Blood bank seeks plasma from COVID recovered


The Blood Bank of Alaska has a request of those who have recovered fully from the COVID-19 coronavirus: Donate plasma.

At the request of the Food and Drug Administration, the blood bank seeks donations because they may contain antibodies that can help treat critically ill patients infected with the coronavirus.
While clinical trials are still being performed for widespread use of the treatment, the FDA has authorized patients with, or at risk of, severe or life-threatening COVID-19 disease to receive “convalescent plasma” treatment.

Volunteer donors must have previously tested positive for COVID-19 but must also be free of symptoms. In Alaska, that would apply to 85 people at this point. Some of those, such as anyone with HIV or hepatitis, would not be eligible to donate plasma. HIV and hepatitis are two viruses that would prevent potential donors from being able to assist in this health crisis.

The FDA guidelines for blood and plasma donation are at this link.

Generally, people 18 or older who weigh at least 110 pounds and have had no tattoos or piercings within the last 12 months would meet the criteria.

Donating plasma is similar to giving blood and takes about two hours. Whole blood is removed and the plasma is separated from the red blood cells and other components; the blood is returned to your body with sterile saline solution to help your body replace the plasma.

Mercy Hospital in St. Louis is among institutions that have reported that patients have recovered who were treated with convalescent plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19.

Prospective donors may contact the blood bank at (907) 222-5630 for questions regarding eligibility or visit for more information on convalescent plasma, as well as how to become a donor.
Blood Bank of Alaska is only collecting plasma at their Anchorage main center (located at 1215 Airport Heights), and in Fairbanks facility (located at 3010 Airport Way).


  1. Just saw the results of a French study of Wuhan corona virus cases and their outcomes. It seems that the ‘demonized’ (by the left) anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, has been found effective in an extreme majority of cases (well over 90%) and those victims of the virus have recovered intact. What’s with all the excitement with all the ‘drugs’ and treatments that “might” work, with one highly available, effective drug that has proven successful and everyone can afford? It’s like “someone” doesn’t want that to be known. Why?
    I’ve read why the Wuhan v mimics the symptoms of severe pneumonia. The virus blocks a protein in the blood plasma called ‘histine’, from access to red blood cells. This protein enables red blood cells to attract and move oxygen molecules from the lungs, throughout the body. Without it, red blood cells are only able to carry CO (carbon monoxide) or CO2 (carbon dioxide). The organs in the body then become oxygen starved and collapse. Hydroxychloroquine allegedly works through the blood plasma and allows ‘histine’ to become unblocked, enabling the red blood cells to carry oxygen again. That’s usually the case, according to what I read. Several doctors say ventilators may exacerbate the problems by over-inflating the lungs. All “generalized” statements but appear more factual than what we’ve been getting from the “news”.
    I’m no doctor or scientist but I can read. I never take one opinion as fact.

    • The non-clinical ‘study’ was released back in March, the next day Fauci spoke about it.

      Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is taking a more cautious, scientific approach.

      “As the Commissioner of FDA and the president mentioned yesterday, we’re trying to strike a balance between making something with the potential of an effect available to the American people, at the same time that we do it under the auspices of a protocol that would give us information to determine if it’s truly safe and truly effective,” he said in a Friday, March 20 press conference.

      “But the information that you’re referring to specifically is anecdotal, it was not done in a controlled clinical trial. So you really can’t make any definitive statement about it.”

