Contrails contained? FAA releases final rule limiting carbon particles from aircraft engines

Private jets at Davos.

The Federal Aviation Administration has released its final rule to limit carbon particles emitted by subsonic aircraft engines. 

The rule sets maximum standards for the amount of non-volatile particulate matter exhaust emissions from U.S. civil aircraft engines. It aligns with Environmental Protection Agency recommendations and International Civil Aviation Organization standards. Public comment on the rule is due by June 24.

“This first-of-its-kind rule in the United States will reduce the environmental impact of civil aviation on our health and climate,” said Laurence Wildgoose, assistant administrator for the FAA’s Office of Policy, International Affairs and Environment. 

The FAA says that ultra-fine carbon particles that aircraft engines produce are an inhalation concern for humans. Also, nvPM emissions can become the nucleus for persistent contrails, the line-shaped clouds behind some jet engines that may expand into broader cloudiness that may affect the planet.  

The rule will cost manufacturers and ultimately the buyers, operators, and flying public. It applies to aircraft including the Boeing 777X, some Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Airbus 330, as well as some business jets and turboprops.

The costs to certify airplanes to the fuel efficiency standard could be anywhere from $800,000 to $1.4 million, according to Forbes. The FAA says planes covered by the new rule are responsible for “nine percent of domestic transportation emissions and two percent of total U.S. carbon pollution.”

The action is part of the U.S. Aviation Climate Action Plan  that sets a vision to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from the U.S. aviation sector by 2050.

The federal government’s vision is that emissions will be decreased through:

  • The introduction of new, more efficient aircraft by airlines into their operational fleets and retirement of older, less efficient aircraft.
  • Development of new, more energy efficient aircraft and engine technologies by the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Improvements in aircraft operations throughout the National Airspace System (NAS) by the U.S.Government (USG) and by airlines flying more optimal trajectories for reduced fuel use and contrail impacts.
  • Production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) by the energy sector.
  • Electrification and potentially hydrogen as solutions for short-haul aviation.
  • Advancements in airport operations across the United States.
  • International initiatives such as the airplane CO2 standard and the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).
  • Domestic policies and measures to help meet emissions targets.
  • Support for research into climate science related to aviation impacts.


  1. I think the bigger issue concerning particles is the stopping or monitoring of “Cloud Seeding” using microplastics across the Nation to include Alaska if we are allowing this. We are worrying about carbon fall out from airlines, yet no one is addressing the elephant in the room, microplastics. I understand they have been using this a lot across the world, but just recently it has come in to focus for study due to the increased incidence of lung issues across the Nation. Several States have limited or ceased the process of cloud seeding using these microplastics. (Discovery magazine, may/june 2024.) Traveling Monday from Fairbanks, through Delta, Glennallen, Wasilla, observed what looked like cloud seeding around the mountains between Delta and Glennallen. High altitude flying aircraft flying east/west patterns in the sky that looked like large plowed field and various circle patterns within the mountains?

    • Patterns all of the time over the mountains and glaciers. I heard, second-hand, that pilots were spraying over the glaciers to help ensure they don’t melt as fast. I told the person I heard it from that this was b.s.. I believe that they are actually concentrating on those areas to make sure that we do not have any fresh water supplies. Everything is contaminated now…everything.

  2. The picture is of private jets. Would imagine the FAA will give private jets a compliance exemption until 2150. Can’t burden the overlords with rules used to control the masses.

  3. This is why States should never had fallen into the trap taking federal money. Now the federal government thinks it owns the states. This is a state issue what it determines what industries, who enters, and how it operates within its state borders.
    When a parent-government is paying one’s bills, the child-state really has no choices what the parent decides over them. Federal government used to have such limited powers and such little spending powers the US Senate and US House was considered at one time a worthless political position cause there was little work for them to do. The states handled their own affairs. Until the civil war happened and the union shamefully won and the federal government been encroaching on state rights ever since.

  4. This is just another malicious and purposefully destructive attack on aviation, and on the general public’s ability to fly commercially, by making it that much more (needlessly) expensive to operate and maintain the aviation fleet.

    This brings us another step closer to the globalists’ goal of herding the population into their bug-eating, vehicle-less “15 minute cities”.

  5. Geoengineering is going to kill us all. Dane Wigington is an expert who made the film called THE DIMMING. It is a must watch to understand what our government is doing. Tennessee just banned geoengineering over their state! These toxic deadly chemicals are now put into all jet fuel. They don’t even use just special planes anymore. Look up and see what is falling down on all of us. Everything has been contaminated. It does not take a majority to wake up the masses but a tireless minority! I have been talking about this for years and now I have people actually say there might be something to what I’ve been saying. Microplastics are only some of what they are using, and yes we all have them in our bodies. Bill Gates is a demonic monster who is activley blocking the sun to save the planet from carbon. Interesting as we are all carbon based, but nothing to see here. Move along!

    • YES! You are spot on! All the while the gullible masses scream climate change as geoengineering weather modification programs are destroying our environment. Wake up people we are being sprayed like bugs!

  6. The real goal here is to keep the average person grounded. No more travelling to see other countries, relatives, or just a vacation. You will stay in your government tenement and only leave when given permission. Meanwhile, the elite will fly at will.

  7. This constitutes both the FAA and the EPA spotlighting their ineptitude and gross negligence OR perhaps their criminal involvement with those that intentionally spray all manner of chemical components out of airplanes in United States airspace. This is something that our assigned enemies would NEVER be allowed to do. These agencies failing to deal responsibly with this particular issue, undermine their own authority and credibility, and criminally align themselves with the perpetrators of these acts. We have U.S. Senators that are to cowardly to make a peep about it, whom are clearly part of the program.

    Federal agencies and ‘elected’ officials – serving the people GOOD and HARD. It is time for them all to be looking for new jobs. The ones that are not in prison for their criminality…

  8. Their worried about carbon that the trees feed from? What about the constant day after day of chemtrails they are blasting all over the sky? Yeah, those so-called contrails that run for miles and miles behind the aircraft in the sky. Look folks, it is time to awaken from the brainwashing they have done for decades to support their green scams to take your tax money. A contrail disappears about a mile or two behind the aircraft. The chemtrails go on for hundreds of miles. Just take some time to check it out for yourself while watching the large planes go by in the sky. They have to support their narrative about a climate crisis by trying to create one. A documentary by a renowned scientist back in the 50’s talked about the chemicals the government was purposely spraying in the sky. Barium, Aluminum, Ammonia and one that starts with an “L” that I can’t remember right now. They are literally trying to block the sun. Bill Gates talks about it all the time. These people are nuts! I believe all the spraying they are doing is harming our soil and trees. The trees look like they are dying in some areas.

    • Yep! Aluminum is so toxic and very flammable. That is what is fueling wildfires. People need to wake up. Weather modification programs exist and they are being used to fan the flames of climate change hysteria to enslave us all under carbon taxation and the shutting down of industry. These geoengineering programs are fueling extreme weather events on purpose yet they blame us and our carbon footprint. We are being sprayed like bugs and soon that is what the WEFers will have us eating. We are under attack by these psychopathic technocrats that want to enslave us into a neofuedalistic fascist global reset.

  9. Biden is hell bent on destroying Americans way of life.
    We need a reset of the entire government as politicians don’t have to worry about all these rules because they don’t apply to the ones in power. We need action soon.

    • This is way bigger than Biden. He is just a meat puppet to a much larger agenda with very sinister players. The WEF controls the governments of the world now and central banksters control the WEF. You are witnessing the global rise of technocracy.


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