COVID-19 update: 8 new cases, one new death


Eight more Alaskans have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the last report midday Monday, and one new death was recorded.

A total of 285 cases have been identified in Alaska, and 98 of those cases are recovered, for a total of 187 active cases.

Total hospitalizations have been 32, but not all of those cases are still in the hospital.

The death rate in Alaska is currently 2.8 per 100 cases.

Five of the new cases are in Anchorage, one is in Juneau, one in the Mat-Su, and one in Craig.

Total cases by community, including those who have recovered:

  • Anchorage: 136
  • Kenai Peninsula: 15
  • Fairbanks/North Star Borough: 79
  • Southeast Fairbanks Census Area: 1
  • Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area: 1
  • Mat-Su Borough: 15
  • Juneau: 18
  • Ketchikan: 15
  • Petersburg: 2
  • Craig: 2
  • Bethel: 1


  1. Alaska’s chief medical officer said that when it comes to loosening restrictions in the state, much depends on learning who has the coronavirus.

    “When we’re thinking of, ‘how do we open things back up,’ testing is a key component of that, and so making sure that we’re testing broadly around the state is really, really important to do,” said Dr. Anne Zink.

    While testing is an important part of containing the virus, Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink said not all kinds of tests are equally helpful.

    “You may not have enough of the virus in you,” Zink said at a press conference in March. Speaking of PCR tests she said, “Just because you test negative you may develop symptoms in the following days.”

    Zink said the information provided by (anti-body tests) can be as good as “flipping a coin,” and that other governments have purchased these tests but found them, in some cases, unusable.

    “At this time, we don’t believe the antibody test is one that, for today, you can make a decision about what you should or shouldn’t do,” Zink said at a press conference Thursday.

    The state refused to say how many anti-body tests it had purchased.

  2. “It’s a huge priority to make sure that everyone who we need to test is able to be tested,” Zink said.

    As of today, the state dashboard shows only 2 testing sites in Anchorage. One in Girdwood. One in Kenai. One in Homer. 4 in the Valley.

    Rural Alaska is beginning widespread testing, with numerous testing sites being established.

    The state’s largest city? Not so much.

    Have you been tested? Are you one of the 1% who has been tested?

    • Bill,

      You you keep calling for more testing…over and over and over, but you don’t care who gets tested, where they get tested, the results of the testing, or even if the math of the testing adds up. You just want more testing. If you don’t care what the results are then why do you care so much about testing? When you pointed out that only 4 tests were conducted but there were 5 confirmed covid cases from 4 tests you shrugged it off. Keep calling for more testing Bill, the results don’t matter to you anyways.

      • ..excuse me, that’s our chief medical officer calling for more testing.

        “When we’re thinking of, ‘how do we open things back up,’ testing is a key component of that, and so making sure that we’re testing broadly around the state is really, really important to do,” said Dr. Anne Zink.

        Take it up with Anne, steve0, I’m sure she can’t wait to hear from you.

        • Oh, that’s strange because in pretty much every post you make you are calling for more testing. If you aren’t calling for more testing then…why are you calling for more…on pretty much every post you make???
          I’ve sent emails to the appropriate people, don’t worry about that either Bill…you sure concern yourself with what it is I’m doing, a lot….that’s weird Bill, weird.
          Why do you not care about the results of the testing you keep calling for Bill?

          • It’s childish of you to create a straw man and then try to knock it down.

            I’ve said testing is key to finding out who is infected and who is not, the people infected can be effectively quarantined, the people who prove immune can go back to work.
            Better question to you would be why do you feel a need to make stuff up?

            I’ve been clear about why testing is important, just as the medical professionals have.

          • Bill,
            You obviously don’t know what a straw man argument is, or how to accuse somebody of using one. 5 positives on 4 tests Bill, it’s math and it don’t add up.
            Testing for the sake of testing is pointless, the results are what matter.
            As far as making stuff up, I’m still waiting for you to show me where I said what you claimed I said…I won’t hold my breath on ever seeing that.

    • If, Bill, you mean mandatory, periodic testing with government-issued and tracked immunity cards, mandatory card checks, public-building access restricted to those with immunity cards, and cellphone tracking apps, the answer is no.

      • With the exception of the cell phone apps, you pretty much described the vaccine tracking done in this country for several years already. And the answer to that is yes.

        Whatever regimen is put in place will be developed from a need to combat the virus and secure the safety, well-being, and security of our citizens, and it will be instituted by the people with the authority to implement it.

        I’m convinced you will not be barred from standing on your porch and yelling at the clouds.

  3. Dr. Zink is sounding like the little weasel, Fauci and his sidekick, Birx, that got us so deep into this hole of Wuhan virus infection, testing/non-testing, lockdown, leftism and general “medical” tyranny. How did it happen? By them not being honest with Americans and, in our case, Alaskans. The “reports” and their “advice” that they have constantly updated, changed, and expect us to believe, sometimes on an hourly basis and continually, from day to day, are ridiculous and misleading. Confusion and misdirection sown. Infection, political disruption and financial/personal mayhem reaped. Almost seems they misinformed, and continue to misinform, America/Alaska on purpose. I’m pretty sure all these “experts” are in left field, philosophically, and comfortable with, even promoting, the leftist attempts to usurp America. Don’t be fooled. The attempts to destroy America/Alaska, just to get at the President, our Governor and the conservatives that support them are as obvious as a slap to the face. Don’t know about most, but some will want to slap back. The American/Alaskan way.

      • What precisely is the job of the WHO? Bankrolling for Xi? Xi’s little helper is doing a number on the world while the WHO gave the CCP kudos.

        • That’s patently ridiculous.

          But kudos for so completely swallowing the company line and abandoning your previous conspiracy theories in favor of the new approved one.

          Exactly what they expected you’d do when they rolled it out for you.

          The ‘new’ line was debunked totally by mid-March, but I don’t expect actual reality to intrude on any or all the newly approved conspiracy theories put forth to deflect blame.

  4. I don’t want to be disrespectful of someone’s loss but the most recent death being attributed to this bug… are we talking significant comorbidities or was this an athletic spring buck that just succumbed?

    Previous reports definitely lead the public to a mental image of the typical victim as a morbidly obese, geriatric, life long smoker in which case there aren’t too many of those that can be saved from themselves much less from a pandemic.

    Any stats?

    • This one was a woman in her 30s with underlying health factors. That information came out six hours after the release of the data this morning. -sd

  5. Seems reasonable to ask whether the death was caused by China flu or whether the person died from another cause but happened to test positive for China flu, and the death statistic is used to justify to continue curtailing America’s civil liberties and wrecking her economy.
    Yes, it is our business.
    When the response coordinator for the White House coronavirus task force said on April 7 anyone who dies and tests positive for coronavirus will be labeled as a death resulting from coronavirus, regardless of whether or not the person had any underlying health conditions prior to being diagnosed with the virus
    … and government is continuing to count the suspected COVID-19 deaths this way, despite other nations doing the opposite, our trust-but-verify reaction should be understandable.

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