Covid daily count: 1,001 new positive cases


The number of Alaskans who tested positive for Covid-19 jumped to 1,001 on Oct. 20, more than double the number on Monday (507). Some 242 people are in an Alaska hospital with the illness, with 30 of them on ventilators. Nearly 22 percent of those in hospitals in Alaska have Covid.

The overall Covid-19 rate is still lower than last week by 10 percent, due to lower counts earlier this week.

A total of 668 Alaskans have died with Covid since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020.

Hospitals currently have more capacity now than they did two weeks ago, according to the hospital capacity dashboard:


  1. Suzanne, can you post the numbers of those who died because of the COVID? That number is surely much less than the number of those who die with the COVID and more accurate to the impact of it.

    • We only have the numbers as shown on the death certificates that are filed with the State. There is evidently no other stat to report. – sd

      • How convenient.

        The numbers of deaths this year from COVID have increased this year in the the US vs last year when we didn’t have the vaccine. After researching, this would be the first time since the introduction of vaccines that this has ever happened. You could say that numbers are being used to scare people into submission.

    • The last I read from the CDC (if it is to be believed) is the number that die purely from covid is around 6%. However, what we need to see is two things: 1.) How many that die are vaxxed? 2.) At the time of death, when was it in relation to the time they received the vax? That is, is it really a ‘vaccine’ death? That’s what is being hidden.

        • Sweeney, what BlackLabsMatter states above is entirely true and correct. You can find that statistic (buried) on the CDC’s own website. But in order to mentally process and digest it, you will have to open your mind and reject the fearmongering programming instilled into you by the political establishment and by the corporate media. For somebody such as yourself, a kneejerk follower and conformist, I realize that doing that would be a very tall order.

  2. Do they publish flu and pneumonia cases too? They seem to have become rare last two years.
    The other question is have the hospitals mobilized trained staff for mandatory VAERS reports of adverse vaccine cases, hospitalizations and deaths ?
    In the US, UK and Germany there has been a massive spike in cardio related deaths in the last 6 months.
    A common adverse reaction is blood clotting and heart attacks. Maybe just a co incidence…….

    • Yes, Brian, the supposed near-elimination of influenza-related deaths, and of influenza itself, in the past 18 months is striking and every … interesting.
      Funny how the (incomplete) wearing of masks by the public can supposedly nearly eliminate cases of influenza, a respiratory coronavirus disease, while concurrently and apparently not work almost at all against the Wuhan Virus, another respiratory coronavirus disease. Yes, so very interesting ….

      • Influenza is not any type of coronavirus disease at all. It uses a very different method to attach to host cells.

        Are they both single stranded rna viruses? Yes.

        Influenza is much less transmissible in asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people. The virus binds and replicates very differently than coronaviruses do.

        Mask wearing last year, whether you did or didn’t was very high in many areas of the world, not to mention a substantial amount of people were working remotely last year, massively reducing interaction and potential points of contact.

        It isn’t that interesting, unless you are grasping for something that isnt there to be interesting.

        • Matt,
          SARS-CoV-2 is not shed by asymptomatic persons. It spreads in aerosol form, and the size is measured in nano meters.
          The type of materials used and the manner “masks” are worn and inappropriately handled by the vast majority of people is statistically useless in limiting the viral shedding or contraction.
          The lab genetically modified “covid” virus is not in the same family of what we refer to as common flu variants.
          It was chosen from the Corona virus family for research over 20 years ago because it was considered ideal for gain of function to create a highly contagious bio weapon in the US.
          The research was temporarily banned in the US under the Obama administration due to the hazards of handling the virus. The body of research was simply shared and outsourced to CCP military controlled labs.
          In 2017, right before the departing Obama Administration lost power, the ban on research funding was rescinded. Dr. Fauci authorized funding, laundered through EcoHealth Alliance for the CCP labs ongoing research.
          Grants and joint research projects have reporting requirements, indicating the depth of duplicity and dishonesty by Dr. Fauci pretending to be surprised and ignorant when the virus escaped or was released from a lab Dr. Fauci has been funding and keenly monitoring the progress of this research.
          This virus is not novel, it has been well known by pharma companies who owned over 100 patents for antidote/vaccine development research long before it became a household name.
          Mass testing has not been conducted within clinical parameters for accurate viral identification or presence making the results unreliable and statistically useless for forming effective policy or quantifying trends in actual cases or deaths.
          There are enhanced financial incentives for hospitals to treat SARS-COV-2, that are not available for treating flus or pneumonias.
          There are also political incentives to create disproportionate fear in the public. Emergency powers are intoxicating for petty health officials who have enjoyed unprecedented power.
          The question remains, what effect has the lab created virus had on the prevelance of traditional flu viruses and pneumonias in our population.

