwide, 91,358 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, with 18,316 deaths associated with the coronavirus. Across the globe, more than 102,000 people have died with complications from the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China late last year and is of unknown origins.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • When will AK close liquor and pot stores? That would start to limit bad behavior in public?

    • Only mean drunks. The rest are mellow. Why punish everyone who partakes of a dram?

  • The scientists who study epidemics all call for widespread testing both, to discover who is infected and who may be immune.

    They all say we need to do this, all over the world testing is being implemented as quickly as possible.

    We aren’t testing on a widespread scale, we aren’t hearing any plans to do what all the professionals say we should be doing.

    Countries who are testing on a widespread scale have a distinct advantage over countries like ours while we fail to test.

    Our reaction to the contagion shows up in our numbers. We are lagging behind with each day that passes where we don’t institute a widespread broadbased testing regimen.

    • Bill,

      The US has done more testing than ANY other nation in the world, nearly twice as much as the next closest country. Do you think that there were covid-19 test just sitting on shelves in massive warehouses prior to this pandemic? There weren’t, they need to be made.
      By tomorrow the US will no doubt have the highest recorded covid deaths totals, partly because we are recording every death related to covid as a covid death, possibly because some deaths are being recorded multiple times (there are two deaths recorded to Alaska that occurred in a different state), and likely because some nations are not properly recording their deaths if they are recording them at all. Even with all that, the vast majority of countries that are impacted by covid have a higher covid related death rate per 1,000,000 people. We are also the worlds third most populated country, so it stands to reason that we will have a higher total than countries with half, a third, a quarter or less the population that we have. Comparing a country the size, both population and land area, to countries like Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, and Singapore isn’t a comparison by any means. Those countries are like small cities in the US or small states with South Korea being a little larger.

      • Yeah, but like fake news, they only report half truths and fictional numbers.

      • Nice try, but per capita testing is a valid comparison.

        We still haven’t tested 1% of our population.

        What you’re looking for is effective testing.

        As of March 25, the US had tested around one in 780 people, compared with South Korea which had tested more than one out of every 150 people.

        The USA has no effective testing program.

        Alaska has no effective testing program.

        The simple fact is you can’t defend a ineffective non-response that has still not caught up with it’s own self-imposed incompetence.

        • Bill,

          March 25 was two and a half weeks ago, if you are unable to talk about anything but the past then you are behind the times and not at all in tune to current events. I suggest you inform yourself with what is happening in the world around you, not what happened two and a half weeks ago, this covid situation is rapidly evolving, changing from day to day. Keep up bud. Now they are talking about doing testing for antibodies.
          I know you want to blame somebody for this, obviously you still want to try and score political points and it’s sad, we are past that now. The response in the US and the death rate per 1,000,000 people is better than the majority of other countries.
          You repeatedly making false statements does not make them true, no matter how many times you say them.

          • Nothing false in saying we don’t have adequate testing and never have.

            Nothing false in saying our leaders ignored the risks just like you did.

            Then you reversed your view and were telling everyone how to avoid the virus.

            Now you’ve gone full circle again, and you’re back to trying to minimize the risk and cover up the malfeasance.

            Must be tough juggling all those personalities.

  • America is now home of the Scared and the Locked Down. Pathetic sheeple who trade their Liberties for a little false safety. Imagine when they release something that is deadly what you will do to try and save your pathetic little sheeple lives. Give me Liberty or Give me Death. I’d rather die a free American live as a frightened little sheeple slave.

    • Less deadly?????? 2 million and counting. What is an acceptable number for you Mongo?

  • six short weeks ago we had one case discovered.

    Today we have 257 known cases and many more than that unkown and unknowable because we are not prepared to test our population.

    Not being prepared is costing us lives, and will continue to cost us lives that could have been prevented by a more timely response.

    As it is, the warnings were ignored and denied.

    We are still not prepared, we are still not responding as we should.

    Most of that is because of gross incompetence on a national level, and plenty of incompetence to share on the state level.

    Waiting for the virus to get out of control was foolish, irrational and mad.

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