Correction: Walker camp misidentified $100,000 donor as a CNN reporter on financial disclosure form


The 30-day campaign finance report filed by the Bill Walker for governor organization reported that CNN reporter Jason Carroll had donated $100,000 to the campaign. It was not the CNN reporter, although our earlier report at MRAK headlines that it is, based on the Walker official report filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

In fact, it’s a different Jason Carroll. It’s an investor who lives in New York, which is where Jason Carroll the reporter lives. The Jason Carroll that the campaign confused with the famous Jason Carroll appears to be an owner at Hudson River Trading.


      • Consider, please, the wisdom of that when dealing with a government known to lie for convenience sake alone. Sadly, as President Reagan once said: “Trust but verify”. Of course he was speaking of Russia rather than the most serious enemies of America.

      • I consider government reports to be propaganda, along with everything else published in this world of deception, lies, psyops, and manipulation.

      • A government that is corrupt from the top down; packed with tyrants of all stripe and color; bloated beyond all comprehension, overbearing upon its citizens, operating far beyond the pale of everything ordained by our constitution. Messages belched by this horrendous monstrosity are considered “to be facts?” Surely you are joking.

  1. “Misidentified”? Seems doubtful a machine as through as the Walker machine makes that kind of mistake.

    Brena is setting something or someone up. Why?

  2. Oh, come on folks. Anybody could get one Jason Carrol confused with another one. After all, just how many Jason Carrols are there in the good ol’ USA? (That’s a sarcastic remark by the way). Still doesn’t make any difference. One’s CNN and the other is an outside investor. What’s the difference?

  3. A fair and logical assumption.

    It’s sad that some government reports are proving to be untrustworthy.

  4. Government reports to be facts? Really?? The same reports we got on COVID? The same reports that said our inflation was transitory? The same reports that says US sourced oil will cause climate change? The same reports that said Trump colluded with Russia? I accept very few government reports as factual, especially under the current administration.

  5. Hudson River Trading would probably love to get their hands on the Permanent Fund, if they aren’t already in it up to their shoulders. That is a pretty sketch campaign donation.

  6. Kind of like how he “misidentified” Chairman Xi as a friend, for no other reason than to move his pet project forward??

  7. It’s evil helping evil if you see bill walker citizens arrest him immediately oath breakers need not reapply. They need to go to oath breakers jail. You will know them by there fruits walker your fruits are rotten and bitter to the citizens. Support big Mike Dunleavy he has seen the light and appears to be of for and by the people. My full dividend you bet Mike fought for me I support my governor. Thank you Suzanne you got some guts ma’am must read must read must read

  8. You would have to be pretty dumb to even considering voting for this clown, better known as the “PFD Grifter”! His keni 650 commercial calling out Dunleavy is way too funny, as they must have been looking in the mirror while scripting it.

  9. The bad part is that $100,000.00 came from somewhere into the Walker Campaign..Dark money comes from and goes to those seeking dark ends!!!

    • Hudson River Trading Company (the correct donor), from its website, philosophy: “We are conscientious market participants advocating for fair and transparent markets for everyone.” as they donate $100,000 for unknown reasons to a governor candidate with a scandalous grifting past surrounded by dark money in a state that HRT doesn’t operate in. People in this day and age really don’t care about being arrogant self righteous hypocrites.

  10. This Big Mike is worse than Walker. Dunleavy is a Democrat in a Republican Coat. He is undermining the legislative work of the body every turn in and in doing so, the state of Alaska residents. He should be voted out and put in the same criminal hole as Walker. Dunleavy closing the door of public information so you and the state does not know the extent of the criminal investigation and federal court trial work against the department of Health and Social Services regarding the abuse of children in the Foster Care program DHHS has managed for years. Investigations against its personnel and foster children and respective families under its care and programs. That is why Dunleavy did an Executive Order. The legislature would have vetted each program and person and department in the split and Dunleavy wants to keep quiet about the criminal investigation against the department that he manages and the commissioner he hired. Walker and Dunleavy are a pair in a pod.

  11. Thanks for keeping an eye on this Suzanne. “Slick Willy” Walker is a devious shape shifter ready to sell out Alaska to the communist Chinese government and socialist union bosses. Contributions should be carefully scrutinized.

  12. Let’s be honest. Anyone donating even $5 does so hoping the candidate serves their interest… whatever that may be. The problem is, the $100,000 donor is buying more influence than most of us can afford. It “feels” unfair. However, for all of us to be able to prosper financially in our “free market” we must accept the other edge of the sword: others will outperform us. Don’t forget the old adage: socialism doesn’t work.

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