        • Matt, your statement is purely anecdotal. It can also be said that the mask defended against nothing or very little while flu numbers were pushed over to inflate COVID numbers. Without unbiased scientific studies our opinions are invalid. But one thing is for sure, scientific studies have been stopped or muffled to feed the ambiguity, which feeds the division surrounding this virus.

    • Yes my 3 kids haven’t been sick, Covid or otherwise in school because masks work. Thank you for pointing that out. Cheers

      • Sweeney, if you have other numbers show them. Calling some one out and then not backing it up is intellectually lazy. A very brief search revealed articles that claim from 40- 60% of Covid patients in the UK are fully vaccinated. If that is correct that is an intolerable number for a vaccine that claimed to get us to herd immunity and is being pushed on kids now.

        • AFH,
          You are correct, Vermont is approaching 76% of hospitalizations are fully “vacced”. Looking to Taiwan, more have died from the vaccinations than the virus.
          The admited and obvious lack of acceptable efficacy of these products is rapidly leading to redefining what constitutes a “fully vacced” individual.
          This definition now requires a booster in some jurisdictions and will be everywhere soon.
          Acknowledging this, green passes or covid passports will constantly need updating to maintain access to jobs, normal life and freedoms.

        • At some point, a person gets so tired of providing the same information time and time again. It’s like…I just can’t do it again. So you just make the statement and hope the other poster will do their own diligence.

    • Patently false, it was published 2 days ago with data through October 10th.

      The age group with the highest proportion of vaccinated and hospitalized people is age 80+, and of that age group that is hospitalized, slightly less than 35% are fully vaccinated. For less than 80 years old, it is a 4 to 1 ratio of unvaccinated persons being hospitalized, or 80% are unvaccinated and 20% are.

      It only goes down from that age group, or in other words, you are wrong or lying.

    • You can’t go by those numbers or the numbers in Israel unless you are just looking for at what time does the vaccination wear off. The answer that they have found out is after about 9 months, you’re only about 25% protected from what you were when you got the shot and then of course figured in the 14-day trial period.

    • AK DHSS published a weekly summary with this information.
      From October 10 until October 16 there were 4,354 new covid cases 1,640 (38%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 87 new hospitalizations 14 (16%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 74, 16 (22%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs.
      From October 3 until October 9 there were 5,695 new covid cases 2,147 (38%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 76 new hospitalizations 21 (28%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 16, 5 (31%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs.
      From Sept 26 until October 2 there were 7,242 new covid cases 1,686 (23%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 109 new hospitalizations 16 (15%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 26, 1 (4%) of which was a vaccine breakthrough.
      The report states that:
      “From January 16–October 16, 2021, 64 deaths, 207 hospitalizations, and 16,970 cases with a VB infection were reported among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years. These counts are provisional and subject to change as data are compiled and reviewed. In that same time frame, a total of 62,099 cases, 1,445 hospitalizations, and 352 deaths were reported.
      73% of all cases, 86% of all hospitalizations, and 82% of deaths among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years from January 16–October 16, 2021 were in people who were not fully vaccinated.”

  3. Why do you keep sharing these stats? If anyone wants a daily high or low, or is wondering if they should venture outdoors, the info is readily available elsewhere.

  4. Interesting that I see more people masked than ever. Cases keep coming in higher and higher as more are jabbed. Why isn’t the jab working? Or is it…

    • To say whether the vaccination is working or not working would require a similar population to have no vaccinations, a control group. Alaska is a population of a low vaccination rate relative to most other states, and we have a relatively high incidence of Covid, and a high and worsening death rate. Winter will very likely be worse for us that way than for many other states. This is all being reported, and Alaskans are lucky for that reporting, here and in other media. What is not being reported, at least in dollars, is the positive impact to defined benefit retirement programs, including Social Security, resulting from Covid deaths hitting elderly. Is Covid a positive or a negative financially for taxpayer funded health care such as BIA health care since the cost per Covid patient is high but with the elderly dying early is there a net savings? No one is reporting those numbers. You can bet the White House knows the impacts on Medicaid, food stamps, etc.
      Also, seeing the way the Taliban trounced us with just their motorbikes and rifles no one is cursing the Red Chinese about originating Covid anymore; I suspect we’re scared! I am happy to see us giving moral support to Taiwan however. The Chinese did this to us. Keep a thousand rounds on hand; rifles still count, just ask the Taliban!

