ConocoPhillips to develop Nuna, will yield 20,000 barrels per day at peak


ConocoPhillips Alaska announced Thursday that the company will develop the Nuna project from the 3T drill site in the Kuparuk River Unit.

ConocoPhillips acquired the Nuna acreage in 2019 from Caelus, which had constructed the gravel road and pad for drill site 3T.

Project construction activities will begin this year and continue in 2024, with pipeline and on-pad construction. Drilling is anticipated to begin in late 2024 with first oil anticipated by early 2025, with an expected peak oil rate of 20,000 barrels of oil per day.

“The additional drilling opportunities we’ve identified at Nuna are a positive development that should increase oil production at Kuparuk,” said Erec Isaacson, president of ConocoPhillips Alaska. “Our investment in this project was approved due to Alaska’s stable fiscal regime which is clearly working to promote new and ongoing investment.”

ConocoPhillips Alaska will continue to invest about $1 billion a year to grow its Alaska legacy business with projects such as Nuna.

The Nuna project will add 29 development wells, on-pad infrastructure and pipelines that tie back to existing Kuparuk River Unit processing facilities. Drill site 3T will be the 49th drill site developed within the Kuparuk River Unit.

 Nana is east of the Colville River and about five miles southwest of the Oooguruk field.

The prospect was announced as a discovery in 2012. To put in perspective the size of the project, the recently approved Willow Project is expected to produce in excess of 160,000 BOPD at peak.

Photo credit: ConocoPhillips’ Kuparuk field camp, ConocoPhillips.


  1. I think this is on State land. That helps. That said, the Brandon Regime will do everything it can to impede this project. Everything.

  2. If Brandon and Haaland can’t get it shut down, they’ll put so many roadblocks and speed bumps in the way that it’ll be a financial drain on the company.

  3. This is an excellent development project for AK, putting many Alaskans to work locally, and providing many excellent opportunities for Alaskan Businesses. We are very fortunate to have a company such as ConocoPhillips continue to invest and develop O&G resources within Alaska. AND(!!!), both Alaska and Alaskans should be thankful and grateful for ConocoPhillips continued efforts to help support our economy.

  4. Let’s sell carbon credit offsets in the Tongass and Denali preserve to poke an eye.
    Btw, have the carbon doomsayers ever been screened for mental illness? Thats a valid question. We’re killing the West based on debunked forecasts by bribed scientists and burnt out hippies filing lawsuits.

  5. What will the poor Indians do in New Mexico if Haaland cant stop this one? Build more Casinos so the Eskimos will have a place to deposit their dividends? Possibly

  6. Either Us -American Alaskans – develop the land’s resources or development of unused energy sources will be done by another country when that day comes when America is judged for our falling away from God’s Word. Other nations don’t listen to Eco-environmentalists nor indigenous groups.

  7. Either Us -American Alaskans – develop the land’s resources or development of unused energy sources will be done by another country when that day comes when America is judged for our falling away from God’s Word. Other nations don’t listen to Eco-environmentalists nor indigenous groups. I see judgement is coming to this nation which it is and was founded on God’s Word that’s why America is so special and seem its abundance of blessings and judgement is so slow. We fallen away, worshipping the ancient kingdoms , surrounding Israel, gods, killed more babies than the people the nazis killed in our abortions, disrespect our families, greed and corruption, persecuted Christians, and caused little ones to fall away from the faith in God, and the apostacy and hardened hearts of Americans. Do good work and keeping doing good, and save for your future in retirements but I think it may not be there for millennials maybe even continue being there for baby boomers. I ‘m not expecting anything, I’m expecting getting a rude awakening one day like my grandparents recieved when the 1929 stock market crash only our nation’s collapse will be 100x worse than that day. Anyway I’d rather America develop our energy sources than Russia or China.

  8. I find it interesting that a new, major oil drilling project which is right next to the pipeline and highway gets ignored ?‍♂️
    Pantheon resources is looking at about 120,000 bpd at peak. They already have exploratory wells drilled. They plan to start delivering oil to the pipeline by truck this year.
    Energy 88 holds leases that contain part of the same basin floor and has made their first exploratory drill.
    Look up Theta west, Alkaid and Talitha discoveries.

    • No capital to develop it . ESG driven by BlockRock , WF, Vanguard and Carlyle group prevents any capital for North Slope oil while they invest our $80B permanent fund ! Anybody care ?

    • The bigger question is how did ConocoPhillips miss this huge oil find ? It’s literally in an area that’s been drilled and explored over and over for 50 years ?

      1) totally incompetent exploration staff
      2) Warehousing , meaning knowing the production is there and not developing .

      Either of these scenarios is bad , it’s one or the other? BTW , This is a very shallow oil development that easily produces 100,000 barrels of crude per day . Their are several of these fields on North Slope , Smith Bay ( 200,000 barrels per day ) . Stinson could easily produce 20,000 barrels per day . It’s my opinion that 500,000 barrels of oil production per day sits in ground on North Slope . No capital for development. Folks we are at the rainy day in Alaska . The governor needs to act on this ? You got it Dunleavy? Please tell us why our $80B permanent fund is invested with company’s that won’t fund oil development on North Slope ? Why does the state of Alaska not build a year around road out to this oil field ? How do they clean up a potential oil spill ? I smell rotten fish , this stinks !

  9. And, under the direction of Biden’s handlers, Haaland will make it impossible for the site to actually operate.

  10. These wells will kill us all. Oil produced in America causes climate change while oil drilled in any other country does not. I’m watching my thermometer rise as I write this.

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