      • Anecdotal? Isn’t that what Fauci said about the Wuhan virus at the start? I believe those may be his very words, as a reason for inaction in America. He knew better then. You should know better now.
        The results of the French study I mentioned were released this morning. Not back in March. Not anecdotal. Professionally and scientifically conducted by French doctors, who appear more interested in curing people than using the virus as a political lever for their leftist agenda. Now why didn’t American “experts” conduct similar or even dissimilar trials on the virus, especially with hydroxychloroquine, when preliminary results were (and still are) absolutely the best to date? Instead, America has 16 (at last count) different “vaccines” in trial. 18 months as an ‘unprecedented’ timeline at the soonest for “approval” . Fauci and company said early on that “most Americans probably won’t be able to afford it”. I don’t believe they really wanted to stop the impending trauma to America. And they still don’t.
        One more item for now. When a biological weapon is developed, it is intentionally made to be difficult or impossible to prevent with a “vaccine”. I think our “experts” with their multi-billion/trillion dollar “vaccine” scams may be doing the same thing, simply to buy time for the weapon to do it’s worst. Then they’ll probably haul out hydroxychloroquine and claim a “new” discovery.

        • Got a link to that study released this morning?

          Funny, don’t you think that there is no mention of a study released this morning anywhere in the news on search sites.

          Provide a link,

          18 months is not unusual to bring out a new vaccine.

          and ben, the National Institute of Health has started clinical trials on hydroquinone and some other treatments too.

          Some of the best minds in the world are working on creating a vaccine and finding treatments and hopefully a cure.

          Not being in control can, for some, cause fear, and fear can cause people to seek to place blame for their fear.

          There is no conspiracy under every leaf and stone.

          • bill,
            Of course there’s no mention of the French study in mainstream/lamestream media. They don’t want it to happen. You may need to look at “other than leftist” sites. I’m not your tutor. Just someone trying to connect people (you) to reality. NIH has been complicit in misinforming and scamming Americans into believing what is errantly said, for this full episode of “America in Peril”. After all, they work “for’ the gov’t., don’t they?
            In 18 months (earliest feasible/emergency time for “vaccine”) it’ll all be over for America. The “fat lady” will have already sung. By denying real world facts that dispute your own “facts”, you are, in effect, promoting the left’s agenda towards one “mighty” gov’t for the world, via the very ones that caused this debacle. Those “best minds” you speak of are nothing but puppets on a “world order” string. I do my best to avoid baseless “conspiracy” theories. How about you? Automatically believe everything expounded by the MSM and leftist gov’t holdovers? Poor you. Open your eyes and ears. You will see just what the liberal left has in store for us, if they get their way.

  2. Remember even good news is being spun 180 degrees to hurt Trump. They never stop even if it means the destruction of our country. At all cost is their motto.

    • So Trump’s own advisors are spinning things 180 to hurt Trump, …?

      The Deep State has infiltrated Trump’s swamp?

      Is that what happened to all the parking lot testing sites that were supposed to be linked up through Google?

      You’re saying Deep State saboteurs, among people Trump himself appointed, torpedoed that program after Trump had created it?

      Tell me more.

      • It seems that way. Something isn’t right. They take 2 steps forward and one step back. There is internal bickering, almost to a point where they want to take out a tape measure and see who is more manly. Deep state was always there with hold overs, and moles. Trump can’t win. He made the world safer by backing down Russia and Iran. Got some deals from China on the down low. Saved our ass on the virus thing, and they still nip at his heals. Where do you think it is all coming form?

        • All what? I don’t buy into all the conspiracy theories, global pandemics happen with some regularity, we ignored the risk and now we’re playing catch up.

          That, unfortunate as it is, is where we’re at.

          The virus isn’t going to pay any attention to our fears or our conspiracies or anything else. It’s going to run it’s course and we might keep trying to save lives or we might screw up and invite a second wave, as has happened every time throughout history when people relaxed their protocols too early.

          It’s not new science, ‘hunkering down’ is the best we can do when we have no treatment, no vaccine and no cure.

          Read your history. It’s all there, same as was before.

          Likely happen again, best hope we never ignore the risk again and instead remain prepared and plan for it again.

  3. So, Ben, it appears you’re unwilling to cite a reference to this supposed ‘new’ study.

    Odd that the study you claim is brand new is so much like a study cited by many sources, the results of which are readily available and have been reviewed and assessed by health professionals around the world as to it’s reliability and as relates to it’s lack of professional protocols.

    It appears to me that you don’t trust your own supposed source.



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