        • That is a weak vaccine if that is all you get out of it. With every flu variant, there was a different vaccine that was tweaked to address the mutation. This COVID vaccines has not been tweaked to address the variants, just increased amount. Strange. The miracle of mRNA experimental science, [sar].
          Combine that with the fact that the government or corporations have never cared about your life, just the liability $$$ of your life, and since that has been waived, I hardly think forced vaccines have anything to do with saving life. What a great manipulative tool this virus has turned into.

    • The ‘vaccine’ (genetic therapy drug) is causing the virus to mutate in to what will be a constant stream of variants, mostly due to the stupidity of a mass vaccination program DURING an outbreak. That is why are numbers have risen, as we become more vaccinated with a leaky ‘vaccine’, producing an increasing number of breakthrough cases. Look at Israel and some states like Vermont. 90+% vaxxed and case counts rising. We should have limited the vax, leaky as it is, to just small selected demographics–but, that wouldn’t make pharma gazillions…

      • Case are not rising in Israel, they have be steadily declining since mid September when vaccine antibody efficacy started waning. Since the 3 round of vaccines, cases have plummeted. Less to do about variants, more to do about waning vaccine induced immunity.

        Does that suck? hell yes it does. Is that a plausible outcome considering how coronaviruses behave? Absolutely. Is it fair to be skeptical of a massive pharma company who may have knowledge of that and quite possibly be creating a vaccine that deliberately wanes to keep customers coming back? Absolutely.

        You can question the intent behind the vaccine waning as well as the intent of the companies behind them, but when you add hot garbage false information to it, it steals your thunder and ruins your argument.

  5. Gee, maybe the hospitals should be using the proven treatments, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine protocols. Then they might not need to do the intensive care routine as often. Commenting for a friend.

  6. Would be very interested to know how many patients are in each of the Alaska hospitals. My wife works for the largest in the state and sees the number of patients there on a daily basis, and she tells me that they only have 24 at the moment, so where are all the others?

    • AK Wolf,
      isn’t patient care capacity more of a function of available trained staff, rather than open “beds”?
      In a pandemic , buildings can be repurposed rapidly with beds, but competent, experienced staff cannot be replicated rapidly.
      Always seemed incredibly incompetent for desk jockey administrators to fire experienced staff, that has been working this whole time, unnecessarily.

  7. With 57.2% of America fully inoculated, does anyone else wonder why more people have died this year from covid than last year?

    Historically with vaccination, the opposite would be true with the higher number vaccinated, the fewer cases and a significant drop in deaths.

    Weird, huh???

      • I’m a COVID survivor, have had multiple exposures since recovery (about 60 I estimate), and not even a sniffle. Yes, I am unvaccinated and proud of it. Antibodies and natural defense is unbeatable, I’m living proof (57 years old with asthma).

    • John makes a good point when he says “Historically with vaccination, the opposite would be true with the higher number vaccinated, the fewer cases and a significant drop in deaths.” This still holds true for the vaccinated, unfortunately it does not hold true for the unvaccinated.

  8. The death toll during 2020 didn’t start ramping up until around April, so 9 months. We are almost done with October, so 10 months. With the data showing vaccines prevent cases, hospitalizations, and deaths there can be little doubt the numbers would be much higher had there been no vaccines.

    • Steve0, it has already been published that this year had 1000 more deaths due to COVID than last year with no vaccines. I don’t know what you mean by “ramp up” deaths but, people were sick caused. COVID back in 2019. This would be the first time in history that a vaccine is released on a population and the numbers of death increase from the virus or bacteria that it was suppose to fighting.

      • Ramping up means to increase in a meaningful manner. Deaths in the US weren’t really increasing in a meaningful manner until April 2020, I suppose you could start counting with March 2020 if you wanted. Either way it’s really not weird that we would have more deaths this year as the disease is obviously more widespread this year than last year.
        Since we know that the vast majority of people getting sick and dying from covid are unvaccinated, and conversely we know that the vaccinated aren’t getting sick and dying at the rate that the unvaccinated are doesn’t it seem to reason that blaming the vaccines for an increase in deaths is nonsensical?
        This most certainly is not the first time in history for deaths to increase following the creation of a vaccine.

      • Jeff,
        Any luck finding that third executive order in your reality? It still doesn’t exist here in this reality. I get it that facts don’t matter in your reality so anything that is counter to your opinion is to be opposed, but do yourself a favor and stop making it so obvious that information scares you.

  9. The vaunted Liberal Democrat elite. A group that will never let you in. Keep supporting them though as they love your vote and tax dollars but it stops there.

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