Constant quits, supports Peltola for Congress


After failing to get more than 3.63% of the statewide vote in the special primary election for Congress, Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant has pulled out of the regular primary election that will be held Aug. 16.

Constant, who is both cantankerous and sensitive as an assemblyman representing downtown Anchorage, didn’t gain traction with voters, in spite of having filed for office in February, weeks before most of the dozens of other candidates jumped in to compete in the race to replace Congressman Don Young. Young died on March 18.

Constant told reporters he will back rural former legislator Mary Peltola, who has advanced to the special general election, being held on Aug. 16 to determine who will be the temporary congressional representative. Peltola, like Constant, is a Democrat.

Constant’s withdrawal means he will not appear anywhere on the Aug. 16 ballot.

Candidates have until June 25 to withdraw from the ballot, and word is that Democrat Adam Wool is also withdrawing. Candidates must file paperwork with the Division of Elections to be officially removed from the ballot.

Constant’s campaign was filled with drama and handwringing from the beginning. He claimed that a death threat was made against him, something that was debunked by police. Most of his campaign was focused on an LGBTQ platform, and some analysts believe the entire campaign was a name recognition-building effort to prepare to run for Anchorage mayor. But in his own downtown home district, he did not perform well and was beat by Al Gross, who is proceeding to the special general election as a nonpartisan candidate, along with Peltola and two Republicans — Nick Begich and Sarah Palin.

During the last Federal Elections Commission report from mid-May, Constant had raised $150,790, but had only spent $63,000. He had $82,000 on hand, the remains of which he will probably donate to the Democratic Party to use on behalf of Peltola and other Democrat candidates.


  1. A good thing Wool pulled out and saved himself a lot of personal embarrassment. MADD was putting together a dossier on Wool’s activities from the past 20 years, including some interesting notes from the ER.

  2. Still hiding behind a fake mask. Oh wait, they are just as fake as the covid narrative. Goodbye and take the rest of the useless globalists agendas.

  3. Chrissy got scared. LOL.
    Also, never forget that Les Gara was part of the lawmaking to allow 13 year old girls to get abortions without parental consent.

  4. Not enough fellow misogynists in Alaska (thank goodness) to get him any traction. Time for him to retire from politics.

  5. Darn, you Suzanne! I read the words “Constant Quits”, and for a second there my heart skipped a beat in joy, thinking of his ass-embly seat being vacated.

  6. That should be a wake up call to go to kalifornia where he could fit right in with power hungry nobody’s.
    Good riddance

    • He had them custom made, so I guess he wants to get his money’s worth. I tried explaining to him that masks don’t work, but he rejected my evidence. I asked him to cite any studies that show masks work and he couldn’t name a single one.

  7. What do you expect after closing businesses, sending people home & masking and attempting tyrannical laws, no one forgot, we know what you did, we know who not to vote for.

  8. Looks like there are only enough non educated voters who support him. Only enough to get him his little job bossing the city around. This city has run well for over 40 years now look at the mess he and his little friends have caused. He is not respected across the state; poor tough guy can’t handle the truth. Get out of politics .


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